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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Improve Your Gut Health With Flore Custom Probiotics

 Your Microflora is Unique. Your Probiotics Should Be Too. 

 Have you ever wondered if you have a healthy gut or digestive system? Maybe you have had some stomach issues that led you to think that your gut is unhealthy. Maybe you have read about the leaky gut syndrome and begun to question the health of your gut. It could be that you have done research about the benefits of probiotics and your overall health. 

I received a sample test kit from Flore' to facilitate this post

 Then you decided that you want to include probiotics in your supplement routine. So you head to the drugstore to buy a container of probiotics. Once you set foot in the supplement section of the drugstore and find the probiotic section, you become overwhelmed by the selection of probiotics. 

 The probiotic selection in the health section of your local drugstore is huge and the shelves are filled with so many choices of probiotics. So which probiotic is best? How do you decide which probiotic to take? After picking up the bottles of probiotics and reading the labels, you realize that you have no clue about which probiotic to take. So you grab the cheapest probiotic. 

 After including the probiotic supplement in your daily diet for 30 months, all you experience is a bunch of bloating and gas. The probiotics do not give your digestive system any of the gut health benefits that you have read about in health articles about probiotics. So you stop taking the probiotics. 

Is your probiotic formulation not working perfectly for you?

Give probiotics a second chance

Probiotics can be made with many different strains of good bacteria and selecting the probiotic that is right for you can be a tough job. The reason that people do not experience any benefits from probiotics may be due to not selecting the bacteria stains that their gut needs. With trillions of microbes in your gut, your gut microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint.

That drugstore bottle of probiotics may have had strains of good bacteria in it that your gut already had plenty of. Your digestive issues may be from being deficient in bacteria strains that were not in the probiotics that you bought. So how do you know which of the good guy bacteria your body needs? You could do lengthy research on the many different types of good bacteria that are included in probiotics and what the symptoms you could be experiencing if your gut needs them. Then try the guessing game of taking the probiotic to see if it works or you can take a simple test to discover the best probiotics for your health needs.

Floré Gut Microflora Test Program

 To discover which probiotics are best for your gut health needs, all you have to do is use a simple at-home Floré Gut Microflora Test. The Flore' Microflora Test analyzes the trillions of microbes in your gut microflora to custom craft a unique formula for your unique gut health needs. These formulas are designed for your unique microbiome. So you get a custom probiotic supplement that is tailored to your gut.

Floré keeps it simple with one pill a day! No more juggling a multipack morning and night routines. One pill in the morning is all you need.

Custom Probiotics Tailored to Your Gut

 The at-home test for microflora is easy to perform. It is as simple as going, collecting, and sending a sample. The Floré Microbiome Gut Test equips you to collect and send a micro-stool sample discreetly and in the comfort of your own home.`It is a 4 step process that will get your digestive system feeling better.

1. Sample Collection ~ Floré Microbiome Gut Test equips you to collect and send a micro-stool sample discreetly and in the comfort of your own home.

2. Your Sample Analysis ~ Our world-class team of scientists extracts and sequences your microbial DNA, and each report is personalized, keeping your health goals in mind. The Floré website and Floré Mobile App provide access to your comprehensive report that showcases everything about your gut!

3. Custom Probiotic Formulation ~ Using the microbiome results and your Health & Diet Survey responses, our formulations team puts together a custom blend of probiotics and prebiotics to improve your gut health.

4. Track Your Progress ~ Meet with a Floré Care Scientist to dive into your report and get customized suggestions. Use the web portal and mobile app to track how you’re feeling and improving each week. Retest with a free retesting kit every 4 months. Free reformulations are offered if the formula is not working for you.

Cold Shipped Probiotics are living organisms! Hence, every ingredient is stored and cold-shipped to you directly from our fridge.

The Floré Gut Health Test will give you a detailed look at your gut microbiome

The Flore' Gut Health Test is not your standard poop test. This gut health test can detect over 23,000 microbes in your gut, including Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast, Parasites, and Viruses! The test uses whole genome sequencing technology and can detect these down to the strain level and the relative abundance of each microbe. You’ll receive a complete microbiome report, including other health scores such as your Immunity and joint health. You and even use your gut information to determine which foods and supplements are best for you!

Get custom guidance! A Floré Care Scientist will break down your microbiome report with you and guide you throughout your gut health journey

Once the gut health test is completed you will receive a truly custom formula of probiotics that are formulated for the specific issues in your gut. Each formula will have a custom mix of probiotics and prebiotics depending on your needs.

You will love the sustainable packaging

Your first month's supply of custom probiotics will come with an environmentally-friendly personalized bamboo container shipped directly to your door. Then refills will come in small recyclable pouches so you can refill your bamboo container and reduce waste. Boxes and ice packs are also recyclable. The best part is you will never have to worry about running out of your probiotic supplement as a refill will arrive every 30 days. 

Manufactured in-house No middleman or outsourced laboratories. Everything, from shipping to manufacturing, is directly from San Diego, California.

 Flore' knows that your probiotic needs may change, so you will have access to free retesting every 4 months. You can also skip or cancel shipments at any time.

 I received a Floré Gut Health Test and it was simple to use. Check back in a couple weeks when I get the results of my gut test. 

Head to the Flore'website to get started on your health journey to improve your gut health. https://flore.com/


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