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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Send Joy This Christmas With Teleflora

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This holiday season, send joy to someone who needs it

The holiday season will be tough this year for so many people. The Covid 19 virus pandemic has made things like traveling difficult this year. So that means so many people will not be able to visit loved ones like their mom or grandma. So many single people may have to celebrate Christmas by themselves. While we have online video calls they are not the same as seeing someone in person for the holidays.

Send Joy This Christmas With Flowers 

 This year, it’s more important than ever to let family and friends know you are thinking of them from afar. Teleflora, the world’s leading floral delivery service, introduces its 2020 holiday campaign, “The Impromptu Choir,” relaying how a little ingenuity and some festive spirit will allow us to celebrate the holidays “together.”

 I can't help but think of people like my mom, who lives alone, and how lonely she must be most days. She can't go to the senior center for lunch due to shutdowns and her monthly widow group is unable to meet, thanks to a lung virus named corona. So I look for creative ways to cheer her up and one of those ways is with a floral delivery. I sent my mom a flower arrangement for Mother's day and I remember the joy that it brought her.

 Launching today, the heartwarming spot harnesses the power of song and holiday magic as a neighborhood comes together to bring cheer to their neighbor, Carol. Unable to be with her family this year, Carol is overcome with joy when her neighbors surprise her with a Teleflora holiday bouquet and erupt into an impromptu performance of “Silent Night.”

Christmas is not canceled

While some may think Christmas is canceled due to a pandemic, it is not. People need Christmas more than ever as this holiday celebrates the birth of a savior and people need Jesus in their life. Even if you choose to follow Jesus, Christmas is still a time of sharing gifts and joy with others. The holidays are a time to think of others and a time of giving to others. That giving part does not have to cost a lot as it can be as simple as baking some Christmas cookies for a neighbor to sending a bouquet of flowers to your mom.

 “While 2020 has been filled with overwhelming obstacles and little to celebrate, Christmas is not canceled. In fact, now more than ever, it’s important to Love Out Loud and spread holiday spirit as many families and friends will be apart,” said Danielle Mason, vice president of consumer marketing, Teleflora. “We are excited to launch a campaign that focuses on the heartwarming joys of life—the unexpected gifts of the season and communities coming together—while supporting local florists and bringing a smile to customers’ faces and a moment of joy to their hearts with Teleflora arrangements.”

 This campaign was developed by The Wonderful Company’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, under guidance from Mason and Jeff Bennett, president, Teleflora.

 The above video was awesome and it gave me joy to watch it. Watching the “The Impromptu Choir” video that Teleflora made reminded me that so many people need joy in their lives and I will look for opportunities to bring a smile to someone's face. It reminds me to stop and talk with my neighbors while I am out for a walk. The video reminds me to call my mom more often. The holiday season is a time for me to spread joy and sending a flower arrangement to my mom will bring her some joy.

 “This past year has been challenging, but above all, it has given people across the globe the opportunity to reconnect with life’s simple pleasures,” said Bobby Pearce, chief creative officer, Wonderful Agency. “Teleflora’s new campaign embodies nostalgic Christmas moments that make the holidays so special, encouraging communities to come together and uplift one another.”

 I know that fresh flowers brighten my day. Over the years of working with Teleflora, I still get excited when I receive a flower delivery. It is when I place the fresh floral arrangement on my dining room table that it begins to feel like Christmas. The receiving of flowers is what sparks holiday joy for me and inspires me to start decorating for Christmas and start baking the best sugar cookies for Christmas.

 “The Impromptu Choir” is an extension of Teleflora’s overarching “Love Out Loud” brand platform, which launched during Christmas 2017. To share the holiday spirit with friends and family afar, Love Out Loud and surprise them with a unique Teleflora arrangement. Teleflora’s best-selling Christmas lineup features beautifully curated arrangements always made by hand and delivered to your doorstep by a local florist. Each bouquet comes complete with a festive keepsake container that can be incorporated into home d├ęcor for years to come.

This holiday season, send joy to someone who needs it.

“The Impromptu Choir” can be viewed HERE:  

 Purchase the bouquets featured in this video: HERE 


  1. Gorgeous! I've always been a fan of teleflora. I need to get one of these for our table.

  2. I love Teleflora. They have beautiful flowers. I really love that centerpiece too. It's gorgeous.

  3. I also love Teleflora flowers. The holiday centerpiece in your photo looks so festive and really dresses up your table.

  4. I like Teleflora flowers, especially the seasonal ones. They have some fantastic vases and cups that I've been reusing after the flowers were enjoyed.

  5. I agree Christmas is needed now more than ever. I refuse to cancel mine! Flowers are always a great way to bring joy to someone. Teleflora always has great options.

  6. Lovely flowers! Flowers are such an inspiration especially now during the pandemic because we cannot spend so much time outside in nature. Sending flowers for Christmas is a great option.

  7. Receiving flowers always brings a smile to my face and brighten my day. The holidays will be different this year so it's more important than ever that we reach out to our loved ones to let them know we are still here.

  8. It's really a great way to show love this Holiday. I'm gonna share this to my friends,they will definitely love the idea.

  9. That is a beautiful arrangement. I would love to have that at my Christmas table!

  10. I've heard about Teleflora before and their arrangements are just so wonderful and beautiful! Those are definitely a great gift idea.

  11. I've never heard of Teleflora before, as I live in Poland, but it seems they have wonderful gift ideas on offer. :)

  12. I will be honest, i've never heard of Teleflora before, i love the idea...Great gift...


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