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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Creating a Organized Refrigerator With Lifewit Organizer Bins

 Is the inside of your refrigerator a scary mess? Is it hard to find what you need? Learn how to organize your fridge with the help of the best refrigerator storage bins.

 You may have seen those videos of people organizing their fridges and filling up storage containers with snack items and other foods. They sure are entertaining and they make you want to organize your refrigerator. The problem is after watching the video of the organization of the fridge, you never follow through with the plan of a neat and organized food storage area.

 Instead, you or your spouse continue to complain that they can't find anything in the fridge. Or worse yet, leftovers and produce spoil because they get lost in the fridge. So you end up tossing way too much food into the trash can every week. Throwing away food is costing you money and that is not a good idea when food prices are at an all-time high. 

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Organize your fridge and save money

 Have you had enough of wasting your money on food that spoils? Is your lack of fridge storage frustrating you? Then it is time to buy a set of refrigerator storage bins and start a simple project of organizing your fridge to be functional.

 Last year I bought a new refrigerator and I had fun organizing all my food into the fridge. It felt nice to have a clean and organized place to store all my food. Then my family decided that they were hungry and needed to get food out of the fridge. My neat and perfect fridge did not last long. After a couple of months, I cleaned out the fridge and it did not take long for it to get messy again.

 So I decided to look on Amazon for some storage bins for my refrigerator. After looking at many choices of fridge storage containers, I made the choice to buy a Lifewit 8pcs Big Refrigerator Organizer Bins Set.

Lifewit makes the best affordable storage containers

 Two months ago, I organized my pantry with a food storage set from Lifewit and these airtight food containers are amazing. These pantry storage containers have helped my pantry stay neat and organized for several months. They are easy for my family to use.

Since these plastic storage containers helped me organize my pantry, I decided to organize my junk drawers with Lifewit. The Lifewit drawer organizer set helped me to finally solve the kitchen junk drawer problem. I am obsessed with all the different storage solutions from Lifewit and they are helping me organize my home.

Lifewit offers homeware solutions that help me save space

I just love how their bins for the fridge can be used all throughout the home. After I ordered the Lifewit Storage Bin Set, I could not wait to organize the inside of my fridge. When the containers arrived, I just had to clean out my fridge.

 So I took everything off the fridge shelves and wiped up all the food mess. Once I had an empty fridge, it was easier to decide how I was going to use the fridge containers to store the food in the fridge. This fridge set had eight bins of different sizes. I really liked that the egg storage had a lid on it. So no more cracked eggs. Check out the other unique features of the fridge storage containers.

Lifewit 8pcs Big Refrigerator Organizer Bins Set

+ BPA-Free Food Safety

+ Multi-size Clear & Stackable ~ Contains 4 large fridge organizers, 2 medium organizer bins, 1 small storage bin, and 1 storage basket for 12 eggs.

+ Built-in handles on both sides of containers ~ Make it easier to pull the containers to see what is in them.

+ Easy to clean

+ Multipurpose Usage ~ Can be used in the bathroom, office, pantry, and throughout the home.

A large bin for all the leftovers

 The bin storage set for the kitchen came with 4 large organizer bins and they were very spacious. I was able to place 3 large fridge bins on the top shelf. I also place one big fridge storage container on another shelf. I decided to use one of the bins to hold containers of leftovers, that way I could grab one container instead of many small leftover containers. I then used the other larger bins for cheese, condiments, and bags of grains, 

The smaller fridge bins were practical for my butter, egg carton, and cream cheese. I really liked that I could stack the containers to save space. These storage containers are very versatile and I could place so many different food items in each one for maximum fridge storage. These containers would be great to put lunch box items in them to make lunch preparation easier. Check out the many different items that you can organize in each storage container.

Suggestions for items to store in the bins

+ Juice Boxes

+ Water Bottles

+ Fruit and Vegetables

+ Cheese sticks

+ Condiments

+ Leftover containers

+ Sandwich fixings

+ Yogurt containers

 I really love how neat my fridge is. It is like I have a brand-new refrigerator. I might just have to buy some of the Lifewit organizational containers for my freezer. pantry, and kitchen cabinets. Lifewit has a huge variety of products for home storage and organization. Now to decide which room to organize next. The laundry room or the bathroom? 

Buy Lifewit Lifewit 8pcs Big Refrigerator Organizer Bins Set 

Check out this Lifewit Under Sink Organizer

 For my next storage project, I will be using this Lifewit Under Sink Organizer. I love that it is a 2 Tier Shelf Rack. This bathroom and kitchen organizer even has hooks to hang items like rags and brushes on. This is a space saver product to use in cabinets. 

 I could place the under-the-sink organizer in my kitchen cabinet to hold cleaners, sponges, and boxes of food storage wraps. This shelf would also be great in the laundry room to hold laundry soap and other cleaners. In the bathroom, it would keep all my bottles of shampoo and body wash neatly. This slim shelf would even be great to use on the kitchen counter for coffee and tea supplies. I have so many uses for this home organizer product. I will be buying plenty of the Lifewit multipurpose under-the-sink organizer. Make sure to check back to see photos of how I used the unique shelving system in my home.


  1. Since I live by myself, I haven’t had to worry about a disorganized refrigerator. BUT, never say never! I’ll be holding on to this post for future reference! Thank you much!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. Oh my gosh, I need these big time. My fridge is a mess and needs help.

  3. Wow, I love how you can see through them!! Might be time for me to get to work! :)

  4. You are inspiring me! I have seen many pictures on Pinterest on how to organize my refrigerator. Maybe after the holidays are offer, I'll order everything.

  5. I need to do this to my own fridge! We try our hardest to keep things in order and these would help.

  6. Our new fridge comes Saturday. I can't wait to organize it like this!

  7. Yes, love it! Bring on all the fridge organization. I want to do this to my fridge soon. Love the clear bins for different things.

  8. I really need this! Seeing our fridge as organized as this is absolutely awesome and satisfying for sure!

  9. I need these refrigerator bins! My fridge is a total mess. I really love those egg containers, my eggs sometimes break because they are not in a protective container.

  10. I am loving these bins and really do need them for myself. Love how well they keep everything in place and looks so good afterwards!

  11. I need this for my refig. Some of the other bins for under my sinks in my kitchen and bathrooms. They always look messy.

  12. These sound really useful for helping keep the fridge tidy. It's worth getting some.

  13. Lifewit Storage Bin Set looks absolutely awesome! I need to check out their products.

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  14. I adore these organisation tips. I Like to have everything in order and my fridge definitely need a change.

  15. I need the bins for my pantry. My pantry is a huge mess, mostly because it is one huge space and there needs to be another shelve installed. I just haven't done that yet.

  16. I have refrigerator organizers as well. It's easier to find things and it looks so much prettier as well. -LYNNDEE


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