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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Benefits Of Watching TV With Younger Kids

Parents need not feel guilty about their kids watching TV

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  As a parent of young children, you want to do the best job of raising your kids. You want your kids to learn so they can be a smart kid when they head off to school. So before your child is even born, you read books about how to successfully raise your child. You feed your kid the best healthy food and buy them the educational toys. You have the best plans to read to them daily and you may even be the parent who says " my child will never watch TV!" So you do your best and attempted to make homemade baby food only to discover how time-consuming it is. You spend hours a day reading books to your children and teaching them their ABC's and then reality hits you.

You discover that raising a child is the hardest job that you have ever had but something inside, (that thing called love), of you, makes you never quit. You realize that it can be tough to keep your child from watching the television so you give in and let your child watch Paw Patrol. Then the mom guilt sets in and you wonder if it is ok to let your toddler or preschooler watch TV. As a mom of five, I say TV watching can be beneficial for younger kids but as with all things it should be done with limits.

 I have raised five kids. My oldest is 29 and my youngest is 11 years old with 3 others in between. I allowed my children to watch the big box called the television and my kids turned out just fine. Two of my oldest kids were valedictorians of their graduating high school class. One of these kids is attending the Merchant Marine Academy and another older child served in the Navy and is currently working as a diesel mechanic. The two younger kids are in the gifted program at their middle school. So they were not hurt by watching tv but I did place limits on their tv viewing and did not use the TV as a babysitter. I used technology to help my child succeed.

Helping Your Child Succeed In School 

 Where kids are concerned, TV can get a bad rap, but with healthy viewing habits and parental supervision, limited “screen time” can be a positive experience for children. Watching tv shows that are geared towards younger kids can actually benefit kids in many ways. TV watching can be a safe activity for kids. When I talk about TV being beneficial to kids, I am talking about kids who are ages 2+.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has some good recommendations on digital media for younger kids and I agree with their below statement.

 Limit digital media for your youngest family members. Avoid digital media for toddlers younger than 18 to 24 months other than video chatting. For children 18 to 24 months, watch digital media with them because they learn from watching and talking with you. Limit screen use for preschool children, ages 2 to 5, to just 1 hour a day of high-quality programming. Again co-viewing is best when possible and for young children, they learn best when they are re-taught in the real world what they just learned through a screen. So, if Ernie just taught the letter D, you can reiterate this later when you are having dinner or spending time with your child.

1. TV can help kids learn 

 My kids grew up watching Sesame Street and this educational show helped them to learn things like their ABCs as the fun songs reinforced the learning that was happening at home. Shows that are geared towards kids can make learning fun and give parents ideas on learning activities to do with their kids once the show is over. Watching their favorite TV character bake cookies can lead to a lesson in math when mom or dad later that day bake cookies together. Sometimes these educational children shows teach kids words or lessons on how to be nice to their friends. I remember when my son was at the zoo looking at the monkeys and he said:" look at their habitat." This child was only 2 at the time but he had learned about animals and their habitats from a kid's TV show. My oldest daughter was reading chapter books in kindergarten and I think that our daily reading along with a children's TV show made reading fun for her.

2, Interactive play

 When kids see their favorite characters from shows like Paw Patrol putting out fires and rescuing cats, they then take those experiences when they are playing with friends. The shows can spark their imagination so they are out in the yard pretending to put out make-believe fires. Think back to your childhood and think about a tv show or a movie that you had fun role-playing with your friends. I loved to imagine that I was Cinderella while my friends were the ugly stepsisters. Preschoolers’ shows are especially effective for generating ideas for learning activities and using characters to motivate kids.

3. Motivate kids to read books

 Reading books to kids is always a good thing to help them learn. A topic on a children's TV show can spark your child to want to learn more about that topic. So you can head to the library and check out books that pertain to that. While at the library, you can even find books that have stories and learning activities from your child's favorite TV show. I remember when grandma gave my kids books that were based on Sesame Street and they not only contained great stories that my kids loved for me to read to them but they had learning activities that taught my kids how to count and match.

