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Monday, August 10, 2020

Supplements That I am Discovering For A Healthy Body

   I received samples of the mentioned supplements.

This virus pandemic thing has made me want to keep my body extra healthy. I have heard from many people who survived the Corona Virus that it was not a fun time for them. My friends who contracted the COVID lung virus told me that they were miserably sick for many days. So being that it is a virus that affects the lungs and that I have asthma from food allergies and from environmental things, I want to avoid this respiratory virus. I remember 2 years ago when my asthma was out of control and I discovered a milk allergy through food allergy testing. That was a miserable 6 months of breathing problems. So I have gone into super healthy mode these past 5 months.

I have extra time on my hands

 Now that I some extra time on my hands, well not really as my boys are keeping me busy, I have been doing some new things to reach my healthy body goals. The boys and I have been running 5 days a week and I have increased my mileage. I have also been lifting weights at home three days a week instead of going to the gym. At first, I stopped visiting the gym because it was closed. Then I avoided the gym because of all the chemical sanitizers that affect my asthma. Now I don't go to the gym because I can't wear a face mask while exercising. The governor even wants people to wear a face mask while exercising outdoors, even the CDC does not recommend that, but I don't as I can't breathe with a mask on. Wearing a face mask while I run will make me have an asthma attack.

  All this exercise and lifting weights at home have made my body stronger. I am amazed at my sculpted muscles on my arms and legs. Having a strong toned body at 55 makes me feel awesome. My fitness routine keeps my mind feeling great and I admit I love the way my body looks. I love seeing my strong muscles on my legs and arms. My fitness plan also allows me to naturally manage my asthma. Some days it is hard to exercise with asthma but I push myself out that door and these 10 tips for working out with asthma help. I have continued to exercise first thing in the morning as this energizes my brain and puts me in a great mood. I also seem to be more productive with work when I exercise in the morning. Morning exercise is great for the body and mind.

 I have also been trying to eat more vegetables and my garden is now providing me with kale, beet greens, spinach, and tomatoes. I made some this delicious veggie burger recipe the other day and I added chopped kale greens to it. Those bean burgers were so good! I also have been using some new supplements in addition to these 13 supplements that you need to try.

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New supplements that I have discovered

 I love discovering new supplements and seeing how they can give me health benefits. So when companies email me and ask me if they can send supplements, I say yes but only after I do my research. There are so many supplements out there that can be harmful or not give the results that one expects so you have got to do your research on medical websites like WebMD before you buy supplements. This book pokes fun at the Wellness industry about all the false claims that are out there. So I have done my research on the below products and have used them.

A supplement that detoxes your brain

 As a mom, I always seem to be multi-tasking and these past five months have had me doing even more multi-tasking with the kids unable to go to school and my husband working from home. I really don't know what it is like to have a quiet moment. I would take a "me" vacation to get away from it all but I can't travel. My husband would be fine with me checking into a hotel for a spa day but with this viral pandemic going on, that is not something that I want to do. So like many moms, I am frazzled and distracted. I think that I am getting enough sleep but most days my brain does not feel like it is working efficiently.

 I know that I don't have time to take care of my brain, most days I don't even have time to think. So I am glad that I discovered a supplement that can help detox my brain. Toxins from the environment and diet can add to my cognitive decline so that makes detoxifying even more essential. These include bleach in the laundry room, chemicals in foods, and in cosmetics. There are three ways that can support the brain’s detox process.

1. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin B9 (folate).
 “While many people only think of folate as a necessary nutrient during pregnancy, it is very active in the brain and central nervous system. It also aids in cellular detoxification. Vitamin B9 is found in many fortified foods, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables including nuts and leafy green vegetables.”

2. Supplement with Glyteine to support your glutathione levels.  “Glutathione is the most important detoxification molecule, essential for getting rid of harmful chemicals and metabolic byproducts that are dangerous to the human brain. The body makes glutathione but depending on our genetics, some of us are more efficient than others at making it. Also, our ability to manufacture glutathione declines with age. Others can’t get into the cells. Research has shown that a new compound called Glyteine, now available over the counter as Continual-G, raises the cellular levels of glutathione rapidly, within an hour or two.”

I enjoyed the taste of this lemon-lime drink and have been drinking it daily. It makes me feel good that I can take care of my brain even when I feel like my brain is going in a hundred different directions.

