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Friday, January 18, 2019

Spa Day For Tired Sore Overworked Muscles

Treat your tired sore feet to a relaxing DIY spa

     I received samples from Living Freeze, Gurunanda, and Crystal to facilitate this post. 

  If you are a runner, then you know all too well about tired sore overworked muscles, especially the feet. Putting in all those miles on the road or trails leads to not only sore muscles but it can take a toll on one's feet. Those daily miles leave my feet tired and kind of ugly. Since I have been running for over twenty years, I have gotten used to dry cracked skin on my feet. There are plenty of days that my feet just plain hurt and need some TLC. These are the days that I treat myself to a spa day for my tired feet. I like to at least once a week at the end of the day have a relaxing spa day at home for my tired muscles and feet.

This spa day is great for people who are on their feet all day!

When I treat myself to a spa, I like to go all out and make it a relaxing night. It is a great way to end my day and I basically lock myself in the bathroom or wait until the kids are in bed. Before I fill the bathtub up with warm water, I like to move my aromatherapy diffuser into the bathroom and add my favorite relaxing essential oil. I usually keep this 2 in 1 Humidifier in the bedroom so it is easy to move. The diffuser not only adds a great scent to my spa night but it also adds moisture to the air which is great for the dry winter here in the desert.

  My favorite 2 in 1 Humidifier/diffuser holds plenty of water so it runs up to 12 hours and keeps the air moist with a high mist. Running the heat in the winter tends to dry out the air in my house so this diffuser adds a great scent while helping me breath better. The fact that I can use the essential oil of my choice is even better. I love falling asleep to the smell of calming lavender.

CBD is awesome for tired sore muscles

 Once the bath is filled with warm water, I drop in a Lavender CBD Bath Bomb and then I get in for a nice long soak. This fragrant bath bomb not only adds more awesome scent to uplift my mood but it also contains 60 mg of CBD which helps with athletic event recovery. The bombs have a daily dose of CBD that can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. CBD is great for relaxing and may help manage things like pain and stress. The fizz from the bath bomb feels so good on my tired feet and muscles. The  CBD bath bomb leaves my feet feeling soft and moisturized. While I am relaxing in my warm bath, I like to file away at the dead skin on my feet with my foot file.

CBD Bath Bombs do not contain THC and will not leave you feeling “high”.

 The warm fizzy bath does a great job of relaxing my sore muscles. If I really overdid it with running or at the gym, I then apply additional CBD directly on the sore muscles with a roll-on natural menthol product. It is amazing how the Living Freeze takes away the pain with an intense cooling effect. When I apply the CBD Living Freeze directly to the affected area, it targets the problem areas right away as it also has other natural anti-inflammatories such as Arnica and Tea Tree Oil in it. I have also discovered that the Living Freeze helps me fall asleep when I rub it on my back. My back tends to get itchy after a shower so the cooling effect helps me forget about my itchy back.

CBD Living Freeze is great for sore muscles, arthritis, chronic pain, and stiffness. 

  My spa experience leaves me relaxed and my sore muscles feel so much better. My feet even look better. I then slather on my favorite lotion on my feet and body. Then I lay out my running clothes and shoes for tomorrows workout. My body feels so good and those 4 miles will be alright in the morning. I also place my natural deodorant by my running shoes as this spray keeps my feet smelling great as well as my armpits. I also spray some of the Crystal natural deodorant spray in my shoes before I run as it keeps them smelling fresh. The Vanilla Jasmine scent is my favorite and it also keeps my armpits smelling nice when I sweat at the gym. If you want to avoid aluminum then you should try this deodorant. Before you tell me that natural deodorants don't work, you need to give natural deodorant a second chance with an armpit detox.

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Spa time is awesome for oil pulling

 I try to make oil pulling a part of my dental care at least once a week. I really like the benefits of oil pulling but let's get real, it can be time-consuming to swish around the oil in my mouth for a long time. So my DIY spa time is a perfect time to swish the oil in my mouth as I don't have to worry about my husband asking me questions. Kind of like the dentist asking questions while he has his fingers in your mouth. I love that Masigi puts the flavorful oil in individual packs so they are great for traveling. The small packages contain 100% organic virgin coconut oil and organic essential oils, nothing else like chemicals. So I get the healing powers of coconut oil and fresh breath too.

Do you need a spa day?

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Gramma in a Box Football Treats

Enjoy homemade treats without having to bake

  My boys have expressed an interest in cooking and baking so I am teaching them more. I would love to see them be able to bake cookies or make dinner without my help as these are life skills that they need to learn. So I am starting to teach them more and let them be in the kitchen more. That is hard for me as that also means a messy kitchen. Sure I am teaching them how to clean up after they cook but they don't seem to clean like me. So, I have to take deep breaths and put aside my control freak behavior and realize that they are learning. To do this, I sit in the family room which is right next to the kitchen and let my boys do simple recipes like things in the microwave. I have learned that teaching the boys how to cook has some advantages as I can have them make me a cup of tea. I love that they know how to safely turn on and off the stove to use the tea kettle!

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  During winter break my boys had a blast helping me bake cookies. They really enjoyed pressing the cookie cutters into the sugar dough. The most fun came with decorating the cookies. By the time we were done with the cookies, the kitchen was a mess. I really don't like cleaning so baking with the boys only happens once in a while. I know I should bake more with them but time gets in the way or we don't have the ingredients in the house. So I am happy when my boys get a Gramma Box in the mail. That way they can make sweet treats all on their own with very little mess.

The monthly Gramma in a Box includes cookies, frosting, & sprinkles

  So when our monthly box of cookie and candy projects arrived, I decided to let the boys create the treats all by themselves. I gave them a couple of instructions like they had to clean up their mess and they had to share the treats with me. The boys were excited to make the treats this month as the theme was football and New Year related.

The instructions were easy to read!

 The boxes from Gramma always include easy to read instructions with pictures of how the treats should look. I love that all the ingredients are individually packed in small containers so my boys know which ones to use for which recipe. The monthly treat boxes always have three treat projects and one is always cookie decorating. This month's cookies were shaped like footballs and the frosting colors were blue, white, and yellow. There was also plenty of sprinkles to decorate with.

Gramma always shares the ingredients

 I like that all the ingredients for each treat project are listed on the back of the recipe card along with what allergens are present. Thankfully my boys do not have food allergies but this information is good for me as I have a dairy allergy. My boys have learned to read food labels as they don't want to see me coughing. I only discovered my dairy allergy 6 months ago and I sometimes sneak treats that have dairy in them thinking that I will be ok but I always regret it later when I am having a coughing attack. My husband always chews me when I start coughing and asks me if I had dairy. So he has put the boys in charge of not letting me have treats with dairy in them. So by letting the boys make the treats on their own, they will only offer me the treats that are safe for me.

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The sweet treats always look amazing

 The recipes in this sweet treat cookie box are always kid-friendly and only require a microwave to melt the chocolate. The projects are also so simple that my boys can make the treats look so amazing. This is the fourth box that we have received in the mail. My boys always get excited when the monthly Gramma Box arrives and look forward to a day of cooking/baking. Each month the box of goodies is a different theme. The last box we made was filled with Thanksgiving cookies and the box before had beach shaped cookies. My boys had a blast with the emoji cookies and they always wonder what next months theme will be. Sure some might say that these boxes are not filled with healthy food but I say as long as you are eating healthy foods 80% of the time then sweets are perfectly fine for kids. I am not going to be that mom that bans sweets but I am going to teach my boys about healthy food. I am also going to be the grandma that bakes cookies with my grandkids. My grandbaby is still too young for cookies as she just started on baby food.

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