4. Encourage exercise

 Exercise is always a good thing, even for kids. I think playing outside is the best way for kids to get exercise but on days that the weather does not cooperate, a kid's TV show may be the thing to help kids burn off some extra energy. It is way more fun to dance and jump with a favorite TV character, especially when mom joins in. When my kids were little and it was too cold to get outside, I would put on some music and we would have a blast dancing in the living room. Back then, there were not many TV shows that encouraged kids to move. Parents today can easily find a children's show that has kids dancing and singing.

5. Downtime or mom time

 I admit that I have used TV for sanity moments or for times that I needed to get something done. I have allowed my children to watch a children's television show when my kids were driving me crazy and I just needed a break. I also have turned on the TV when I need to get something done and the kids would not stop interrupting me. I admit that the educational tv show was able to rescue me at that moment and sure I could have done something else. It is OK once in a while to let your kids watch TV so you can get something done or for a much-needed sanity break. 

Tips for safe TV time

 While TV can be beneficial to kids, too much screen time is not a good thing and may interfere with their behavior and development. We parents are our kid's best teachers and we should not rely on children's TV shows to be a replacement for our attention and teaching. We should at all times know what are kids are watching and follow some guidelines when it comes to kids and TV viewing. So here are some of my tips for safe TV time with children.

Limit the amount of TV time
 Kids ages 2-5 should only be watching 1 hour of TV per day according to the American Academy of Pediatrics*. So that usually means 2(30 minute) shows a day. That way TV viewing does not interfere with things like playing outside, reading books, and playing with toys. This includes watching shows on tablets while grocery shopping or during car trips. Kids can become addicted to screen time and may not learn how to entertain themselves or use their imagination.

  I know it is easier to get the grocery shopping done when your child is watching a movie on a device but this time instead could be one that you involve your child in. When they are young, use this time to talk to them about the different items that you see in the store. Have them be your helpers and give them simple tasks like putting the cans of food in the cart or selecting which apples to buy. You are your child's greatest teacher and a trip to the grocery store can be a great learning time. One of my pet peeves is seeing young kids on their parent's phones while they are in stores. Once I even saw a kid playing games on the phone at the zoo. Stores offer so much for kids to look at, so while they are young, stop giving them the phone and allow them to look at things. Another bonus is you don,t have to worry about your phone get damaged.

 My kids do not watch shows while in the car unless we are on vacation. Even then I set limits to the amount of time they can have on their kid-friendly tablets. For daily car trips, they listen to music and sing along or they look out the window. When my family traveled by train earlier this year, I brought with other activities so my kids were not on electronic devices the whole time. My boys enjoyed playing board games while on the train much more than watching movies. Kids may get cranky in the car but offer them books or talk to them.

Monitor what they watch

 Kids are like sponges and they can pick up things like bad words from TV shows that are not geared for kids. So, allow kids to watch tv shows that are made for kids on channels that are geared to kids like Nick Jr. and PBS. If possible watch the children's TV shows with your kids or be in a room that allows you to see the TV. So let the kids watch TV while you clean the dishes but make an effort to pay attention to the show so you can later re-teach something that was on the show. For example, if the letter of the day was B, later that day you can point out items that start with the letter B to reinforce their learning.

Set rules

 It is always a good rule for the child to ask if he can watch tv so they know that mom or dad choose when it is TV time. When you do approve of TV time, let them know how many shows they will be watching so they will not be upset when the tv is turned off. Have a couple of parent-approved channels or shows so it will be easier to select what shows the child can watch. Kids thrive on routine and repetition so having TV time at the same time every day will help cut back on kids asking if they can watch TV. So if your child knows that they get to watch a kid's show after breakfast, they will not ask to watch TV before naptime.

No TV in bedrooms

 Kids need their sleep and having a TV in their bedroom will interfere with healthy sleep habits. It is also hard to monitor what they are watching if the TV is not in your viewing range. Having a TV in the playroom is ok when it is a safe TV for kids. A kid-friendly TV that offers educational content and kid-friendly apps is a good choice for the playroom.