3. Make sleep a priority.
 “Our brains do most of their detoxifying when we’re in deep, non-REM sleep. That’s when the spaces between the brain’s cells enlarge, and accumulated waste can be flushed away. This can’t happen during waking hours. It would be like a railway crew trying to repair tracks while the trains are running.” 

Sweating Is Healthy & Should Be Done Often

You’ve got to pee, poop, sweat, or breathe out these toxins. When your output is less than your input, your brain’s health may be compromised.”  

To learn more about taking care of your brain visit www.continualg.com and www.Brainspanners.com.

A heart-healthy supplement

Covid-19 is not the most life-threatening disease in America. Heart Disease affects 30 million annually. According to the American Heart Association, nearly half of the US population has some form of cardiovascular disease, a rise from previous years due to a new definition of high blood pressure. Heart disease is a serious condition with over 30 million people diagnosed and 647,000 million deaths per year. The heart is responsible for many functions of the body to feel well, and requires healthy blood flow to the heart and maintaining the blood vessels working properly. Living a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and food is a remedy that improves heart conditions. Studies have also shown nitric oxide as vital for a healthy cardiovascular system.

I am glad that I discovered a supplement with Nitric Oxide in it. Nitric Oxide has been shown to increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increase circulation which in return can help the heart. M3 Miracle Molecule Max has a nice berry or citrus flavor and a whole bunch of other good ingredients like herbal plants, vitamins, and antioxidants so I can keep my heart healthy.

 BioNox M3 is sweetened with naturally derived, low glycemic sweeteners xylitol, stevia, monk fruit, and natural flavors from raspberry juice. M3 is vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, made in the USA, sugar-free and non-GMO. M3 can be added to one’s daily 8 oz. of water easy daily usage.

Potent immune support 

 With the kids heading back to school, I am glad that I discovered a potent immune support supplement. My boys are not big fans of vitamin C drinks, vitamin C liquids, or chewable vitamin C, so they are glad that M-mune3 Ultimate Immunity Blend comes in capsule form. This immune-boosting supplement combines the power of vitamin C, zinc, and Elderberry so my boys only have to swallow two capsules. These capsules contain 1000 mg of vitamin C, 50 mg of zinc, and 250 mg of elderberry. I gave my boys this immune supplement before their orthodontist appointment 2 weeks ago and they are still healthy. This Vitamin C supplement will be in my carry-on bag next time I take a trip on an airplane. So much easier to take than the powder vitamin C supplements.

Other healthy products that I have discovered 

 Since I am on a health kick this summer, I have been busy trying many other healthy products. My favorite healthy product that I enjoy daily is coffee. Yes, coffee is healthy as it is loaded with antioxidants. Coffee can also be enjoyed so many ways from cold to hot. My favorite way to enjoy coffee in the summer is cold brew coffee. You need to check out these 9 delicious coffee products if you enjoy coffee.

 I have also been enjoying some delicious healthy smoothies and a new relaxation routine. So check out this list of healthy summer products that I have been enjoying. My healthy routine has included many delicious healthy summer recipes. If you like sushi then you will enjoy this easy sushi bowl recipe. If you are eating more beans and rice from your panic stockpile then these 12 meatless recipes that use beans. My favorite bean recipe is vegan tuna and this tastes so similar to real tuna salad. It is sad to think that summer is almost over and that soon the kids will be back to school.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

9 Coffee Lovers Must Have Products

If you love coffee, keep reading to discover some amazing products
  I received samples of coffee products to facilitate this post.

 My day is not complete without some type of coffee. To me, coffee is so much more than a drink that gives me energy as it is a pleasurable part of my day. This may sound strange to most but I do not drink coffee for the pick-me-up energy. The reasons that I drink coffee are many but for the most part, I drink coffee for the taste. I also drink coffee because it is a healthy drink that is loaded with antioxidants. Then there is the part of coffee that gives my brain the thinking power that it needs to get my work done. Coffee is simply a delicious drink that excites my taste buds. Coffee is an exciting experience that I enjoy and I am proud to call myself a coffee snob.

Coffee comes in so many forms

 The thing that I love about coffee is there are so many ways to make and enjoy coffee. So my coffee habit can be enjoyed differently every day depending on my taste and mood. I can take those roasted coffee beans and brew them in different ways so I can enjoy unique experiences with my cup of joe. At the present time, I have 3 coffee makers and a couple other devices that make coffee. Each coffee brew method brings uniqueness to my daily cup of coffee. One day I might brew coffee with my espresso maker while another day I make cold brew coffee. In the summertime, my favorite way to enjoy coffee is cold and this recipe for iced coffee is the best. I am a coffee lover and I love discovering coffee products. From unique coffee beans to ways to flavor my cup of coffee, I get excited when someone wants to send me coffee products. Whether you’re a coffee novice or a coffee nerd, you need to discover some products so you can up your coffee game.

