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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Best Back To School Clothing Picks For Middle School Boys

Time for back to school!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

 Back to school time is a busy time of the year and most parents are busy shopping for clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Throw in those last-minute doctor appointments for sports physicals and visits to the school to pick up school schedules. Add a last-minute vacation or a daily job. This leaves you super busy with little time or desire to head to the crowded mall for back to school clothes. So this year do yourself a favor and skip the crowded stores and shop for back to school clothes from the comfort of your comfy chair. That is how I will be buying my boy's new school clothes this year. I am glad that last spring I discovered a clothing store that has all the cool stylish clothes that my boys like. Keep reading to discover an awesome giveaway with over $1000 in prizes.

Latest tween boy fashion 

 My boys will both be in middle school this year and they seemed to be more focused on having the latest fashion when it comes to clothing. They have their styles and like certain styles of clothing. My boys both like wearing joggers to school as they are comfortable and stylish. My older son likes that joggers come with an elastic waistband and prefers ones that also have a drawstring. This boy is skinny so that helps him to keep his pants up. Joggers also have a relaxed fit so he can play basketball while wearing them. The youngest son likes joggers so he does not have to wear a belt. He too likes to run so joggers allow him to do just that.

 I am glad that I discovered Brooklyn cloth as they have many different styles and colors of joggers so my boys can choose what they like. A store that has a great selection of kids clothing is a must so my boys do not have to dress alike. The older son hates when his younger brother wears the same clothes as him. My oldest son selected a pair of the twill joggers while the younger son selected a pair of knit joggers. I loved that the joggers are in solid colors so they will match everything. My boys own other joggers and tops from Brooklyn Cloth so these additional clothing pieces will coordinate with them.

The shirts that my boys want

 My boys also needed some shirts for their back to school wardrobe so I am glad that Brooklyn Cloth had affordable tees and hoodies that looked great with their jogger pants. Again each boy selected tops that matched their own style and were comfortable to play sports in. I like that they selected shirts that needed no ironing and the soft fabrics come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. The youngest son selected a black and white flag tee-shirt to show his American spirit. The older son selected a red hustle hoodie that will be great for the chilly fall mornings or for outdoor running in the winter.

Shopping made easy and affordable

  I was happy that the boys found pants and shirts that they liked and I was able to get everything shipped to my front door. I did not have to leave the house or wait in long check-out lines. The boys were able to take their time selecting what they liked. The back to school clothes shipped out the same day that I ordered them and they arrived in a couple of days through the mail.  Shipping is also free on all orders $49+.  I was happy to check clothes shopping off my list of to do's for back to school. I was also happy that everything fit the boys perfectly. If the clothes did not fit, I knew that returning them for different sizes would be hassle-free as all I would have to do is print a label and mail them back.

New clothes add excitement to going back to school

 Most kids don't like heading back to school after a summer break but I think new clothes helps get them excited about seeing their friends and meeting their teachers. I remember when I was a kid and back to school shopping was the one time I got new clothes. I could not wait to wear them and show them to my friends. My boys are ready to head back to school and they will be looking their best. Head on over here to find out where my boys got these amazing backpacks.

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Have you started your back to school shopping?

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Best Exercises To Stay In Shape

What is the best exercise to stay fit and in good health?

  I would like to say I know a lot about exercise and staying in shape. I have a lot of practice over the years to keep my body healthy and in shape. While I may not have the ideal fitness body look, I am very healthy and look awesome for my age. My blood pressure and cholesterol are at normal levels. I am able to run five miles a day and I still fit into clothes that I wore in college. I have a passion for fitness and have learned over the years the best exercises to keep my body and heart healthy. Just in the past four years, I have made healthy changes in my exercise and eating habits and I have seen my body go from flabby to trim. I feel like my body is in the best shape since I had my last two boys. I am also very happy with my body. I have learned to love my body, no matter what shape it is.

What is the best exercise?

 To be honest, I don't think there is one exercise that is better than another. The purpose of exercise is to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Exercise keeps our heart and lungs healthy as well as the rest of the body. When our body is healthy, we feel good and have energy. We also have less stress and our body is able to fight out germs and diseases better. The best exercise is one that raises your heart rate for at least 30 minutes to an hour. The best exercise is one that you enjoy. If you enjoy exercise, you may just succeed in accomplishing it 3-5 days a week. If you do not regularly exercise, it may feel like a chore in the beginning but if you stick with it, it will get easier. It also helps to change your attitude about exercise and realize that our bodies need it, just like sleep and food. I like to look at exercise as something that makes me feel good. It is not a punishment but rather a time to see what your body can do.

So many ways to exercise 
 These are some of the ways that I like to get my much-needed exercise. They are just a few examples of types of exercises that get your heart pumping. There are so many different ways to exercise and new ones are always being discovered. I recently attended a fitness conference and I was amazed at all the different fitness classes that were being taught. I was only able to attend a couple of the classes but one exercise that I really enjoyed was Poundfit. This fun way to exercise used drumsticks and upbeat music. It brought out the rockstar in me.

