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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Nike Shoe Deals For The Whole Family At Macy's

This post is sponsored by Savings.com but all opinions are my own.

  I have been doing quite well in reaching my fitness goals for the past couple of months. I have been committed to running at least three days a week outside and then heading to the gym with my husband for 2 days to work out on a cardio exercise machine. Then I also have been lifting weights, at the gym three days a week. I have been doing this fitness routine since the beginning of July when my middle son inspired me to get stronger. My middle son was home from college for summer break and I was amazed at his fitness training schedule. This son ran 10 miles a day and also lifted weights at the gym. He had a strong body that ran fast. It was also at that time that I purchased a new pair of running shoes. New running shoes have a way of inspiring me to get my fitness time in and just do it.

 To think that many years ago when I taught my son how to train for the track team that he is now an incredibly fast runner who now inspires me. My son competes in running at the college level and does quite well. So now it is now time for me to start training my next son as his track season is starting up soon. The next son is in 7th grade and took up running last year. Like his older brother, he has a passion for running fast. We are a family who loves to run and it seems like I am always buying new running shoes.

Macy's has select Nike shoes for up to 40% off!

 So I am glad that I discovered an awesome sale on Nike running shoes at Macy's. That way I can get the running shoes that my boys prefer at prices that I like. Right now through December 28th, 2019, Macy's has select Nike styles from Finish Line for up to 40% off! So this mom can get her boys their running and training shoes that they need for their track team competitions. At prices like these, my boys can get two pairs of shoes so they are ready for their track practices and track meets.

Nike shoes for many types of sports

  My younger son also loves playing basketball and the youngest son is thinking about trying out for the soccer team. Yes, I am talking about three different sons and I also have one that's older but he buys his own shoes. So that is a whole lot of sports shoes that I buy as my boys love wearing the latest styles of shoes for both sports and for casual wear. So when Nike shoes are on sale, I buy my boy's new shoes. So I love that I can buy one son new basketball shoes and new running shoes. Then I can buy the other son the running shoes he needs for his college track team while also getting the youngest son a pair of shoes to replace his worn-out school shoes.

New shoes for mom

 While I was browsing the Nike shoe selection at Macy's, I saw the perfect running shoes for myself. My current shoes do need replacing and these Nike Women's Free Run 5.0 offer the snug fit that I like when wearing running shoes. I just love all the pink on this lightweight running shoe. These Nike running shoes will give me the support that I need to reach my fitness goals with my running. These are some awesome running shoes!

Nike running shoes for the win

   My oldest son selected a pair of Nike Air Zoom Gravity Running shoes as he loves the sleek style of these running shoes. These lightweight running shoes designed for speed and speed it what my son likes. These Nike running shoes will help my son sprint to the finish line when he competes on his college track team. My son also loves that he can wear these shoes for his longer training runs with his teammates. The colors were also a huge deciding factor for my older son.

Nike has shoes for kids

   My son who is in 7th grade has small feet. So I am glad that Macy's has Nike shoes in sizes for kids. That way my son can run in the Nike shoes that he loves. This son selected the Nike Renew Lucent Running Sneakers from Finish Line for his sports shoes. These running shoes are made for performance. My son loves that these running shoes feature a unique translucent upper that shows off this sneaker's visible layers. So he will look like a winner with these Nike shoes.

 So now is the perfect time to get Nike shoes for the whole family. With prices that are up to 40% on select Nike styles, buy that pair of shoes that will help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you are a runner or just want a pair of stylish comfortable shoes, Macy's has the deals that will get you the shoes that you need. A new pair of fitness shoes will be just what you need to reach that new year's fitness goals!

Get Up to 40% Off Select Nike Styles from Finish Line at Macy's

Sale Dates: 12/22/19 - 12/28/19

Restrictions may apply.

So what are you waiting for? This is a perfect time to get some new Nike shoes for the whole family as these are great prices!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Best Chicken Soup For Colds That Is Whole30 Approved

Soup is the best comfort food when you are sick

      I received samples from Safe Harvest to facilitate this post.

 The other day one of my sons woke up feeling sick. He had a fever, the chills, a headache, and more. My son was just plain miserable. I sent him to the couch for a day of lazy, do nothing so his body could get better. I was glad that it was not a school day so he did not have to miss any school. So that made it easier for my son to rest as he hates missing school. My son said that his head hurt and his body ached. Oh, how I hate winter colds and flu season. I always try my best to keep my family healthy with the best natural products for cold and flu season but those airborne germs can be strong.

