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Monday, December 28, 2020

How To Safely Travel By Car During A Pandemic


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The year 2020 has been a strange one for sure and it will be a year to remember. I began the year with plans of traveling to many places like the beach and to work conferences but in March those plans came to a halt with the Covid-19 pandemic. I thought like many people, that the lung virus would quickly pass as the government shut down schools and the state for two weeks.

 At the time of the whole state shut down, I was planning to head to California for a health conference.  I said to myself, “thank goodness I did not put any money down towards that trip.” So I did not have to worry about canceling hotel reservations or get credits for an airline ticket. The pandemic stay-at-home orders meant that my college kid was going to be home for a while and my husband would be working from home. So I headed to the grocery store to buy some extra food for a hungry teenager. 

Panic shopping

 I had no idea how serious this coronavirus hysteria until I arrived at the grocery store and saw a full parking lot with not a single shopping cart. Once I got into the store and saw empty store shelves along with a long line to the checkout, I knew that this pandemic was for real. So I started panic shopping and loaded up my cart with food to feed my family for two weeks. Little did I know that would be the last time I would step into a store for 6 months. 

 I was thankful that I am a food stockpiler and we had plenty of food. Since my family has been no stranger to tough times, I had been planning for this state of emergency for a long time.  I just had no clue that my emergency would be one that forced me to stay home and be with my family. Since I work from home, my life has been that bad. Sorry Corona but I have been prepared for you. I quite enjoy looking for ways to save money and being creative in the kitchen. Ok, not having eggs or white flour to make a cake for my son’s birthday in April forced me to be really creative and the whole wheat eggless sugar cookies will be one that I will never live down. I did have fun with the 75 pounds of carrots that I received from my church.

Trip after trip was canceled

With the pandemic lasting longer than anyone could imagine, pretty much all my planned trips for the year were canceled. I knew that it was not safe to travel and had no desire to travel in the year 2020. My asthma would not allow me to travel as wearing a face mask triggers an asthma attack. Plus all the disinfectants and hand sanitizers also are triggers for my asthma, causing me to cough up a lung, making people think I have corona. 

When my mom, who lives over 800 miles away from me, needed my help, I so wanted to fly out to visit her, but I knew that my asthma would not allow me to travel safely. So, my husband volunteered to drive so I could visit my mom. My mom lives alone and this was a trip that we needed to take. So I began the preparations of traveling safely by car during the coronavirus pandemic. We did not want to bring the respiratory virus to my mom who is 84 years old. Our safe travel preparations started 4 weeks before our planned holiday time trip.  

 It began with my husband requesting time off from his job. Since my husband is an essential health care worker, he needed a good reason to travel. We were thankful that his boss gave him the time off to help my mom continue to live in her house instead of having to move into an assisted living facility. With my husband’s approved time off that meant he had to quarantine for two weeks upon his return to our state. I was glad that my husband had plenty of paid vacation time to use. 

8 Steps to travel safely during a virus pandemic

1. Stay home for two weeks 

2. Boosted the immunity 

3. Stocked up on face masks 

4. Prepared a car travel supply kit

5. Get the car serviced 

6. Pack food and plenty of water

7. Choose to not stay at a hotel 

8. Do grocery pick up 

Stay home For 2 weeks

  Since the covid-19 virus can be present in your body for a while and you can be contagious before showing symptoms, the CDC recommends a two-week quarantine after traveling. It is also a recommendation by our state health department. My family wanted to be ultra-careful since my mom is older and in a high-risk category for the lung virus. So my husband and I decided that we would stay home for 2 weeks before we traveled to see my mom. That meant we avoided public places and gatherings. We chose to not attend church and did the online church service. I only did grocery pickup instead of going inside the store. We also chose to not see friends inside their homes, so we did not allow our boys to visit their friends.

Boosted our immunity

The covid virus is known to be a strong one, so for two weeks before our scheduled trip, my family did things to boost our immunity. I made sure that my family used natural products for cold and flu season. I was not taking any chances with my moms' health. Prior to deciding to travel to see my mom, my boys came down with some virus after Thanksgiving. The only place that my boys went to was the orthodontist.

 So we ate healthy food, exercised, washed our hands properly, and used an immune booster supplement. This nutrient-rich power shot is designed to supercharge the immune system and strengthen your natural defenses. I wanted my family to have strong healthy bodies so if we did come into contact with any virus or illness while traveling, our bodies could fight those bad germs off. That way those ugly germs could not make us sick and we would not make my mom sick. If we did get catch the flu when traveling, we would of course quarantine ourselves and take Flu-B-Gone. This natural immune-boosting antibiotic alternative helps fight seasonal sickness symptoms at the source. 

Use  code Tara10off to save money on these amazing immune supplements at https://bprimehealth.com/

Stocked up on face masks

Since my boys and I don’t leave the house much, we needed to buy some additional face masks. When you attend school online and work from home, one only needs one face mask for running errands like grocery pickup. So I had to buy a couple more face masks for the trip so we had extras in case one got wet or dirty.  A Silver-Infused Reusable Face Cover caught my eye when I was face mask shopping. I liked that this unique face mask had antibacterial properties and could protect us from germs.  I also like that the Boomer Naturals face mask- had adjustable ear straps and form-fitting nose piece. 

