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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nuby Medical Organizer Kit

This Nuby medical organizer kit is a must have for any parent and it makes a great baby shower gift. Most moms don't realize they need this kit until their baby is sick. What mom wants to be running to the drug store with a sick baby. So what makes the Nuby medical organizer kit so special? Well,it has a variety of medicine dispensers to choose from and a nasal aspirator which also can be used to flush wax out of the ears. You choose the medicine dispenser depending on the child's age and needs. They range from a dispenser that is like a pacifier to a simple cup. I love that all of the dispensers have accurate dose measurement lines on them. That gives parents piece of mind they are giving their baby the right amount of medicine. The nasal aspirator is a must for getting all the gunk out of a sick baby's nose so they can breath better. It also has an  attachment so you can flush excess ear wax out of their little ears. Here is more pictures of what the items in the Nuby medical organizer look like.

My little boy loves taking his medicine from this dispenser and it is easy for me to use.

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"These opinions are my own and I was sent a sample of the product as part of being a Nuby mommy blogger."


  1. I totally understand about not knowing you need it until your baby is sick. I was totally unprepared for my baby's first fever and cold. I wish I had this set then!


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