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Friday, October 23, 2020

Spin Master RC Play Time Party Time

 Checking out some awesome toys with my boys

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 My boys love action toys and toys that move like RC cars. So they were excited with they got an opportunity to check out some new toys and then later show the toys to their friends. The toys that we were selected to have fun playing with were from Spin Master. The toys that the boys were super excited to check out are listed below. These would make great gifts for Christmas!

 Monster Jam Megalodon STORM 

Ninja Bots 

Air Hogs Stunt Shot 


 Right now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the circle of friends that my boys have is small. These friends are homeschooled and their parents are following the same guidelines that I am when it comes to this crazy virus. My boys are hanging out with these friends at the local park and on occasion at their houses. The six friends are from two different families and I am glad that my boys have friends during these crazy times. 

 So my boys invited their friends to the park up the street to show them these awesome action toys. My boys knew that their friends would love to play with RC cars and Ninjas. The park was a perfect place to drive RC cars as it had plenty of space to drive cars. The Monster Jam Megalodon STORM was made to drive on many different terrains like grass, sidewalks, and even water. So it was a perfect outdoor RC Car, The Air Hogs Stunt Shot and the Ninja Bots were made more for inside but they worked fine on the concrete at the park for our party.

 My boys had fun demonstrating the toys to their friends and showing them how they work. Then they let their friends try the remote control toys. Everyone enjoying taking turns driving the RC Cars and having battles with the Ninja Bots. These were fun action toys that were made for kids of all ages. Check out the descriptions of how the toys work.

Air Hogs Stunt Shot

 Go wild indoors with Stunt Shot, the new RC from Air Hogs Super Soft! This remote control stunt vehicle is unlike any other RC, with super soft foam wheels that can drive over anything indoors without causing damage!

 I liked that this RC car had soft wheels so my boys could not damage my walls when driving them in the house. These cars were fun to bounce off the walls. This car could do wheelies and flip over. It could even go down the stairs. My boys like chasing me in the kitchen with the Air Hog RC car and I was glad that it had soft wheels that did not hurt when they drove the car to crash on my feet. The car charges with a USB cord and the remote uses 2 AAA batteries. 

Watch the Air Hogs Stunt Shot in action

Monster Jam Megalodon STORM 

The Megalodon STORM - the only remote control vehicle that can dominate water AND attack land! Drive on the water with your authentic Monster Jam truck replica. Custom performance tires will allow you to conquer any terrain – water, dirt, rock, snow, and more.

 The Megalodon was super fun to drive around the park. This remote control car could drive on the grass and rocks. Since it was fall and we live in the desert, the boys could not drive the car on water. This car was made for play as it was durable. The Megalodon STORM RC is USB rechargeable and the remote uses 2 AAA batteries.

Watch the Megalodon HUNT FOR STUNTS!

Ninja Bots

Arm your Ninja Bots by selecting your favorite weapon! Included weapons range from a battle hammer and nunchuck to a plunger and spatula. Select your weapon combination and battle style to unleash the ultimate battle. If you are victorious, your Ninja Bot will celebrate with a special victory dance. 

 The Ninja Bots were super fun to play with. These battling bots were super fun to watch as they had silly personalities and sounds. Each robot had its own set of weapons. The boys placed weapons in their robot arms and then set them behind the included shield. Once the shield was lifted the bots made funny sounds and movements as they battled each other. The battle ended with a robot tipping over and the other robot doing a victory dance. It was fun to watch these guys move. My boys had to show me how to make the ninjas make a farting noise. The Ninja Bots require 3 AAA batteries each. 

Watch the Ninja Bots in action

 My boys had a lot of fun playing with the toys with their friends and agreed that they would make great Christmas presents. These toys are sold at Walmart and can be ordered online HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE

Visit https://www.spinmaster.com to learn more

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

11 Tips To Be More Productive While Working From Home

 If you are still working from home, you know the struggle and while some things seem to get easier, others are still tough.

I received a Raise computer stand to facilitate this post.

 It has been over seven months since my family and others have made drastic changes in the way they work and go to school. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned so many lives upside down and it does not seem like things are going to get better, any time soon. So many people, including myself and my husband, are still working from home. So many kids are attending school on a computer with way too many Google or Zoom meets. Then there are the parents who are trying to juggle working from home and homeschooling at the same time. 