 So once my son was comfortable on the couch, I grabbed the container of all my health and wellness products that help fight the cold and flu. I took his temperature and it was high. So I gave my son some elderberry and vitamin C. Then I started the tea kettle so I could make him a cup of Cold & Flu Honey Lemon Ginger Tea. This warm tea is soothing and helps with those miserable cold symptoms like a sore throat. Tea is also a great way to get liquids into a kid's body as liquids are great for colds. The other thing that is amazing for colds is a warm bowl of soup. I think when people are sick they just want some comfort food and soup is one of the best comfort foods. When people think of soup for colds, they think of chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup is a cold and flu comfort soup. I ask my son if he felt like eating and thankfully he did. So I looked in the pantry and found some Chicken Oodle Soup. No, I did not misspell the word noodle. The soup that I had in my pantry was a Whole30 Approved soup that is made with clean wholesome ingredients. Since my husband is trying to lower his blood pressure, I am trying to select more grain-free products for him to enjoy as it is suggested that carbs can spike his blood pressure. I am not too sure about the no-carb or keto diet but I am trying to be more carb-conscious with my family's diet.

 I am also having my husband follow a new way of eating and the diet plan that I recommend that he follow was the pegan diet. This food plan is similar to how I already eat as it has a strong emphasis on eating lots of veggies and following a vegan diet with some fish and other meats. I like that the pegan diet does not restrict those carbohydrates but rather limits them to whole grains. So the soup that I had in my pantry was Paleo-friendly and dairy-free but still had the organic meat in it that my husband and son love. This delicious soup was also gluten-free and had plenty of protein in it from organic chicken. The Safe Harvest soup also had healthy bone broth in it. So this Chicken Oodle was a healthy soup that would nourish my son's body so he could fight this awful cold.

Safe Harvest is a new soup line in glass jars at grocers nationwide that is Paleo, Dairy-Free, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, and Whole30 Approved® with no added sugar. Safe Harvest Chicken Oodle Soup is made with organic chicken, bone broth, hearts of palm pasta and hearty vegetables with 11 grams of protein per jar.

My son enjoyed his warm bowl of chicken soup. My son liked the big pieces of chicken in the soup and said that the broth had amazing flavor. My son also enjoyed the hearts of palm pasta and thought it was very similar to regular noodles. While my son was enjoying his delicious soup, I decided to make myself a bowl of soup since it was a cold day outside. Soup is always the perfect meal for cold days. I decided to try the Dairy-Free Shrimp Bisque. I love that somebody made a Shrimp Bisque that was dairy-free so I could enjoy Shrimp Bisque. Since discovering my dairy allergy through a blood test last year, I have not been able to enjoy a bowl of shrimp bisque as it contains milk. So when I discover a Dairy-Free Shrimp Bisque from Safe Harvest, I was overjoyed. This Dairy-Free Shrimp Bisque uses organic coconut milk and cauliflower in place of dairy found in traditional cream-based chowder. It also tests every batch of Wild cold-water shrimp for mercury to ensure purity. The Wild cold-water shrimp are sustainably sourced which is a good thing. Like the Chicken Oodle soup, this  Shrimp Bisque is also Whole30 approved and grain-free, making it a gluten-free soup that people on the paleo diet can enjoy.

 Safe Harvest also makes a delicious dairy-free salmon chowder and an amazing Dairy-Free Shrimp Bisque. All their soups are made with clean wholesome ingredients just like I would use if I made homemade soup. When I don't have time to male my homemade vegan posole, I can just open a jar of dairy-free Safe Harvest soup. I love that Safe Harvest created these soups to provide healthy, delightful alternatives for consumers who have allergies or dietary restrictions around dairy, gluten, and grains, and for consumers looking for a better tasting and more nutritious soup. If you live in New Mexico, you can find Safe Harvest  Whole30 Approved soups at Smiths. These healthy soups are sold all throughout the United States so look for them in a store near you.

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Best Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty Drink

A delicious tropical way to enjoy your daily collagen

      I received samples from Ancient Nutrition to facilitate this post but all opinions are my own.

 I have known about the benefits of collagen for quite some time and have used collagen in the past when I had an ankle injury. My ankle injury happened about four years ago after I over-trained with my running and my then teen accidentally hit my ankle with a shopping cart. My ankle was not broken and I later learned that it was an ankle joint injury that may have happened because of my age-related collagen loss. I recently turned 50 and after my injury, I discovered that as we get older our body starts to lose collagen. Collagen is in so many areas of our body, like skin, hair, nails, and joints. So my loss of collagen may have made my ankle joint weaker and that led to the injury.

 So I was able to heal my ankle with the help of collagen supplements and this is one of the best supplements for women over 50. Most ladies over forty don't realize the importance of collagen until they start experiencing things like hair loss, brittle nails, or fine lines. Then there are ladies like me who have their first running injury and realize that collagen and stretching are my best friends. That is if they want to continue to be active and keep running. Since I enjoy running, I know the importance of a daily collagen supplement as it may help with healthy joint recovery after exercise

By the time we reach 40 years old, we will have likely have lost up to 10 to 20 percent of our total body collagen. 

