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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Why Hydroponics for Growing Plants is Becoming More Popular These Days


 Hydroponics, or the ‘working water’ growing method, is a fantastic way to grow plants without using soil. Instead, you grow them in water filled with nutrients that plants usually get from the soil. Hydroponic gardens allow farmers to be as efficient as possible and produce more harvest than traditional farming methods. 

 When you explore the best hydroponic systems, you'll find out why hydroponics is growing to become one of the most preferred ways to grow plants. If you plan to venture into farming and you don't know what method is the most efficient for you, use this guide to learn more about hydroponics and why you should consider it for your farming plans.

It Saves Space

 One of the top reasons why hydroponics has become popular is because it saves space. It's perfect for farmers who are only starting out and want to try out the most cost-efficient way to grow their plants. Because plants grow in water with hydroponics, the roots don't spread as much as they do when you plant them in the soil. 

 You can grow more plants in the same amount of space that soil-based systems, so now you end up with the exact space requirement but harvest more plants at the end of the season. If space is a significant concern for you, the hydroponics system is the best one for you. 

You Can Grow Plants and Still Save Water

 Hydroponic plants can thrive with about 5–10% of the water needed for soil development. It has a significant advantage in regions with insufficient water supplies for standard farming practices and represents a significant environmental advantage for hydroponic cultivation. Hydroponics capitalizes on recirculating water. The plants just consume what they require, and the excess is collected and restores them to the system. 

 The only water loss comes from leakage and evaporation—a successful installation would eliminate both. Some hydroponic systems use additional equipment to help eliminate wastewater entirely. As a result, some industrial hydroponic systems employ water vapor condensers to store and return water to the facility. 

It Requires Fewer Chemicals to Grow

 Though hydroponic systems do not prevent pest problems, they reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides. Hydroponic systems are closely regulated, and so there is no chance that weeds can take over your yard. As a consequence, herbicides are not required. Moreover, because hydroponic systems are mostly indoors, it cannot be as readily invaded by pests, thus reducing the demand for pesticides. With hydroponics, you can grow healthy green vegetables that you and your family can eat safely. 

Plants Grow Faster

 You will put your hands on your harvest even faster with hydroponics. Hydroponic indoor gardening allows you to have direct control over energy use to speed up growth, and it provides continuous availability of many market and trendy crops. By developing an optimum growing environment, the vegetable yield can be improved over the same amount of time compared to soil cultivation. 

  A maintained ecosystem provides plants with adequate moisture and nutrients to concentrate on vegetative growth instead of vying for the surrounding soil's nutrients. In a quality hydroponic system, several greens can grow twice as quickly. Hydroponic plants can grow 40–50% faster than plants in the soil and yield 30% more. A combination of high growth rates and a regulated ecosystem produces reliably predictable harvests. It decreases the risk of wholesale commodity buyers' costs and reliability and raises farmers' profits. You always have fresh, nutritious, and tasty produce.

Control the Process

 Hydroponic systems feed plants with a water-mixed nutrient solution, which allows the farmer significant control over their crops' nutrients. Produce cultivated in the soil can require fertilizer assistance to survive. But in hydroponics, all the support they need at the right amount is given to the plants. 

 Do proper research, estimate accurately, and the crops will only have what they need to live from their water. Farmers often ignore pH levels but it is a critical part of cultivation, ensuring that they have sufficient amounts of nutrients they need for profitable growth. Unlike growing soil plants, the growing solution for hydroponic systems contains necessary minerals for growth. 

 This solution's pH can be conveniently balanced and precisely calculated to ensure an ideal pH is still preserved. With hydroponics, you are the master of the climate of your plant’s growing process. You have complete monitoring over these plants, and you must establish the optimal temperature, humidity, combination of nutrients, and preparation to make sure they grow healthy and safe.


 There are many ways you can benefit from hydroponics than your usual profit from soil-based systems. It's cost-efficient, easy to manage, and provides more harvest than soil-based ones. Of course, the hydroponics system can't replace traditional farming entirely, but it's nice to have an alternative that other farmers can choose if they want to venture into something new. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How To Prevent Dry Skin From Handwashing With Thompson's Luxury Soap

 A simple switch of your soap may help with dry skin

 I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own.