Great coffee in your kitchen

 The part that I love most about coffee is there are so many blends of coffee and so many different origins of coffee. While I may have my favorite coffee blends like French roast and coffee from Columbia, there are so many coffee beans that I have yet to try. So I love the coffee experience that comes with the Yes Plz Coffee subscription. When you buy coffee beans from this unique company, you are able to sample coffee beans from around the world.

 Every week Yes Plz ships out a new blend or single origin release comprised of top selections sourced from the very best farms and mills around the world. Yes PLz is a small direct to consumer coffee roasting company that is focused on helping people make great coffee at home. If you are looking for a unique coffee experience, then you will love that they source, roast, blend, and ship fresh beans every week. Each batch of coffee beans is labeled with the day it was roasted.

 I was sent a blend of coffee that made my taste buds happy. It was a coffee blend that had great flavors. Even the description of the coffee sounded so delicious. The coffee was sweet and flavorful.

The singing heart of this blend is a beautiful coffee from Ethiopia — epically sweet, resonating with subtle tropical fruit tones. We balance and temper this with a delicious Guatemala selection and a favorite from Mexico to bring balance to this force and deliver a candy bar-like crave-ability.

CBD coffee

 If you use CBD oil or are curious about hemp, then this CBD coffee from Green Roads is a perfect way to experience CBD. CBD has some amazing benefits and this medium roast coffee will give you perfectly balanced energy. The Founders Blend combines Columbia coffee and American hemp which yields a rich smooth tasting cup of coffee. I call this coffee my happy coffee that is perfect for those times that I want to savor my coffee in the morning.

 I mainly use CBD for relaxing and stress relief so this Hemp Flower coffee was perfect for a busy morning when I was having a tough time getting work done on the computer. The CBD coffee relaxed my busy brain so I was able to think. It was a coffee that gave my mind some clarity.

Freshly roasted coffee to all Americans

 Amora Coffee is on a mission to bring freshly roasted coffee to all Americans and their subscription plan makes it so easy to always have coffee when you need it. Amora uses the finest beans and a 9-step roasting process. So you get the fresh coffee beans that are delivered to your door in 2 days. Amora Coffee is a coffee subscription service for true coffee aficionados who like their coffee delivered directly to their door.

 My two bags of coffee arrived with a free gift of a coffee scoop and there are other perks to joining this coffee club. Every shipment of coffee will bring you more free gifts that will help you enjoy your coffee. I like that you can choose from different coffee blends and flavor blends. I also like that you can choose how much coffee and how often you would like to receive the coffee. Amora Coffee is roasted in the USA  and hand packed in foil-lined bags, while still warm, to protect the flavor and aroma. So that means you are getting fresh coffee. I was able to sample a bold roast and a smooth roast. The bold roast made a delicious batch of cold brew coffee.

The secret to making perfect iced coffee for one

When you want just one cup of coffee, Steeped is the perfect coffee for one. Steeped Coffee is the easiest way to make a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes and it makes the best-iced coffee. This coffee is uniquely packaged in a fully compostable single-serve coffee pack and is so easy to make with just hot water. Think a teabag filled with delicious coffee that you dunk in a cup of hot water so no coffee maker is required. Steeped Coffee comes in many delicious varieties and is perfect for traveling. This is a coffee that my husband could enjoy while camping.

 Since there is no traveling going on right now with me, I decided to make iced coffee with this unique coffee. Steeped also is perfect for cold-brew coffee for one. Making ice coffee with this Nitro-sealed, locally-sourced, and roasted micro-batch coffee is so easy. If you can boil water then you can make iced coffee. You simply pour hot water over the Steeped Coffee bag, dunk it a few times, and let brew for 7 minutes. The result is a delicious coffee concentrate that you pour over ice for perfect iced coffee.