 For some people, working from home is a dream come true and he enjoys not having the daily commute and being able to watch tv while working. My husband is able to get his work done efficiently from home. While others are still struggling with working from home, especially if you have kids. Trying to attend online meetings with the noise of kids in the background is not easy. 

 I used to be able to efficiently work from home, that was before the family invaded my space. Now I have kids making noise while I am trying to accomplish work from my computer. My kids are older so while they know not to bother me while I am in a conference but they still do with their many questions. The struggle is real but over the months, I have learned several tips to make work at home more efficient and manageable. These tips have helped me to be less stressed and have helped me get a better system in place so my family can all work in the same house. These tips have helped us all be more productive with our work. 

The kids are home all day and they never leave

 It has been so long since the kids attended school in person and while the kids are getting adjusted to virtual school, they still don't care for at-home school. When the kids started attending school, things were chaotic but these 10 Tips To Help Kids With Online School made things easier. Some of the kid school tips have even helped with my work. Another thing that really helps with the stress of everyone at home is the power of prayer. When I feel like I just can't do this anymore, I stop and pray for God to help me.

1. Make a dedicated space for work

 Early on the thing that has helped most with working from home is making a dedicated space for everyone to do their work. I made sure that everyone's space was free from distractions and for the younger boys, not in their bedroom. When my college kid was home, we had five people working from home. My husband was in the living room, the college kid was in his bedroom, one kid was in my photo studio and the other was in the dining room. I set up my workspace in my master bathroom as it was the only quiet space that I could find. I was thankful that my bathroom was big and nice looking. We renovated the master bathroom a couple years earlier so it was not that bad to do my work in this space. My family would joke about my makeshift office in a bathroom but I was able to escape from the noise.

2. Work from a desk or table   

 Once you set up a dedicated space just for work, set up your laptop computer on a desk or a table so it feels like a real workspace. When you are at the office or the kids are at school, they do not sit on a couch. Doing your work from a couch tends to make your posture be misaligned which can make you feel tired. The couch does not make it easy for you to sit up straight and that can lower your oxygen intake which makes you feel tired. Not sitting up straight all day can lead to back and neck problems, not to mention awkward unprofessional Zoom calls. 

3. Raise your computer 

 Since many people are making makeshift desks at the kitchen table, that too can lead to back and neck problems as your computer is at the wrong angle. A simple product that is so smart is the solution to those body aches from sitting at the laptop all day. This Premium Birch Desktop Monitor Riser can help you be more productive with your at-home work. The ergonomic design of Raise™ will de-clutter your workspace and enhance your productivity. It will help elevate your computer monitor to eye-level for optimal ergonomics, reducing neck pain, eye strain, and poor posture.

This year has shown us how fluid our work environments are and how we can be productive anywhere, as long as we have a workspace that is harmonious with our comfort and wellbeing. Meet the Raise Desktop Fixture™, our new desktop monitor riser.

 This sustainability and eco-friendly desk accessory is so simple yet so smart. This is a must-have computer riser that is perfect for all those Zoom meetings. The Raise will put your face in the right position for the computer web camera so no longer will people see the top of your head or worse the ceiling fan making you look weird. When you place your Chrome Book on this 13-ply Birch veneer plywood stand, it helps you be in a perfect frame for online meetings so there are less embarrassing backgrounds while you are talking with work clients. 

 The Raise is elegant and its minimalist appearance makes it a seamless addition to your workspace. It can be used on any stable surface and its four silicone grommets provide grip while protecting your desktop or table. The Raise provides the perfect nesting spot for desk accessories. In fact, it was designed to integrate with their Slope™, a personal desktop whiteboard, which fits under the Raise.

4. Prevent eyestrain

 Staring at a computer all day is not good for the eyes. So make sure to take regular breaks from staring at the computer screen. That break can be as simple as making sure to glance away for a couple of minutes every hour or better yet get some exercise and get up off your chair and take a walk around the house. This break is a perfect time to get a drink of water. 

5. Get exercise

 Exercise helps your brain think better. I like to exercise before work as Morning Exercise Is Good For The Body And The Mind. When I make the time to exercise, I not only feel amazing but I am more productive with my work. If you don't have time for fitness before work, find creative ways to work some movement into your day. Some people like to work at standing desks or pace the floor while talking on the phone. Now that my college kid is back at school, my office is in his bedroom. So I make a point to walk downstairs everyone. I do this mostly to see how my kids are doing with school. Even though my boys are in middle school and are self-sufficient, they like mom visiting them throughout the day. 