The face masks were available in many prints. I just love the butterfly face mask! The face masks were also comfortable to wear. This place even had face masks for kids! I was thankful that we were traveling by car so I did not have to wear a face mask for more than 5 minutes. The face masks were for the bathroom breaks that we would need while on the road. Boomer Naturals’ Silver-Infused Reusable Face Covers Offer More Protection for traveling.

Make a virus-safe car travel kit


 In addition to having plenty of face masks, there were other items that my family needed to stay well on our car travel journey. I decided to make a car kit that would contain items that we would need for those necessary bathroom and gas stops on our road trip. I bought a box of disposable latex gloves and some hand sanitizer for when we had to use public bathrooms. The plan for bathroom breaks was – put on a face mask and a pair of disposable gloves before we enter the building. Then when we exited the building, we could take off the gloves and toss them into the trash. We would then use hand sanitizer once we got back to the car.

 I also placed a package of alcohol wipes and sanitizing wipes into my virus-safe car travel kit. That way we were prepared for any virus emergency. I also placed the extra face masks in individual ziplock bags that were labeled with our names. Other items that I placed into the car travel kit was a first aid kit, some homeopathic tablets for stomach issues, and Boiron Acidil Meltaway Tablets. I love using Boiron Acidil Meltaway Tablets for occasional heartburn or acid indigestion symptoms. Having a virus-safe travel kit that included homeopathic medicines for stomach issues is always a good thing for traveling. Take a look at this article for more information about homeopathic medicines for digestive problems.

Get the car serviced

 With any road trip, it is always good to get your car serviced to check the tires and change the oil. We knew that our car needed some work done on it before we traveled as the check engine light was on. The bad news for our car was the needed part needed to be ordered and would not be available in time for the trip. 

 So we had no choice but to rent a car for our road trip. I admit that I was hesitant to rent a car during a virus pandemic. I started to imagine that the rental car would smell like toxic cleaners and would trigger my asthma. Thankfully since we rented an SUV, we were able to get a car that had been sitting on the lot for quite some time. I guess since families are traveling less, the bigger cars are not being rented. 

 When we picked up the car at the car rental place, it had a sticker on the door that indicated that it was cleaned and sanitized by Ecolab's. The car had no bad chemical smell either. To be extra safe from the chemical smells or viruses, my husband drove the car home with his mask on. Then we opened all the doors of the car once my husband parked the car in the driveway. The doors stayed open for about an hour so if there were any chemical odors, they would be gone by the time we left for our trip. I was glad that we rented a car for our trip as I knew that it would be safer to drive than our car from 2009. 

Pack plenty of food

 Since we would not be stopping at any restaurants during our road trip, I packed a soft cooler with plenty of healthy car snacks like nuts, protein bars, fresh fruit, and coffee. Coffee is always a must for road trips for the driver and for me so I could do some writing. I also made sure that we had plenty of water that was packed for the trip as we were not going to chance drinking water from drinking fountains. So I grabbed my HYDRO Jug for the car trip. I love that this water bottle holds a half-gallon of water. That is 64 ounces of water!

 I love how easy it is to carry this water bottle in the awesome sprinkle water holder bag. The HYDRO JUG bag even has a carry strap which will make it handy for walks when we get to my mom’s house. The water bottle comes in so many colors and even has a carry handle. My favorite way to drink water is with a hint of lemon flavor that gives me Electrolytes, Immunity Vitamins, and Natural Energy! The water jug can double as a lightweight weight if I wanted to get some strength training exercise while I was at my mom's house. I love that I can watch some online exercise classes on my computer.

Choose not to stay at a hotel

We decided not to stay at a hotel on our trip also just to be safe. So we packed up some air mattresses and chose to stay at my mom's house. I felt it was safer for mom's health if we avoided any possible exposure to the coronavirus and a hotel may have people staying there who are sick. Mom enjoyed having us stay at her house.

Do grocery pick up

Another place that we wanted to avoid was the grocery store as it could be a place that could expose us to the Covid-19 virus. So once we arrived at mom's house, I logged into my computer and placed a grocery order for curbside pickup. I love how easy it is to buy groceries online. I also brought with me these delicious No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bars for our car trip. Not only are these granola bars yummy but they help keep that travel constipation away.

 Traveling safely during a pandemic was easier than I thought. My family remained virus-free while we stayed at my mom's house. I am glad that we chose to drive instead of flying on an airplane. While I hate the long car ride, I also hate being sick. My feelings are that the risk of catching the coronavirus would have been more with an airline, as more people are on a plane. This lung virus is contagious and could be deadly for my elderly mom so I am glad that we were able to remain virus-free for my mom.

Boiron Acidil Meltaway Tablets For Acid Indigestion While Traveling

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My family decided to travel by car to visit my mom this past holiday season. Now, before you lecture me about traveling during a virus pandemic or about exposing my mom to Coronavirus, my family took plenty of precautions. Here is how we traveled safely during a pandemic My family did many things before we visited my mom to boost our immune system. While we were at my mom's house, we also practice many safe things to not expose her to covid-19.