 So I am always looking for ways to increase my collagen and trying new collagen products. I love adding plain collagen to my daily coffee as it makes my coffee so creamy. I also will add a scoop of unflavored collagen to my daily protein smoothie that I enjoy for breakfast. Sometimes I make myself a delicious Guava Passionfruit beauty drink for an afternoon treat. This Guava beauty drink is made from an amazing collagen drink mix that smells so good. This tropical collagen drink tastes so good when mixed with water. I love that this collagen powder mixes instantly with no blender required. So usually I mix some of the fruity collagen powder in my shaker bottle with water before I head to the gym. When I have more time, I blend the Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within drink in my blender with pineapple slices and pineapple juice for The Best Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty Drink. This tropical drink is amazing and so creamy.

Keep reading to get the recipe for this drink. 

 I like that a deliciously sweet tropical drink not only keeps my joints healthy but I am discovering that it is helping with my skin too. This natural collagen supplement may be the reason that my skin looks so young. Collagen supports healthy skin elasticity†.  Collagen is included in my post about nine healthy things that I do to keep the wrinkles away.

Collagen is one of the reasons our bodies don’t fall apart. Collagen literally functions to hold you together.

The best way to tell if something like a supplement works is to stop taking it for a couple days.

  I was at the gym the other day and as I was checking my phone, I notice that a lady was done with her workout. So I smile at her and said, "quitting time?" She told me that she was almost done and then asked me about my energy sports bracelet. I told her that my bracelet boosted one's energy with the earth’s natural frequency. She asked me if I felt it working and I told her that I felt it did give me energy at the gym. So this conversation led to her saying the best way to tell if something like a supplement works is to stop taking it for a couple days. She told me that she stopped taking her collagen supplement and her knees starting hurting. 

Then I got excited as I recently had I started adding collagen back into my diet, about a month ago, and realized that my knees did not hurt when I did my squats. The light bulb had gone off in my head and I also realized that my knees did not make that clicking noise when I walked down the stairs. 

Do you experience joint pain in your knees or hear a clicking sound?

This Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty drink is so easy to make as it only requires a couple of ingredients. The delicious tropical drink starts with a scoop of Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within drink mix and a can of pineapple slices. You also need a blender and some ice cubes. You can easily make a large batch of this drink or just a drink for one, just cut the recipe in half. When I make this yummy beauty collagen drink, I make a large batch because I know that my boys will want some of my tropical beauty drink. Collagen powder is good for everyone so I always share my beauty drink with my boys. This drink is a great way to get some fruit and protein into their bodies. You can also make the full recipe that has two large servings and store the leftovers in the fridge. When you want to drink the leftover drink, just blend it again in the blender to make the drink creamy. 

HIGHLIGHTS Of Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within drink 
Guava Passionfruit flavor, lightly sweetened with stevia
+9g protein, 0g carbs, 0g fat
+Supports a healthy gut, skin, and joints†
+Supports healthy skin elasticity and hydration†
+Supports healthy aging by repairing skin and improving wrinkle depth†
+Features Collagen type I, II, III, V, and X from 4 food sources
+From non-GMO, grass-fed, hormone-free, cage-free and cruelty-free sources

So creamy and fruity

Sometimes I even drink this tropical beauty drink for breakfast and add a scoop of Keto Plant Protein powder for a nutritious superfood protein drink. My protein smoothie gives me 20 grams of protein in a creamy drink that has a hint of vanilla flavor with tropical sweetness. So my morning breakfast protein smoothie is a complete nutritious breakfast as it has protein and fruit in it from the canned pineapple. This drink keeps me satisfied for several hours and it is so delicious. 

The Best Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty Drink

The Best Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty Drink

Yield: 2 large drinks
A delicious tropical way to enjoy your daily collagen



How to cook The Best Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty Drink

The Best Pineapple Guava Tropical Beauty Drink
  1. Place all ingredients, including the pineapple juice from the can of pineapple slices, in a blender. Blend on high for one minute. Pour into glasses. Enjoy this drink right away as the creamy foam won't last long. The drink will still taste delicious without the creamy foam. Store any leftover drink in the fridge and blend in the blender when you want to enjoy the drink.
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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Gym vs Exercising Outdoors ~ Which Is Better

Which is a better workout-the gym or outdoor exercise?

  If I had to choose between running outside or working out on a cardio machine at the gym, it would depend on many factors. If you had asked me that question, a year ago, I would have said running outside. I used to think that running outside was the best form of exercise for me and that I would never join a gym. Well, never say never. I joined a gym about 2 years ago as my husband's work offered a free gym membership with certain health insurance plans. The health insurance plans all cost the same so it was a work perk that my husband could not pass on.

A free gym membership changed my mind

  So, since the gym membership was free and that we could get a gym membership at many different gyms, I signed up for my free gym membership at several gyms. I may have signed up at 4 different gyms but I really only visit 2 of the gyms. I have never even worked out in one of the gyms that I have a membership to, as I have heard that it is way too crowded. Another gym, I signed up for as it was brand new and I just wanted to check it out. Of the 4 gyms that I have memberships too, I really use only 2 of them for different reasons. One gym, that is far away from my house has a swimming pool and hot tub along with all the standard gym equipment. So I visit that gym when I want to relax in the water. The other gym, the one that I visit the most is really close to my house. This gym is my favorite for many reasons. This gym is smaller but is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This gym also has individual TVs on all the cardio exercise machines. It is also my husband's preferred gym as it is near his bus stop. So he can get off the bus, after work, and head straight to the gym for his exercise.