 The year 2020 had everyone washing their hands more, thanks to a virus pandemic. Increasing my handwashing was one of the many ways that I prepared for the respiratory virus pandemic.  While handwashing is the best tip to prevent illness, it can also dry out your skin. So the dry skin problem may lead to people washing their hands less which is not a good thing to do during a contagious virus pandemic. So continue to practice the best handwashing practices and swap out your antibacterial soap with a bar of soap that may improve your dry skin.

A great smelling bar of goat soap keeps my hands soft

 Most commercially made soaps contain harsh surfactants that can strip your skin of natural moisture and oils, leaving them feeling dry and tight. Add in all the use of hand sanitizer throughout the day and the constant use of cleaning products that we are using to keep our family safe and that can leave our hands painfully dry. Sure you could use lotion on but a simpler solution is to use switch out your chemical bottle of hand soap to a luxurious bar of soap that is made with goat's milk. Upgrade your soap to a luxury spa experience with Thompson's Luxury goat's milk soap.  

 These bars of natural goat's milk soap are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic detergents found in regular bar soaps and body wash. It is the harsh chemicals in regular soap that could be causing your dry skin problems and not the frequent hand washing. Goat milk is rich in fatty acids and cholesterol, which make up a large portion of the skin membrane. A lack of these components in your skin can lead to dryness and irritation.

 Using a gentle, fat-rich soap like goat milk soap can support and replenish the skin’s moisture. Thompson's goat's milk soap is handcrafted by a small family-owned business in Ohio using the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. I just love all the wonderful scents that these bars of soaps have. Selecting my first bar of soap was quite difficult as I wanted to try them all. While I wanted to try the Mocha Latte Goat's Milk soap bar, I knew that it might energize me when I washed my hands at night. So I selected the Peaches & Cream All Natural Goat's Milk Soap Bar with Oatmeal and Honey.

 Since the bars of soaps are made without chemicals, the fragrance in the soap does not bother my asthma. The bars of goat's milk soap contains no palm oil, soy, parabens, sulfates, SLS, or phthalates. The fruity peach scent of the soap smells amazing and makes for a spa-like hand washing experience. My hands are loving all the natural oils that are in the soap and the oils like olive oil make my hands so soft. 

Thompson's Luxury Soap has awesome scents

Thompson's Luxury Soap is available in so many awesome scents so you not only get clean skin but you also get a spa-like experience while breathing in the amazing scent. Check out some of the many scents of the bars of soaps that you can choose from. I know that you will have a hard time selecting your first bar of soap. It is a good thing these bars of soap are affordable.

+ Peaches & Cream

+ Mocha Latte

+ Peppermint Bark

+ Mojito Breeze

+ Lemongrass Rosemary

+ Frozen Apple

+ Cinnamon Roll 

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Benefits of goat milk soap

The benefits of using goat milk soap go beyond clean soft skin. Check out some other amazing benefits of goat milk soap.

+ Gentle cleanser - Goat milk soap boasts high amounts of fats, particularly caprylic acid, allowing for gentle removal of dirt and debris without removing the skin’s natural fatty acids.

+ Rich in nutrients - Goat milk is rich in fatty acids and cholesterol, which make up a large portion of the skin membrane. A lack of these components in your skin can lead to dryness and irritation.

+ May improve dry skin - To improve dry skin, the lipid barrier must be restored and rehydrated. Goat milk soap’s high cholesterol and fatty acid levels may replace missing fats while providing moisture to allow for better water retention.

Natural exfoliant - Lactic acid, a naturally occurring AHA found in goat milk soap, has been shown to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing for a more youthful complexion.

+ Supports a healthy skin microbiome - Due to its gentle dirt-removing properties, it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural lipids or healthy bacteria. Maintaining your skin’s microbiome improves its barrier against pathogens, potentially preventing various skin disorders like acne and eczema.

+ May prevent acne - Due to its lactic acid content, goat milk soap may help control or prevent acne. Lactic acid is a natural exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells, which helps prevent acne by keeping pores clear of dirt, oil, and excess sebum.

If you’re looking for a soap that isn’t harsh and keeps your skin healthy, goat milk soap may be worth a try.

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Monday, January 18, 2021

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Childhood Memories

 Behind every memory is a story and thinking back on your most treasured memories, use these tip to cherish your childhood memories 

As a mom to five children, I have plenty of memories that I want to preserve. I just love looking at old photos of my kids when they were babies as it brings me such joy. These are memories that make me smile and I don't want to lose them. So I love all these ways that can help one preserve childhood memories.