 Ematic just introduced the first-ever PAW Patrol™ TV and this adorable pup-themed TV is perfect for every fan of the hit Nickelodeon show. The 32” TV has a built-in TV Tuner and HD LED display and comes equipped with a matching “Pup Pad” remote, so kids can access all their favorite channels and shows. Loaded with a multitude of high-end functions, the PAW Patrol™ TV from Ematic is built for kids but parents will enjoy it too! Featuring a high definition display resolution, ultra-fast response time and closed captions, this TV is fun for kids and doesn't compromise on the most innovative features available today. This fun TV is available at Walmart.com at a parent-friendly suggested retail price of $129.99.

Watch the shows with your kids

When you choose to watch educational children's tv shows with your kids, you can take what they learned and turn them into learning opportunities later that day or week. If you noticed that the show was discussing about cleaning up their toys, then later in the day when it is time for your child to clean up her toys, you can reference back to the show. If the characters in the show visited a museum, then your child will be excited later when you take him to a museum.

Embrace technology

 When a kid heads to school, chances are they will be learning how to use a computer. Computers are the future so giving them time on electronic devices like a computer or TV can help them be prepared for school. I know that my boys had computer classes starting in first grade and now in middle school, most of their homework is on the computer. So a kid-friendly tv and remote can teach your children the basics of technology. Pressing buttons on kid-friendly remote can teach them about technology and recognition of symbols. They are also learning cause and effect. You don't have to worry about your kids breaking your fancy remote control or messing up your TV programs.

*Limit digital media for your youngest family members. Avoid digital media for toddlers younger than 18 to 24 months other than video chatting. For children 18 to 24 months, watch digital media with them because they learn from watching and talking with you. Limit screen use for preschool children, ages 2 to 5, to just 1 hour a day of high-quality programming. Again co-viewing is best when possible and for young children, they learn best when they are re-taught in the real world what they just learned through a screen. So, if Ernie just taught the letter D, you can reiterate this later when you are having dinner or spending time with your child.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The 7 Best Unique Gift Ideas For The Hard To Shop For Person

Need a unique gift idea for the hard to shop for friend?

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 Buying Christmas gifts can be fun but it can also be stressful as there is always that one person on your holiday gift list who is hard to shop for. It seems that there is always one person who seems to have everything they want or they buy themselves everything their heart desires. Then there is the other person who is ultra picky so buying for them is hard. Then there may be the person who is trying to declutter or just wants no gifts and that leaves you at wondering what to buy this friend on your Christmas gift list. So I have a list of gift ideas that would be perfect for the hard to shop for person. Take a look at my unique gift ideas and you may just find the perfect gift for one or more family members or friends.

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1. Drinkmate Countertop Drink Maker

 The Drinkmate Countertop Drink Maker is the first and only carbonation system that can carbonate any beverage. This fun machine creates fun drinks and is perfect for holiday get-togethers. You can add sparkling bubbles to any liquid of your choice. Liquids like water, juices, iced tea or coffee, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and even flat soda or beer. This drink maker needs no batteries or electricity and does not take up much space. This drink maker is a gift that is eco-friendly as it includes a reusable bottle and it will also save money as you can stop buying all those bottled drinks at the store.

  My boys had fun adding bubbles to juice and water. They made deliciously flavored sparkling water with the Drinkmate. The machine was super easy to assemble and it has been helping my boys drink more water as they love the bubbles in their drinks. This item would also make a great gift in a stocking or under the tree! Available in three modern colors: Royal red, Matte black and Ivory white.
Available: Amazon 

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2. 12 days of superfood teas & lattes

 Combine 12 superfood teas and lattes with an advent calendar format, and what do you get? The 12 Days of Organic Traditions – Limited Edition Holiday Box is the perfect gift for almost anyone on your gift list. This awesome box contains 12 different delicious drink mixes so that special someone can sip their way through delicious superfood teas & lattes, all promoting a variety of health benefits.