Gym Fitness Training vs Outdoor Fitness Training ~ each has pros and cons

  I really don't think the gym workout is better than outdoor fitness training. Nor do I think that outdoor exercise is better than the gym workout. Both types of fitness styles have their pros and cons. I also like each type of workout style for different reasons. It did take me a while to adjust to a gym workout as I was used to running and walking outside. At first, I felt that the gym fitness training on the cardio machines, like the treadmill and elliptical, was too easy when compared to running. Then there was the boredom factor that the gym gave me as I was used to a changing scenery when I workout outside. So I am going to give my reasons for what I think each type of workout environment is good and bad. Your opinions may differ from what mine do.

Ten Tips For Exercising With Asthma  

Outdoor Fitness Training

  For as long as I can remember, I have been an outdoor fitness person as I thought that a gym membership was not worth the money. I did have a gym membership when I was young and single as I was fresh out of college and living at home. So I had the money. I only had the gym membership for a year though. So being that I later did not have the money for a gym membership and I had kids, working outside was easier and cheaper for me. When my kids were little, my exercise was fast walking with a stroller. Then as the kids got older, it was them on bikes and me running to keep up with them.

The positive of outdoor fitness training

 Most outdoor exercise forms are completely free as you don't have to shell out money for a gym membership. Sure you have to buy exercise clothes and fitness shoes but those are things that you would buy for working out at the gym. Most people prefer the outdoors to a treadmill, as the constantly changing backdrop fights boredom. When I run outdoors, I have many different directions and routes that I can explore. I get a longer workout when outside as I am not looking at the clock like I do at the gym. So I crank up the music and run. When I start getting bored, I can't quit my exercise as I have to turn around and head back home. When I workout outside, I can include the kids so I don't have to pay for a babysitter. This is the perfect time to let older kids ride their bikes and younger kids can be pushed in the stroller. There are many ways that you can exercise while outdoors. Speed walking, running, jogging, bicycling, and rock climbing as just some of the outdoor exercise types. You can combine exercise with errands.

 Most outdoor exercise activities like running and walking give you a high impact workout which is good for your bones. You are expending more energy than you would on a machine. “You’re getting more muscle activation outside because your feet have to grab the ground to propel you." Your muscles also get better conditioned as you are not using them is the same repetition motion as you do on a machine. You are hopping over curbs, turning corners, and maybe even going up hills.

The sun can lift your mood and the fresh air can do the same. Exercising outdoors can even give your body some vitamin D which is also good for your health. For me, personally, I am less sweaty when I run outside as the air keeps me drier. I live in the desert so this may not be the same if you live where there is humidity.

Hot Weather Hydration Tips For Runners

 The disadvantages of outdoor fitness
  As with any activity involving the great outdoors, you're limited by the seasons and extremities if you defer to outdoor fitness training. It can be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. The rain or snow can also get in the way of your best exercise plan. Then there may be days of strong winds that can make it seem colder in the winter. The limited daylight in the winter months may also prevent people from outdoor workouts, as it's often been dark for hours by the time many get home from work. You may live in a town that may not be safe to go running at certain times of the day. Then there may be air quality issues like smoke or smog that may prevent you from exercising outdoors. If you live in a busy city, the sidewalks may be too crowded to get a fast workout into your day. There is also the issue of applying sunscreen when you get outdoor fitness as you still need to wear mineral-based sunscreen in the winter.

 You may have kids who don't cooperate with your outdoor workouts which may make it stressful for you. You need to check out these Best Workout Tips For Stay At Home Moms as you may find some creative ways to get your daily exercise in when you have kids at home. Others like my husband may find outdoor exercise boring and lonely as they don't have anyone to talk to or inspire them to exercise. So you may be the person who is motivated by watching others working out and may need help with tips on how to sneak in a workout on a busy day.

The Best Exercises To Stay In Shape 

Gym Fitness Training

 Once I started meeting my husband a couple times a week, I started getting used to the gym as a way to get fitness. Sure at first the gym workout was boring to me and too easy when compared to my outdoor running. Since my husband was finally exercising, I forced myself to workout at the gym and learned to make the best of my time at the gym. I tried out the different gym machines for a cardio workout and settle on two cardio machines for a HIIT workout as I wanted an intense workout. I learned how to get an effective workout by increasing the speed and upping the level on the machine. The gym machines that I favor are the elliptical and the lateral cross-trainer. I tried running on the treadmill but since it was a different running form, it gave me shin splints. I also did not like working out on the rower as it was boring. The rowing machine did not have a TV connected to it like the other cardio gym equipment did.