Traveling by car may take longer and is not my preferred travel mode but I felt it was the safest way to travel during a lung virus pandemic. I prepared weeks in advance for the 12-hour car trip. I bought many things online that I knew my family would need for the road trip. As I was shopping online for travel supplies, I made sure that my first aid kit was well stocked.

Prepare for digestive issues while traveling

It seems that every time that I travel with my family, someone always has digestive issues. That means that a child or husband has a stomach ache, indigestion, or diarrhea. It can be that we are not eating the same foods, the lack of exercise, eating spicy food, or just from drinking the water. So I make sure to pack homeopathic medicine products for digestive issues.

 I was glad that I brought along Boiron®  Meltaway Tablets in my car travel kit. The day after we arrived at my mom's house, we ordered some pizza. The pizza had pepperoni on it. While my family loves pepperoni on our pizza, it can sometimes cause tummy problems with my teen.


 After we ate, my teen son had some indigestion and gas. My son said that he also felt bloated. So I gave my son a Boiron® Acidil® Meltaway Tablets. My son liked that the homeopathic product was unflavored and melted under his tongue. The meltaway tablet was easy for my son to take especially since he was not feeling well. After about 30 minutes my son told me that his indigestion was gone. I was glad that I had packed the Acidil Tablets as who knows what my mom had in her house. I am sure she had that nasty pink stuff that is loaded with medicines that I don't want to give my son. I am glad that Boiron Acidil Meltaway Tablets can let my son enjoy Comfort Food Without The Discomfort.

 Boiron Acidil Meltaway Tablets are great for occasional heartburn or acid indigestion symptoms. You know those symptoms may include upset stomach, bloating, and gas. Most times these symptoms occur from eating or drinking things like coffee, alcohol, citrus, and foods that are spicy, fried, or high in fat. 

Boiron’s digestive relief line includes Gasalia® for gas and bloating, Diaralia® for diarrhea and traveler’s diarrhea, ColicComfort® for gas and colic in babies, and Nux vomica for overindulgence

 I was glad that I had also packed Boiron Diaralia® for diarrhea in my suitcase, as the next day my son had diarrhea. This brought back memories of a car trip that we took many years ago to my mom's house when this same son was 3 years old. My son had really bad stomach problems that required him to wear a diaper. So this time I gave my son a Boiron Diaralia® as I am sure he did not want to be on the toilet all day. Like the other Boiron digestive product, my son liked that he could melt the tablets under his tongue and that it had no flavor. My son said that his stomach felt better in about 30 minutes. Later that day my son wondered if the water he was drinking at grandma's house could be the cause of his stomach issues. I took caution and bought some bottled water for my son to drink.  

 I was glad that my son felt better as we had plans to go look at the holiday lights later that day. The last thing that I wanted was to make him stay home by himself with an uncomfortable stomach ache. I was also glad that Boiron digestive relief products provide relief from occasional digestive issues.No one likes to deal with an upset stomach.

About Boiron

Boiron believes there’s a better way to feel better. Since 1932, the Boiron family has been dedicated to providing the purest medicines using sustainable practices. As a world leader in homeopathic medicines, quality has always been their passion and your well-being is their goal. Your health deserves the greatest respect. That’s why they are committed to your satisfaction.

Just the facts

Boiron Acidil is a homeopathic medicine made with sustainably sourced, plant-based active ingredients.

• It is the #1 best-selling heartburn homeopathic medicine in natural food stores.

• Acidil relieves occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, upset stomach, and bloating.*

• The unflavored meltaway tablets dissolve in the mouth, without needing water or food.

• Acidil may be taken before or after meals, whenever symptoms strike.

• It is appropriate for use by adults and children who are 12 and older; Acidil has no known drug interactions.

• Each box contains three sleeves of 20 tablets each for home, work, or on-the-go.

• Acidil Meltaway Tablets typically retail for $9.99 to $11.99 (box of 60 tablets).

• Acidil is available to purchase at RiteAid, Walgreens, Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Shoppe, and online at amazon.com, iherb.com, and vitacost.com. Visit boironusa.com/store-locator for the full list of locations.

Be prepared for digestive issues while traveling

 So the next time you travel make sure to pack products from Boiron’s digestive relief line. These homeopathic medicines are a must in your first aid kit or in your medicine cabinet. Eight out of 10 Americans experience digestive issues. Surprisingly, the highest incidence of self-reported acid indigestion is in people between ages 25and 44. Once considered an issue of older adults, acid indigestion is more prevalent among young people due to their 24/7 lifestyles, stress, eating on the go, and changing diets.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Save On Dell Products With Slickdeals Coupon Deals

 The holidays are over and the presents are all bought. This year I did a good job of not spending a whole lot of money on gifts for the family. I was able to find amazing deals on gifts for my kids so I have money left in the bank to buy myself a new computer. My computer is outdated and needs replacing. I have been wanting to replace my computer for some time but was waiting until I found a good deal on a new computer. 

 My laptop computer is important to me as I use it for everything. I use my laptop to publish articles on my website. I earn money from my website so having a computer is vital for my job. I also use my computer to log onto social media websites so I can communicate with my sons who are overseas. I sure do like technology as it helps me stay in touch with my mom. 

