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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Benefits Of Black Maca For Ladies And Hormones

We ladies can be a hot mess when it comes to hormones

               I received a sample of black maca to facilitate this post

 Depending on the time of the month or the season of our life, we ladies are not happy with the hormones in our bodies. We start the hormonal journey with puberty and then for about the next 45 years, those hormones can make our lives miserable at times. The main hormones estrogen and progesterone have many functions in our bodies and our very useful for ladies but at the same time can make us miserable. Hormones are awesome when we want to have a baby but not so much when they cause us to have PMS symptoms or acne. We can have too many hormones in our system or too little depending on that time of the month or the season of our life or because there is an imbalance in our bodies. It can be a love/hate relationship with female hormones. I am glad that I discovered a natural hormonal balancing supplement that can help ladies.

  Hormone Balancing Wonders of Maca
 I have experienced many things that I can blame on my hormones, some good and some bad. Hormones have helped me to conceive and become pregnant with my five children. Hormones have also been the cause of the monthly things like cramps, acne, and that monthly period that I dreaded every month. Hormones have caused me to have mood swings and be a crabby person at times. My current stage with hormones is perimenopause and I am questioning if I am at the beginning or the end of this stage. I have had some small symptoms that made me realize that I need to start balancing my hormones before I start experiencing the awful symptoms my friends have talked about like hot flashes and night sweats. So I started taking a natural supplement called Black Maca and I want to tell you about the benefits of this supplement for our hormones.

 Black Maca for balance in Peri- and Menopause
  I am 54 and I thought that I had escaped the miserable symptoms that come with peri-menopause. Up until this month, the only indication that I had that I was in peri-menopause was that I had my period three times in the past 12 months and that was it. My friends talked about hot flashes, night sweats, and weight gain but I did not have these problems. I think my fitness routine helps with maintaining my weight. Then one day I start feeling warm in the middle of the day and I was not sure if that was a hot flash or it was because it was summertime and the house was eighty degrees and I needed to turn on a fan. I was not bothered by this warm feeling in my body so I thought nothing of it until I woke up in the morning and needed to kick off my blanket because the room was warm. I decided that I did not want to experience a miserable hot flash that my friends have described so researched what supplements could help with Peri- and Menopause symptoms and discovered Black Maca.

 I learned that black maca, a natural dietary supplement could help balance my hormones and be a natural HRT. Black maca is a root that is packed with many nutrients and has beneficial plant sterols that are biochemically related to hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. This supplement could help balance my hormones and hopefully reduce any menopause symptoms so I did not have to experience the dreadfull hot flashes or night sweats.

 So I liked the sound of that and decided to give this hormonal supplement a chance. I added the organic gelatinized black maca supplement to my daily supplements for ladies over 50. The vegan capsules were easy to swallow. I like that I did not have to add a powder to my daily smoothie. I also liked that this black maca dietary supplement contained high levels of protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin b, magnesium, selenium, and potassium.

 While I was not experiencing any other change of life symptoms, I was happy to learn that maca could help with hot flashes, night sweats, depression, insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety, as well as improved concentration. So I added this supplement into my day with hopes that I would enter into menopause with no symptoms other than the end of the monthly bleeding.

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Black Maca for PMS Relief
 Research has also shown that black maca can help with PMS symptoms that are caused by an imbalance of hormones. PMS is caused by the low levels of estrogen at the start of the menstrual period and the mid-cycle increases of hormones. So the rise and fall can be evened out by black maca. This adaptogen supplement may even bring relief from the mood swings, fluid retention, and breast tenderness. Black Maca may also help boost fertility and help with libido. Did you know that sweating is healthy and is also good for your libido?

Benefits and uses of black maca
 Black maca has been shown to help with other things besides hormone balance. The below list shows some other benefits that you may experience and could be beneficial ways to use this organic supplement.

Support Fertility
Improve Sexual Function
Increase Memory & Concentration
Help promote rapid muscle growth & endurance
Boosts immunity
Supports stamina, memory, and focus
Aids in balancing hormones and stress levels for men & woman

Did Black Maca help?
 I took the organic black maca supplement for one week and I did not experience any side effects. I did notice that I no longer experienced those small feelings of feeling warm during the day or that weird sense of warmth in the morning. I am not sure if those warm feelings were the beginning of hot flashes or something else like the weather. It has been in the eighties here. Research has show that black maca may work for balancing the hormones, so I will take this supplement as I am entering menopause. To be able to keep the hot flashes away would be awesome. To be able to say goodbye to that monthly friend and not experience any menopause symptoms is something that I like and I will continue to take the black maca daily with the rest of my supplements.

