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Friday, July 30, 2021

How To Make Amazing Summer Cocktails

 Looking for a way to up your summer cocktails? With a few simple products, you will impress your friends with delicious summer drinks.


Summer is the perfect time for parties and getting together with friends. When I think of summer parties, I think of delicious refreshing drinks. The weather is hot out and your guests will be looking for ways to quench their thirst beyond water and soda. Sure you could have a cooler filled with soda or you can offer some unique summer cocktails. With a few simple products, you will be able to make some fancy cocktails that will impress your friends. A simple party will become the talk of the town. 

 I discovered some unique products that will help you become a mixology and cocktail specialist. Whether you are serving cocktails made with alcohol or mocktails, these items will help you create some pretty amazing drinks for your next party.  You can also use these unique drink items to make fancy delicious drinks to enjoy any time of the day. No party is necessary to enjoy a delicious drink.

Items you need for fancy summer drinks

1. InBooze

If you are looking for a simple way to transform a bottle of gin, rum, wine, or vodka, then you need to get a cocktail kit from InBooze. This company has created unique infusion kits you add to your favorite alcohol. The kits are simple to use. Just place the infusion bag in a container, try a mason jar, and fill it with your favorite alcohol. Cover and allow to infuse for at least 3 days. Remove the infusion pouch and your alcohol is ready to enjoy! The flavorful alcohol is the perfect base for your delicious summer cocktail.

 I received an InBooze Blood Orange Cocktail Kit but this company has a wide variety of drink kits. The InBooze Blood Orange Cocktail Kitis made of dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs to infuse your choice of alcohol. This handmade packet features a combination of both sweet and tart grapefruit flavors. To make your cocktail, pour the desired amount of infused alcohol into a glass. Top with ginger ale, lemon-lime soft drink or Apple flavored sparkling water.

2. A Bar Above

 To create fancy drinks, one needs the right equipment. You need tools that will help you make the drinks that your party friends desire. If you’re a bartender, bar operator, or just someone looking to make delicious cocktails at home, then you will want this bar kit.  A Bar Above 4-Piece Kit includes the three tools you need to make the most common cocktails: 

 + a trusty two-piece Boston shaker

+  a Hawthorne cocktail strainer

+  a two-sided jigger

I just love how fancy-looking the bar kit items are. These are items that will impress your friends. Once you learn how to use the copper shaker another items, you will be on your way to making all those fancy bar drinks

3. Tovolo Ice Molds

 My boys were excited to make fancy ice cubes with the Tovolo novelty ice molds. These ice molds turn water into fun ice cubes that will make any drink special, even ones without alcohol. My boys could not wait to make ice cubes that were shaped like bulldogs and footballs. This company has many different styles of ice molds and they are so simple to use.

 Add a unique touch to your cocktails with Tovolo Sphere and Novelty Ice Molds. These molds create slow-melting ice that will keep cocktails colder for longer without diluting the pour. They are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. 

4. SeedSheet

The SeedSheet was my favorite item to discover. This is my second year of growing a garden in the Southwest and I am loving all the fresh veggies. The one thing that I do not enjoy about growing food in my backyard is planting the seeds. I worry about things like spacing the seeds and if I put the seeds deep enough into the soil. SeedSheet will help me next year when I start my garden.

 SeedSheet is a customizable roll-out garden. This roll-out garden is perfect for growing cocktail ingredients and toppers. Choose from 80+ fast-growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, complete with customizable growing environments. With SeedSheet, you don't have to worry about spacing the seeds correctly, as you simply place the sheet in a pot of dirt. Then water the seeds and in no time you will have plants and herbs that are perfect for all your fancy summer drinks.

 My SeedSheet kit included seeds to grow Cucamelons, Marigolds, and basil. I am excited to plant these in my garden as the seeds are organic and non-GMO. Since the seeds are placed on a weed-blocking fabric that means no pulling weeds and no herbicide spray.

Which items are you excited to try for your next summer party?


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Juice Drinkers Paid Online Community #JuiceInfluencer

 Sponsored post with C Space 

Are you a juice drinker? Read on to discover how you can give your opinion on juice and get paid for it.

 Do you enjoy drinking juice? Does a glass of delicious juice get you excited? Then I have a wonderful opportunity for you to check out.

 I am excited to share that I partnered with C Space to promote an exclusive juice drinkers online community. This online community is for those who love drinking juice. If you are a juice fanatic and love giving your opinion to make products better, then you need to discover this juice community.  Keep reading to see how you can get paid for your opinion about juice.

 A leading fruit juice company has created this anonymous online community with the goal of learning how to make their products even more delicious for everyone! This fruit juice company is looking for people who enjoy drinking juice and you just might be the perfect person for their online community.

Quick Facts About the Juice Community

 This is a unique opportunity to connect with other juice fanatics across the United States. If accepted to the online discussion board, you will have a chance to share your ideas and opinions. Your voice will directly influence a major fruit juice company's future offerings!  So they can make better products.

What will I be doing if accepted to the online discussion board?

 + Members in this private community will share their opinions with other juice lovers.  

+  The discussion will focus on a wide range of food & beverage-related topics.