The positive of gym fitness training

 Most gyms offer a variety of workout equipment and ways to exercise. So many health clubs also offer an abundance of fitness classes from yoga and pilates, to strength classes, spin classes, cross-fit all the way to fun aerobic dancing classes. There are also gyms that have swimming pools. Gyms also offer personal trainers to help motivate you to exercise.

 Then if you are looking to increase your muscles and strength, gyms also have plenty of weightlifting equipment as well as kettlebells and other unique types of weights. My gym even has TRX straps and free weights like barbells so those looking to build muscle might be more drawn to the indoor brand of exercise.

 The gym has a wide of machines for a cardio workout like treadmills, rowers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, stair climbers, and more. So if you are easily bored you can switch from one type of cardio to another. Most gyms have TV sets and some even offer movie screens so you can be entertained while getting the fitness in.

 You are not dependant on the weather or the daylight when you workout. So the gym is my preferred place to burn the fat when it is too cold or hot outside. The gym is also a safe place to get a run in on the treadmill as you don't have to worry about someone attacking you.

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The disadvantages of  gym exercise

 The main problem with gyms for most people can be the expense of a gym membership. Sure those low monthly fees and gym perks like hair cuts can make a gym seem like a reasonable expense for getting your body healthy. Just make sure to add it all up before signing up for a membership to a gym and make sure you are committed to regular visits. Then check around and find a health club that meets your needs, budget, and travel time. I recommend a gym close to your home or work as that will make it easier to visit the gym more regularly. A gym is a great investment for a healthy heart if you utilize it to get your fitness

 Other cons to the gym are they can be crowded at certain times of the day and you might have to wait to use gym equipment. Gyms may be loud and the smell of sweaty bodies. Sure sweating is healthy but some people may stink bad as they forgot to wear their deodorant or need to use an armpit detox. Then there is the germ factor of the gym that some people can't get used to as they use way too many sanitizing wipes to clean off the sweat from the other gym buff. The way I look at is, you are going to take a shower after your workout so unless there is visible sweat on the gym equipment, it does not need intensive cleaning with a chemical wipe that is worse for your body to touch. Some gyms may have limited hours so you may not be able to get that 4 am work out in if you are an early morning fitness person or visit the gym at midnight when you want to relax in the hot tub. Yes, I have gone to the gym late at night for a hot tub soak. It was so relaxing and the hot tub was empty. The hot soak felt good and helped me to fall asleep better when I got home.

It is all a matter of preference

 I think that each type of fitness location is choosing what works best for you. The gym fitness option has both benefits and things that one may not like while the same can be said for exercising outside. You choose the option that you like that is going to work to get you motivated to workout. I tend to use a combination of both the gym and running outside. I am glad that I have both options available to me as then I can work out in the way I need to for the day. My current workout schedule for the winter has been very flexible as I have to adjust for the cold weather. I have been visiting the gym three days a week for my weight lifting routine and then doing my cardio workout 2 days at the gym so I can meet my husband there when he gets off work. Then I run three days a week outside.

 In the summer I may visit the gym more if the weather is too hot to run outside. I like having a gym membership, especially when it is free. If I had to pay for a gym membership, I probably would not choose that option and just workout at home when the weather is uncooperative. I am glad that I live close to the gym as I can walk there. Soon they are opening another branch of the gym with the pool, closer to my house so I am excited to be able to use the swimming pool and hot tub more often. This gym also will have bike spin classes so I might have to try a couple classes.

Do you workout at the gym or outside?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Best Ways To Get To The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The best event to attend in New Mexico

  Every year my family attends the best event ever in New Mexico. The event that I am talking about is an event with over 500 spectacular hot air balloons floating in the sky. These colorful balloons that are filled with hot air float magically over the sunny skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a must-see event that happens once a year for nine wonderful days. People from all over the world travel to New Mexico to attend the Balloon Fiesta, including the pilots and the owners of the hot air Balloons. Last year I had the privilege to meet a couple of hot air balloon pilots from the Netherlands. My boys enjoyed seeing their large motorcycle hot air balloon float in the Albuquerque sky.

   I received passes to the Balloon Fiesta to facilitate this article.

 The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta brings is a huge event that has a weekly attendance of over one million attendees. So, with that many people enjoying all the beautiful hot air balloons, traffic can be a nightmare to get to the place where the event takes place. The Balloon Fiesta is a must-see event that is on most people’s bucket list of places to travel to and is well worth the time spent in the traffic to get to the parking lot. The time spent in traffic doesn’t have to be long or stressful if you choose some of the alternative ways to travel to the Balloon Fiesta. Whether you traveled far or live in town, there are many options for transportation to get to the Balloon Fiesta Park. Each mode of transportation has advantages and disadvantages so I will list the ways that I am aware of, so you can decide which option is best.