Ten Tips For Women To Stay Fit Over 50 

 My favorite way to exercise is running outdoors as I get to see things and say hello to people. I like to be outdoors. I chose running many years ago as it allows I can my workout done in 30 minutes. As a young mom, way back when, I did not have much time to work out so I chose running. I discovered that I liked the fast-paced type of exercise. A lot of people think that running is the best exercise but for some, it may be too hard on their knees and joints as it is a high impact exercise. Running is a sport that should be started gradually by first doing some fast walking than alternating this with running to get your body used to it.

The Best Fitness Tips For Enjoying Running 

On days that I am tired or I want to work different muscles, I go for a fast walk. For people who are new to daily exercise, walking is one of the best exercises. You don't need any fancy equipment or workout clothes. You just need a good pair of walking shoes. I like walking because I can do it while I travel. I always try to stay at a hotel that is a mile away from an event so I have to get exercise in daily.

 I love combing exercises with errands and biking allows me to do just that. I equipt my bike with baskets so I can bike to the grocery store. I also ride my bike when it allows me to save money and I discovered an easy bike path that gets me to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta so I don't have to pay for parking. I love biking to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta as I also avoid all the traffic. My church is 5 miles from my house and I will bike to church when the boys are camping and I don't have a car.

Twelve Things Your Skinny Friend Wants You To Know 

  Swimming is a great way to get that cardiovascular exercise in and it is the easiest on your body and joints. So if you want to get some amazing cardio in but not put any stress on your joints, then swimming may be the healthy exercise for you. You don't even have to swim laps to get a heart-pumping workout in. Just moving around in the water is good exercise. When I take my boys to the pool, I will exercise while I am watching them in the water. I also love to put on my water-proof headphones while in the pool and dance away to the music. When  I am traveling, this is how I fit exercise into my day.

13 Simple Ways To Sneak In A Workout 

 Dancing is a fun way to get some exercise in. You can simply put on some music at home or head to the gym for a dance class. You can also put on your dancing shoes and head out to a party or a place that has some great dancing music. I like to dance inside when the weather is too cold or windy to be outside. When my kids were little, dancing was a way that I exercised in the winter. I would put on some fast music and we would dance for 30 minutes. It was a great way for them to burn off all that energy that they had from being stuck in the house.

The Best Workout Tips For Stay At Home Moms 

Workout machines
 I finally got my husband to embrace exercising and he likes to meet me at the gym after work. So I will never say no to him when he wants to go to the gym. So I will exercise on the exercise bike, treadmill, or the elliptical machine. Sometimes I will run in the morning and then do my simple weight exercises at the gym. 

Take up a sport
 If you enjoy watching sports, you may enjoy participating in a sport. Sports like football, basketball, soccer, and others not only give you some exercise but they also are a great way to socialize. I never really enjoyed team sports but my boys love playing basketball with their friends.

Making exercise fun
Exercise is not always fun but there are ways to make it less boring. The best way to make exercise less of a chore is to listen to some upbeat fast music. If you exercise on an exercise machine at home, use that time to watch your favorite show. The gym that I have a membership at has TVs on the exercise machines so I like to watch cooking shows or HGTV while working out. I put the closed captions on the TV screen so I can read while stilling listening to my music.

Bring a friend
  Go walking with a friend or your husband. That way you can talk while getting some exercise. Just make sure to keep walking fast.

 Add some friendly competition to your workout. I like to have races with my husband on the rower machines at the gym. We try to see who can get 2000 meters in the fastest. My husband usually wins as he has longer legs but I have a fun time trying to beat him.

Reward yourself
 Think of a non-food reward that you can earn by exercising. When you get your exercise time in, then reward yourself. These rewards could be something as simple as a soak in the tub or watching your favorite show.

Make goals
Set some goals that you can reach to get yourself motivated to exercise. Maybe you have your eye on a new purse or a new pair of shoes. Maybe it could be a date night with your husband. Make the goals simple so you can reach them. The goal could be as simple as exercising for a week or a full month. 

  Those are just some of the many ways to get some exercise into your day. There are so many different ways that one can exercise and keep their body healthy. I don't think one exercise is better than the other it is about getting your heart rate up so that your blood can pump through your body and you can work up a sweat. I like to think of exercise as a way for our bodies to stay healthy. Our bodies are made to move and exercise is just important to our bodies like food and sleep. When we make it a priority like brushing our teeth, it is easier to do. My motto is to just do it. I hate waking up early and getting out for a run but by the time I am done, I feel so much better and full of energy. My brain is alive and I am ready to tackle the day. There is not a better time to work out in the day. I sometimes exercise in the afternoon or the evening. Just exercise when it is convenient for you and don't say that you don't have the time, make the time or split up your exercise several times throughout the day. People that exercise are healthier, have more energy and fewer colds. When I get a cold, I rarely get sick, I am able to recover faster because my body is healthy.

What is your favorite way to exercise?

Friday, August 9, 2019

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