 The gift box contains 8 Instant lattes & 4 loose leaf teas. The cute keepsake box also includes a booklet explaining each superfood ingredient and recipes. My favorite drink from the holiday box was the Beet Latte as it was so delicious and had the awesome nutrition of beets. This red drink can be made hot or cold. Check out all the other drinks that are included in the box!
Available: Organic Traditions 

1. Limited edition Mint Chocolate Latte     7. Beet Latte with Fermented Beet
2. Limited edition Red Velvet Latte              8. Macaccino Latte
3. Limited edition Holiday Spice latte          9. Matcha Latte
4. Turmeric Latte with Saffron                     10. Lemon Grass Tea
5. Premium Matcha latte                               11. Hibiscus Tea
6. Chocolate Latte with Ashwaganda        12. Holy Basil Tea

3. Haute Cocoa® Body Gift

 Satisfy that chocolate craving with a special gift for the chocoholic in your life or yourself. The Haute Cocoa® Body Gift set features a sample-sized collection of our rich dark chocolate line. Made with blends of real cocoa, honey, plant oils, and botanical extracts that nourish the skin with caffeine and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. It is perfect for any chocoholic and smells like chocolate. The set includes a detoxifying cocoa masks, aromatherapy candles, an exfoliating rich dark chocolate scrub, and smooth, moisturizing body butter. This is the perfect gift for your best friend. Available: Waxing Kara 

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4. Holiday Floral Arrangements

 Send or gift the ultimate holiday surprise of fresh and festive flowers with a joyful bouquet from Teleflora, the world’s leading floral gifting service. The new Christmas lineup includes artistically curated arrangements. These beautiful flowers are always made by hand and delivered by hand by a local florist. This holiday season, Love Out Loud and deliver a cheerful, heart-melting gifting experience that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

 Surprise someone with this stunning centerpiece that is overflowing with red roses, red carnations, chrysanthemums, fresh winter greens accented with silver berries and, natural pinecones. The flowers are arranged in a crosscut mercury glass bowl that can be used in many ways after Christmas. These flowers not only look amazing but they also smell so wonderful. Flowers always brighten my day and make any room look amazing as they are the perfect decoration. I just love the vase that came with this bouquet of flowers and I will be using it in my bathroom for a makeup storage container as it will look so pretty on my vanity. Teleflora has many holiday floral arrangements to fit almost any budget,
Available: Teleflora

The 10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Toddlers And Preschoolers 

5. Food Huggers

 Nobody wants to waste food, and yet we’ve all done it more than we want to admit. To help save some of those half-eaten onions and tomatoes that get forgotten at the back of the fridge, Food Huggers invented a set of patented reusable silicone covers that keep food fresh and offer an alternative to using wasteful single-use plastic wrap, plastic baggies or foil. This year, give a gift that helps your friends and family kick two bad habits with one simple set of Food Huggers. Food Huggers are colorful, fun and easy to use. Reducing plastic waste and food waste is a great gift to give.

 These colorful silicone covers are the perfect product to wrap up so many food items. I love using the food huggers to cover a half of avocado and a grapefruit half. That way I can enjoy them later. The butter hugger is perfect for a stick of butter, especially when the recipe only calls for a couple of tablespoons. My butter stays fresh and clean until I need it for the next recipe.
Available: Amazon

6. Bumpin Blends smoothie cubes

  Looking for the perfect gift for a mom to be or a new mama? This customized smoothies delivery program is the perfect way to help someone get the nutrition that their growing body or baby needs. Bumpin Blends is a delicious smoothie subscription that is fully customizable based on taste preference, dietary restrictions, and food aversions. The smoothie blends arrive in frozen cubes that are so easy to toss into a blender with the liquid of your choice. I love that there are so many delicious flavors to select from. Flavors like Cherry Dreams, Peanut Butter Cup, Cookie Dough to name a few. The delicious drinks also have ingredients in them to support symptoms that pregnant mamas experience.