How to make the perfect Steeped Iced Coffee Concentrate

1 Steeped Coffee Pack 
1 10 oz. mug
Filtered water


1. Heat filtered water to 205 degrees, or just below boiling

2. Place Steeped Bag at bottom of mug

3. Pour hot water over Steeped Bag until the mug is half full

4. Use string to dunk Steeped Bag 20 to 30 times over 1 minute

5. Leaving the Steeped Bag in, let the coffee steep for 5 to 7
minutes or more to taste

6. Remove Steeped Bag

Add the best flavor to coffee

 I believe that the perfect cup of coffee needs some sweetness. My favorite way to enhance the taste of my coffee is with Torani syrups. I featured Torani on my website last year in this delicious Dairy Free Salted Caramel Cold Brew Coffee Latte recipe. Torani has so many different flavors of coffee syrups that I am sure that you will find one or two or more that you just have to try.

 Torani is an amazing flavor company based in San Francisco that has been producing incredible sauces and syrups for nearly 100 years. All Torani syrups and sauces are GMO-free with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, perfect for flavoring coffee, lattes, and cold brew. Torani syrups are also perfect for fruit-infused cold brew ice tea. These are the syrups that many coffee shops use. My favorite Torani syrup is vanilla but my coffee bar always has at least 2-3 bottles of Torani so I have options in flavoring my mug of coffee. If you love mocha then you have to try Dark Chocolate Torani Puremade sauce. This rich chocolate sauce is also great over ice cream and in chocolate peanut butter smoothies.

Torani Puremade Smoked Black Cherry Syrup is a new flavor for this year and this sweet, dark, earthy cherry flavor was perfect in the below recipe. I was surprised at how black cherries made a great delicious cold coffee drink. I also included some other coffee drink recipes from Torani for Torani Puremade Dark Chocolate Sauce and Torani Puremade Vanilla Syrup.

Smoked Black Cherry Cold Brew
• 2 Tbsp. Torani Puremade Smoked Black Cherry Syrup
• 1 cup prepared cold brew
• Ice
Instructions: Fill a tall glass with ice. Add cold brew and top with Torani Puremade Syrup.

The Gary
•  2 Tbsp. Torani Puremade Dark Chocolate Sauce
• 1 cup almond milk
• 2 shots espresso
• Ice
Instructions: Combine chilled espresso, milk, and Torani in a tall glass filled with ice and stir well.

Dalgona Spiked Irish Coffee
• 2 Tbsp. Torani Puremade Vanilla Syrup
• 2 Tbsp. instant coffee
• 2 Tbsp. hot water
• 3 Tbsp. Irish Cream Liqueur
Instructions: Whisk together equal parts instant coffee, Torani Puremade Syrup, and hot water for a few minutes until it becomes a thick foam. Pour over a tumbler full of iced Irish cream liqueur.

Cold Brew Coffee Shots with benefits

 Coffee is good for you as it is loaded with antioxidants. So go ahead and enjoy several cups of coffee a day. If you are looking for even more health benefits with your coffee, then you have to try Humblemaker Coffee Shots.

These coffee wellness shots can be added to a glass of milk for a delicious cafe latte drink or added to your regular cup of coffee. You can even drink them as a shot if you love strong coffee. These are premium functional cold brew shots that contain vitamins and antioxidants that help improve immune system function, energy, and overall health. Each cold-brew coffee shot is made with premium organic coffee and other wellness ingredients like pure cinnamon, green tea, and ginseng. My favorite Humblemaker Coffee Co. coffee shot is the La Fonda as is a Mexican Coffee cold brew shot with cinnamon and cacao flavors that harness all the immune-boosting power of green tea: active polyphenols, Vitamin C and selenium. The Black Sea coffee shot is a Turkish coffee flavor and the Boomtowne is an ultra-smooth, triple strength, black cold brew shot.

How do you like your coffee?

 Coffee is a drink that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Some like strong black coffee while others prefer their coffee to be sweet. You make like your coffee with milk or you may like cream with a splash of coffee. Coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold. Some people are, give me my coffee first thing in the morning while others like their coffee with cookies. If you are a cookie and coffee person, you have to check out this recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies as they are perfect with your morning cup of coffee. Coffee is a universal drink that is enjoyed around the world.

Delicious Sugar-Free and Gluten-Free Coffee Flavors

 Looking for a way to flavor your coffee without adding sugar? Sometimes you want to add flavor to your coffee but don't want to add sugar or calories to your cup of coffee. Inbru is a unique flavoring product that you add to your coffee grounds before you brew the coffee. These flavors are gluten-free, sugar-free, and fat-free. Inbru also contains no peanuts, tree nuts, soy, or dairy.

