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Monday, December 14, 2015

Meatless Orange "Chicken"

I just love how easy this meatless version of orange chicken is to make.

 People think that vegetarian meals are bland and tasteless. I am here to show you that going meatless does not mean that you have to give up your favorite foods. You can easily make meat -free versions that taste just as good. My version of orange "chicken" uses an awesome meat substitute called Chik'n Nuggets that have the taste, appearance and texture of regular chicken nuggets so you won't notice any difference. My version is also low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Going meatless has never tasted so good.

  Many people try going meatless in their diet and their number one complaint is that they miss the taste and texture of meat. Quorn products allow you to go meatless and still enjoy the taste and texture of meat. Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein and have the taste, appearance and texture of meat. So what is Mycoprotein? Mycoprotein is a nutritionally healthy protein source from the fungi family like a truffle or morel. Mycoprotein is made naturally through fermentation in a similar way to the fermentation of yeast in bread. Unlike other meat alternatives, there's no strong aftertaste. This delicious meat substitute also absorbs flavors that you use in cooking, so it makes for great meals like orange "chicken."

 Quorn makes many great products too so meatlovers, gone meatless, will be able to find a healthy substitute to use in their favorite dishes. Just look at some of the many products they offer. I was able to find all of the Quorn products pictured below at my favorite grocery store. I found products like Chik'n Nuggets, Burgers, Chik'n Patties, Chik'n Tenders, Breakfast Sausage, and even a Turk'y Roast. The store also had Grounds. I can't wait to try all of these yummy products! I will be cooking the Turk'y Roast for Christmas dinner. With all these choices, I will be able to make some delicious meals for my family and not have to sacrifice taste or texture. The cool thing is my family will be eating healthier as all Quorn products are low in saturated fat and high in fiber. The majority of Quorn products are also Cholesterol free. Quorn sells many other meatless products. There are too many to list, so go to their website to see all the other products that they sell. They also have a product locator that will show what products are available at your grocery store.


                Check out these links for more information about Quorn and mycoprotein.

What is Quorn?

·         Quorn Q&A Library [http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA400962/Questioning-Quorn.html]

·         Quorn and mycoprotein nutrition fact sheet [http://www.mycoprotein.org/assets/ALFT_V2_2.pdf]

                               Meatless Orange "Chicken"
                                 one box Chik'n Nuggets, cooked according to direction on box
                                                 2 cups cooked broccoli, chopped
                                                 1 cup cooked sliced baby carrots
                                                 orange glaze, recipe to follow
                                                 3 cups cooked brown rice
                                                 roasted sesame seeds
Serves 3 people

                         Combine the Chik'n Nuggets, broccoli and orange glaze in large pan and cook until hot over medium heat.  Pour the cooked mixture over the rice and sprinkle with the sesame seeds. You can add other veggies like mushrooms if desired.

                    Orange Glaze

1 cup water
2 tablespoons orange juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup rice vinegar
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp freshly minced ginger root (or 1/4 tsp powdered)
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

3 tbsp cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp water

Mix all ingredients, except cornstarch and 2 tbsp water, in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. After it comes to a boil, reduce to a simmer and slowly add in the cornstarch mixture and continue to stir as it thickens.

"These opinions are my own and I received the above mentioned product to facilitate my recipe."



Masshole Mommy said...

I'm not sure about this, but I am glad to hear you like it.

Cook with 5 Kids said...

We are mostly meatless and this looks delicious! I love the sauce you made with it.

The Shopping Duck said...

Not sure my kids would like it, but I would definitely make it with real chicken!

ConciergeLibrarian said...

I know I am not going to eat this but thanks for sharing

Ana De-Jesus said...

I am a vegetarian and I love Quorn. I cant wait to try this recipe out!

Lexie Lane said...

This would be perfect tonight, I would love to try this yummy recipe.

Elizabeth O. said...

It looks so good! I can definitely eat this!

Unknown said...

I am on the same page with the other visitor - I would not eat this once I know it's not "real" meat. Sorry. But for those who don't do meat - enjoy!

Unknown said...

i would totally eat this even after knowing that its not real meat. i love meat but there's also such a thing as too much meat. if it tastes similar this is awesome

Jay | Life of Creed said...

I will have to check see if my local store has Quorn. I have not found many meatless products that taste good except the veggie burgers. I can only eat so many veggie burgers, lol. Thanks for sharing!!!

B is 4 said...

I try to find ways to eat meatless but I do eat meat most of the time. I know it's not good eating too much meat so this is something I'd try especially since it looks like chicken nuggets. It might be something my kids would enjoy.

Liz Mays said...

I haven't tried this before, but I think doing it in a sauce like this for the first time would be the best way for me to try it.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried chicken alternatives like this but I definitely would! I bet this was really tasty!

Unknown said...

I've never tried eating alternative chicken, But For sure this is so yummy and I'm going to check this out.

rika said...

wow... i would love to try this dish! I love Orange chicken, can't wait to try something meatless

Travel Quest said...

This meatless meal is what I need to start my vegan diet.

Dogvills said...

That looks so yummy! My family loves orange chicken.

Kendra said...

I do my best to incorporate meatless meals into my diet a couple of times a week. Thanks for the recipe!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recipe. My hubby would not let me go meatless, he loves the meat too much, but these sure look good!

The Mommy-Files said...

I've never heard of this product before, but it definitely sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Mom's Magical Miles Archive said...

I would love to try these out on my chicken nugget loving kids! Anytime I can get something remotely healthy in them I go for it!

jhony said...

Those look yummy! I think I can successfully do those.That is delicious looks like very nice one pot meal.

Check It said...

Delicious! I would try this orange "chicken" for tomorrow lunch. I hope it will look as yummy as your. Thanks for your sharing.

Carrie R. McNair said...

What a creative idea! My grandma is a vegan and I think she will love this recipe. Thank you.

blueJ said...

This is just what I was looking for! I usually buy chik'n for the grandkids when they visit, but have been craving Orange Chicken lately, and was searching for a meatless recipe someone else has developed. I'll be making it this weekend, using snow pea pods and carrot strips. Instead of baking the "nuggets" as I usually do, I may fry them in oil with a bit of sesame oil thrown in for flavor, to more approximate the chicken version.

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