Friday, September 20, 2019

How to Stay Social When Homeschooling

 One of the main reasons many people shy away from homeschooling their children is that they worry about raising kids that aren’t exposed to the social aspects of traditional schooling. Homeschooling is on the rise and what many parents don’t understand is that there are many different ways that you can socialize children who are homeschooled. Here are a few tips on how to stay social when your children are involved in a homeschooling program.

Socialization Starts at Home

 One major aspect of your child’s socialization is often missed by those who feel like homeschooled children are under-socialized, and this is family socialization. When you are part of a family, you are constantly exposed to others, and often these are the people who teach you how to act appropriately in other social situations. For this reason, at-home socialization with family members might just be the most important socialization that your kids can receive.
Beyond this, there are many ways for your children to meet new people. Let’s take a look at a few great ways to make sure that your children are socialized.

Plan Regular Playdays

 Every week or two, plan a day where you meet up with other homeschool children around the same age as yours. During these playdays, your children can enjoy the same kind of socialization other kids would get at school. Playdays can include one-on-one time with a single friend or lots of fun with a larger group. If you have more than one child that you are homeschooling, try to plan time with each of your children’s friends in this manner.
 If your child is friends with a lot of children that go to public or private schools, you might also want to have evening and weekend play dates so that those friends aren’t left out.

Get Involved in Sports

 Playing sports is a great outlet for energy as well as meeting new people and making friends. Team sports are the perfect opportunity to get involved with a lot of children of the same age. Many schools allow homeschoolers to compete in sports activities. The YMCA also offers many sports programs.
If your kid doesn’t seem interested in team sports, you could also sign up for things like dance or swimming or gymnastics. There will likely be other students in the classes without a team aspect. These types of recreational activities are good for both physical and mental health in children.

Participate in Summer Camps

 Summer camps are a lot of fun for all children. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your child involved in summer camps. In the spring, start looking at different options and help your child pick a camp that best suits their wants and needs. If you believe that your child is mature enough and can handle it, overnight camps can be a great opportunity for young children to experience time away from family to learn new skills and make new friends. Day camps are also an option for kids that aren’t quite ready to be away from home for so long.
Summer camps can be based around outdoors, sports, arts, and much more. This is why we suggest that you sit down with your child to choose a camp that suits their interests.

Join Homeschool Specific Clubs

 It is always a good idea to get your child involved with children who are also homeschooled. For this reason, it is a great idea to find clubs that are specifically designed for homeschoolers. You will likely find a lot of different options in your area. For example, there are often health clubs, religious groups, scouts’ clubs, and more that your child could easily get involved in.

Start Volunteering

 It seems like there are always so many organizations in need of volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to get some social interaction with people of all backgrounds, which will help your child learn to interact with all different kinds of people. While volunteering, you can also teach your children about helping the community in which you live. You can try to get involved in many different types of volunteering as well. Maybe one year you spend time volunteering for an animal shelter, but the next year you help at a food bank or clean up trash at a local park or lake. Even better, some volunteering activities can help your child get a little exercise.
Volunteering can also look good on college and job applications in the future—especially if you can find opportunities that allow your child to showcase leadership qualities and experience.

Go to Local Music and Art Classes

 Lots of children really enjoy art and music. While you are probably including both art and music in your homeschool lessons, you can use art and music as a good excuse to get your child out of the house to meet new people. If you can’t find any local music or art classes in your area, contact someone who offers music lessons or teaches children how to play instruments. If you can find someone who teaches multiple kids at once, your child will not only be able to find positive interaction with another adult, but they can also work with other kids.
It might take a little more work to introduce your kids to other children as homeschoolers, but it isn’t impossible. You can also make friends in your neighborhood or at church. Find what works best for your family and get out there and socialize!

Back To School Fitness Tips For Kids In Middle School

The new school year is here and it is a perfect time to focus on a healthy body

          I received a Razor scooter to facilitate this post.

