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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk and Table Fan

I am going to be ready when summer hits here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Next month month the calendar may say spring but we usually start getting into the 80's about mid month. I was sent a cool table top fan from Ozeri to review. The Ozeri Brezz III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk and Table Fan is an awesome fan. This fan has a remote control to operate it and has  dual oscillating motors. 

So let me explain the cool features that this fan has. It is powered by an ultra-quiet, 4-speed, dual oscillating motors with automatic vertical and horizontal motion. That means the fan rotates sideways and up and down at the same time. I played around with this feature and with the remote control, I was able to adjust the fan at the up and down angle I wanted. I then was able to lock the fan at that angle but still have the fan rotate left and right to cool the room. The up and down rotation moves the fan all the way to point to the ceiling. I don't think I would ever need that angle but the instructions said in the winter that angel is great for equilibrium temperature. You can also operate the fan with no oscillation.

The fan has a remote control to operate the fan or you can control in by the buttons on the fan. The Ozeri Brezza III has four different speeds and has a timer that operates up to 4 hours, in 1 hour increments. That means you can set the fan to run for a hour or two and shut itself off. This would be great at bedtime to cool you off to help you fall asleep but because you can set it to go off you wont be chilly later in the night.

The Ozeri Brezza III is a stylish fan that is ready to use out of the box. The fan is very durable and weighs only six pounds. The fan even has a handle to make transporting to another room easy. I can see myself using this fan in the living room by day and my bedroom by night. The Ozeri may be a table fan but with its up and down oscillation, you could set it on the floor and angle it to cool people sitting down.

I am going to love using this fan with the remote control. I wont have to get up to turn off the fan when I get chilly. This is one powerful fan and is going to keep me cool this summer. I placed the fan 12 feet away from me and I could still feel an awesome breeze.

For more information on the Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk and Table Fan and to purchase one go to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I3RLCF4

I received the product mentioned above for free in order to review it. The opinions are all my own and not dissuaded by the company in any way.


  1. Looks like a nice fan for hot summer days!

  2. This would be perfect to put on my bedside table for those hot summer nights! Of course the hubs would need one for his side too, I suppose. ;-)

  3. I love that it is small enough for a desk.

    Michelle F.

  4. that is pretty neat! love that you can turn it off and on by remote. we use fans a lot at our church camp.

  5. This is perfect for my husband's office. We have hot summers and I am sure he would appreciate this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My husband would love something like this at his office desk during the summer.

  7. Looks great for the office on those warm summer days to come!! Great post!

  8. How cool that it has a remote! That would come in very handy! My husband needs this!

  9. A fan with a remote...oooo - i need one like that...I sleep with a fan even in the wintertime and a remote would be really convenient.

  10. I can not stand being hot while worming. Great solution for that!

  11. This is a very nice fan and a remote is great. I know I get hot once I'm comfortable and you know once your comfortable you don't like to move.


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