 The frozen smoothie cubes are made from organic, whole-food ingredients that are scientifically supported to be safe and beneficial for pregnant women. Each of their 22 smoothie blends is designed to support particular symptoms of motherhood from pregnancy symptoms (like morning sickness and swollen ankles) to postpartum needs (like boosting milk supply and mood) to the many needs of an on-the-go mom (like energy and reducing anxiety). When you order the delicious smoothies, you fill in your symptoms, due date or baby’s age, and dietary preferences so the drinks are made for your needs. What a great way for moms and almost anyone who loves smoothies to get some amazing nutrition. One-time smoothie bundles and lactation cookie bundles are available too.
Available: Bumpin Blends

7. Reminder Binder planner

 The perfect gift for almost anyone who needs to remember important dates, appointments, and other activities. The Reminder Binder helps you keep track of almost anything and has plenty of space for notes. This 18-month calendar planner book includes monthly and weekly calendars as well as places for notes. As a blogger, I love it for keeping track of all my assignments, expenses, and payments. You can read my full review over HERE. You can save money on this amazing planner with my code momknowsbest. There are many styles to select from.
Available: HERE

Use code momknowsbest at checkout for 30% off your order! 

Which unique gift would you love to receive?

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Best Black Friday Deals At Lowes

Black Friday is the perfect start to home improvement projects

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 In the past couple of years, my husband and I have been busy with some home improvement projects. These remodeling projects have always started with a trip to a home improvement store. While at the hardware store for something like a piece of wood, we always like to browse other departments to look at the latest appliances and other home improvement products. Then the dreaming starts and my husband and I begin to plan our next project in our home as we work to update our home. Three years ago, we started our bathroom remodeling project after we had some extra money from a car insurance settlement. My husband's car was totaled and since he was taking the bus to work we decide to use the money to renovate our master bathroom instead of buying a new car. The ironic thing is the bathroom project costs were half the amount of what a new car would cost. Keep reading to find out all the details about Lowes Black Friday Ad!

  This year our home project was installing new floors downstairs as the carpet was 22 years old and in bad shape. We decided to embark on this home improvement project after I went to Lowe's for their Black Friday sales last year. I think I went shopping at Lowes for a birthday present for my husband. My husband was born on Thanksgiving so I always take advantage of Lowe's Black Friday deals for his present. I love saving money for gifts and lowe's always had great discounts after Thanksgiving. My husband loves to receive things like tools and other home improvement items for his birthday. So as I was looking for a present for my husband, I had to look at the flooring section as I was tired of looking at my dirty worn carpet that was in my house.

 While browsing the flooring section of Lowe's, I saw ceramic tiles that looked like wood and this is what started our new flooring project. I wanted the look of wood in the downstairs area of my house but I wanted the durability of tile. So when I got home from shopping, I convinced my husband that it was time to replace the downstairs carpet with ceramic tile. My husband liked the idea of having no carpet and also loved the wood look of the porcelain tiles that I selected. I loved the idea of how much easier it would be to clean the tiles. We ended up installing this tile in the family room and the entryway. We installed carpet in the two front rooms that don't get much traffic.

Head HERE to see the Lowe's Black Friday 2019 AD.

  I am known for my discount shopping and for the use of coupons when shopping. So I love shopping the sales on Black Friday. This is the time of year when the stores offer some amazing discounts. When I shop the sales on Black Friday, I like to head to Lowe's for things for the house. This is the best time to replace appliances. One year I scored a great deal on a microwave and another year I was able to get a new dryer for a great price. I also find amazing deals for my husband's birthday presents. One year, my Lowe's find was a new fancy drill for my husband and the year before that it was a firepit. I also love scoring deals on the paint at Lowe's as we always need paint for our home remodeling projects. Now that my son lives near us we can take advantage of his military discount and no longer need those 10% coupons that Lowe's offers.

I haven't seen the Lowe's Black Friday ad for this year so I am not sure what I will be buying my husband for his birthday gift or holiday gift. Yes, while I am shopping for my husband's birthday, I also buy his Christmas gift. My husband has been wanting a compressor for his workshop so I am hoping that they will be on sale. My husband could use a new trimmer for the yard or a new drill.

I am hoping that Lowe's has some awesome large appliance deals as I have been wanting to replace my refrigerator now that I have a new stove in my kitchen. A counter-depth fridge that matches my oven range would be ideal. That way my appliances all match. My fridge is over 10 years old and may need replacing. I just love looking at all the new appliances at Lowe's as I love checking out all the new features. I love to open the doors on the large appliances so I can see what they look like on the inside. 