Traveling by Car
 Most people think that the only way to get to the Balloon Fiesta is by a car and that is just one of many ways to get to the Balloon Fiesta Park. If you drive to the event, you will have to pay $15 cash to park your car. The parking attendants only take cash so make sure to bring $15 or more in cash to the event. Trust me, more cash is better so you can buy some delicious food on vendors row. Some of the vendors only take cash for their breakfast burritos, coffee, or funnel cakes

 If you choose to travel by car to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, make sure to give yourself plenty of time as there may be lots of traffic. On the busiest days of the hot air balloon fiesta the parking lots can fill up fast and there tends to be a lot of traffic. That can mean you can be stuck in traffic for more than an hour. So, I recommend allowing yourself at least 1 ½ hours travel time so you don’t miss the Mass Ascension of all the hot air balloons in the sky.  I prefer to get to the hot air balloon event earlier and then I use that time to buy myself a delicious breakfast burrito and check all the booths on vendor row. The busiest days of the balloon fiesta are the weekends, Thursday, and Friday. Check out a map of the balloon fiesta park that includes directions.

We love watching the hot air balloons inflate 

Park and Ride
 If you don’t want to deal with the traffic of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, taking the Park and Ride is a wonderful option. You simply drive to one of the many Park and Ride lots, park your car, and board a bus that takes you to the event. There is a cost to ride the bus but it does include admission to the event. Your ticket includes round trip transportation so when you are ready to go back to your car, you can board one of the many Park and Ride buses. One of the perks of the Park and Ride ticket is having a separate line to get into the balloon event so you will be able to avoid the long ticket line. You can buy the Park and Ride bus tickets online at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta website.

RideShare Car service
You can schedule a rideshare car like Uber or Lyft to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The event even has a drop off parking lot for these drivers that gets you close to the entrance. These cars do have to travel on the same roads that all the other cars travel on so there will still be traffic, but you won’t have the stress of as you can sit back and let your driver handle that. You also do not have to pay for parking.

This is one of many special shaped balloons at the fiesta

 As a local resident of Albuquerque, I like to travel by bike to get to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta so I can avoid the $15 parking fee. This gives me some great exercise and the event even offers free parking for your bike in a secure bike lot. The secure bike lot at the balloon fiesta park is staffed by local people who love to bike and this lot is very close to the Balloon Fiesta entrance, so less walking for you. Albuquerque has many bike paths that lead to the Balloon Fiesta Park so you don’t have to ride your bike in the street. Click HERE to read an in-depth article that has plenty of must-read information about biking to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. This article has information about the bike paths and what you need to bring, like a bike light, to safely ride to see all the beautiful hot air balloons.

Tour Bus
 An option to consider when booking your travel arrangements to the International Balloon Fiesta is touring with a group. The tour group travel agent takes care of all the details for you like hotel, admission tickets, and transportation to the event so you don’t have to worry about that. Sometimes the tour groups even include a tour bus to even get to Albuquerque. If you are an individual looking to join a tour that includes visits to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta click HERE and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for info.

To be able to float up in the sky in a hot air balloon is a dream

Rail Runner Train
 On weekends the Rail Runner Train offers a package that includes an event admission ticket to the Balloon Fiesta. The Rail Runner is a local New Mexico train that travels from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and also to Belen. You can board the train in many places in New Mexico and take the train to the Jefferson stop. At this train stop, there will be a bus that takes you to the Balloon Fiesta Park.

The Balloon Glow is a must-see event at the Balloon Fiesta

 You can even walk to the biggest hot air balloon show if you are one of the lucky ones who live near the Balloon Fiesta grounds. You can also walk to the Balloon Fiesta Park and avoid the traffic if you are staying at the official Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta RV campground or the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park Glamping campground. These places are right near the event so you can walk to see the hot air balloons or take the Balloon Fiesta courtesy shuttle. The Glamping tents were a huge hit the first year in 2018 so the Balloon Fiesta park double the number of available tents in 2019. The closest hotels are about 1 mile away from the Balloon Fiesta Park so if you want some healthy exercise, booking a room at these hotels would be a good option. There are also Airbnbs that are near the Abq Balloon Fiesta park that is within walking distance.

 So there are many options for transportation to consider to arrive at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta beyond renting or driving a car. So once you decided that you will be attending the most spectacular event in New Mexico, then consider how you will get to the event from the place you are staying. Your mode of transportation may help you with your travel decisions like the hotel that you will be staying at. You made a great decision to attend an up close to the hot air balloon event. If you need more information about the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta be sure to visit these other informative articles that I wrote about the hot air balloon fiesta. I have been attending the over 500 hot air balloon show for over 10 years so I have lots of insider information that will help you experience the hot air balloon show in an amazing way. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is more than seeing hot air balloons float in the sky. It is an up-close to the hot air balloon event like no other in the world. Maybe that is why it is called the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta as it is the best.

My favorite hot air balloons are the Bees

Discover the Balloon Fiesta up close

How to bike to the Balloon Fiesta

Over 500 hot air balloons drifting in the air

The best Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta tips

Nightglow at the balloon fiesta

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon up close?

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Monday, December 9, 2019

The Best No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bars

These tasty granola bars are a perfect way to sneak healthy fiber into our bodies.

