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Monday, August 15, 2022

CreateOn ~ A Gift That Can Be Enjoyed By The Whole Family

 Looking for a birthday gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family? CreateOn has a whole album of Magna-Tiles for displaying, building, and playing with everyone in the house.

I received a set of CreateOn Photo Tiles in exchange for a feature on my website.

 My first-born grandchild is turning 4 this month. It seems like yesterday I was planning my daughter's baby shower with Lemon Cupcakes With Lemon Blackberry Buttercream Frosting. I am so excited to tell you about the perfect birthday gift that I found for her. When I was trying to decide what to get the first grandchild on both sides of the family, who has way too many toys, I knew that I had to be creative with my gift choice. So I did some online gift shopping for gifts for preschoolers and I stumbled upon the perfect birthday gift for children and adults. 

 Do you remember Magna-Tiles? Do you remember having fun stacking these magnets? My grandchildren love these magnetic tiles and have a bunch of them. It was a birthday gift suggestion from my daughter about these magnetic tiles that help me discover CreateOn Photo Tiles. These custom double-sided tiles are compatible with all Magna-Tiles and are a great way to create magnetic photo albums that can be displayed or played with. 

Download your favorite photos and let the fun begin

CreateOn are Magna-Tiles that you create with your favorite photos. Creating the tiles that are magnets is easy and fun. There are plenty of sizes available. From large tiles to small ones, you simply decide what best suits the pictures you want to display. Then you download your photos and start creating your tiles.

 Since this was going to be a birthday gift for my granddaughter, I decided to have my daughter select the photos for the tiles. My daughter decided to use photos from a recent family vacation. The photos included family photos and pictures of animals that they saw while visiting a zoo. Since the tiles are double-sided, my daughter put a zoo animal on one side and a family photo on the other side. Once I saw the photos my daughter selected for the magnetic tiles, I knew that this was going to be a great birthday gift. Since my daughter did all the creating online at the CreateOn website, she was able to keep the birthday gift a surprise to her daughter.

Photo tiles for decorative and play purposes 

 CreateOn tiles are meant to be displayed but are durable enough to be played with. Whether you choose to display the tiles on the refrigerator or on a shelf, these tiles are made for creative fun. Since the tiles have magnets in them, you can build with them and recreate your photo display in so many ways. Everyone in the house can have fun playing with the square magnetic tiles. So place the tiles in a place that grabs everyone's attention. So they will want to grab the tiles and play with them.

Entertainment without digital devices

 A decade ago the toy industry was claiming that kids are getting older, meaning digital amusements were grabbing their attention while they mastered basic reading and writing. How times have changed! The recent pandemic heightened the growing trend of the kidult, a beyond-childhood consumer of toys and nostalgia that comforts and entertains the big kids in the house and the younger kids. So, it wasn’t surprising that toymaker CreateOn was a finalist in the prestigious Toy Foundation’s Toy Of The Year.

 When the CreateOn tiles arrived at my house, I could not wait to see the magnetic tile squares in person. I love how all 26 tiles neatly fit into a small square box. That makes gift wrapping so simple! Of course, I had to play with them before I wrapped them for a gift. The tiles quickly stuck to each other and I had fun stacking the tiles. The CreateOn tiles are also compatible with all Magna-Tiles. I knew that my granddaughter was going to love her birthday gift. I also knew that mom, dad, and little sister would also have fun playing with the tiles.

Photo tiles that are keepsakes for generations

 Memories are so important to our lives and photos are the best way to preserve memories. While my granddaughter may have fun stacking the photo tiles and sticking them on the fridge, it is the memories of this family vacation that will grab her attention many years later. The Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles will help her and her little sister revisit this vacation later in life. The tiles will give mom and dad an opportunity to help them remember the trip. 

CreateOn Photo Tiles are the best gift for all ages

While this gift of magnetic photo tiles is going to be a birthday present for my 4-year-old granddaughter, I am already thinking about the next gift opportunity. My mom's birthday is in a couple months and I know that she would love a photo gift. My mom's memory is declining and she forgets things. Having a set of photo tiles with pictures of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will help her remember everyone. Plus when the great-grandchildren come to visit her, they will have something to play with.

CreateOn's custom photo tiles are perfect for displaying, building, and playing with the whole family!

About CreateOn

 Produced in the USA, CreateOn® has proudly partnered with beloved Magna-Tiles® Structures® to bring you endless inspiration and hands-on fun, learning, self-expression, and creativity. From our Magna-Tiles Structures playsets, which provide hours of screen-free entertainment and education for kids, to our My Magna-Tiles Structures custom photo tiles, we bring experiences and memories to life. However we imagine it, our products are an innovative approach to learning and storytelling.

Get more details about creating your custom photo tiles here

Get Rid Of Algae On Your Patio Slabs With These Clever Home Cleaning Tips

 There is nothing worse than planning a once-in-a-lifetime graduation event or a family reunion only to feel like your outdoor space is far-from-ready. Your patio slab is completely covered with disgusting, slippery, and unsightly algae.