More Ways to Save at Lowe's on Black Friday
  • The Lowe's Advantage credit card offers 5% off your purchases, but make sure to read all the terms and conditions before you apply to see if it's right for you.
  • Be sure to compare competitors' prices. Lowe's Price Match Guarantee is available in-store on Black Friday, which means you could score an extra discount if you find a lower price elsewhere.
  • Lowe's offers a 10% discount for all active military personnel and veterans. Once you register, you can use the discount online or in-store.
  • Be sure to check Lowe's rebate center to find or track rebates for the items you've purchased.
Did you know that Lowe's has a Price Match Guarantee that is available in-store and you can take advantage of this on Black Friday? Check out other ways that you can maximize your savings on Black Friday. Head HERE to see all the details about Lowe's Black Friday Deals.

What are your favorite items to buy at Lowe's?

Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Home renovation is an inevitable activity for any homeowner. These are the biggest mistakes people make when renovating their home.

Having recently installing new floors and carpet in my home this year, I can understand so many of these below concerns when renovating your home. This article explains some of the common mistakes that people make when doing renovations to their homes.

Cheap or Poor Quality Materials
 It goes without saying that you can save a lot of money upfront by going with cheaper materials, especially if it's going to be a rental. It's a really fine balance between picking materials to the highest return on their investment. Although going with cheaper materials can save you a lot of money in the short term, in the long term, it ends up costing you more when you have to replace them. It is more important to get quality materials and tools, like Generac, than going for the cheapest thing out there. It'll cost more upfront, but it will save more money in the future.

Not Fixing Everything You Can
 Whenever modeling a property, it's a lot easier to get it done right now than wait a few weeks or even a few months for the problem to get worse and then you're forced to replace it. Do it immediately. Don't wait just because it's working right now and maybe has a few months or a year of life left in it. Don't wait until it breaks in one hand, and then you have an even bigger problem. It's better to spend the extra money and get it fixed right now and put it off in the future because you're going to need to do it anyway at some point.

Carpets in Rental Properties
 Carpet gets really dirty. Carpet needs to be replaced really often between tenants, and it ends up costing you a lot more money to keep replacing carpet than just doing laminate hardwood floors at the very beginning and having those last a very long time. If you just end up replacing the carpet twice every 3 years, already that will cost more than laminate floors, which could last 15 years or more.

Underestimating Cost of Repair
 It's always going to be more expensive than what you planned. When you start remodelling, you begin to notice all the little things you never paid any attention to, especially when you begin opening up walls and looking under the house. You always find additional things that need repair. But again, it's better to get all of these things done now upfront than wait a few years and they maybe get worse and more expensive. Plus, you always get unexpected things that tend to come up modeling a place or you just decide to change things out as you go along. And maybe your ideas change.

Friday, November 15, 2019

The 9 Best Small Gifts For Health & Beauty

Looking for a unique gift that is beauty and health-related?

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I received samples of the following products.

 When you buy gifts that are beauty-related or that are considered healthy, you can't go wrong. Most people just buy basic items for their personal care items and never think to splurge on themselves. So the holidays are a perfect time to buy a Christmas gift that is a splurge gift for a beauty item. I know that I would love a holiday gift that is both useful and fun at the same time. This list of health and beauty items are perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers or holiday gift exchanges between friends or co-workers. You should stock up on some of these unique gift ideas and wrap them up so you will have some last-minute holiday gifts. That way when you get an unexpected gift from someone, you will have the perfect gift to give back. These gifts are also great for gifts for the babysitter or teachers. Many of the gifts are under $25!

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1. Cleanlogic Purifying Charcoal Mesh Bath Sponge & 
     4 in 1 Foot Buffer

  Give the gift of clean skin and soft feet. These bath items are perfect for the shower and will be used by almost anyone. The mesh sponge not only cleans the body but helps draw impurities out of the skin. I love the foot brush as it keeps my heels nice and soft. These items would be great for the Christmas stockings.