With 24 delightful flavors to choose from, you can enjoy a different coffee experience every day of the week with the coffee beans you already have at home. Some of the exciting flavors include Vanilla Hazelnut, Southern Pecan, Cookie Butter, Celtic Mocha, Raspberry Truffle, and Banana Brulee. I tried the Cookie Butter and the Raspberry Truffle flavors and they made my coffee taste so yummy. The smell of the product was also amazing. Each 30g container, flavors 80, six-ounce servings of coffee.  Just add Inbru along with your freshly ground coffee, brew, and enjoy!

Ready to drink cold brew coffee

 Don't have time to brew cold brew coffee? Then check out this delicious blend of cold brew coffee with trademarked CLA PLUS whole milk. "Cowffee" contains CLA  which is a naturally occurring fatty acid in milk that has potentially astounding health benefits. I did not get to try this one as I have a dairy allergy but my boys begged me to let them drink this coffee. Being they are teens, I said yes and my boys said the coffee drinks were so delicious.

 I love that Cold Brew Cowffee is available in recyclable, single-serve packaging, making it ideal for on-the-go enjoyment. Cold Brew Cowffee has 20 grams of protein, low sugar, Non-GMO, and is lactose-friendly and shelf-stable (no refrigeration required.) The milk is blended with high-quality Arabica coffee from Finca Dos Maria, a family-owned coffee farm founded in 1870 in the bucolic hills of Guatemala.

Not a fan of coffee

 If you are not a fan of coffee or you also enjoy tea, then you should check out Erika's Tea Room. This tea shop that is located in Florida is known for their delicious scones and tea. If you are unable to visit the tea room, then you can get scones and tea delivered to your home. This place has over 100 flavors of tea from around the world. Erika's Tea Room also a nice variety of scones to select from.

I got to sample two varieties of their herbal tea and my family enjoyed a sample of their scones. The tea was flavorful and the scones had real fruit in them. Erika's Tea Room also sells teapots and tea accessories so you have everything that you need for a stay at home tea party.

How do you like your coffee?

Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, black or with sugar, or with cream, I hope that these coffee products helped you on your coffee journey. Personally, I love my coffee with a splash of almond milk and a bit of stevia for sweetness. These are just a small sampling of different coffee products that I discovered and enjoyed tasting. Next up? I am hoping that I can discover new ways to brew coffee as I love checking out coffee makers. So if you have recommendations for the best coffee maker or the best way to brew coffee, just let me know in the comment section. Perhaps you have a favorite coffee that you love. Let me know so I can discover it as I do love everything coffee.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

10 Ways to Give Yourself a Relaxing Weekend

 Most people look forward to the weekend. It can be a time that you do not have to go to work. The weekend means more time for the family. It can also mean a time that you can relax. Relaxing is good for you as it can help with stress relief. So give yourself the gift of relaxation and check out 10 ways to make that time special.

Taking time for yourself to relax can be the best use of a weekend by yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you’re not taking the time to go out and socialize or applying yourself to something productive. Sometimes, relaxation is just what your body and mind need to stay healthy and happy. If you’re getting in gear for a quiet weekend to yourself, consider how you can enhance your you-time to achieve ultimate relaxation.

1. Treat Yourself to New Loungewear
 If you haven’t gotten yourself any new loungewear for hanging out at home in a long time, you may be overdue for having something awesome. Something that you wear to relax shouldn’t just be comfy; you should like how it looks and feel good wearing it.  Pick up some super-soft by stylish loungewear so you’ll have the perfect attire for a weekend of relaxation.

2. Try a CBD Bath Bomb
 Many varieties of bath products boast about their calming effects, but few deliver like CBD bath bombs. A CBD infused bath bomb promotes relaxation while also helping to alleviate inflammation and soreness. Look for a bath bomb that’s made of all-natural or organic materials.

3. Listen to a Guided Meditation
 To really destress and unwind, a guided meditation recording can set you on the right path. For people who don’t regularly meditate, this can be a great introduction to the calming effects of meditation. Get into a comfortable position and listen to the instructions on the recording while you declutter your thoughts from everything that’s been stressing you out.

4. Put Your Phone Down
 Taking a break from constantly looking at your phone will help you take charge of your time alone. Stay off of social media, don’t worry about replying to emails, and go on hiatus from WhatsApp. You won’t get revved up by whatever is happening online, and you can stop worrying about what everyone else thinks that you should be looking at or talking about.