+ Discussion topics, polls, and news are shared by fellow members and community facilitators.

+ Participants will receive Amazon eGift cards each month for contributing to the community.

+ All participant feedback and opinions will be kept confidential.

Do you love juice?

If you'd love to impact the future of fruit juices, please take the qualifying survey here: https://cspace.mvk.co/2599l

This is a unique opportunity to connect with other juice fanatics across the United States, share your ideas and opinions, and directly influence a major fruit juice company's future offerings! The best part is you will earn Amazon eGift cards for your opinion about juice.

Make sure to share this post with your friends so they can join this online community.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Ambush Mosquito Trap Review

 If you have flying bugs like mosquitos then you need to check out my review of the Ambush Mosquito Trap.

 Now that monsoon season is here in New Mexico, that means more bugs. During the day I have a lot of flys and months. Then at night the mosquitos and other annoying bugs come out. So I can't enjoy my yard. In the past I have used a small bug zapper and those smelly citronella candles. They work for a while but don't really take care of the bugs.

So I was glad when The Ambush Mosquito Trap company offered me a mosquito trap for review. I was excited to put it to the test. I wanted to see if it work work on not only the mosquitos but also the pesky moths that are eating the plants in my garden. The moths also come into our house at night when we open the door.

A Video review of the Ambush Mosquito Trap 

I decided to do a unboxing video of the Mosquito Trap and another of it action. So check out my videos to learn more about how this bug trapper catches and kills the mosquitos and othe flying bugs.

The unboxing of the Ambush Mosquito Trap

The Ambush Mosquito Trap in action

Did it work?

 I was amazed at how quiet the mosquito trap is and I love that it does not have a bad smell. In fact, I can not smell a thing. I placed the bug trap in my yard and the next day the bug trapper was loaded with bugs, including moths. After a couple of days, I was able to enjoy my yard as the mosquitos were gone. I also did not notice any moths in my garden or by the doors.

If you have bugs and mosquitos in your yard then you need to get the Ambush Mosquito Trap. You haven't experienced true freedom from Mosquitoes until you have tried the Ambush Mosquito Trap. They also offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Do yourself a favor and order one www.ambushmosquitotraps.com

Dairy Free Creamy High Fiber Iced Coffee Latte

This creamy coffee drink is a delicious way to get fiber into your diet. It is simple to make with just three ingredients. Served cold, this iced coffee is a perfect summer drink.

 There is something about a cup of warm coffee. It is soothing and coffee just tastes better warm, especially on a cold day. That all changes when the summer is here and the temperatures are above 80 degrees. Then my daily coffee changes to a cold refreshing iced coffee. When it is hot out, the last thing that I want is something that is going to raise my body temperature. 

 So I will make cold brew coffee and keep a pitcher in the fridge. Then there are the days that I forgot to brew my coffee the day before. So I will boil a pot of water and make a couple cups of coffee using the pour-over coffee method. Then I will add ice to the coffee and my favorite plant-based milk along with sweetener. Thus creating iced coffee. If I don't have ice, I make my coffee early in the morning and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours. 

 Making iced coffee is quite simple but if you need some help, make sure to check out this recipe for the perfect iced coffee. This coffee article has 5 delicious recipes for iced coffee with many different flavors like mocha. Coffee is a drink that can be made in so many different ways. I recently discovered a way to make my favorite morning drink into one that is high in fiber. So keep reading to discover a recipe for a high-fiber coffee drink that is perfect for summer.

 Creamy High Fiber Iced Coffee Latte Is:

+ Refreshing

+ Delicious

+ High in Fiber

+ Low Sugar

+ Sweet

+ Creamy

+ Plant-Based

+ Vegan

+ Gluten-Free

+ Dairy-Free

+ Smooth

 I know what you are thinking. This coffee drink must be thick as it has fiber in it. Nope, this delicious coffee drink is not thick but it is smooth and creamy. It tastes just like a coffee latte from a coffee shop. You can't even taste the fiber but your body will benefit from the fiber in your coffee. The secret is in the syrup that I use in the coffee recipe. I use a wonderful syrup and honey alternative called Sukrin Syrup Gold. This syrup alternative is low on calories and high in fiber.

Sukrin Syrup Gold is also completely gluten-free. The low sugar content makes Sukrin Syrup Gold very gentle on your blood sugar, and additionally, the syrup is both tooth-friendly and prebiotic. Per generous serving of 2 tablespoons, the Sukrin Syrup Gold boasts these specs:

+ Less than 1g of sugar

+ 20g of dietary fiber

+ 6g of sugar alcohol (erythritol)

+ 2 net carbs

 Sukrin also makes other healthy products that are great for people who follow special diets or just want to add more healthy foods to their diet. All of our products are natural, unprocessed, and good for you. I am excited to try their gluten-free bread mixes and bake with their sugar alternatives.

The best coffee drink starts with single-origin organic coffee

 I drink coffee for the taste and the health benefits. I am not an "I need my caffeine fix coffee person." So I always buy high-quality coffee and it is my healthy indulgent treat. I want my coffee to have a good taste and I can taste the difference in my coffee when I use single-origin coffee. While my favorite daily coffee is Columbian coffee, I love discovering coffee from other countries.