 I have been planning to purchase a new laptop computer for a while. My current laptop is running slow and does not have much storage. I want to replace my laptop computer with a smaller lighter computer so it will be easier to travel with. I recently did a road trip with the family to visit my mom and my old laptop computer was not that portable. My laptop computer took up a lot of space on my lap and was too bulky for the front seat of the smaller car that we rented. So that made me realize that I needed to buy a new computer.

Dell Computer deals at Slickdeals

So before I purchased a new computer, I checked out my favorite coupon deal site. Slickdeals is the first place that I visit to find the best deals on computers and almost anything. Slickdeals is a website that I can trust for the best promo codes and coupons. I have been a member of Slickdeals for a long time. I remember the first time I used Slickdeals for shopping deals. This savings website was one that I used for finding the best after holiday sales. I used to faithfully read the Slickdeals shopping forums to find the hidden deals at my favorite stores. I also visited Slickdeals to discover the best coupon codes for online shopping.

 So it only made sense that I used Slickdeals for the purchase of my new computer. I was amazed at the coupon codes that Slickdeals had on Dell products. My boys use school-issued Dell computers for their online school. So if their school trusted Dell for computers for learning, then I knew that Dell makes the best computers. The promo codes that I found for Dell computers on Slickdeals also were going to save me money.

 I do like saving money on technology purchases. The New Year is a perfect time to save money on PCs, Laptops, electronics, and accessories with a Dell coupon deal. Slickdeals has the best promo codes and coupon deals so you can save more money on your purchase at Dell. 

 Slickdeals offers the best deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts. You can also set up deal alerts to get notified of the latest deals. They also have an app so you can get deals at your fingertips. Make sure that you install the Slickdeals browser extension as it auto applies coupons for you. Slickdeals has all these tools to help you save money every day.

Current Dell coupon codes at Slickdeals

These coupons were current the month of December 2020 and are subject to change based on availability

+ New Year's Sale: Up to 50% Off

+ 10% Off Sitewide with Dell Email Signup

+ $150 Off PCs Orders $1499+

+ $50 Off Laptops And Desktops $699+ Plus Free Shipping

+ $100 Off PC Orders $999+

+ $50 Off PC Orders $499+

+ Up To 35% Off TVs, Monitors, and Accessories

+ Save up to 30% off Gaming PC and XPS Deals

+ Get a $600 discount on an XPS 13 Touch Laptop 

These are just some of the many Dell money-saving coupon deals that I discovered at Slickdeals. There are many more coupon codes that you can use to save money on your next Dell electronic shopping purchase. I love that the coupon codes lead you right to the deals on the Dell Website. 

So if you have been thinking about purchasing a computer or other electronics for the New Year, now is the perfect time as Dell has the deals that will help you save the most money on technology purchases.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Save money On Door Dash Food Delivery With Slickdeals coupons


 The holidays are a busy time and you have been busy shopping and wrapping gifts. Then there was all the food preparation for the big holiday meal and way too much baking. Having family over for Christmas is a time that most people cherish and look forward to. If you are like me, you are tired of cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. So take the night off from cooking and order in the food tonight. You deserve a much-needed break from cooking meals. 

 In the past, before this virus pandemic, most people would head to their favorite restaurant and enjoy a night off from cooking. Now the new norm for many is placing an order for food to go, Even that can be too much after having all the relatives over. So treat yourself to your favorite restaurant meal with a food delivery meal. Having a restaurant meal delivered to your house is so easy when you use Door Dash.

 Getting a meal delivered to your house no longer has to be from a pizza place. With Door Dash, you can get a delicious meal delivered from your favorite restaurant and there are plenty of coupons to make it an affordable option. My favorite coupon site Slickdeals has the best deals for Door Dash food delivery. Slickdeals has a wide variety of promo codes so you can find a great deal on your favorite restaurant meal and take the night off from cooking.

This past Christmas, my family took a long road trip and traveled to see my mom for the holidays. It was a 12-hour drive to get back to our house. Once we got home, everyone was tired and hungry. None of us felt like cooking and if we did, there was no food in the fridge as I needed to go grocery shopping. So my husband said, “let's go out to eat.” Then he quickly remembered that our local restaurants are not open for inside dining and only offered pick-up food options. With the Covid thing, I really did not want to go inside a restaurant and I did not want to get fast food from the drive-thru. 

 I am glad that I remembered that I could order food from my favorite local restaurant and get it delivered to my house with Door Dash meal delivery service. I first discovered Door Dash many years ago when I was traveling. I was staying at a hotel and did not have a car. There were no restaurants near the hotel and I was hungry. Someone near the poo area suggested that I use Door Dash. This person explained to me how Door Dash works. You simply head to their website and put your location or zip code into the search bar. Then Door Dash shows all the restaurants that participate in their restaurant delivery service.

Head to SlickDeals before you order your food

 When you are ready to place an order for a restaurant meal to be delivered to your house, make sure to first head to Slickdeals and use one of their many coupon deals for Door Dash to get the best discounts. Slickdeals has an abundance of promo codes and links to the best coupons for Door Dash. The coupon deals for Door Dash will work for most any food order. So it does not matter if this is your first time ordering food with Door Dash or you are a regular customer with Door Dash.