Childhood keepsakes are treasured forever and sometimes even passed down through generations. People all around the world get creative and find different ways to preserve those special memories with their kids and family. Behind every memory is a story and thinking back on your most treasured memories. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of that special time cherished with a keepsake?

 Childhood memories are very important in our lives. It makes us remember the best times of our lives. They shape our thinking and future. When one has good childhood memories, they grow up to be happy individuals. Did you know that 2 in 3 parents do not enjoy managing their family photos? It's true. Though the world today is digitally advanced, there are a lot of exciting ways to keep your memories safe, whether you’re into crafting or letting technology do it for you. Here are a few ways you can preserve precious keepsakes with your loved ones:

(6 Creative ways to Preserve Childhood Memories: Pixabay)

Journals and Diaries 

 Keeping a record of your baby's life, whether it's a hand-written diary or an online journal, will become a treasured keepsake for the whole family. Journaling can help people capture memories and moments in life. It's a great way to document your child’s journey as they grow and mature each other. Even if you write only a few sentences a day, when you look back, you'll have built a story that otherwise may have slipped from memory. Document family trips to the seaside and ice-cream on the pier, or the first time you all went out for messy noodles together. 

 Online journals are a great way to record your thoughts, wherever you are, using whatever device you have to hand. An online journal is also a great way to share updates about your baby, especially if you have family or friends who live abroad. You can make your journal or blog private and only viewable by invitation, or make the most of in-built sharing tools.

Arts and Crafts 

 With every holiday or occasion, you can find ways to mark the joyful time with arts and crafts. You can set times and days with your children and enjoy making memories. Explaining the importance of creating and preserving memories can gain their interest and they might be more keen on the activity. Although your kids' artwork can accumulate quickly, you can be selective in storing the most treasured ones because as time passes by your child will no doubt be satisfied enjoying a sampling of childhood memories rather than every experience he or she has ever had.

Baby impression kits 

 If you have little ones at home, you can treasure your baby’s prints in a mold or create impressions of their hand or foot. These can help you create lasting records and is a perfect way to document stages in life. You can turn them into Christmas decorations or frame them on canvas. Either way, you will have a reminder of how tiny your toddler really was. These make great gifts for relatives, too. 

Pictures, Pictures and Pictures 

 Pictures are one of the best ways to capture childhood. It is a wonderful way to be able to reminisce through childhood photos. As you collect these cherished events of life, you can have them printed or you can create a memory box of photos for your children. Your pictures can include first baby scans, first smile, first time with granny, first and last day of school, and various other significant moments that you would like to reflect on in the future. Nowadays, since every phone has a digital camera, it is easier to save and store pictures online. With a variety of apps and websites available which can help you organize and segregate your memories according to your choice. Speaking of photography you can use these tips to capture the arrival of a new member of your family which can be immortalized in your journal or scrapbook.

Experiences and Mementos

 As mentioned above preserving pictures, journals, scrapbooks are great ways to create memories. You can also collect ticket stubs, bottle tops, seashells, stickers, etc anything that gives you that fuzzy nostalgic feeling. These can usually be found and collected while on vacation or a getaway. It can also be used to decorate frames or make a unique piece of art. You can also use treasures like albums, memory boxes, shadow boxes to store your memories. 

Memory Boxes

 One of the best ways to store memories is a memory box. Depending on how much of a collector you are, you can create or buy a well-crafted box to hold the treasures of your child. It can be as big as a toy chest or as small as a shoebox. The goal is to personalize and preserve something unique for your baby that is very precious and save priceless things like your baby's coming home outfit from the hospital for the first time, favorite blanket or stuffed animal, pair of shoes, handprints, locks of hair, teeth and other trinkets. These memories also make great gifts when your kids grow up and start their own families. When your kids are old enough to read and write, help them start their own memory box so they can document and save all their happy childhood memories for years to come.

(6 Creative ways to Preserve Childhood Memories: Pixabay)

Capturing memories with a creative keepsake can be fun for all ages and a great way to bond with your children. It is obvious that the use of modern technology has made capturing moments easier but do not let that hold you back from being creative. You can use the above-mentioned ideas and preserve some precious and priceless moments with your family.

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