 A plant in its own right, algae is part of the seaweed family and is a single-cell plant – minus the normal stems, roots, and leaves you might be thinking of. If they are susceptible, it could cause allergic reactions for your guests, your family, or your pets when they come into contact with your algae-ridden patio slabs.


It’s time for a good old-fashioned patio cleaning.

Why Does Algae Grow on Your Patio Slabs?

 There are a few factors that will end up turning your patio that bright shade of green. The amount of shade your patio receives and how much water is left stagnant in your patio area are the main culprits of algae growth.

 Homeowners can’t just move the sun or stop the rain which leaves them wondering how to get rid of that fast-growing green stuff from your calming space.

How Do You Get Rid of Patio Algae?

Algae growth hasn’t ruined your concrete patio forever, but it’s not always a beautiful sight when enjoying your outdoor relaxation area. Get it cleaned up fast with these smart patio cleaning hacks that will change your life – or at least the look of your patio – and never be afraid to host that backyard barbecue again!

Algae Removers

 Take a trip around your local home improvement store to find highly-recommended algae removing chemicals but be sure to read the fine print to ensure children, pets, wildlife, and surrounding foliage safety.

 There are both spray-on or mixture solutions to curbing your algae problem. Some require a simple treatment and spray removal while others demand a bit of elbow grease. Take stock of your ability and willingness to get your hands dirty when using over-the-hardware-counter options for algae removal. Follow the manufacturer's directions when choosing this option.

Soft Wash Your Patio

 Commonly-used pressure washers use high-powered water streams to force algae from your patio, but it doesn’t get rid of all the bacteria feeding the algae. The sheer force of the water can also damage your beautiful (but currently hidden) patio slabs.

 Use caution when cleaning patios that contain polymeric sand between concrete pavers or slabs. A pressure washer can deteriorate that binding that keeps your patio sections from becoming dislodged or ruining the decorative appeal of the patio.

Soft washing using an eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solution in combination with a lighter pressure of water can both rid your patio of the bacteria leading to algae growth, but also eliminate the damage caused by high-pressure washers.

At-Home Remedies

Not too keen on chemical usage to rid your patio of green algae? There are a few cost-efficient methods to try first before resorting to the other tactics. Some experts recommend pouring boiling water over your algae-covered patio slabs, letting the water sit until safe to work with, and scouring the algae with a scrub brush. Use your regular garden hose to finish off your patio cleaning session.

 Bleach and vinegar are additional options for cleaning your patio slabs but be certain not to allow those liquids to contact your nearby plants and trees. When using bleach, be sure to add water – 2 parts water to one part bleach and do the same to create a vinegar solution but add three parts water to one part vinegar. Be sure to wear safety gear when using cleaning agents.

Take the Prevention Route to Getting Rid of Future Algae Growth

 Avoid the algae cleaning dilemma by stopping it before it even begins to grow. As you’re aware, moisture and lack of direct sunlight are the perfect ingredients for algae but if you can remedy either of the two, you can attempt to disrupt the process.  

If your patio does get some direct sunlight, try moving your outdoor furniture to another location during the rainy seasons to allow the sun’s rays to penetrate your patio and prevent it from growing there. 

 If that’s not your problem or your patio slabs don’t get direct sunlight, keeping it dry can help. Using a floor squeegee to brush the water from the patio or plugging in a large fan to dry the slabs could also act as a prevention method to try. No fan? Try a space heater to get your patio dried out.

Too Much to Handle on Your Own? – Call in the Cleaning Specialists

 If the algae seems out of control, is too much to handle, or you’re not able to clean it on your own, it will grow black later in the year –  making it come back stronger the following spring. You may consider calling in a professional patio cleaning company that is experienced in algae removal without damaging your patio slabs.

 Begin researching companies that offer their employees continuous training on the best way to rectify your problems but are also fully insured to protect your property (and the employees). End that unsightly green slime on your patio slabs and allow the experts to ready your outdoor space for an epic backyard get-together.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

6 Innovative Skincare Products That You Need To Try

Looking for skincare products with big benefits? Check out these skincare products that offer a multitude of benefits to your skin. The best part is that the beauty products are made with safe ingredients.

 We all want our skin to be healthy and look nice. When the skin on your face has damage, it is hard to face the world. For so many of us, we remember our teen years with the struggles of acne and as an adult, you may still be dealing with acne. Then as we grow older, our skin has other problems from sun damage to fine lines and wrinkles. It sure can be hard to keep our skin looking nice and healthy. That may be a reason why so many ladies wear make makeup o a daily basis. That may be the reason that skin care products are huge money makers.

 I remember when I first discovered my first fine line as an adult and how I rushed out to the store to buy the latest wrinkle cream. I also remember wearing makeup every day to hide those pimples that I still had as an adult. This was before I discovered that the skincare products that I was using were the cause of my skin problems like eczema and sensitive skin. That all changed when my youngest had severe eczema and even developed mouth sores from toothpaste.

 I have learned so much over the years about skincare products that are best for sensitive skin. Now my skincare routine includes products that are made with natural ingredients. One benefit to changing my beauty products to ones that are made with safe ingredients is I no longer wear makeup. My skin is healthier and it looks nice, so I don't feel the need to cover my face in makeup.