5. Pick Up a New Release From One of Your Favorite Authors
 Getting lost in a captivating book is one of the best ways to disconnect from technology and your worries. A book that you haven’t read by a great writer is always a treat, and it will give you hours of time all to yourself that’s relaxing but also entertaining.

6. Curl Up With Your Pet
 Spending some quality time with your pet is the perfect way to let your worries melt away and make the most of your time relaxing. Few things can help create a relaxing and positive mindset like a nap with a pet who adores you.

7. Spend Some Time Outside
 Take in some fresh air and sunlight at a tranquil spot and relax. Being outside doesn’t mean that you have to be active. However, a little physical activity wouldn’t hurt. After you spend some time walking or hiking, you may find that you feel a little calmer or your head is clearer.

8. Get a Massage
 A professional massage is a great way to reduce your stress levels and relax. If you’ve been feeling more stressed out than usual, it’s likely that your muscles will show it. A massage can cause painful or fatigued muscles to untighten and leave you feeling noticeably less stressed.

9. Unwind With Aromatherapy
 Essential oils have been shown to help people take on a calmer and more serene state of mind. Use an electronic diffuser to fill a room with a relaxing scent such as lavender, chamomile, or ylang-ylang.

10. Eat Something Healthy But Indulgent
 A couple of good meals can help you make the most of a weekend at home. If you like cooking, then make one of your favorite dishes that will be enough to last for a couple of meals. If cooking is a chore, then order in from one of your favorite local restaurants. Choose something that you really like but try to make it on the healthier side. If you eat something very unhealthy, you may feel physically uncomfortable or weighed down afterward instead of satisfied and relaxed.

 This weekend, get some things together that will help you relax, and plan a few of your favorite low-key activities. Relaxing can make you feel rested, recharged, and ready to take on the week ahead.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

At Home Learning With Thames & Kosmos

My school district just announced the plans for the school year and I am not sure what to expect

       I received samples of products to facilitate this post. This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases 

 It may still be summer here but that does not mean that the learning has to stop. This C lung virus pandemic has made it harder to motivate my kids to do any type of learning or schoolwork. So other than daily reading, I have pretty much given my boys a break from learning. Their last two months of online school were boring for them and I am not blaming the teachers as most of them have never done online instruction. My boys don't want me to be their teacher and I don't blame them as I have no clue how to homeschool two middle school boys. I am glad that the boys are allowing me to be their gym teacher as they join me every morning for running. The boys caught the COVID slide earlier this summer and they are still experiencing side-effects from it. Just last week the school district announced their plans for the school year and the boys and I have mixed feelings about the school year.

Online school with some at school learning 

 Next month school will begin with 5 weeks of online school. Then in the middle of September, the boys will attend school four days a week, every other week. The rest of the learning will be online. I am not really seeing the benefit of the boys attending school at all since they will only be going for 8 days a month. Why not just do all online teaching? My boys are just happy that they can go back to school. I am hoping that their teachers have used the past 4-5 months to figure out how to best teach online school so my boys will learn. I have also made a plan of how to boost their immunity so they will hopefully not catch the covid virus at school.

Board games to enrich learning

 My boys have rediscovered board games and I am glad. Playing board games not only gets them off the electronic devices but they are also getting some learning in. Shh! Don't tell my boys that they are learning as they want nothing to do with that as they are on summer break. My boys started playing card games and other non-electric games when their older brothers were here. It was great to see all my boys enjoying games like Monopoly and Risk. Now that their older brothers have gone back to school and overseas, playing games are not as fun with only 2 people.  So I was glad when I discovered some learning games that can be enjoyed with 2 players.

 The learning games from Thames & Kosmos are keeping the boys entertained while also giving their brain some memory exercises. These exciting thinking and puzzle games are making me feel better about my boys not being in school right now. I also am not feeling guilty about not doing the homeschool thing. My boys have friends who are homeschooled and I mentioned that I was going to talk to their friend's mom about what program she uses for homeschool. The boys said, "no mom, don't do that as we will be going back to school." I am glad that the boys are ok with returning to school. So check out the fun games that the boys are enjoying.


Brainwaves is a series of games developed by game designers and neuroscientists with which players can challenge their episodic memory — their recent memory of autobiographical events. These compact, card-based games are designed and scientifically proven to exercise the brain to improve memory functions. These innovative memory games place demands on three types of brain functions: fluid intelligence, working memory, and long-term memory.

