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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sponges

 Sponges have been a staple in American households since the mid 20th century. One can only imagine the thought of using one of these devices to clean up around the house for the first time. However, the cleaning sponge has since caught on and are present in almost every household in some form. The first type of sponge was known as a cellulose sponge and is still the most common type of sponge. They are generally relatively colorful and provide enough scrub to clean up most surface areas around the home. However, there are more hardened areas where these cellulose sponges do not suffice. Fortunately, various sponge manufacturers have created different types of sponges for those with extensive cleaning needs.

Cleaning with Abrasive Sponges

 Abrasive sponges are reasonably reminiscent of cellulose sponges but come with an abrasive material which appears on one side of the sponge. These types of sponges come in handy when it is time to wash dishes that are not precisely dishwasher friendly. Some people also use abrasive sponges and bathroom cleaners to scrub out soap scum from the bathtub. If you are looking for a new workout, cleaning the tub with one of these sponges is one way to accomplish this goal. When searching for abrasive sponges, multiple sponges are usually purchased at once since they do not last that long.
The weather is beginning to heat up across the country, and people will start barbequing soon. While some grills claim to be self-cleaning, scraping off any extra food or charcoal once the grill has cooled is a good idea. Abrasive sponges provide you with a rough enough surface to clean off the grill will minimal effort. It is good to have a plethora of these sponges available during the summertime, so the habit of cleaning the grill off either later in the evening or the next day is formed.

Cleaning with Microfiber Sponges

 Cooking with the grill is not always a possibility, and for these instances, stainless steel pots and pans are handy. Stainless steel cookware usually provides relatively even heating throughout and is an asset to any kitchen. Since this type of cookware is not dishwasher safe, these dirty pots and pans receive a scrubbing by hand. Microfiber sponges are perfect for this task because they will not scratch any portion of the cookware. Preserving cookware is essential for any household and microfiber sponges certainly help in this area.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Six Healthy Products To Try This Spring

 I received samples of products to facilitate this post.

 I am always on the lookout for new healthy products that are unique and I can incorporate into my home. My favorite healthy products are food products as I do like eating. Other healthy products that I am always on the lookout for are beauty products, supplements, and ones that make my life easier. So when I discover a new product, I like to share it with others so they too can go check it out. I discovered plenty of new products in the past month and I will be sharing some of my favorites with you.

Food products for many types of meal plans 

I get excited when I discover food products that are unique and can be enjoyed on many types of meal plans. It seems like today that many people are turning to healthy diets and are on a food plan like vegan, plant-based, whole 30, raw, paleo, and keto. Each of these meal plans allows different foods and it can be hard to remember which foods are allowed. So when a food package has ingredients that are allowed on all these food plans, I think that is amazing. It must mean that the ingredients are healthy and clean. When a product also is allergy-friendly and contains no dairy, it is one that makes my favorite list if it tastes good too. I don't care how healthy a food is, I am not going to eat it if it doesn't taste good.

Tasty Wrawps with simple ingredients

 These tasty food wraps are made with 100% real fruits, vegetables, and superfood spices. They are the perfect starter for healthy meals. I love that they are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Since they are not processed, as the ingredients are dehydrated, they can be enjoyed on a raw diet. I am having fun filling the Wrawp wrappers with different sweet and savory ingredients. My favorite way to enjoy these delicious vegetarian wraps is with hummus and veggies. I used the Veggie Life Wrawp flavor today when I made my sushi burrito and it kept all the ingredients together. I need to use these wrappers the next time I make a batch of my Plant-Based BBQ Pulled "pork" Jackfruit Tacos and sub these for the tortillas for a healthier low carb meal.

 When I get to the store to buy some vegan cream cheese, I will be filling the Strawberry Coco Nori Wrawp with fresh sliced strawberries and vegan cream cheese. This will make the perfect healthy dairy-free dessert.

 All the non-GMO ingredients in these unique wraps are ground, then mixed together, and dehydrated to craft the perfect, healthy wrap. The best part is all ingredients are clean, with no added chemicals or processed additives. The Wrawps come in many delicious flavors and are available online and in stores like Whole Foods.

A supplement with the power of broccoli sprouts

 I am discovering this supplement that has the power of broccoli sprouts in two easy to take capsules. This supplement has the power of broccoli sprouts and Sulforaphane. The most potent natural dietary source of Sulforaphane is fresh young whole broccoli sprouts, as they contain the key Myrosinase enzyme and Glucoraphanin compound. BROC SPROUT 2 is a unique supplement that delivers these two dynamic components in a single capsule. This supplement helps optimum the function of the cells in our body. This supplement will be great to keep my body healthy in addition to my healthy eating habits. Discover HERE what I eat in a day to stay healthy.

The Sulforaphane capacity from a single BROC SPROUT 2 capsule could be equal to as much as 10lbs (4.54kg) of fresh whole broccoli sprouts eaten daily!

Fall in love with your single serve coffee maker again

 Do you feel guilty of adding all those plastic k-cups to the landfill? This may have caused you to stop using your single serve coffee maker for your daily coffee fix. If you are like me I stopped using my Keurig machine as those single serve coffee pods were kind of pricey and I did not like the thought of brewing my coffee in a plastic reusable coffee pod. So I was happy that Perfect Pod made a stylish-looking ECO-Flow Stainless Steel K-Cup that fit my Keurig coffee maker perfectly. I could now use my own favorite coffee and enjoy a single cup of coffee once again without plastic waste. 

