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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Discovering New Healthy Products With The New Hope Blogger Box

 Thanks to the New Hope Network Influencer Co-op for sending us the natural products featured in this post.

 This year has been a year of no traveling so that means I was not able to attend any conferences. In March, I was getting ready to attend a conference to discover the best new natural and healthy products. Well thanks to the pandemic, this event was canceled. So that meant so tasting and trying products like healthy snacks and healthy supplements. That meant not connecting with brands that promote a healthy lifestyle.

 I was glad that I discovered and joined the New Hope Network Influencer Co-op. As a member of the New Hope Blogger Co-Op, I will receive a quarterly “Blogger Box.” The New Hope Network hosts Natural Products Expo West and Expo East. I was super excited when my first New Hope Blogger Box arrived and I could not wait to see what new natural products that I would discover. 

 The huge box was packed with so many healthy products, from fresh and delicious snacks to new and incredible health and wellness products. I really love trying new products, especially ones that are allergy-friendly and dairy-free. 

The package included:

34 Degrees – Umami Snaps

Be Well Nutrition – Carnival Kids Protein Drink

Her Royal Hempress LLC – Absolute Glow Face Serum

Human Power of N Company – SuperGrapes® Chews

Innovix Pharma Inc. – OmegaVia Kid's Omega-3 Chewies

Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC – Collagen Coffee+ Coconut MCT Individual Packs

Youtheory – Immune+ Daily Wellness

Zubiate Foods – ZUBI'S Organic Queso de Jalapeño; Crema de Jalapeño; ZUBI'S Salsa

 The first thing that I did after taking all the goodies out of the box was to check for allergens. Since I have many food allergies like dairy, soy protein, and mushrooms, it is important to look at the ingredients of everything that I eat. If I eat anything with these ingredients, I will have asthma problems. Chemical fragrances also trigger my asthma so I was glad that these products were made with safe ingredients.

 I was happy that all but one of the food items were dairy-free so I could enjoy them all. The Carnival Kids Protein drink had milk in it so I had my boys taste it. Just one of the supplements had mushrooms in it so I was not able to try the Youtheory – Immune+ Daily Wellness. I am glad that the rest of my family does not have food allergies so they could use the Youtheory this winter for immune support.

 I immediately had to open up the bag of 34 Degrees – Umami Snaps as they sounded so delicious. These baked chickpea snacks were crispy and delicious. The seasoning was also delicious and tasted of garlic and soy sauce. They were dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.

 So I knew that the Zubiate Foods – ZUBI'S Organic Queso de Jalapeño; Crema de Jalapeño; ZUBI'S Salsa would be a perfect match for the chickpea snaps. I loved the small-batch jars that would be perfect for traveling. Since discovering my dairy allergy, I have not been able to enjoy queso and I was excited to try this queso as it was vegan as well as the other dips. The queso was mild and the salsa had a nice spicy flavor. The Crema was too spicy for my liking so I will use that one in recipes.

 I was excited to try the Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC – Collagen Coffee+ Coconut MCT Individual Packs as I love coffee and one with collagen is even better. This Coffee was so easy to make and had a creaminess to it. I usually add almond milk to my coffee but with the collagen and coconut MCT, I had no need to do that. I did stevia to it for a bit of extra sweetness.

The Her Royal Hempress LLC – Absolute Glow Face Serum came in a pretty bottle and I liked that this vegan serum was thick and not runny like most face serums. It also had a nice light scent that did not trigger my asthma.

 The Human Power of N Company – SuperGrapes® Chews had a delicious grape flavor and I loved that they were full of anti-oxidants and could help with blood pressure. These were vegan and gluten-free.

 My son wanted to try the Innovix Pharma Inc. – OmegaVia Kid's Omega-3 Chewies with me and he said that they tasted good. This is the kid who hates taking his omega oils and other supplements so I am glad that he likes these. Such a cute kid-friendly box!

 My son also got excited when he saw the Be Well Nutrition – Carnival Kids Protein Drink as he has tried other Iconic protein drinks and loved the taste of them. I love that this chocolate protein drink is grass-fed, has 8 grams of protein, no sugar, and a serving of veggies in it. The small size is perfect for school lunches. 

 Since I have a mushroom allergy, I could not try the Youtheory – Immune+ Daily Wellness but I will add this to my husband's supplement basket. This immune supplement has vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc in it which are all great for staying well. My husband will love that they are capsules so they will be easy to swallow.

             Snow in October? Crazy weather here!

 It was super fun to explore this box of natural products. It was like I was attending a health conference. The day after I received the box, it was snowing all day which was depressing as it was still October. We usually don't get snow until December and it melts by noon. So I was glad to explore this box on a day that I was stuck in the house. I loved discovering new healthy products that are made with natural ingredients. 


  1. These all sound so fantastic! I love that there's something in here for every member of the family. I'd love to try that collagen coffee.

  2. I would give these a try. Some I know my mom would like for sure. I always love getting boxes full of goodies!

  3. The products seem amazing, i would love to try a lot of these, i will get them as soon as i find them.

  4. All foods are simply awesome. I would like to try queso with chips. Ohm!

  5. What a really great box to get and try out. So many things I'd totally love to try.

  6. It's great that you have a way to enjoy new products while social distancing is in place. As I get older I am noticing that my body is becoming more sensitive to dairy. The snaps and the queso together sound so good.

  7. I love testing different kinds of healthy products. I'd love to get such a box, as there are lots of goodies inside. :)

  8. Sounds like a great products for me to try and the queso look so tempting and delicious.

  9. Such a cute, healthy & attractive box. I want to try it too. Good idea for gifting.

  10. My wife and I would definitely love this box. We’re always on the lookout for healthy stuff.

  11. the products look pretty interesting! I would love to try and use such a box!

  12. I've never heard of this box before. I love anything that is healthy, so I'd love to try it! I may be an adult, but those gummies look awesome!

  13. Oh this is wonderful! I would love to try out some of these goodies.

  14. I've never heard of this box before. I've got several friends who love trying out natural products, I'll have to share it with them.

  15. I enjoy learning about new eats and products that I can add to my snack pallet. This box offered a good assortment of items and am glad you shared your thoughts with us about the different things you liked the most. I like that these products were for kids as well as adults. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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