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Saturday, April 23, 2022

How To Craft An Authentic Italian Meal With Botticelli

 Passed down through four generations, Botticelli has everything you need to craft an authentic Italian meal at home

 I think my favorite part of being an influencer is tasting delicious food. I just love checking out new products and healthy foods are high on the list. So I was excited to attend an event last month that was all about natural health products. Expo West was an event that had a huge expo hall and plenty of healthy food to enjoy. 

 One of the healthy food brands that I met at Expo West was a company that produces Italian food products. Botticelli has everything you need to craft an authentic Italian meal at home. I was invited to a fancy Italian dinner that was outside of the event. The press meal was originally supposed to be at the Chuck Norris Estate but due to wind, it was moved to a lovely home in Anaheim Hills. I was glad that I received an invite to a dinner to learn about Botticelli Italian products.

Learning about Botticelli one bite at a time

What better way to learn about a company's product than through a meal that was prepared with their products. When I arrived at the press dinner location, I was greeted with an amazing table that looked like it belong in a magazine. I was also greeted by the host of the Botticelli Italian meal, who said to me "if there is anything you need just ask."

 I am glad that she made me feel comfortable upon arriving at her home. I felt comfortable in requesting information about what was being served for dinner and if any of the food items contained any dairy products since I had a dairy allergy. The host excused herself to talk with the chef who was preparing the meal. The chef then came out to talk with me about my dairy allergy and how he could prepare many of the meal items without dairy products. I was happy to know that I would be enjoying most of the items on the menu and did not have to only eat plain pasta with marinara sauce. 

Mingling with other influencers

 While the food was being prepared, I had a great time talking to the other influencers and press folks, who were seated at my table. If it was not a cold windy night, we would have talked around the pool. While we were enjoying drinks, someone from Botticelli made a toast and introduced us to their company. This person went over the menu to tell us about the Italian products that were featured in the meal that was about to be served. From a delicious-sounding balsamic glaze to an Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with several exciting pasta sauces, I was ready to enjoy an authentic Italian meal.

What Real Italian Really Means To Botticelli

Family-owned and operated since 2002, our roots run deep in Italy. Going back four generations to the island of Sicily, our ancestors were local farmers and grocers dedicated to the art of Italian food. Over the years, we have remained devoted to sourcing all of our ingredients completely from Italy so you and your family can enjoy the same authentic Italian quality and flavor from the comfort of your home.

 The meal started with a fancy charcuterie platter that was filled with assorted olives, vegetables, and cheese. I enjoyed the olives and veggies. Then I was served the most delicious salad. Made with arugula, prosciutto, caramelized onions, and candied walnuts with a dressing made with Balsamic Vinegar Glaze and Extra Virgin Olive oil. 

The Balsamic Vinegar Glaze is brand new to the Botticelli Family and it was so delicious! This sweet and tangy glaze is made with the premium balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy, and has a rich taste that adds a perfect touch to meat, salad, and even desserts like ice cream.

 The next entree of the dinner was a fusili pasta that was topped with a Botticelli's Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce and this pasta dish was amazing. The pasta sauce was thick and had a great flavor. The entree that followed the pasta dish was seared salmon that was topped with the same sweet balsamic glaze that was on the delicious salad. The plate also contained the most tender asparagus. 

While I was not able to enjoy the next entree of the meal, the folks at my table said it was delicious. The chicken parm was topped with Botticelli's Alla Vodka Sauce and this is a sauce that I know my husband will enjoy. The dessert was Botticelli biscotti and espresso. I passed on the biscotti cookies as most bakery products contain butter and it was too late for coffee. 

A full belly and fond memories

 I enjoy the authentic Italian meal made with Botticelli Italian food products. It was a night of delicious food and great conversation. I left the event wanting to recreate this meal for my family. I was glad that Botticelli sent me a huge box filled with many products from their product line. 

  My husband was home when the box of pasta sauces and other goodies arrived at our home. The box was filled with an assortment of pasta sauces, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Italian Antipasto, and that sweet delicious balsamic glaze. My husband was anxious for me to take pictures as he wanted to cook a delicious Italian meal. 

 I let my husband select one pasta sauce and the rest were put aside for my photos. My husband selected the Rossa Alfredo Sauce and served it over some cooked pasta. I was not able to eat my husband's creation as alfredo sauce has dairy ingredients in it but my boys thoroughly enjoyed this creamy pasta sauce.

The Perfect Italian Meal Starts With Fresh-Baked Sourdough Bread

 As I was planning the meal that I was going to create with the Botticelli items, I remembered that I still had a loaf of Wildgrain Sourdough bread in my freezer. I knew that this homemade bread would taste so delicious with my Italian meal. All I needed was some pasta, arugula, caramelized onions, and candied walnuts. 

~ coupon expires 8/31/2022

 I was excited to make an authentic Italian meal with the Botticelli products and I had a hard time choosing which pasta sauce to use first. The Roasted Garlic won my taste buds. The rest of the pasta sauces would be used for other meals. 

 Head over to Botticelli's website to discover all the amazing authentic Italian products and find out where can purchase them. If you are looking for amazing flavor, then these are the perfect sauces, oils, vinegar, and glazes for all your meals. 


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