The Cleanlogic Purifying Charcoal Mesh Bath Sponge is infused with charcoal to enhance the cleansing process by drawing out impurities and gently exfoliating your skin to deliver a smoother, softer, brighter-looking complexion. Available: Amazon

The Cleanlogic 4 in 1 Foot Buffer & Brush cleans feet and polishes rough, dry areas for a smooth finish. Use the brush side to scrub feet. Rub away dry, dead skin with the metal rasp. Use the pumice side to gently polish away rough patches. Then use the file to buff the skin for a clean finish. Available: Amazon

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2. OMORFIE Let’s Get Lush

 OMORFIE is an Australian haircare brand that is perfect for anyone who cares about looking great and doing their part for the environment! The brand has all-natural products that are completely safe for people and the planet alike. OMORFIE products are natural, sustainable and cruelty-free as well as sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free. As an added bonus, the Let’s Get Lush’ product line is vegan-friendly and packaged in completely recyclable bottles, made from recycled materials. Available: OMORFIE

3. MineTan 

 Research shows that a whopping 86% of melanomas are caused by the sun and that more people in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer than all the other cancers combined! So instead of tanning with the sun, MineTan will help you achieve a serious tan whatever your skin type is. There are many formulas and shades to select from. These products will help your skin to have the perfect summer glow, even in the winter.

The world’s first coconut water based tan is a one-of-a-kind bronzing treatment, supercharged with antioxidants to restore skin hydration, whilst revitalizing the skin. The weightless formula absorbs quickly to lock in moisture while delivering a fast, rich super dark brown skin finish. 100% Natural DHA, Paraben Free & Vegan-Friendly. Available: Amazon 

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4. 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

 Treat someone to a luxurious silk pillowcase that is made from 100% mulberry silk. This super-soft all-natural pillowcase prevents skin creases and messy hair. Celestial Silk pillowcases regulate body temperature to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Naturally hypoallergenic to repel common allergens so you don't wake up sneezing. Select from standard, queen and king sizes in more than a dozen beautiful colors and prints.
Available: Amazon

Check out my tween holiday gift guide from last year for more ideas!

5. Oilogic Essential Oil Care

 Help a friend keep the medicine cabinet stocked with natural aids to help with those dreaded colds and coughs and other ailments that kids encounter. These essential oil care products are great for things like colds, itches, anxiety, and more. The essential oils are safe for kids and have wonder scent combinations.

Oilogic’s convenient Essential Oils are clear of synthetics and impurities, making products a safe and effective prescription alternative for adults, children, and babies. Oilogic Essential Oils are already blended and diluted so there’s no mixing involved, it’s easy to use and ready to go. Oilogic uses 26 different Essential Oils, sourced from over 13 countries where plants are indigenous. With its line of Essential Oil Roll-Ons, Oilogic makes it easy to apply, absorb and provide solutions to common troubles. Available: Amazon

6. Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber Blend

 Give the gift of a happy gut and being regular. Regular Girl contains 5 grams of clinically proven prebiotic fiber (Sunfiber®), a perfect food source for the good bacteria in your gut. It moves through your system at just the right pace without the drag of creating excess gas or bloating. Regular Girl maintains regularity and promotes wonderfully balanced intestinal health so you no longer have to deal with constipation. Just sprinkle one serving of Regular Girl into your favorite beverage or food and the comfort of a balanced day is yours. You won't taste the difference, but you'll feel the benefits. You can buy this amazing fiber in a Regular Gift starter set that comes with a cute pink water bottle and a 15 day supply of Regular Girl packets. This is my go-to travel product that is also great for kids and anyone who wants to avoid problems in the bathroom department. This once a day fiber blend you have your number 2 a regular thing so you can get your poop done before you head out the door for your day. Available: Regular Girl

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7. DentalGURU Charcoal White Toothpaste

DentalGURU Charcoal White is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who has teeth. This fluoride-free natural toothpaste not only lifts stains without harsh chemicals, but it also freshens breath with a blend of six natural essential oils headlined by peppermint for a great taste. The toothpaste also has a great taste of peppermint and a great price. You get six tubes of toothpaste for an amazing price of under $20 so you can give the gift of a great smile to everyone on your holiday gift list. This minty toothpaste would be a perfect stocking stuffer. Available: Amazon                   
8. 7th Heaven Peel -Off Face Masks