 I recently discovered fresh organic coffee beans from Nicaragua from a company called Nora's Naturals. This coffee has taste notes of dark chocolate, orange twist, and jam. The coffee beans are grown in volcanic soil, on the Nicaraguan National Forest Reserve, which makes the coffee antioxidant-rich. This coffee also contains high amounts of immune-strengthening polyphenols and skin hydrating minerals that increase collagen. So my morning coffee just got healthier.

When the package of Nora's Naturals coffee arrived in the mail, my husband just had to smell the coffee. My husband loves the smell of fresh coffee beans. When my husband tried smelling the coffee through the package, he did not detect any coffee aroma as the coffee package was tightly sealed. Once I opened the coffee bag, we enjoyed the pleasant aroma of coffee. I was glad that a coffee clip came with the coffee beans, so I could keep the coffee beans fresh.

Coffee plus fiber equals a happy digestive system

 This Creamy high-fiber ice coffee latte will help you have a happy digestive system. The added fiber will also help decrease your appetite. If you make your glass of iced coffee with Nora's Naturals coffee you will get additional health benefits of immune-strengthening and a collagen boost. I used plant-based coconut milk in my recipe but you can use your favorite milk like almond or oat milk. Check out this recipe for simple homemade oat milk.

Ingredients need 

+ Brewed Coffee

+ Plant-based milk

+ Sukrin Syrup Gold

+ Ice Cubes

Looking for other delicious dairy-free summer coffee drinks?

Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream 


Whipped Dalgona Coffee 


Perfect Iced Coffee 


 Dairy-Free Salted Caramel Cold Brew Coffee Latte


Easy Cold Brew Coffee


Dairy-Free Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Coffee Latte


Make sure to share and Pin this recipe

Dairy Free Creamy High Fiber Iced Coffee Latte

Dairy Free Creamy High Fiber Iced Coffee Latte

Yield: 1
Author: Mom Knows Best
This creamy coffee drink is a delicious way to get fiber into your diet. It is simple to make with just three ingredients. Served cold, this iced coffee is a perfect summer drink.


  • 1 cup coffee
  • 2 tablespoons Sukrin Syrup Gold
  • 1/4 cup plant-based milk
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Brew the coffee to make 8 ounces of coffee.
  2. Once the coffee is brewed add it to a large glass with the Sukrin Syrup Gold.  I like using a Mason jar that is between 12 - 16 ounces. Stir the coffee well so the syrup can dissolve.
  3. Place the coffee in the fridge for about 30 minutes to cool down.
  4. Once the coffee mixture has cooled down add the milk and ice cubes to the glass. Stir to combine and enjoy!

3 Facts about Life Insurance

 Are you considering purchasing life insurance? Read the below article to get more information about 3 facts about life insurance.

Having life insurance coverage is an important aspect of a long-term financial plan. Life insurance funds can be integral to various financial needs, such as inheritance, final expenses, estate taxes, and replacement sources of income for your financial dependents. Here are three facts about life insurance.

1. Types of Life Insurance Plans

There are several different types of life insurance plans available. Permanent life insurance plans, also called whole life insurance plans, will pay benefits in the event of your death. A traditional plan will have the same premiums and benefits for the length of the policy. Universal and variable plans are both permanent plans, but universal plans have flexible premiums and variable plans incorporate savings accounts. There is also term life insurance, which pays benefits if you die while the policy is active. Whatever plan you choose, there will also be differences from other similar plans depending on your employer and your specific needs. For example, life insurance plans for seniors exclusively will have many distinct differences from life insurance plans you get through your workplace due to the different needs and expectations of these populations.

2. Coverage

Your coverage will depend on how you purchase your life insurance, your eligibility, and the type of plan you decide to purchase. Basic life insurance coverage is meant to provide your beneficiaries with the means to pay for expenses that will come in the wake of your death, such as estate taxes, medical bills, and funeral expenses. Life insurance tends to pay benefits quite quickly, typically within a month, if not less. This ensures any necessary expenses can be paid for immediately. It's also meant to ensure your dependents' or heirs' financial needs are met immediately after and for a certain period of time following your death. Life insurance coverage is a vital component of financial planning, especially if you have or are planning to have financial dependents who you'll need to provide for in the event of your death. No matter the type of coverage you opt for, you can use it to pay for a variety of needs.

3. Significant Life Changes

The best time to purchase a life insurance policy is when you have a significant life change. These life changes and events can vary depending on your circumstances and choices. When you get a new job, switch careers, get married or purchase a home, you'll likely be eligible for purchasing a life insurance plan or changing your life insurance policy or coverage. Not every person will experience every key life change, but everyone will experience at least once. You should review your life insurance policy along with your other financial plans any time you experience a significant change in your life to ensure your coverage is still adequate.

 The life insurance policy you choose will depend on your financial needs and goals, your job or source of income, and which plan you think will be of the most benefit to you. You can access life insurance policies through independent providers, your employer's benefits plan, and other similar sources.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

DIY Broken Dresser Shelves With Semi Exact

 Don't toss the broken furniture to the curb. Instead, transform it into beautiful shelves or wall desks in a couple of hours.

