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Monday, November 27, 2017

Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts

Looking after your bump requires a change of lifestyle. Friends and relatives will try to give you all kinds of advice – some of which may or may not be true. Here are some of the dos and don’ts that are truly worth taking note of.

Do take some supplements

Supplements will help your baby to develop. They have been proven to reduce the chance of birth defects and are recommended by most doctors. Folic acid and vitamin D are two of the main supplements to consider that your body craves when pregnant. Whilst you can find these nutrients in food, it’s easier to take multi-vitamins to get the right amount of these nutrients.

Don’t eat for two

Whilst you should eat more when pregnant, it’s not an excuse to gorge yourself. Your baby only needs 300 calories more each day, so don’t think you can double your portions or pig out more often on snacks. This could lead to excessive weight gain that will be hard to shift after pregnancy.

Don’t believe all the bad food myths

Don’t pay attention to all the food myths. The likes of nuts and cheese and seafood – that some claim will harm your baby - can, in fact, be very healthy to include in your diet. Pasteurized cheese and raw fish do carry small risks that should be considered – some people have taken this to include all types of cheese and fish which is wrong. There are lots of guides online on what to eat when pregnant. All in all, try to eat nutritious foods and limit junk.

Do exercise

Some people take pregnancy as an excuse to lie on the sofa all day. However, physical activity is good for you when pregnant, preventing weight gain and muscle pain and insomnia. You should avoid some exercises such as jumping, running and lifting heavy weights. However, low impact exercises such as walking and swimming are great for you and your baby.

Don’t sit in hot tubs and saunas

Hot tubs and saunas can raise your body temperature to levels that could be unhealthy for your baby’s development. It’s recommended that you only use a sauna or hot tub for ten minutes max.

Do take a hot bath

That said, hot baths are good during pregnancy. They can help to loosen up your muscles and ease some of the pain – in fact when the contractions start to happen at the end of your pregnancy, midwives may recommend that you take a bath.

Don’t smoke or drink

Smoking and drinking have both been proven to raise the risk of birth defects and miscarriages during pregnancy. Avoid smoking altogether and limit alcohol to half a glass of red wine a week to be safe.

Do have sex

Sex during pregnancy won’t harm your baby. Unless a doctor advises not to have intercourse, you can have sex all the way up until your waters have broken.

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