  The new school year is here and parents are pretty much done scrambling to get everything on their lists from backpacks to notebooks, and even a new school wardrobe…but what about those overlooked items to keep kids happy, healthy and on track the rest of the school year? What about a fun item that will keep kids healthy and may even help them learn better?

 This fun item needs to be on every kid's back-to-school wish list alongside those fancy gym shoes that you kid wants. The item that I am talking about is a fun Razor Scooter that will make being healthy fun. Every kid needs fitness time and the sad thing is most do not get enough exercise. Kids are in school all day and they may only get gym class once a week. If kids are getting any recess, they usually are not running around as too often the schools are worried about kids getting hurt so recess time is usually kids standing around talking. Older kids who are in middle school get no recess so they are getting even less healthy body exercise. Lack of exercise may affect their school work.

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Make exercise a part of their day
 For the purpose of this post, I am talking about tips that may only pertain to kids who are in middle school and up as that it the age of my kids but you may find that these tips work great for younger kids also. Middle school kids may not be getting enough exercise as they no longer have recess and some schools do not make gym class a requirement. So as a parent, I encourage you to help your kid make fitness a part of their day. Exercise is important and will even help kids stay healthy.

Exercise can help with independence
 One of the best ways kids can get some healthy exercise is by allowing your kids to ride their bikes or scooter to school instead of having you drive them. This is best if you live a couple miles from the school.  Middle school is a perfect time to give kids some independence. Now that my boys are older, I allow them to go to the park by themselves and ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Yes, I worry about their safety so I use the buddy system. My boys can only go somewhere if they are with a friend. So have your child and a friend head off to school on their own with a fun scooter. The best part of riding a scooter instead of a bike is no worries of flat tires. If you are worried about their safety, get them a cell phone so they can call you once they get to school. Most scooters can be locked up with a bike lock or if your kids are lucky, like mine, the teacher will allow them to leave the scooter in their closet for the day.

Exercise will help improve their grades
 If biking or riding a scooter to school is not an option for your kid, then encourage them to play outside when they get home from school. It is amazing what 30 minutes of having a blast on a scooter can do for their brain. The exercise will help your tween be able to focus on their homework better. Better study time may just lead to better grades in school.

Encourage them to take part in sports
 Most middle schools or junior high schools offer after school sports so now is a great time to encourage kids to get involved with sports. My oldest son loves playing basketball and running so he participates in basketball in the fall and track and field in the spring. These sports teams not only give my son some great exercise but also a chance to make some friends. My younger son is participating in archery and PT with his leadership class so two days a week he gets some fun fitness also.

Make it a family thing
 After work or dinner, the whole family can spend some quality time together going for a walk or playing at the park. Instead of sitting in front of the TV watching a show, set the example for your kids and get some exercise with them. Razor makes scooters for all ages, even adults so get in on the fun and scoot around the neighborhood with your kids. Exercise is a great stress reliever so you may find that the family exercise time benefits you too.

Play some music
 If your day is busy and there is not the time for your kid to get outside. Then blast some energizing music and start dancing. Your teen might think you are crazy but they may just join in on the fun.

Stop driving them everywhere
 When you were a kid and you wanted to go visit a friend or go to the store, did your parents drive you? No, chances are you had to walk or bike so encourage your kids to do the same. Again, work on that independence thing and let them walk. If they participate in after school activities, let them get home on their own with a fun teen-size scooter.

A scooter designed for off-road fun 
 My boys love Razor scooters and own several of them. The best about scooters after the crazy fun is not having to worry about flat tires like you do with a bicycle. My boy's recently got a scooter that is designed for off-road fun. This durable scooter is built to handle a variety of riding styles and is design and tested by John Radtke. My boys think the scooter is cool and has a killer look. My older son could not wait for the weekend so we could head to the skateboard park with his awesome scooter. My son wanted to see how this scooter performed on the ramps. This Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke has some awesome features that my son loved like the Die-cast aluminum spring brake cartridge that had a push-down feature. The scooter deck had an awesome looking cool-kid design that my tween loved. This is a dual-purpose scooter that can be also used on the sidewalk making it the best transportation for tweens. My boys enjoy using this awesome scooter at the skateboard park near our home and they also use their scooters when they go to places like the store or a friend's house.

How do you encourage your middle school kid to exercise?

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