I received samples from Semi Exact to facilitate this post

 I have been busy these past couple of weeks. My husband and I decided to tear out all the carpet upstairs and on the stairs. We will be replacing the carpet with vinyl planks. This project has been in the making for a couple of years as the carpet is over 20 years old. We wanted to replace the carpet after our tile renovation project. Our flooring project was put on hold last year thanks to Covid but now we are renovating the whole upstairs.

 My college kid is in his last year of school so it was a perfect time to move the next child into his bedroom and the other child out of the loft. So with the younger boy not using the loft for a bedroom, that meant we could finally have an exercise room upstairs. So I went into full remodeling mode. My bathroom renovation project in 2017 helped me discover my love for home decorating.

 New floors, meant painting the loft and also my bedroom. My bedroom is being transformed into a tropical beach theme while the loft got a fresh coat of paint. To rip out all the old carpet, we had to move furniture and stuff from all the upstairs rooms. That gave us a perfect opportunity to declutter and giveaway furniture we no longer need. 

My DIY broken dresser project

 As I was moving furniture, I discovered that my son's dresser had a broken drawer. This dresser had been broken for quite some time and was no longer able to be fixed. My son was using the dresser for his Nerf gun collection and it was falling apart. I was ready to put the dresser to the curb as it was made from particleboard wood. My husband already had a collection of particleboard and wood scraps in the garage. So he said, toss the dresser to the curb for trash day.

 As I was taking the dresser apart, I then realized that the drawer fronts would be the perfect size for shelves for my new exercise room. So I took apart the old dresser and measured the drawer front pieces. They were 10 inches wide and would be a perfect size for a shelf. I could place my plants on these shelves. Now all I needed was some paint and shelf brackets.

I was ready to reuse this broken dresser and save it from filling up the landfill. I hate throwing things away when they can be recycled or reuse. My motto is to reduce reuse, recycle. I like eco-friendly projects that help the environment. 

Materials needed for my DIY wall shelves

+ Dresser pieces ~ These shelves can be made from any scrap pieces of wood. While I got my wood from an old dresser, you can use wood from an old bookcase or any other broken furniture. You can also buy the wood pieces from a home improvement store.  Check the store's scrap wood for inexpensive wood.

+ Paint ~ Since I like saving money and saving the environment, I decided to use the leftover paint from the bedroom walls to paint the shelves. So check your paint stash before you buy new paint. The paint that I used was semi-gloss as that is what I had. If you are purchasing paint, buy gloss paint so the shelves can be easily cleaned. You can also stain the wood.

+ Paint Brush ~ I used a foam brush but you can also use a paint roller.

+ Shelf Brackets ~ I used these Semi Exact Hairpin Shelf Brackets as I loved the way they looked. These shelf brackets come in many different colors and sizes. So you can buy the size that fits your wood piece. I love that the brackets have a bright powder coat finish. The Hairpin Shelf Brackets are versatile and can be hung in two different ways. These simple shelf brackets add a clean bright look to any wall.

+ Screws or wall anchors

 You can even make instant wall desks with the Hairpin Shelf Brackets. Get the easy how-to instructions HERE

Less than 2 hours to transform a broken dresser into wall shelves

These shelves were so easy to make. Taking apart the dresser was simple and I made sure to save the other dresser pieces for other projects. The thin cardboard dresser backs were perfect to use as a painting drop cloth. I used the smaller dresser pieces so I could view my sample paint color selections for my bedroom walls. 

 I loved that I did not have to sand or cut the wood pieces as they were prefinished in the size that I needed. The shelves were ready to paint with the leftover paint from my bedroom painting project. I just love this pink color.

While the paint was drying, my husband helped me hang the shelf brackets on the wall. The Hairpin Brackets already had pre-drilled holes in them. If your shelf pieces are longer, make sure to put the brackets over wall studs. If you are not able to use the wall studs, make sure to buy some wall anchors. So your shelves will be secure on the wall. 

 Once the brackets are up on the wall, slide the painted wood pieces through and enjoy. These wall shelves sure do look nice in my new exercise room. I really love the colors that I selected of fuchsia and turquoise. They are perfect for my plants and other items. If you want to know more about these Hairpin Shelf Brackets, head over to semiexact.com to see all the beautiful colors and sizes that are available. This unique company sells other items to transform reclaimed wood into furniture like tables, beds, and more. Semi Exact believes that furniture can be well made and well designed, cost-conscious and planet-conscious, easy to order, and easy to treasure year after year.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

7 Must Have Back To School Products

 Soon the kids will be heading back to school. For most families, that brings excitement along with busy schedules. Check out some products that are perfect for back-to-school time.

 My boys will be heading back to school in a couple of weeks. They are excited but at the same time dreading the early morning wake up along with having homework. This year will be the first time since the boys started school that they will be attending separate schools. The older of the 2 boys will be in high school while the younger one will be in 8th grade. 

My youngest boys are close in age and do everything together. So attending separate schools will be tough for them. That brings back memories of when the oldest started school. The youngest son was so upset that his brother was gone for the day. My youngest did not want to do anything but watch TV all day.