 Take a look at some of the amazing Door Dash coupons that are best to use on a restaurant delivery meal order. Of course, as with any coupon code website, each coupon may have restrictions like you have to spend a certain amount of money or be a first-time customer. So make sure to read the coupon details. Also some coupons at Slickdeals may only be available for a limited time. My favorite part of the Slickdeals coupon website, after saving money, is clicking on the coupon codes brings you to the Door Dash website.

Some Door Dash coupons codes that I discovered:

These coupons are a sample of available coupons and may or may not be available when you visit Slickdeals

+ 50% off your order

+ 25% off orders

+ 10 off your first order of $25+

+ 25% off your next two orders

+ 30% off your pickup order of $10 or more

+ Every Wednesday in December, DashPass members receive 20% off your order of $15 or more. 

+ Every Wednesday for the rest of December, get free delivery plus 5% off your order. Valid at participating locations only. 

+ Save $20 off your grocery delivery order of $45 or more. Valid at participating locations only. 

 So what are you waiting for? Take the night off from cooking and get a delicious meal delivered to your home. The best part is you are saving money with the amazing coupon codes that are available on the Slickdeals coupon code website. So many restaurants are now participating with Door Dash, that the selection of restaurants and variety of food is simply amazing. There are plenty of deals to be had at Door Dash!

 Slickdeals offers the best deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts. You can also set up deal alerts to get notified of the latest deals. They also have an app so you can get deals at your fingertips. Make sure that you install the Slickdeals browser extension as it auto applies coupons for you. Slickdeals has all these tools to help you save money every day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

How Your Parents Can Help You Prepare for College


 Going to college is a huge milestone in many young adults’ lives. It’s a great experience unlike any you’ve experienced before. But, because it’s such a novel experience, you may need your parents’ help during the process. They have had years' worth of experience regarding duties, organization, and preparation, which are all important skills to nurture when going to college. Your parents can help you prepare for this milestone that may, at times, be overwhelming. Let’s look at some of these: 

1. Choosing the College 

 The first step of preparing for college is to choose from a list of the potential colleges you would like to go to. Your parents can help you explore your options. Nowadays, you can attend many colleges regardless of your location through online learning. They can help you choose a four-year college online and explain to you some of the benefits of choosing this route. Benefits of online learning include; 

+ Learning at your own pace 

+ Flexible schedules

+ Various learning modes 

+ Eliminated costs such as transport, accommodation, utilities, groceries, campus wear

+ Convenient and comfortable environment at home

2. Paying Tuition

 Your parents can help you pay your tuition. Your tuition will depend on various factors such as whether the college is online or physical. Whether you are an international student, an out-of-state student, living on or off-campus, and whether you will have any scholarships from either the school of choice or third-parties will impact how much your tuition ends up being. You can do a cost comparison of various colleges to see the ones that your parents can afford to pay for, either on their own or in combination with federal or private loans. 

3. Helping with the Job Search

 As much as your parents may afford or are willing to pay tuition, they may also help your job hunt for you to contribute to the financial requirements of the college. Besides tuition, you will need to pay for your groceries, transport, textbooks, and rent if you’re living off-campus. Your parents can help you with the job-hunting process, which includes writing an effective CV or résumé, finding different job portals that will show the potential areas you can work as a student, and sharing application and interview tips. 

4. Applying for Funding

 Your parents can help you find different funding channels that will help you pay for tuition. Funding channels can include the college itself, private funding, and government scholarships that you may qualify for. For instance, merit-based funds are available to students who need help paying for school. These are funds that are awarded based on a number of different factors, including grades, community service, internships, and specific projects that the student has worked on. These are some of the most commonly awarded grants, but there are many other types available as well. 

Your parents can help you locate these various funding streams and help you throughout the stipulated application methods. Make sure to apply for as many funding opportunities as you can in order to receive all of the financial help that you can.

5. Documentation Required for College

 When you enroll in a college, you will need specific documentation. If you are an international student, you will require a valid passport and a student visa. Regardless of your nationality, you will need to present your high school grades, transcripts, vaccination history, and proof of tuition payment. Without such documentation, it may be difficult to get registered for courses. You can ask your parents to help you research the documents needed by the college and assemble them together.

6. Teaching Financial Budgeting

 Your parents may have budgeting tips that will help you while you are in college. You will need to be wise with your finances so that you don’t experience financial difficulties while at college. 

 The best way to start budgeting your finances is to break everything down in terms of expense and income. Figure out how much you make in a given month, and figure out your total expenses for the month. Once you have this information, you should be able to estimate how much you need to spend, how much you can spend if you want to or have unexpected expenses, and how much you can save each month. You can then budget your money according to your estimated expenses, and every month you will know the exact state of your finances. 

7. Identifying Style of Learning

 College requires taking in large amounts of information, which can get overwhelming if you haven’t developed good study habits or haven’t found the right learning methods for you. Your parents can help you identify the method which you learn best from. Each student has a different method style that works best for them. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of learners:

Visual Learner 

 Visual learners require detailed models, illustrations, or other kinds of visual representations of information to be able to fully grasp a concept. This type of student works best by combining their notes or class readings with visual elements like flow charts, diagrams, and other visually structured forms of information. They also absorb information effectively from media like images and videos that they can associate with the class material.