 Perfect Pod even makes paper filters that fit inside the Eco-Flow stainless steel reusable coffee filter. These biodegradable filters trap coffee's natural oils and sediment for a smooth, satisfying cup of coffee. These paper filters make cleaning the reusable pod so easy.  To make your coffee experience, even more, easier, this EZ-Scoop allows you to scoop the perfect amount of coffee(2 TBSP), for your refillable Eco-flow coffee filter and even has a built-in funnel so making your cup of coffee is mess free and easy. All of these amazing coffee products are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers, Breville, Mr. Coffee, and Cuisinart without requiring any adapters and are available on Amazon.

Explore tahini beyond hummus

When people think of tahini, they think of it as the main ingredient in hummus. Well, Mighty Sesame is taking roasted sesame seeds to new heights and just came out with a delicious versatile ready to eat Squeeze and Serve Tahini. This 100 percent slow-roasted sesame seed spread is sold in a squeeze bottle and it is so yummy straight from the bottle. Of course, you can use it to make hummus but it is also a great ingredient in dips, marinades, sandwiches, and desserts. My favorite way to eat this tasty dairy-free tahini spread is on a toasted bagel. This product is organic, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, kosher, halal, and Keto-friendly. It is the perfect way to add flavor to any diet with just one ingredient.

Keto-friendly sauces

      The Keto diet is a popular trend right now and Guy Gone Keto products were created for the low carb lifestyle. These delicious sauces are made with KetoseSweet, a new natural low-calorie sweetener containing allulose, stevia, and monk fruit. This sweetener has no effect on blood glucose levels so these sauces will allow you to flavor your food and stay on your food plan. They come in five varieties and are great for many meal plans like Paleo, Keto, LCHF, and Primal. I don't follow any of these meal plans but I love that these sauces are low in sugar and made with natural flavors. I will be using these delicious sauces in dishes like my pressure cooker baked beans, stir-fry, and my Plant-Based BBQ Pulled "pork" Jackfruit Tacos as less sugar in my diet is always good.

Sweet and Tangy Ketchup
Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce
Bright and Peppery Steak Sauce
Hot and Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Ginger Rich Teriyaki Sauce

 I also received a wonderful book with these delicious sauces that has great information about the Keto meal plan. This book helped me to better understand what the Keto diet is and to know what foods are allowed on it. Guy Gone Keto is about Thom King’s personal keto success story. In his new book, Thom reveals his struggles with his weight and health, and how he overcame his challenges. He shares his tips for understanding food labels and also some tasty recipes so you can follow the Keto meal plan. Thom is the support that you need to take charge of your health and make the Keto diet work for you. You can find this book on Amazon.

Keto-legal sweetener

 My choice of sweetener for my coffee is Stevia as I try not to consume too much sugar. While Stevia is great in coffee it doesn't do well in baking. So I am glad that I discovered a sweetener that allows me to bake with less sugar. KetoseSweet is a safe, non-caloric, non-glycemic sweetener that contains
allulose — a rare natural sugar found in maple syrup, figs, and raisins. This Keto and Paleo-friendly sweetener is safe for diabetics and those following an ultra-low-sugar diet. Allulose has been shown to enhance fat metabolism and it may help with achieving and maintaining healthy body weight. I love that this low-calorie sweetener caramelizes and browns just like sugar. I will be using this delicious sweetener in my baking as well as my coffee. I love that this sweetener flavors my coffee with no bad aftertaste.

Which product are you excited to try?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Shop HP Warehouse Sale For The Best Computer Deals ~ Giveaway

Sponsored post for #HPWarehouseSale

 If you need a new computer, now is the best time to buy a computer, think the best graduation gifts. The HP Warehouse Sale has started and the prices on HP computers are amazing. The savings are huge and you can save up to $800 on PCs at HP during their Warehouse Sale. The HP computer sale ends May 1st, 2019 so you better get shopping! I am thinking that this is a good time to buy a computer for my boys so they can each have their own for homework. The boy's new school does everything on computers, they even have their own computer that stays at school. So with both boys going into middle school next year, we will need another computer so they can do their homework at the same time.

A great price for a computer

I have my eye on the HP Notebook - 14-df0020nr as it under $400 and has plenty of storage. This computer will be great for school work and even for playing computer games once the homework is done. This HP computer has everything that I need in a computer.

*Windows 10 Home in S mode
*8th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor
*Intel® UHD Graphics 620
*4 GB memory; 128 GB SSD storage
*14" diagonal Full HD display

  • When you shop through this eligible Savings.com HP deal link, you can get an exclusive HP rebate to save even more money on your computer purchase. The rebate details and claim form can be found HERE.

  • So head on over to the HP Warehouse Sale and start shopping for your next computer. Computers make great graduation gifts! Then enter the below Giveaway for a chance to win $100 to HP.
  • On to the giveaway

Enter the HP Giveaway for a chance to win one of five prizes for a $100 HP gift card. The giveaway ends on Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59 PM PT. To enter the Giveaway click HERE and enter your email address. The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Wednesday (5/1) via the email address they used to enter.

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