 My youngest boys are still inseparable and even have the same friends. My boys are like twins as they are 16 months apart. The boys rarely fight with each other and where one goes, the other follows. So it will be strange to see my boys head off to different schools at different times of the morning. One son will catch the bus at 6:30 AM while the other will catch the bus at 8:30. What time do your kids leave for school?

Products that need to be on your back to school shopping list

 Back to school time always means shopping time. The kids need new clothes as they outgrew their clothes this past summer. My high schooler grew two sizes and the younger one is always growing out of his clothes. Their shoes are worn from playing at the park and new clothes always make heading back to school exciting. Then there is the long list of school supplies that the schools require. So I will be busy shopping before school starts.

Along with all the essential school supplies, I will be purchasing some other items that you will want to add to your school shopping list. These are items that you may have not thought of but they are ones that will make the school year better. So check out some of my favorite back-to-school items.

1. Dabbawalla Bags

Whether you are packing lunch for your child or for yourself to bring to the office, the Dabbawalla lunch bags are ones that you will love. These soft-sided lunch bags come in bold colors with cute designs. I think my favorite lunch sac is one that has a cupcake on it. These roomy lunch bags have so many great features that will make packing a school lunch fun. Your kids will have a hard time selecting their favorite bag for lunch.

 Dabbawalla Lunch Bags are crafted from a unique, synthetic foam textile that is degradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The lunch bags are washable and feature a sturdy handle and two interior mesh pockets that fit a lunch, drink bottle, and snacks. I received the Apple Of My Eye lunch bag to review on Mom Knows Best. The colors are so bright and it will be perfect for my grandbaby as she heads off to preschool.

2. Mabel’s Labels

Kids tend to lose things at school. So it makes perfect sense to label their school items. Gone are the days of using permanent markers to label items like clothes and school supplies. This year make sure to purchase plenty of waterproof labels for back to school. Mabel's Labels makes labeling so easy and fun.

 These customize stick-on labels come in so many designs and sizes. Their Back To School label packs have plenty of labels so you can stick them on everything from pencils, backpacks, clothing, and more. My favorite labels are the shoe labels that help little kids put their shoes on the right feet. I also love these durable labels for traveling. I added my cell phone number to the labels so I can be contacted if it gets lost.

Mabel’s Labels personalized labels are durable, waterproof, and dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe. These customizable labels give parents peace of mind knowing kids’ gear is properly labeled and easy to identify.

3. Persona Nutrition Immune Gummies

 No matter how hard we try to avoid germs, schools are the perfect breeding place for germs. So start your child's day with an Immune Support Kids gummy vitamin pack. These delicious gummies are a great way to boost your child's immune system. I love the individual packs as they can be grabbed out the door on the way to school.

 Persona’s gummy vitamin packs are developed for kids ages 4 to 12 and feature key nutrients that target specific health needs. The vitamins come in natural fruit flavors including orange, mango, mixed berry, raspberry, and grape. The Immune Support Kids Pack includes three distinct gummy vitamins including ~ Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a dedicated immune blend that combines Zinc with B Vitamins.

 Persona also produces gummy vitamin packs for teens and adults. I love that their gummy line has zero added sugar. The gummy vitamin line includes vitamins to help teens focus, adults relax, and many others. The best part about gummies beyond the awesome taste is no water is required when you take them.

4. Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones

 If your child is doing online school or they need headphones for the classroom, then the Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones, need to be on your back-to-school list. These Bluetooth headphones not only help block outside noises but are designed to protect kid's eardrums with the limited volume range. The headphones come in many colors and are comfortable to wear.

 Puro Sound Labs' volume-limiting, Bluetooth headphones come also come with a built-in microphone that allows kids to actively participate in online learning, distraction-free. The one-touch Bluetooth pairs with iPhone, Android, and other compatible devices make for hassle-free listening, while a 30-foot range allows free movement! The wireless mode eliminates all dangers of entanglement in audio cables. Plus, you get 20 hours of battery life for music playback and 200 hours standby.

5. SpudLove Organic potato chips

 School time means packing lunches and after-school snacks. Pack some love into your child's school lunch with SpudLove organic potato chips. These delicious potato chips come in 5 amazing flavors like barbecue, sea salt, sea salt and vinegar, cracked pepper, and jalapeno. You will love the variety pack of 1 oz bags that are perfect for school lunches.

 Made from organic potatoes grown on the brand’s own farm, SpudLove thick-cut potato chips are made from high quality, organic ingredients and feature a delicious authentic potato taste and maximum crunch. Farmer-owned and farmer-grown, SpudLove puts extra love into caring for the land to grow the highest-quality organic potatoes.

6. Success Rice

 I don't know about your life but once school starts for my boys, life gets busy. That means dinner is not always ready when my husband gets home from work. So Success Boil-in Bag rice makes dinner time a bit easier. This rice is so easy to prepare for a quick and easy meal. Even my teen boys can make the rice. The rice comes in many varieties from white rice to Jasmine rice. I am sure that you will find a family favorite rice. I love using the brown rice variety in my homemade veggie burger recipe.

 Success Boil-in-Bag Rice has a delicious flavor, making it an easy addition to any meal from breakfast to dessert. With no water-to-rice ratio needed, it’s a quick and easy delicious meal that is gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of MSG or preservatives.