Audio Learner

 Audio learners typically learn better by listening to things that are being said rather than just reading them. Audio learners benefit from recording and re-listening to lectures, putting concepts to music, and from engaging in conversations in seminars or supplemental recitations. 

Practical Learner

 Practical learners are those that learn by doing. These are students who excel well in mechanical and technical subjects. These learners learn best by practical example and repeated practice. 

 Exploring these various methods of learning with your parents may help you avoid becoming overwhelmed in your courses.

8. Subject Choice

There is an incredible variety of subjects offered at college. This is to accommodate students so that they may tailor their education to suit not only their general field of study—e.g. mathematics, biology, English, foreign language—but also their individual expertise within that larger discipline. 

However, that large variety of courses can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t yet determined what your specialty will be, and you may be confused as to which subject combinations you should pick once you start college. 

Your parents can however help you begin that process before you go. Before you go, your parents can look at the different options offered for majors, minors, and individual courses. Together you can learn about a subject, what it offers, and possible career paths related to that material. If your parents attended college, they will have the first-hand experience to share regarding how to choose your courses. 

9. Sharing Tips to be Successful in College

 College requires a heightened sense of discipline, resilience, and motivation. Before you leave for school, you can ask your parents for tips on how to succeed in college. Succeeding in college means striking a balance between your academic, social, and professional lives, which is not an easy task. 

 In terms of academics, you need to make the most of the study platforms that are made available to you. Your parents may suggest that you join study groups, find tutors to explain concepts that you may otherwise have struggled with. You can visit the library and make use of the material that is there. Online platforms also have various types of learning material that you can study. 

 You should create a schedule and be sure to follow it. The distractions in college are plenty, so you need to exercise some discipline and commitment when it comes to keeping to your schedule. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t build social time into your schedule, but it does mean you need to make sure that your social engagements don’t impinge on academic or professional commitments. 

 Ask your parents for tips on how to stay afloat. Above all other concerns, you need to make sure that you prioritize your wellness—you should never have to sacrifice your mental or physical wellbeing for school. It is one thing to be engaged in the experience, and it is a different thing entirely to be so stressed and depressed that you can’t function. College can get overwhelming with activities, coursework, exams and personal dynamics. You should familiarise yourself with college services that cater to mental and emotional wellness. There may be a school psychologist or a therapy center. You can make use of these facilities when you feel as if you are overwhelmed. 

 Your parents may tell you that the social aspect of college is one that shouldn’t be neglected. This should however be done responsibly. Ask them to discuss responsible social behavior and share experiences that they may have experienced as students if possible. These are the tips that you may carry with you through college and beyond.

10. Sharing Tips on How to Deal with Setbacks

 There will be times when you will feel as if you have failed. This may be in the form of academics, or poor decision making. Some students become depressed, anxious and stressed when plans don’t go as they wish. Your parents can help you how to see such setbacks as opportunities to improve, and teach you skills and coping mechanisms. They can also provide you emotional support during times of difficulty while you’re in school. 

11. Purchasing Items for College

 If you are attending an online college, your parents may help you obtain the material you need. These include a laptop and a reliable internet connection. You may also need a study office set up to avoid distractions. You may also need stationery for writing down your notes. 

 Going to the college physically will require a little more preparation. Your parents may need to help with purchasing clothes for the campus, getting your car serviced, furniture for your place if you’re living off-campus, and various devices or gadgets you may need for your courses. You may require sports attire and equipment as well for the sporting activities that you may decide to take up. You should make a checklist of all the items you may need so that your parents can help with purchasing these. 

12. Tips on How to Pack

 Travelling can be overwhelming, particularly if your college is in another state or country. Ask your parents for tips on how to pack in such a way that will allow you to bring the most items most efficiently. Your parents may have packing hacks that will help you lighten the traveling load. 

 If you’re flying to your school, be sure to but the most important belongings in your carry-on bag so that, in case that your luggage is lost or delayed, you will have your important documents and devices with you. Also be sure to pack a spare change of clothes, just in case.

13. Visiting the College

 When it’s time for you to go to college, you can ask your parents to accompany you if that is possible. Your parents can help you get settled in your dorm room or apartment. Whether you are on or off-campus, you will probably need help unpacking and settling in. Having your parents accompany you to college may also give a sense of calm if you’re feeling anxious. Some colleges also provide orientation for the parents, which will help reassure them as well.


 Your parents can help you prepare for college from the onset of the process. This includes choosing the college, paying tuition, and helping your job hunt in the event that you can help pay for college. They can also help you apply for funding, file required documentation, and teach you how to budget your finances. 

 Your parents may also help you with your style of learning, subject choice, and share with you some tips for becoming successful. How to deal with setbacks is also a dynamic that they can help you it, as well as purchase items for college. They can give you tips on how to pack and can visit the college. 

 Overall, your parents are your best cheerleaders. They will be there to give you the emotional support that you need and be there for you no matter how hard it may get. 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

DIY Homemade Carrot Juice Plus Carrot Pulp Recipes With Homgeek

 When life hands you carrots, you make carrot juice. Carrot juice is loaded with nutrition and so easy to make.