Innovative Skincare Products That You Need To Try

 If you are looking for the newest innovative beauty products that offer huge benefits but at the same time contain safe natural ingredients, you need to check out these face care products. Some are new to me while others are my beauty secrets to healthy younger looking skin. They are must-have beauty products that you need to try!

NIRA Skincare Laser Device 

 Wave goodbye to wrinkles with the easiest at-home facial laser device. NIRA is my secret to looking great at 57. I love how this device not only treats wrinkles but helps prevent them. The NIRA Skincare Laser is the most advanced anti-aging device on the market, delivering fast, professional results in the convenience of your own home and on your own schedule. 

 I love using my NIRA facial device! This device helps stimulates natural collagen production and promotes skin cell renewal. So those fine lines and wrinkles disappear. It takes 2 minutes a day and you will start seeing results within 90 or you can get your money back! To read more about my experience with NIRA ~ click here!

Discover the NIRASkincare Laser & save 40% with my special NIRA discount. ~ Sale ends August 21, 2022

Clean & Cruelty-Free Skincare Products That Are Fruit-Infused

 Antioxidant-rich and vitamin-packed, there’s no question that fruit offers a multitude of benefits. Thanks to Luma & Leaf’s fruit-infused natural skincare, take these benefits to the next level by incorporating them into your skincare routine! From pineapple and lemon to grape and coconut, see below for how these power players can enhance your skin from the outside, in!

 I am loving this plant-power line of beauty products from Luma & Leaf! From the colorful packaging to the safe natural ingredients, these products have plenty of benefits. We all know how healthy fruit is so why not take those antioxidants and vitamins to enhance your skin? Luma & Leaf has a simple product line of 5 products. I am also loving the simple ingredients in the skincare line. Luma & Leaf has cleanser gel, moisturizer, and serum. So I can keep my skincare routine simple and easy. The fruit-infused beauty products are vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types.

Discover Luma & Leaf HERE

Antioxidant-Rich Skin Food ~ SuperPure® Astaxanthin 

 Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant you’ve likely never heard of. Studies show that its antioxidant properties may protect cells from damage, specifically against UV-induced skin deterioration. This algae-derived supplement also provides the ultimate in the eye, brain, and cardiovascular support, while also promoting healthy skin tone, texture, elasticity & moisture levels. 

 I remember when I first discover Astaxanthin, 5 years ago, at a bloggers event. This was when the supplement was new in the supplement world.  So I really did not know what to expect from this red supplement, so I tried it for 30 days and I love the benefits for my running. So when I discovered that Astaxanthin is good for skin health, I had to add this supplement back into my routine. We all need protection against UV damage so using this along with mineral-based sunscreen is smart! 

Discover Astaxanthin HERE

Clinical Skin PolyPeptide Firming Serum

 This award-winning PolyPeptide Firming Serum focuses on anti-aging by increasing skin firmness and elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Created with multi-tasking peptides, antioxidants, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Clinical Skin’s highly effective formulas give you a spa-like feeling from your own home! This product is designed to be used twice daily. It’s the perfect product to add to your morning and nighttime routine to stop future damage from happening.

 If you have older skin that needs help with firmness and wrinkles, this PolyPeptide Firming Serum promises visible results in 12 weeks. A U.S.-based, 12-week clinical study showed that the Clinical Skin Firming Peptide Serum provides statistically significant improvements in the appearance of skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and more. I decided to try this product around my eyes as I have those fine lines that I would love to see disappear and the photos on the website showed a noticeable difference. I have not had a chance to use the product for 12 weeks but I like how this serum absorbs well and makes my skin feel so soft. This one may be pricey but I noticed that I only needed a small amount of the product. I will have to update this post later with my results.

Discover Clinical Skin PolyPeptide Firming Serum HERE

Loops Face Masks

 Loops face masks include 5 different face masks for 5 different skin moments. Every Loops mask delivers the highest quality skincare experience with immediate effects as well as long-term results. Each mask is designed to target specific skin concerns, with no parabens, no phthalates, no sulfates, and no synthetic fragrances. Dermatologically tested and cruelty-free, the no-slip, no-mess Korean hydrogel sticks to your face so you can put them on and keep going.

 I love that each Loops face mask is a different color and comes in 2 pieces. That makes it so easy to apply. My teen son is into nightly face mask treatments so he immediately swiped them. I tried getting a picture of my son wearing the Loops but it was a no-go. My son has curly hair and wears a headband when he does his nightly treatment. He is so darn cute with the face mask on. I was able to try one. These face masks have plenty of moisture to them.

Discover Loops Face Masks HERE

 Have fun discovering these new for me skin care products. Taking care of my skin is a priority for me as I feel better when my skin looks nice. I want to keep my skin looking healthy and young looking as I get older. The other day I was at my boy's high school helping the youngest with his schedule and his friends said to him "is that your mom?" The teen boys had a look of surprise in their eyes as I look way younger than my age. This comment gave me warm fuzzies all day. 

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