7. Neato Robotic Vacuum

Whether your children are heading back to school or participating in an online school, you will want the Neato Robotic Vacuum. This unique D-shaped robot vacuum is a Back-to-School essential for maintaining a clean living/study space. Kids are messy and your schedule is busy. So let the Neato Robotic clean the floors.

The Neato D8 Robot Vacuum cleans up messes on hardwood, carpet, tile, and even throw rugs. The Neato robot app on your phone makes it super simple to program and control the vacuum. You can even control the vacuum through your Alexa or Google smart device. Check out my review of the Neato D8 Robot Vacuum HEREThe best part is you can save $200 off the D8 through July 24, 2021 (no code needed). 

Be prepared this school season with the best products 

 So check out all these back-to-school products and learn about how they can help you. From snacks to labels, these items need to be on your shopping list for school supplies. After the crazy year that we parents had with virtual school, it will be a joy to see kids heading back to the class for their first day of school. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Neato Robotic Is a Must Have Travel Product

 This Neato Robotic vacuum is a must-have travel product. This unique intelligent robot vacuum is essential for returning to a clean home after vacation.

Sponsored post with Neato Robotic

 In a couple of months, my husband and I will be taking a trip without the kids. The teenage boys will be staying home by themselves. We have plenty of neighbors who will be will checking in on them daily, so I know that they will be safe. My neighbor across the street has a security camera that faces our house, so he can keep an eye on the house.  My oldest daughter lives in town also. I know that the boys will be ok as they will be going to school. They are responsible kids and have been very independent for quite some time.

 As I write this article, I am having some doubts about leaving two teenage boys home alone for several days. My husband says that they will be fine and everything related to the trip is paid for. So I will try to remain calm and use the next three months to prepare my boys about the rules while we are gone.

Keeping the house clean while on vacation

 The one thing that I don't have to worry about while we are on vacation is returning to a messy house. My teen boys help with many of the housekeeping tasks on a daily basis so they know how to clean the house. The daily chores for my boys include emptying the dishwasher and taking out the trash. They also know how to run the washing machine and how to cook. In the past when I went on trips and the college kid was in charge, my older son always had his younger brothers clean the house while I was gone. So I would return to a clean house.

 I discovered a unique intelligent robotic vacuum that will help my teen boys keep the house clean with little effort on their part. This robot vacuum will keep the floors clean so that is one less thing that I have to worry about while my husband and I are on vacation. While my teenagers know how to clean, that does not mean they will clean to my standards. Teen boys like to eat and they can make a lot of crumbs that fall to the floor. So the Neato D8 Robotic vacuum will be an essential item for a clean house.

Save $200 off the Neato D8 through July 24, 2021 (no code needed).

What I love about the Neato Robot Vacuum

 The thing that I love best about this robot vacuum is that it does the work for me. So, I can get my floors vacuumed when I am not home. I can schedule the automatic vacuum to run at set times with the Neato Robotic app that is on my phone. So, I can schedule the vacuum to run every day for messes that my boys make. I also love that I can also open the Neato robot app on my phone and have this intelligent vacuum clean up a mess any time of day with no need to wait for its scheduled run time.

 So, while I am away the Neato Robot vacuum will clean the house and my boys won't have to do a thing. Now if the boys make a mess, they can get on their phones and head to the app to have the Neato Robot clean it up. So, mom will never know about the mess. The boys are always on their devices anyway so operating the Robot vacuum will be super easy for them.

Check out some other amazing features of the Neato D8 Robot Vacuum

+ Easy set up: The Neato D8 Robot is simple to set up straight from the box. If you can use a smartphone, you can operate this smart vacuum. Only 6 easy steps to get the Neato vacuum to start cleaning your floors.

+ Effective on any surface: The Neato D8 Robot Vacuum cleans up messes on hardwood, carpet, tile, and even throw rugs.

+ Bigger dirt bin: The large 0.7-liter dirt bin holds plenty of dirt, dust, and dander, so that means you don't have to empty it that often. I love the notifications to the empty dust bin!

+ Big Spiral Combo Brush: A brush that is up to 70% bigger than those round robots.

+ Long run time & auto-recharge: The Neato D8 has up to 100 minutes of runtime, but if your robot needs more power to finish a long cleaning run, your robot can Auto-recharge & resume to finish the job. This robot vacuum can clean up to 750 sq. feet on a single charge 

+ Allergy-Friendly: The Neato D8 is a good choice for those with allergies as it traps allergens. The high-performance filter is designed to trap the stuff that makes us sneeze and itch, capturing up to 99% of allergens.

+ You are in control of the cleaning: Control your robot remotely through the MyNeato app. Schedule cleaning with Routines and create virtual No-Go Zones to define areas you want your robot to avoid. So the vacuum will stay away from the stairs. You can even control the vacuum through your Alexa or Google smart device.

+ Turbo mode for bigger messes: For those extra tough areas, just shift into Turbo mode for a deep, clean with extra pickup. It increases suction and speeds up the Spiral Combo Brush, getting into every last crack and crevice.

Save $200 off the Neato D8 through July 24, 2021 (no code needed).