 This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases /I received a vegetable juicer from Homgeek to facilitate this post

The pandemic has brought so many new experiences into my life. Having to stay home and practicing social distancing has left me with time on my hands. Earlier this summer, I started a garden as I worried about food supplies. I thought growing food would help me fill up my deep freezers with fresh veggies. For me, growing a garden has always been something that I wanted to do but have put off simply due to the fact that I live in a desert. So when this lung virus covid thing hit and I had time on my hands, I gave growing vegetables a try. I started a small garden with the hops of growing tomatoes, peppers, spinach, beets, and kale. My garden required way too much water and did not yield much. My vision of having a surplus of vegetables did not succeed. My garden task was a lot of work for 8 tomatoes, 2 small beets, a serving of spinach, and 2 weeks of daily kale. It was a learning experience that left me desiring a more plentiful garden.

God had other plans for filling my freezers

 While my garden did not give me my surplus of produce, God provided my surplus of fruits and veggies in a different way. My husband decided to join the food pantry ministry at my church. Our church started a monthly drive-up food pantry to serve those who needed food. Every month our church gives about 200 families a food box that includes surplus fruits and veggies. When I say surplus, I mean a couple of pallets of produce. Usually, the pallets contain one type of produce. While my husband stuffs the boxes with the produce, sometimes there is plenty of leftover produce that my husband brings home to fill my freezers.

  In addition to the food pantry surplus, I discovered free fruit in my neighborhood

 April- I made sun-dried tomatoes with a case of plum tomatoes. 

 May- I picked cherries from my neighbor's tree. 

June- Gave me plums from a tree that I discovered while running and the owner said pick as much as you want. 

July- Gave me peaches which I turned into peach fruit leather.

 August & September-  I learned how to pick prickly pears and make prickly pear juice 

October- I received 20 butternut squash from the church food pantry and made roasted rainbow veggies

November- An insane amount of carrots and I grabbed 4 huge bags. The rest went to a pig farm.

When life hands you carrots you make carrot juice

 When I decided to bring home the huge bags of carrots, my plans were to share them with my friend, make carrot hummus, and dehydrate some of them. I had way too many carrots and I decided that now would be a great time to invest in a juicer so I could make carrot juice. 

Benefits of carrot juice

Carrot juice is one of the best juices that you can drink. This juice is full of nutrients and is so delicious! Carrot juice is so easy to make. Sure you could just eat whole carrots but a glass of carrot juice contains more nutrients and antioxidants. Carrot juice also has some amazing benefits. 

Benefits of carrot juice

+ Increased metabolism

+ Stronger vision

+ Boosted immune system from the antioxidants and Vitamin C

+ Healthy skin

 + Reduces cancer risk

Ingredients for carrot juice

The recipe for carrot juice requires only a handful of ingredients but yields a delicious sweet flavor. Juicing carrots is a great way to use up carrots while giving your body some amazing nutrition. A glass of carrot juice is like eating a big bunch of fresh carrots. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Carrots: Use 1-2 pounds. I like to peel them before blending. If you’re using a juicer, you really don’t have to but it takes away the bitterness of the carrot peels.

One Apple: Any type will do as it adds a touch of sweetness to the carrot juice.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice brings just the right brightness to the juice.

Ginger: I like a touch of ginger in my juice for flavor

Optional ingredients for a different flavor

Pineapple: Add 1 cup of chopped fresh or canned pineapple

Mango: Add 1 fresh mango

Pear: Use 1 pear instead of the apple

Celery: Add 4 celery stalks for a savory carrot juice

Strawberries: Add 1 cup for a berry taste

How to make carrot juice

 Ready to get juicing? Here’s how to make carrot juice. Grab a juicer. If you don't have a juicer, you need to check out this inexpensive Vegetable Juicer Machine. I always thought that one needed a fancy high-priced juicer to make fresh homemade juice or cold press juice. So I put off buying one and just used my high-speed blender for fruit smoothies. So I never got to make homemade carrot juice. Try putting carrots in a smoothie and you will get carrot chunks that get stuck in your straw.

 So when I discovered an affordable juicing machine, I had to give it a chance. With all the carrots that I had, I was not going to let this superfood vegetable go to waste. After I ordered the juicer from Homgeek, it was quickly delivered to me while my carrots were still fresh. I had never used a juice maker before so I was ready for a complicated machine but that was not the case one bit.

A juicer that is so easy to operate

The juicer was so easy to use. I simply plugged in the juicer machine and place the pulp collector on one side. Then I placed the juice cup on the other side. I turned on the juice machine and placed a whole carrot in the juice machine feeder. I love that I did not have to cut up the carrot! There was even no need to peel the carrot but since this was my first time juicing carrots, I peeled them as the peels are bitter to me.

 Then I used the included plunger to send the carrot through the extra-wide chute into the sharp stainless steel blades. Within seconds, I saw orange liquid in the juice collecting cup. Not only was this juicing appliance quick but it was safe to operate. After sending a pound of carrots and a sliced apple through the machine, I had beautiful orange carrot juice. I stirred in the lemon juice and ginger powder. I was excited for my first sip of homemade carrot juice. The carrot juice was so sweet and delicious!

