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Saturday, April 9, 2022

New Natural Products That I Discovered At Expo West

  Expo West is the event that showcases all the new products that are the health, wellness, and natural food line. It is where brands and buyers meet up to get the newest products into your shopping cart.

 Last month, I traveled by train to Anaheim California to attend a healthy product event called Expo West. Most people would wonder why I traveled by train when I could travel by plane quicker and cheaper. The reason that I took the slow route from Albuquerque to Anaheim was simply I had opened a reward credit card and I received enough points to travel in a sleeper car on Amtrack for free. Sadly this credit card is no longer available but if you like to travel for free, you need to get these travel credit cards.

Southwest Airlines ~ Earn up to 80,000 points ~ that is enough points to redeem for $1000 in tickets!

Marriot Hotels ~ Earn up to 105,000 points to redeem for 3 free hotel nights

Hilton Hotels ~ Earn 80,000 points to redeem for 2-3 free hotel nights

 I actually enjoyed my train to Expo West. Since I had a sleeper car, I was able to work on my computer without anyone bothering me. It was my mini office on wheels. I was also able to sleep so the train ride went by quickly. My family thought I was crazy but the train ride was a great way to catch up on work and have some time to myself. 

Expo West Natural Product Event was amazing

This was my first time attending Expo West and I was kind of overwhelmed with what to expect at this conference. There were 60,000 people registered for the event and close to 3000 brands in the many expo halls. I had attended Expo East last fall, with 800 brands, so I was not sure if I would be able to network with all the brands that I wanted to. I had four days to visit the booths to see all the new products. I had four days to enjoy eating food that would be safe for me to enjoy with my many food allergies. I knew that there would be plenty of allergy-friendly foods. I  still had to read labels and ask questions before I sampled the food samples. The vendors expect these types of questions as this was an event where the brands wanted you to know what is in their food. 

Natural Products Expo West is an experience of learning about new natural products. Through sampling, it allows those who are in the natural product world to network, see new products, and explore new ideas.

New Natural Products That I Discovered At Expo West 

Plant-based and dairy-free desserts

 Bon Dévil is pure pleasure without all the guilt. Anoint your taste buds with an unholy eruption of wickedly delicious coconut-based desserts. Plant-based and dairy-free desserts that are the creamiest, most indulgent pots around. Made with Non-GMO ingredients and Vegan Certified; helping us all to live a bit healthier without sacrificing the things that make life so damn delicious.

 These desserts were so delicious. They were thick and creamy, like a chocolate truffle. I loved the size of them. That way I could try a couple flavors at once.  I hid the puddings in the back of the fridge, thinking that no one would find them. I was wrong! My husband found them and almost ate them all. My husband usually won't touch food that is labeled plant-based so I was shocked when he asked me if he could eat them, this was after he had already eaten 4  of them.

Organic plant-based and grass-fed ice cream

Cosmic Bliss used to just make plant-based frozen desserts but they boldly decided to also make organic grass-fed ice cream. Coconut Bliss has been making plant-based organic coconut milk-based ice cream for 17 years and has boldly rebranded with a new line of grass-fed milk ice cream. 

 This was a move that made my family happy. While I was unable to taste the new grass-fed ice cream from Cosmic Bliss, since I am allergic to dairy, my husband and children were excited to try this new ice cream. While I was at Expo West, Cosmic Bliss sent me plenty of frozen treats, so my family and I could try them. The box of frozen treats from Cosmic Bliss contained both plant-based frozen desserts and grass-fed milk ice cream in many delicious flavors. My family enjoyed the new grass-fed ice cream and I enjoyed the plant-based ice cream. My only request to the company is to make the labels different for the products. Usually, I buy regular ice cream for my family in bigger containers and vegan ice cream in smaller sizes. So I had to read the label every time I ate the ice cream. The plant-based and grass-fed logos were too similar.

Tender Chicken Bites

 BGK’s Tender Chicken Bites are made with real, nourishing ingredients like antibiotic-free chicken and spices. They are a great source of protein, gluten-free, and contain no MSG or added nitrates. Unlike other jerkies, these bites are deliciously tender and easy to eat, offering a better jerky experience, and are more filling than other snacks that are loaded with sugar and carbs. 

 My husband and teen son love beef jerky, so I was happy to introduce them to a better meat option. I placed these chicken bites in the pantry and they ate them up in a couple of days. They were asking for more. I usually don't eat meat, due to my soy allergy, but I had to try these chicken snacks as they looked so delicious. I loved how flavorful these bites were.

Collagen and Turmeric Supplements

 Youtheory is a supplement brand that specializes in collagen and other wellness supplements. I have been adding collagen to my daily smoothie for the past couple months for the many benefits for my hair, skin, nails, and joints. While I have known about the benefits of collagen for several years, I never really used it on a daily basis. Since I am trying to heal my body from asthma problems and mold sickness, I decided to take collagen on a daily basis. 

 The other day when I was combing my hair after I washed it, I noticed that my comb did not have the usual clump of hair in it. So, I realized that the collagen was making my hair stronger. Life has been crazy the past couple of months, so I really never noticed that my hair stopped shedding massive amounts of hair. In the past, my hair would shed like crazy but it never bothered me because it quickly grew back. So I never experienced hair thinness. So I finally experience the benefits of collagen for hair, once I started taking it daily. Check out this tropical overnight oats recipe that has collagen in it.