The clear choice for clean

The Neato D8 comes with the signature Neato quality and D-shape you've come to expect from our robot vacuums. Using LaserSmart navigation, the Neato D8 cleans with precision, even in the dark like those hard-to-reach places under furniture. The choice is clear—Neato cleans your home when you want, how you want, and reaches where round robots can't.


The Neato Robot keeps the house clean while you are away

The Neato Robot vacuum is a must-have travel item that you leave at home. So, while you are away, enjoying your vacation, the Neato Robot will keep the house clean, This cute square-shaped robotic vacuum will clean up all the dust and dirt from your floors. If you have a cat at home, the vacuum will take care of all the pet dander!

 So, when you come home from your vacation, you may have dirty laundry but you will have clean floors to set it on. Having the Neato D8 robot vacuum cleaning all your floors means one less chore for you to do. Now if they would make a robot to do the laundry!

Save $200 off the Neato D8 through July 24, 2021 (no code needed).

8 Summer Must Have Products That You Need To Try

 Check out these summer products that I discovered. They will make your summer quite better.

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 I think that summer is my favorite season. I like summer for many reasons. I love the slowness of summer and yes I don't mind the heat. The heat does not bother me as I can cool off in a pool or sit by a fan. Summer means watching my garden veggies grow and enjoying more time outside. I also enjoy summer foods like watermelon and ice cream. The hot summer days mean I get to wear shorts and cute summer dresses.

 Now there are some things that I don't like about summer. Having to get up early to exercise to beat the heat and the kids being home all day. Having to wear more mineral sunscreen and not being able to bake cookies during the day. While these are minor dislikes, I will still take a hot day in the summer over a cold winter day.

Summer products that I discovered

I recently discovered some summer products that need to be on your summer must-have list. Along with some other products that I enjoy, these products will make your summer more enjoyable. Some of the products on my summer list may even help with the parts of summer that most people don't like. So check out my summer finds and add them to your list. I even include links so you can buy these awesome products.

1. Hairstrong Scrunchie

 My hair is always back in a ponytail in the summer, especially when I go running. So I am always buying hair ties or scrunchies. The problem with most scrunchie is they tend to lose their elasticity and I am always replacing them. Then there is the fit issue. I can never quite get a perfect fit around my hair. Either the scrunchie is too tight or too loose.

 The struggle with keeping your hair up during workouts is a struggle that most women have because of  "one-size-fits-all" hair ties. So I am loving this adjustable scrunchie from Hairstrong, which allows you to customize the perfect fit without any hair damage. These hair tyes are made for high-impact and hot summer days.

 These colorful scrunchies are perfect for the gym or exercising outside. They are also the perfect summer accessory for your summer wardrobe. The Hairstrong scrunchie comes in three adjustable sizes and many awesome colors. So no matter what your hair texture or length, these scrunchies will making pulling your hair back so much easier. Your hair will stay up all day through any movement and they are the last scrunchie that you will need.

Purchase Hairstrong HERE

2. Sunburn Soap

 Summer can mean sunburned skin. You do your best to remember to apply or reapply the sunscreen but life happens and your skin gets burned by the sun. Experiencing a sunburn hurts and then there is the peeling of the skin. If you have ever experienced a sunburn, then you know how much it hurts when you take a shower. 

 Sunburns hurt the worst in the shower, now you can say goodbye to redness, pain, and peeling with this amazing one-of-a-kind soap! The Original Sunburn Soap is handcrafted with aloe extract, honey, coconut milk, marshmallow root, witch hazel, and peppermint oil. This unique soap for sunburns will gently exfoliate dead skin and heal sunburn at the same time.

 The first shower after getting burned is a crucial moment in determining how long and painful your sunburn will be. Ingredients in conventional soaps can make your sunburn feel worse. The Original Sunburn Soap is fortified with certified organic, all-natural ingredients that rehydrate and gently exfoliate the skin, while decreasing redness, irritation, pain, and peeling. The best part is this soap works!

 Wildcraft Organic Skincare also makes some other skincare products that are perfect for summer skin. The After Sun Recovery Spray with Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful rehydrator that’s ready to use with instant, on-the-spot results. Thie spray will cool the skin, replenish moisture, and ease stinging redness. After your shower, the *Naked* After Sun Lotion +Aloe Butter will deeply moisturize your skin and help with your sunburn pain. For those who already have a base tan, but, maybe were out in the sun and their skin got a little too crispy, there is the Original Suntan Soap. This soap eases that dry, sticky, burning redness.  All of these products are made with No Fragrance Oil, No Synthetics, No GMO’s, No Mica, No Unsustainable Ingredients, No Animal Testing, No Sulfates, No Parabens, and No Worries.

Purchase Sunburn Soap HERE


3. Heliocare Daily Use Antioxidant Formula 

 I love working out in the summer. While working out has amazing health benefits, overdoing it can cause oxidative stress resulting in (unintentional) harm to the body and the skin through the production of free radicals. So I love that I can add a daily dietary supplement to my morning routine and help my skin protect itself from the harmful effects of free radicals. Heliocare Daily Use Antioxidant Formula can help your skin protect itself and youthful appearance.