Cleanup was a breeze

 After I made my delicious carrot juice, it was time to clean the vegetable juicer machine. I was amazed at how full the waste bin was. It was loaded with plenty of orange carrot peels or pulp. I hate wasting food so I bagged the carrot pulp up to use later in recipes. Yes, carrot pulp can be used in recipes for added fiber and nutrition. Keep reading for some carrot pulp recipes. The juice machine was easy to take apart and everything was so easy to rinse clean. The box included a bush to help with the cleaning. I just rinsed all the parts with soapy water but they could be cleaned in the dishwasher. There were not that many parts to clean and once they were all dried reassembling the juicer was simple. 

 Homgeek vegetable Juicer Machine

Product Features:

🍎 Health Pure Juice: Food grade 304 stainless steel corrosion-resistant sharp blade and precision filter, Stronger enough to get a fresh and healthy juice in 5 seconds, Powered by 400W, Extract vitamins and minerals more efficiently, Increases juice rate and reduce foam

🥕 Dual-Speed Multifunctional Juicer: "Ⅰ” speed, 12000 to 15000 RPM for softer fruits like oranges, watermelons, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, etc; " Ⅱ" speed, 15000 to 18000 RPM for harder fruits and veggies such as apple, carrot, beet, ginger, etc

🥒 User-Friendly Design and Dual Protection: The cover stays tighter while juicing with the safety locking arm, also the juicer will stop automatically once the motor was to overheats from an unstable power supply or improper assembly, and lower than 60DB Design also can keep your family far away from the noise

🍈 3" Extra Wide Chute : 3" wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and veggies without pre-cutting, Compact, and simple structure, Easy to assemble and disassemble 

🍉 Easy to clean: The large-capacity pulp collector (1500 ml) and the pulp container (500 ml) are simultaneously provided with a customized brush to make cleaning easier and faster

 If you want to try your hand at juicing and make delicious carrot juice or any other delicious homemade juice. Then you need to click HERE to purchase a juicer. Homemade fresh juice is so healthy and it is a great way to give your body some powerful nutrition. 

 What to do with carrot juice pulp

 Since this was my first time using a juicer, I was amazed at how much carrot pulp was left over. The carrot pulp is the fiber from the carrots. While the majority of nutrients are in the carrot juice the carrot pulp has some nutrition and is a great source of fiber. So don't toss it! There are many uses for carrot pulp. Since I had a lot of carrots, I made a huge jar of carrot juice and that left me a big bag of carrot pulp. So I had fun creating carrot pulp recipes. 

+ Freeze it for future recipes: Place the carrot pulp in quart-size freezer bags, about 2 cups, for future recipes

+ Add it to smoothies: Carrot pulp is loaded with fiber so it is a great way to add fiber to smoothies.

+ Compost it: Give your soil some love with the carrot waste

+ Add to carrot juice pulp waffles: I added carrot pulp to my homemade waffles and my husband was surprised that they did not taste like carrots but I snuck fiber into his meal.

+ Add to homemade veggie burgers: Add bulk and fiber to homemade veggie burgers.

+ Make carrot juice pulp crackers: This one may sound strange but they are super tasty and crunchy.

+ Add to quick bread: Adds fiber and texture without a strong carrot taste.

+ Add to muffins: Adds fiber and texture without a strong carrot taste.

+ Make carrot cake: Adds fiber and texture without a strong carrot taste.

Pin these recipes on Pinterest to make them later

Looking for more carrot recipes

 If you are looking for more ways to enjoy carrots, check out the below recipes. Carrots are a delicious and nutritious vegetable. Don't worry about turning orange from eating too many carrots as it would take eating 10 large carrots a day for several weeks to get an orange tinge to your skin.

Spicy Carrot Hummus: This Spicy Carrot Hummus is filled with tangy sweetness and topped with sunflower seeds and apricots — with just the right amount of heat.

Carrot Juice Pulp Crackers: Turn carrot waste from carrot juice into a delicious crispy cracker.

Carrot Juice Pulp Waffles: A delightfully delicious waffle that is made with leftover carrot pulp from homemade carrot juice. 

Keto-Friendly Pad Thai: This restaurant-quality Pad Thai recipe is surprisingly easy to make at home and can be made keto-friendly.

Easy To Make Homemade Sushi Bowl Recipe: An easy way to enjoy sushi.

Southwestern Style Sushi Burrito: A filling burrito-style sushi that is so easy to make.

Easy Vegetarian Egg Foo Young: Skip the Chinese place and make your own Egg Foo Young.

Vegan Smoked Salmon: Plant-based alternative to smoked salmon or lox.

Yield: 1-2 cups depending on the size of your carrots
Author: Mom Knows Best
DIY Homemade Carrot Juice

DIY Homemade Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is sweet and delicious. It is loaded with nutrition and so easy to make


  • 1 pound carrots, peeled
  • 1 large apple, sliced into quarters
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger, fresh or powder
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


  1. Scrub and peel the carrots. Chop the apple into 4 pieces, no need to peel
  2. Place the carrots and apple slices into the juicer. 
  3. Once all carrots and apple slices are made into juice add the ginger and lemon juice.
  4. Place the juice into a container with a tight lid and store in the fridge.
  5. Use up within a week. For longer storage, freeze in serving size portions.
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