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   Most people, including kids, do not get enough fiber every day. This lack of fiber can leave kids struggling in the bathroom when it comes to doing their number two. Not being able to poop regularly or straining when doing the poop can lead to discomfort and tummy aches in kids. Sometimes just adding a natural fiber supplement to a kid's diet is all it takes to help kids avoid constipation. Sure, you make sure that your kids eat plenty of fruits and veggies as well as whole grains but that still does not amount to the needed fiber that kids need daily.

  The problem that I have with my older kids is getting them to take a daily fiber supplement as they don't realize that they need it. I don't even know if they have potty problems as it is not cool to discuss poop with your mom. So I have no idea if my boys who are 11 and 13 are able to do the number two without any problems. The younger one does fart a lot which can be an indicator of potty problems but he never complains of a stomach ache. The older one is a picky eater and does not like fruits and veggies.

This mom has to be sneaky

 So, I know that my boys could benefit by taking my favorite pink fiber supplement but that would involve me sneaking some Regular Girl into their oatmeal after it's cooked or into a glass of milk. The boys would not even notice if I added a scoop of this tasteless fiber supplement to their food as it adds no taste, aroma, or texture. The problem is they eat breakfast before I am up and if they saw me adding the prebiotic fiber supplement to their food, they would not eat it as they think only hippy moms take supplements. So, I have learned that the best way to get fiber into my boys is with delicious recipes that they will eat for breakfast. As long as it tastes good, my boys will have no clue that they are loaded with fiber. My recipe for delicious high-fiber granola bars is at the end of this post after some amazing parent advice for helping your kids be regular and avoid constipation.

Save 10% on Regular Girl with my coupon code MOMKNOBEST10

Fiber is good for kids and these fiber bars are
~ Delicous 
~ High in Fiber
~ Chewy
~ Made with wholesome ingredients
~ Plant-based
~ Dairy-free

Look at these ingredients that are filled with fiber!
~ Oatmeal
~ Sunflower seeds
~ Flaxseed
~ Pumpkin seeds 
~ Cranberries
~ Chocolate chips
~ Sea salt
~Regular Girl
~ Peanut butter
~ Maple syrup

You need up to 38 grams of fiber daily. Most of us get just 10 to 15 grams. Regular Girl helps you add more fiber to your diet.

 Most people think that fiber is for old people or people who are constipated. Or people think that fiber will have them on the potty all day. Then there are the people, like my husband who thinks that fiber will give you gas or diarrhea. So they avoid fiber as they don't want to be embarrassed by farting or inconvenienced with having to poop at work or school. If you are eating the right amount or types of fiber, that will not happen.
 Pooping every day, even several times a day is normal as long as your poop looks ok. Want to teach your kids about poop without having to say anything that will embarrass them? Then click HERE to print a handy poop chart that you can hang in the bathroom. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to get the poop chart. Here is one of several facts that are on this chart that even includes drawings so kids and adults can understand if they are getting enough fiber.

How often should I be going #2?
People are often confused
about regularity. Follow the 3-3
rule: You should go no more
then three times a day, and
no less than once every three
days. Ideally, you should poop
something like type 3 or 4 on
the chart, daily.

Regular Girl is made for kids and adults

Save 10% on Regular Girl with my coupon code MOMKNOBEST10

 The name Regular Girl may make you think that it is a fiber supplement for girls but it is an amazing supplement for everyone, even guys. This prebiotic fiber was formulated for women by a woman nutritionist and dietitian but can be used by anyone who wants to get their digestive system and pooping on track for a comfortable and healthy day. I discovered several years ago that this amazing natural supplement, when taken first thing in the morning, can help you get your number two done before you head out the door for the day. That is a huge benefit for kids as they usually don't have enough time at school to use the bathroom or are embarrassed to poop at school. This fiber supplement is safe for kids and will not create excess gas or bloating. It is usually the lack of fiber that causes stomach discomfort. Regular Girl is an excellent source of fiber, delivering 5 grams of clinically proven soluble fiber per serving, and delivers true regularity by addressing occasional constipation or diarrhea.

Regular Girl Fiber has:
No dairy, soy, sugar, salt, wheat, eggs, artificial flavors, or other potential allergens.
No taste, odor, or grit. Mix with your favorite beverage or add to smoothies, cold cereals, and more.

Save 10% on Regular Girl with my coupon code MOMKNOBEST10

 If you are able to add Regular Girl to your child's breakfast that is awesome but if your kid refuses to try this natural fiber supplement then you need to be creative. This tasteless powder mixes well into oatmeal (after cooking), peanut butter, smoothies, milk, juice, and even is great in recipes like no-bake granola bars. I don't recommend baking with Regular Girl as heat can decrease the active probiotics.