 I am not a morning person when it comes to energy, so I need a boost, and these CBD Living Energy Shots help me to hit the ground running. These delicious mixed berry shots have 200 mg of caffeine plus 30 mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD. I like that these shots combine CBD with caffeine so they are also great to use later on in the day for awesome focusing effects with the calming effects of CBD. They are also sugar-free so I don't get a sugar rush or crash.

6. Eat a healthy lunch  

Working from home makes it tempting to grab unhealthy snacks. The kitchen is right there calling your name and it is so easy to grab a handful of cookies instead of taking the time to make a nutritious meal. I get it that you are busy and don't have time to make a meal. So stock your fridge with grab and go healthy food that will fill you up. When you make meal prep easy with ready to eat meals, you will not reach for the junk food.

7. Get Dressed

 Make an effort to get dressed every day before work. It will help you feel more motivated to work. When you stay in your pajamas all day, it tends to make you feel tired and lazy. So get dressed and make yourself look nice. You will find that your work production goes up as you will feel like you are ready for work. This will also be good for when you have those Zoom meetings. I saw this first hand in my husband. On the days that he gets dressed, he gets out of the house quicker and is happy to work. When my husband stays in the clothes that he slept in, he complains about working.

8. Make breakfast an important thing

 Make an effort to eat a healthy breakfast before you sit down to work. Now that you are not leaving the house it is so simple to skip breakfast but don't as a healthy breakfast will help you be more productive. It will also help you from grabbing unhealthy snacks. We all know that once we start working, things can get busy and you won't have time to eat. So on the weekend meal prep some easy breakfast foods that you can heat up in the morning like these healthy chocolate protein pancakes or frozen fruit for adding to protein powder for smoothies. You can even premake breakfast burritos and freeze them to heat up in the microwave. I like to make these breakfast cookies as they store well in the fridge. 

9. Eat plenty of fiber

 Working from home can mess with your body and that can lead to problems in the bathroom. So make sure to include plenty of fiber in your meals like fruits and veggies. An easy way to increase your fiber intake is with a simple fiber supplement that you can stir into your coffee. When you select a tasteless fiber powder that dissolves in any liquid, you can make the going in the bathroom easy so you can get it done without a long bathroom break. 

 Use code MOMKNOBEST10 to save money on an amazing fiber supplement

10. Get plenty of sleep

 Make sure you are placing importance on plenty of sleep. We all know that sleep is important to a healthy body and when we skimp on sleep, our work suffers. So force yourself to go to bed at night so you can get 6-8 hours of sleep. Turn off the devices and TV as those can interfere with your sleep. Check out these Twelve Tips To Get A Better Night Of Sleep

11. Quit work

 I don't mean quit your job but rather stop working at the time you would if you were at the office. When you work at home, it is all too easy to keep working after work hours. It can be hard to separate work life from home life and that can make for a stressful day. All work and no play is not a good thing. If you don't make time for yourself and the kids you will start resenting work. You will not be a good employee for your job. Even though you are working from home, you are still getting paid from an employer, even if they are not in your home office. So that means also that you are only getting paid to work the 9-5. So unless you are earning overtime pay, stop working when your workday is done.  

Monday, October 19, 2020

Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets Review By Mom Knows Best

This is a sponsored post written by me for SweetZzz Mattress. All opinions are mine alone

 Made from 100% organic bamboo, the Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets offer the most luxurious and healthy sleep experience. At 400 TC these sheets are the silkiest soft sheets available. Despite their quality and luxury, their price tag is very affordable.

 Sleep is important to our health. When one does not get enough sleep many things can happen to the body besides being tired. When your body does not get the proper rest that it needs, your mind can also not perform that well.  Lack of sleep can be bad for our health and while a couple of sleepless nights are ok, you should try to get 6- 8 hours of sleep every night. God made sleep to be an important part of our bodies. When we sleep, our body uses this time to restore us. When kids sleep, that is a time that their bodies do their growing. 

If you need help falling asleep~ Check out these 12 sleep tips! 

 I decide to do a search on what lack of sleep can do to your body and I was amazed that it was more than just leaving you tired. I know when I do not get enough sleep, my brain seems foggy and I have trouble thinking. I also can be a cranky person. When one of my boys does not get the proper amount of sleep, he is hyper and misbehaves. When the other son doesn't get his 9 hours of sleep, he is crabby and not fun to be near. 