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven makes these fun peel-off face masks that are perfect for the gift of a spa day. These beauty face masks come in many different colors and great for softer cleaner skin. They contain fruits, flowers, and herbs and are so easy to peel off the skin. These individual face masks are great for stocking stuffers or as part of a beauty basket. You can find this fun face mask at most stores in the beauty section or on Amazon. I love that they come in colors like pink and gold. Some of the masks even have safe glitter on them. Made for all skin types with natural and safe ingredients. Available: Amazon

9. Haute Cocoa® Body Gift

 Satisfy that chocolate craving with a special gift for the chocoholic in your life or yourself. The Haute Cocoa® Body Gift set features a sample-sized collection of our rich dark chocolate line. Made with blends of real cocoa, honey, plant oils, and botanical extracts that nourish the skin with caffeine and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. It is perfect for any chocoholic and smells like chocolate. The set includes a detoxifying cocoa masks, aromatherapy candles, an exfoliating rich dark chocolate scrub, and smooth, moisturizing body butter. This is the perfect gift for your best friend. Available: Waxing Kara 

Which gift will you be buying for your holiday gift list?  

6 Signs You've Found a Good Eating Disorder Treatment Center

 Like nearly all mental health issues, treating eating disorders can be challenging. One thing that sets eating disorders apart from other conditions, though, is that those with eating disorders might not be able to recognize that there is a problem. Sometimes those people who have an eating disorder aren't the ones who are distressed by its manifestations. Instead, those around the person noticed symptoms that are concerning. So why exactly is an eating disorder treatment center is so vital to recovery? Here are six reasons:

1. There Are Service Options
 One of the challenges of treating an eating disorder is that most people don't fit into a neat little box of treatment options that, when applied, results in a person who no longer has to contend with it.
Some people might need the intensive therapeutic care that comes from an in-patient program while others can't get the treatment they need without having access to outpatient treatment.
Having access to an eating disorder psychologist -- either individually, in a group or both -- can give the patient access to peer groups, individualized attention and other techniques that are geared toward addressing the root causes of their eating disorder.

2. They Offer Individualized Treatment
 While many patients make an appointment with their primary care physician or another medical professional for an initial eating disorder assessment, these generalized doctors are not going to be the best blueprint for success. Just like a patient wouldn't see an ear, nose and throat doctor if they had a broken leg or a general physician if they needed dental care, specialized treatment in a facility that specializes in that aspect of healthcare is the sure way to success.

3. A Talented and Diverse Staff
 When a person is a patient at an eating disorder treatment center, they will have access to an entire team of healthcare workers who specialize in addressing the unique needs and situations that are present in those who have eating disorders. It's typical for a patient to have four or five clinicians working on their recovery. Some examples include a physician, psychologist, nutritionist and more.

4. A Comprehensive Continuum of Care
 Much like today's eating disorder treatment facilities offer different levels of care to accommodate the lifestyle choices and needs of their patients, so too do they offer an array of different services. These are aimed at providing patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that supports them throughout their recovery. In addition to group therapy, nutritional counseling and psychotherapy, for example, patients might also have access to holistic treatment methods such as water therapy and horseback riding.

5. Family Is Intimately Involved in Treatment
  For most people struggling with eating disorders, having access to a strong and stable support system is crucial to their recovery. Many people look to their families to provide this type of reassurance and support. Whether "family" means parents, spouse, siblings, children or even extended members is not the issue here. What is important is that they are included in the treatment of their loved ones throughout the duration.

6. They Use Innovative Methods
 Every year more is understood about eating disorders and this additional information leads to innovative treatments and techniques. While proven methods of treatment should be a part of any eating disorder treatment program, there should be room for innovation and out-of-the-box solutions -- such as holistic options like art therapy and yoga -- to be incorporated into the treatment plan.

Getting Treatment Is the Most Important Thing
 People with eating disorders and their loved ones might struggle with the overwhelming task of finding a treatment center that works for them.  However, the simple truth is whether it’s outpatient treatment near you or a residential program across the country, getting help is the key to living a happier, healthier life.  Speak to your doctor or therapist to find a center that can meet these criteria – sooner rather than later.

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