Fiber also helps your body feel satisfied so you will eat less and foods with fiber can help you burn more fat! Click HERE to see 10 healthy foods that help with fat-burning

 These delicious No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bars taste better than the store-bought fiber bars and don't make kids fart. My boys love those high-fiber packaged brownies but they sure do make them pass way too much gas. My boys think farting is funny but this mom does not! So I make them delicious granola bars that are healthy for breakfast and so easy to make. These high-fiber bars are easy for my boys to grab for a quick breakfast and have natural fiber ingredients in them, unlike the store-bought fiber bars. These delicious breakfast bars are also made with plant-based ingredients so they are dairy-free and great for a vegan diet. The wholesome bars even have protein in them from the creamy peanut butter and all the nuts and seeds. You can use different nuts or substitute raisins for the dried cranberries. You can even add chocolate chips to the granola bars. Make sure to let the bars set for an hour before slicing. 

I like to wrap the bars in wax paper so my boys can grab one every day for breakfast or pack in their lunch. These delicious bars also are great for after-school snacks. I got the idea for these healthy granola bars from the Regular Girl recipe website so if you need more inspiration for ways to use Regular Girl in recipes, there are many delicious recipes.

If you liked this recipe, be sure to Pin It on Pinterest! 

Check out some other healthy after school snacks that kids will eat! 

 My no-bake high-fiber breakfast bars are so delicious that kids will love them. The creamy peanut butter and maple syrup add such an awesome sweet flavor to them, that I just had to lick the spoon after I melted them in the microwave.

 Make sure to thoroughly mix the melted peanut butter and maple syrup into the dry ingredients. The dry ingredients, except the chocolate chips, are loaded with healthy fiber. Regular Girl adds not only some additional fiber but also some gut-healthy probiotics. So these granola bars will also help kids' digestive systems and immunity. 

Making a flaxseed meal is so easy!

  Flaxseed Meal has a mild, nutty flavor and contains a wealth of omega-3 fatty acids. I like to buy whole flaxseeds for my smoothie as I think they stay fresher longer. So my high-speed mixer grinds them up as flaxseed needs to ground up for your body to absorb the nutrients. So when using flaxseeds in recipes, it is best to use a flaxseed meal. Since I only had whole flaxseeds, I used my coffee grinder to make the flaxseed into a flaxseed meal. 

To help the parchment paper not shift, add a couple of drops of water to the pan before laying down the paper

 After mixing the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, it is time to press it into a 9X13 baking dish that is lined with parchment paper. To help the parchment paper not shift, add a couple of drops of water to the baking dish before laying down the paper. That way the paper stays put and makes it easier to press the mix into. Make sure to firmly press the granola bar mix into the baking dish. You can use a spoon or clean hands. I find that pressing the mixture with your hands helps them to form better in bars. If you don't like the idea of using your hands, then lay another piece of parchment paper over it before pressing. The better you press the mixture the more they will not fall apart. The addition of the chocolate chips will also help the bars stay together.

Peanut butter and chocolate are so good together

 After the breakfast bar mixture has set in the fridge for a least an hour, it is time to slice them into individual bars. I like to cut my bars into long rectangles but squares also work. To make the bars easier for the kids to grab for breakfast or to pack into their lunches, wrap the fiber bars in wax paper or plastic wrap. You can also place the fiber granola bars into small containers. It is best to store the breakfast bars in the fridge as that will help them stay together. These granola bars are soft and moist with lots of sweet flavors. The peanut butter and chocolate just blend so well together. If your kids are not fond of cranberries or pumpkin seeds, then use another nut and raisins. You can even make them without the chocolate chips. To reduce the sugar content, you can use a sugar-free maple syrup. I like to use maple syrup that is made from monk fruit. I use a zero-calorie monk fruit blend in my cookies all the time and my family can't tell the difference from regular sugar. I used this delicious low-glycemic natural sweetener in my favorite Christmas sugar cookie recipe the other day and they were so delicious. 

Save 10% on Regular Girl with my coupon code MOMKNOBEST10

Get the Best Sugar Cookie Recipe HERE 

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No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bar

No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bar

Yield: 20-24
Author: Mom Knows Best
These delicious No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bars taste better than the store-bought fiber bars and don't make kids fart.


  • 3 cups regular oats
  • 2 cups roasted sunflower seeds, unsalted
  • 1 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1 cup roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds without the shell)
  • 1 ½ cups dried cranberries
  • 1 cup dark vegan chocolate chips, optional
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 4 packets Regular Girl prebiotic soluble fiber and probiotic blend
  • 1 ½ cups creamy peanut butter
  • 1 ½ cups maple syrup


  1. Line a 9-by-13-inch baking pan with parchment paper, overlapping the edges of the pan.
  2. Combine oats,  flaxseed, pepitas, cranberries, salt, sunflower seeds, and Regular Girl in a large mixing bowl.  Also, add the chocolate chips if using in the recipe.
  3. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine peanut butter and maple syrup. Place in microwave and cook 1 ½ to 2 minutes, or until mixture is a thin, pourable consistency.
  4. Add peanut butter mixture to dry ingredients and mix together until well combined. Place mixture in prepared pan.
  5. Place in refrigerator for 1 hour to set, then cut into bars.
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