  Sometimes we don't get enough sleep because we go to bed late or because we wake up too early. Then there are parents who have young kids and babies who crave more sleep but their kids interfere with their sleep patterns. Sleep problems can be caused by not being able to fall asleep, I love using CBD gummies to help me fall asleep faster. Sleep issues can also be caused by things waking you up in the middle of the night. I could go on with these sleep interferences.

Lack of sleep can affect:

~ The brain

~ Your mood

~Immune system

~ Digestion

Respiratory system

~ The heart

~ Hormones

~ Blood pressure

~ Blood sugar

~ Cause you to gain weight

Use promo code MOMKNOWSBEST154 at Sweet Zzz

Ways to improve your sleep

 There are many ways to improve your sleep and that can start with replacing your bed mattress with a new mattress or trying a new pillow. Some people have success with weighted blankets to help their sleep while something as simple as buying new sheets can make a difference in the quality of your sleep. Certain types of sheets can help improve the performance of your mattress and help regulate your body temperature. I am picky about the sheets that I sleep on as I want them to be soft and not itchy. Sleeping on soft silky bamboo sheets has made a difference in my sleep. 

Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets

 I recently received Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets and I was excited to see what made these sheets different from my current bedsheets. Right away after I took the Sweet Zzz sheet set out of the package, I could feel how soft and silky they were. The Sweet Zzz sheets are made from Organic bamboo viscose and they have a 400 thread count. I liked that these soft sheets were silky but not slippery. 

 If you have ever tried satin sheets, you understand about the slippery issue. My first experience with satin bedding was a set of satin pillowcases. I sleep with 2 pillows stacked on top of each other and my pillows keep sliding all night, eventually falling on the floor. I never bought satin bedding again. The Sweet Zzz Bamboo sheets were soft but not slippery. I just had to slide my hands on the sheets a  couple of times.

 So I quickly tossed the Sweet Zzz sheets and pillowcases into the washing machine so I could use them that night. I always wash new clothes and sheets before I use them. That way they are clean and also have the scent of my favorite eco-friendly laundry detergent.  A nice scent on my sheets also helps me fall asleep.

 The bamboo sheets are 100% organic and held up wonderfully in the wash. Since they had to be dried on low heat, I dried them separate from my other clothes. The sheets were even softer from the dryer. The sheets had some wrinkles on them but next time I may try pulling the sheets out before they are 100% dry like the instructions specify. I did not mind the wrinkles as long as they are clean and soft.

Find more Sweetzzzmattress.com promo codes on Dealspotr.com.

Bamboo is eco-friendly

 I like that the Sweet Zzz sheets are made from environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo is a plant that can grow quickly, up to four feet a day with a small amount of water. The organic material in these sheets means they are resistant to dust mites. So that is good for my allergies and skin issues. 

Sheets that stay put on the bed

 Once my sheets were done being washed, I headed up to my college kid's room to make the bed. Since my son is away at school and everyone is working/ schooling from home, I am hanging out during the day in his bedroom. My older son's room is in the back of the house, far away from the noise. He also has a queen-size bed that I like to stretch out on the day when I do my writing.  I joke with my younger boys that this is my hotel office. I also decided to place the bamboo sheets on my son's bed because my bed is a water bed and uses special sheets. 

Use promo code MOMKNOWSBEST154 at Sweet Zzz


Once in a while, I like a change of pace and I sleep in my college kid's room, especially on the weekends when my husband likes to sleep in and I need to get up early. It was easy to make the bed with the Sweet Zzz Bamboo sheets and I like that they stayed put as they have an elastic band around the whole sheet. The pillowcases were sized to fit around my queen-size pillows and the pillows slid right into the bamboo pillowcases. Since it was not bedtime yet, I decided to sit on the bed while I worked on the computer. The sheets felt very soft and comfortable.

Bamboo Sheets Info

 Made of 100% organic GOTS certified bamboo viscose

~ Easy to wash in cold water and can be dried on low

~ Has an elastic band all the way around the fitted sheet 

~ Sheet sets include 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases- twin set has 1 case

A Cool, Organic Silky Soft, Yet Durable Bamboo Sheet That Outperforms Your Favorite Luxury Hotel Sheets!