 My boys received Brainwaves: The Astute Goose and Brainwaves: The Wise Whale to explore and play. These were card games that challenged their memory and they had my boys using their brain with critical thinking skills. I liked that my boys were having a friendly competition that used their brainwaves. 

 In Brainwaves: The Astute Goose, my boys had to identify a burglar hiding in a crowd. They had to remember things like what did they look like, what color were their clothes and other things to correct figure out which burglar committed the crime.

In Brainwaves: The Wise Whale, my boys had fun playing a matching game to see who could gather the most different colorful sea creatures cards. This was a fun brain-training game for the whole family.


Ubongo is a fast-paced, addictive, and easy-to-learn geometric puzzle game. Players race against the timer and against each other to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more gems you get. 

 Ubongo reminded me of the computer game Tetris but I loved that this game was offline. This was a fast-paced game that was an easy way for my boys to learn about geometry. The boys had to quickly fit the geometric puzzle shapes on their puzzle boards in the right order. The first person who solves their puzzle shouts " Ubongo!" and then the countdown is on for the other player who then have a time limit to earn some points. The fastest player wins bonus points and after eight rounds, the player with the most points wins. My boys really enjoyed playing this game as it was a portable game so they could play it on the floor. This game even challenged me with my thinking when I played with my boys.

Drop It 

This colorful, inventive family game is easy to learn but deceptively mind-boggling! One at a time, each player drops a shape into the vertical game board’s drop zone. Players earn points for the highest level that their shape reaches when it lands and extra points for touching bonus circles. But be careful: Don’t break a landing rule! The shape you dropped is not allowed to touch matching shapes or colors after it lands. If you break a landing rule, you will go away empty-handed. The winner is the player or team with the most points at the end. 

Drop It was a game of chance that involved a lot of thinking. My boys had to figure which shape to select and then the best place to drop it in the stand-up game board so the shape would hopefully land where they wanted it to go. This game also had plenty of rules that encouraged even more critical thinking. It was a mind-boggling game that made my boys think before they dropped a shape as they did not want to break any landing rules. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. I am glad that my boys read the rules of this game as it took me some time to learn how to win the game.

 So I am glad that the boys had some learning games to entertain themselves during the day when it was too hot to play at the park. These board games are summer fun essentials for my boys. That way mom and dad could get some work done during the day. The school thing is still stressing me out but not because of the respiratory virus but more because of all the rules that the boys will have to follow at school. The boys will have to wear face masks at school and I need to buy more of these lightweight face masks for kids. They also have to stay 6 feet apart from their friends and not share anything. So that means no giving a friend a pencil or passing a note. They can't even drink from the drinking fountain or sit next to friends at lunch. Kind of makes school stressful for both the kids and teachers.

 I think parents and teachers need some G&Juice to help us with stress. These hemp-infused sparkling beverages are not only delicious but they will help us chill out. Each can has less than 2 grams of sugar and only 20 calories. They also have 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD and the four mouth-water flavors contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The flavors of this bliss out juice are Coconut Vanilla, Ginger Peach, Strawberry Lemonade, and Blueberry Mojito. The best part is CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which means consumers won't "get high."

 So all I can do now is take one day at a time and as I told my boys we won't worry about school just yet as we still have a couple more weeks until school starts. This school plan for online school and some in school learning will have to work for the boys. I am sure that my boys will do fine and the will learn. This too shall pass.

What is the plan for your kid's school this year?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Easy To Make Homemade Sushi Bowl Recipe

An easy way to enjoy sushi

   I received samples from VitaminSea and Jungle Straws to facilitate this post

 I love eating sushi but for the life of me, I can not make sushi. I have bought way too many products that promise me they are easy to use and make perfect sushi rolls. I have watch video after video of people making sushi but sushi making is not for me. The Oriental chefs who make rolls of sushi make it look so easy. I have failed sushi-making 101 and gave up.

A sushi bowl is easier to make

 So many years ago before Poke bowls became popular, I learned how to make a sushi bowl without a recipe. My sushi bowl creation started with my failed sushi roll ingredients that I just tossed in a bowl. Then I discovered a Poke restaurant and I learned how to make my sushi bowl even better.

A California Roll the easy way

 A sushi bowl is basically a deconstructed California Roll that is way easier to make. No more having to press the rice onto the seaweed sheets and watching it fall apart when you roll it up. A bowl of sushi takes all the flavors of a California Roll and makes things so easy. No pressing, rolling, slicing, or praying is needed. You just take the ingredients, chop them up, and mix them into something that tastes way better than sushi. The best part is the portion size. No more having to eat way too many tiny pieces of sushi.