Pop Art Snacks

 Pop Art Snacks is a uniquely delicious, out-of-this-world treat with worldly flavors. The award-winning brand brings gourmet popcorn to the mainstream with offerings to please various discerning taste buds. It’s an everyday snack that’s elevated to a savory “taste of art,” with such bold selections as Rosemary Truffle With Olive Oil and Dill Pickle Vegan Ranch to make a health-conscious foodie salivate just thinking about them! Always crafted in small batches, Pop Art Popcorn is Non-GMO, contains no MSG, is kosher, gluten-free, and air-popped. Made from 100% whole grains to keep you energized throughout your day. At 45 to 60 calories per cup, satisfy your cravings with these amazing small batch-crafted selections and give your mouth a burst of epic flavor and crunch! It is vegan except for Cheddar Jalapeno and Pepper Parmesan.

 These bags of delicious popcorn were so beautiful to look at while I enjoyed the popcorn for a healthy snack. I loved that so many of the popcorn flavors were plant-based and made with healthy ingredients. The popcorn was so flavorful and there was plenty in a bag so I could share them with my boys. Sharing I did and my youngest ate the whole bag of the Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn in one day.

Chipotle Lime Mayo with Avocado Oil

Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo is a zesty update to classic mayo. Spicy chipotle powder and lime add a peppery punch to this Whole30-Approved and Certified Paleo & Keto mayo. If you like spicy, then you will like this mayo made with real ingredients. This is quality mayo and the taste is amazing. I used the spicy mayo in my coleslaw and it was so delicious.

 Primal Kitchen makes so many delicious oils and condiments that are made with real simple ingredients, that contain no dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar, or soy. I can't wait to use this chipotle mayo in my Southwestern sushi burritos

Alkaline Spring Water

 What could be more perfect than a pH of 10? TEN spring water has the highest pH among bottled water brands and is rich in alkaline minerals and electrolytes. So many bottled waters, including alkaline waters, come from municipal sources and go through a filtration process. TEN is sourced from some of America’s purest springs.

 While this company was not at Expo West, I was sent samples of the water after I attended the event. This company will be at Expo East and I am excited to connect with them in the fall.

This alkaline water had a clean taste and did not taste earthy, like so many other mineral waters. I love that TEN spring water comes in many sizes including gallon jugs with handles. Since I have been exercising inside, I have been sweating more. So I have been drinking about a gallon of water a day. I keep the Ten water in my home gym - home office, so I make sure to drink enough water throughout the day. Once the water bottles are empty, I will fill them with sand as they are perfect for DIY weights.

Tasty Lavash for wraps and more

 Atoria's Family Bakery  Lavash is perfect for wraps, pinwheels, flatbread pizza, and more. I have featured this delicious lavash bread on my website in these Chocolate Jack-O-Lanterns. So I was excited to try their new offerings. The Lavash with Whole Grain & Flax and the Roasted Red Pepper Mini Lavash sounded so delicious. 

It was a recipe for Unbeetable Lavash Wraps from Atoria's Family Bakery that they sent to my email that got my attention. I was drooling over the photo of this healthy wrap sandwich. I will be making this recipe once I get the ingredients but for now, I just have to share the recipe with you. That way you can make this delicious sandwich.


1 sheet Atoria’s Family Bakery Lavash

2–3 tbsp. beet hummus

1/4 cup shredded carrots

1 cup baby spinach

1/4 cup cucumber, cut into strips

1/4 cup beets, diced

Splash of olive oil


Spread hummus evenly on half of the sheet of Lavash, on the end opposite from where you’ll begin rolling. On the other half, with some overlap, add the spinach.

Add on layers of carrot, cucumber, and diced beet in stripes, beginning near the edge you’ll begin rolling from. Drizzle with a light layer of olive oil.

Wrap tightly, packing the ingredients as you roll. Makes 1 wrap or 10 bite-sized pieces

ATTITUDE’s NEW plastic-free Leaves Bar line

 I am excited to introduce this new line that features zero-plastic solid beauty bars for your skin and hair! ATTITUDE’s leaves bars collection features zero-plastic solid beauty bars for your daily skin and hair care routines. Everything is crafted to offer maximum results with minimal ingredients, enriched with super leaves extracts, and packaged in luxuriously designed compostable cardboard boxes. These naturally-scented products with indulgent fragrances will quickly become your go-to for your clean wellness regimen, resulting in glowing skin and lustrous hair. The minimalistic size is a space saver and perfect for travel. The collection includes lip balm, natural deodorant, shampoo & conditioner bars, hand soap, and body butter!

These plastic-free beauty products smell so good and I love that the packaging can be tossed into my compost pile. I have been working hard to cut back on the amount of plastic that I purchase and I am excited to try these natural beauty products. Look for a review later on Mom Knows Best!

 This is just a sampling of some of the amazing natural products that I discovered at Expo West. I had fun discovering new healthy products while at the event. I will continue to share many more of the products in the next several months. It was a privilege to be able to attend an event that had a focus on natural products. 


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