With powerful, unique, and clinically proven antioxidant properties in each and every capsule, Heliocare is a one-a-day dietary supplement. 365 days of helping your skin protect itself. Heliocare affects the skin over your entire body and won’t be washed away by swimming, sweating, and other activities.

Purchase Heliocare Daily Use Antioxidant Formula HERE

4. Life’s Gum® Coffee Infused

 I like ingesting some caffeine in the morning before I go running and my stomach can not handle a cup of coffee. So I am glad that I discovered Life's Gum® Coffee-Infused gum. This delicious gum is a revolutionary way to enjoy your "typical" cup o' Joe!  With a liquid center that is infused with REAL coffee, you start off with the familiar taste that all coffee drinkers know and love. Then it magically transitions out to a smooth, minty flavor that lasts for an hour or more. So you can enjoy your coffee and caffeine fix without the bad coffee breath.

 This gum is made with real coffee and caffeine derived from green coffee beans. So you are getting real coffee in a form that is easy to take on the go. Kiss that coffee breath goodbye and get your daily coffee fix.

Purchase Life Gum Coffee-Infused HERE

5. Regular Girl 

 In the summer, our routines tend to change. That can lead to things like constipation and tummy problems. No one likes having troubles in the bathroom department, so Regular Girl is a must-have summer product to keep your gut happy. This fiber supplement is amazing and it helps me go #2 every day around the same time. So I can get in and out of the bathroom. I love this supplement so I can get #2 out of the way before I go running. You can read my full review HERE

 This fiber supplement is great to put into recipes, so you can easily help your kids keep their digestive systems healthy. Check out my recipe for No-Bake Fiber Bars. These fiber bars are so delicious and healthy. They are way better than store-bought fiber bars. Use code MOMKNOBEST10 to save 10%

Purchase Regular Girl HERE

6. Nira Facial Laser Device

 We tend to show more skin in the summer so we want to have our skin look its best. If you are concerned about those fine lines on your face, then you need to purchase this laser facial device. This at-home facial device is my secret to younger-looking skin. The Nira anti-aging facial device is so easy to use. I love that it takes less than 5 minutes to use.

 The Nira device for wrinkles works by stimulating collagen production on your face and that helps fill in those fine lines. So you have amazing-looking skin. You can read my full review HERE. This beauty device uses the same advanced laser technology as dermatologists and will save you money. Treat yourself to the Nira. Use discount code MOMKNOWSBEST10 to save 10%

Purchase Nira At Home Facial device HERE

7. Nuzest Clean Lean Vegan Protein Powder

 I start my day with a protein smoothie as it is my way of getting in amazing nutrition and protein. Since I have a dairy allergy, my protein powder needs to be plant-based. One of my favorite plant-based protein powders to use is Nuzest Clean Lean Vegan protein. This protein powder is allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and tastes awesome. I love using Nuzest in my recipes as it gives the best results and flavor.

To make sure my kids eat enough protein, I use Nuzest protein in my brownies and these amazing Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Protein Pancakes. This vegan protein powder comes in several delicious flavors like chocolate and strawberry. Use my savings code MOMKNOWSBEST15 to save 15% on Nuzest protein products.

Purchase Nuzest Clean Lean Protein HERE

8. Foot Peel Mask

 Summer is the perfect time to take care of your feet, especially if you like to wear sandals. If you have dry feet with cracked heels then this Foot Peel Mask is a summer must-have product. Thie easy-to-use foot peel will remove the dead skin and calluses from your feet, leaving them baby soft. 

 The foot peel is made from natural ingredients and has a nice lemon scent. All you have to do is wear these plastic booties on your feet for an hour. Then in about 1- 2 weeks, the dead skin on your feet will gradually peel off. I have used these foot peels before and I was amazed at how soft my feet looked. The below photo shows the dead skin peeling off my feet. I have chronic dry skin on my feet and all those foot creams never worked. This foot peel really works and I love that they are way cheaper than Baby Feet foot peels.

Purchase Foot Peel Masks HERE 

These are the summer products that I am using. The scrunchies are awesome for when I run and for keeping my hair back all day. They are so easy to use. I also use the coffee gum before I exercise as it is an easy way to get some energy. The coffee flavor is enjoyable. The Sun Soap has been a blessing as I cleaned out my garage yesterday during the afternoon. So I experienced too much sun on my skin. The soap did a great job for my sunburned skin. I love the benefits that Heliocare is giving my body as extra antioxidants are always good.

 The foot peel has been helping my feet become softer. Since my feet are super dry, they need a second treatment to get all the dead skin off. I am glad that the box has 4 foot peel treatments. The Nira is my secret to young-looking skin. Regular Girl and Nuzest have been favorite products for a couple of years. My secret is to add the Regular Girl fiber to my morning protein smoothie with the Nuzest protein. So I get protein and the fiber that I need to get my number 2 done in the morning. I don't know about you but I like being able to do my pooping at home and not in a public restroom or worse yet someone else's home. Thank you for stopping by and discovering my favorite summer products. Make sure to grab my recipe for these delicious Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Protein Pancakes. They are perfect for a summer breakfast.

Which summer products will you be trying

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