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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How To Make a Box Dinner Healthy

I love the convenience of box mixes but do not like the sodium content of them as they are high in salt. I will buy box mixes like rice and potatoes when they are super cheap but will then add extra ingredients to make them healthy and serve more people. I had a box of red beans and rice mix in my pantry that I received for free by doing a blog post. I decided to make it on Mardi Gras yesterday but added one cup of pinto beans and two cups of brown rice. They taste was wonderful even better than when I made two weks ago without the extra ingredients. My husband and I both agreed with the added beans and rice it was not so salty. I liked that now my family was getting more nutrition with the added ingredients and there was plenty for my lunch the next day. So next time you reach for a box mix add some extra ingredients like pasta and veggies to a mac and cheese mix. You might be surprised it tastes even better.

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