The simple ingredients

A sushi bowl is made from ingredients that you probably have in your fridge and pantry. I like to prepare the ingredients in advance so I can quickly mix them together for a delicious lunch. The basic ingredients for this easy to make sushi bowl creation are:

Rice ~ I like brown rice as it is more nutritious but you can use white rice
Seaweed ~ I like Nori seaweed sheets but you can use any seaweed like Dulse or Wakame.
+ Avocado ~ I will use fresh avocado slices or cubes
+ Spicy mayo ~ I use chipotle mayo but you can use sriracha mayo
+ Carrots ~ My preferred is shredded carrots but I will also use chopped up baby carrots
+ Cucumber ~ chopped or thinly sliced
+ Imitation crab flakes ~ cooked shrimp or cooked fish is also tasty
+ Sesame seeds ~ black or white
+ Rice Vinegar
+ Sugar
+ Soy sauce

Fresh Seaweed

 I usually use nori seaweed sheets in my sushi bowl and just shred it into small pieces. I decided to try Whole Leaf Nori Wild Atlantic Seaweed in my sushi bowl and I was amazed at how fresh it was. This seaweed was so full of flavor and had a nice chewy texture. I also tried Dulse Flakes and this seaweed was dried and it too had a nice flavor. These were not your typical pressed salty seaweed sheets as they had no salt in them. This was 100% seaweed hand-harvest from the coast of Maine.

 Everything that VitaminSea makes comes from live ocean plants, not from seaweed that has washed up onshore. VitaminSea Seaweed’s products are tested annually for radioactivity and heavy metals, and the results are within safe levels.

Cook the rice and chop the cucumber 

 The hardest part of a sushi bowl is waiting for the rice to cook and for the cucumber to marinate. So I always keep cooked rice in my fridge so I have it for making my bowl of sushi. I will also prepare the cucumber ahead of time so it has time to soak up the delicious sauce. Making rice is easy as I use a rice cooker but you can always follow the directions on the package of rice and make it on the stove. Below is my recipe for the cucumbers if you want them to be pickled but you can also use fresh cucumber pieces.

Pickled cucumbers or cucumber salad

1 cucumber, peeled and chopped into small pieces
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon soy sauce

Combine all the ingredients in a container with a lid. Place in the fridge for several hours

Layer the ingredients in a bowl

  I don't have an official recipe for my sushi bowl as I just toss the ingredients in a bowl. This dish is so simple to make and you decide how much you want of each ingredient. Start with a small bowl, one that you would use for cereal is perfect. Place about a cup of rice in the bowl and then start layering the rest of the ingredients. Any order of ingredients is fine and you can omit or even add ingredients. Other vegetables to use in a sushi bowl are sliced red peppers, chopped raw broccoli, or even cherry tomatoes.

Coconut bowls

 I decided to use my new bowl that is made from a coconut shell. This organic coconut bowl is so cool looking and is made from reclaimed coconut shells sourced from Southern Vietnam. Usually, coconut shells are burnt once the coconut flesh is harvested but Jungle Straws instead creates the coconut shell into an eco-friendly work of art that you can eat out of. Completely handmade, the bowls are BPA free – no chemicals or pesticides are used to grow the coconuts.

Here is how I assemble my sushi bowl:

One cup of cooked rice, cooled to room temperature
One sheet of nori seaweed ~ shredded
Shredded carrots ~ about 1/4 cup
Cucumber salad ~ about 1/4 cup
Crab flakes ~ about 8-10 pieces
Avocado slices ~ I love avocado so I use a whole small avocado
Spicy mayo ~ I drizzle it all over the ingredients
Sesame seeds ~ I just sprinkle about a teaspoon
More seaweed ~ If I have other types of seaweed in the house, I like to add dulse flakes to my sushi bowl.

Enjoy the easiest way to make sushi

 See how easy it was to make sushi? You don't need any special talent to make this sushi bowl recipe and nothing is going to unroll or fall apart. Now that you know how easy it is to make a homemade sushi bowl. Now you can save money and skip the poke bowl restaurant. One bite and this may just be your new favorite meal for lunch or dinner. If you love sushi, you need to also check out how to make a Southwestern Style Sushi Burrito as this is another delicious simple way to enjoy sushi.

Make sure to Pin this on Pinterest so you can make the recipe later!

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