 That night, I put the bamboo sheets to the test and slept in my son's room. It was a hot night, so I had the window open. I tend to fall asleep quicker when the room is cooler and a cool room means that I can snuggle under a soft blanket. In the summertime, I use a sheet for my covers. Tonight was a sheet only night, so I got comfortable under the bamboo sheets. The top and bottom sheets felt cool to the touch.  Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets have a temperature-regulating ability to help keep you cool in the summer (great for those who sweat in their sleep) and warm in the winter.  They also are made of a material that is moisture-wicking. The 100% organic bamboo sheets felt so soft around my body. That made the bed nice and comfortable. I listen to the sounds of the crickets and felt sleepy. 

How did I sleep?

 I must have fallen asleep quickly as I don't remember staying awake that long. I did not wake up at all that night, not even to use the bathroom. I then noticed the nice color of the sheet set, which was a nice light silver color. These bamboo sheets come in 2 other colors~ white and light blue. The sheets from Sweet Zzz also come in many sizes to fit almost any bed, including twin XL and Cal king. These sheets have a 50 Night Risk-Free Trial. So if for any reason the sheets don't meet your expectations, you can return them back to Sweet Zzz. The return shipping is also free. I really love that these soft and silky sheets have a Lifetime Warranty. I don't think I have ever seen a company offer that on sheets.

 I really enjoyed sleeping on the 100% organic bamboo sheets from Sweet Zzz. I wish that they made sheets for water beds. When my son comes home from school, he is going to love these soft sheets. To get some bamboo sheets for your bed~ head on over to Sweet Zzz and use promo code MOMKNOWSBEST154 to save some money on these soft and silky sheets. 

How to Wear Jeans Correctly

  Now that the weather is cooling down, I will be replacing my shorts with jeans. For the longest time, I did not wear a pair of jeans because I had a hard time finding jeans that fit my body type. When skinny jeans became popular, it was then I gave jeans a chance again. Now, I love wearing jeans and they are now considered essential items in my wardrobe.

 Safe to say, almost every woman owns a pair of jeans that are considered an essential item. But with the array of cuts, styles, and types of jeans out there, how do you know which is the right one for you? The best advice I can give you is to take it all back to basics and prevent that overwhelmed feeling by building on the basics. Here’s the essential guide to help you pick the right style for you, and to wear it well and with confidence!

More than 50 shades of everything!

 Although this season has indicated that sky blue is becoming the color of the season, remember that the denim you buy will also have to work and coordinate with the rest of the clothing you own and match your lifestyle. If you work with dogs, for example, light color such as this might not be the best idea! 

 Darker indigos and blues are easy to dress up to a more formal look and are easier to adapt to a working environment. If classic blue is not your thing, don’t be afraid to depart into one of the many unconventional jeans colors available on the market today. You might even discover that something you have always considered outrageous, like leopard print jeans, turns out to look great on you.

Although many people are intimidated by them, white jeans can go a long way in balancing out your figure, when paired with the right top half accessorizing. 

Something for every size

 For those who fall into the plus-size category, a good pair of jeans for women can go a long way in balancing hips and making your legs look longer. When it comes to jeans for women, bootleg, flare, and straight leg cuts are excellent for flattering the plus size figure. The secret of a flattering cut is to create long lines that lengthen the proportions of the body.

 Although many plus-size wearers shy away from form-fitting cuts, these are excellent for balancing the proportions of hips and thighs, creating an overall slimming effect. Add dark denim to the mix and you will enhance the look. 

What’s your shape?

 Rectangular body types tend to have hips and shoulders of similar width, with no real defined waist and a flat bottom. The benefit of this is that you can choose how much you would like to lift, emphasize, or underplay the shape of your backside through the jeans you choose.

 Rectangles are considered an easy body type to dress, as you have the choice of whether or not to create and emphasize, or downplay the presence of curves. The universal rule with jeans is to ensure that there is no extra room around the crotch. ​Rather buy jeans a size too small than too big, and let them stretch around your natural shape. Ideally, jeans should be form-fitting when you buy them and relax their fit as you wear them. Look for high-quality denim with lots of stretch in the fabric, that allows the fabric some give it when you wear it. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

At Home Screening Tests With Imaware ~ No Doctor Approval Needed

 I am an affiliate with imaware

Skip the doctor and screen for food allergies, diseases, and more

 I remember over two years ago when I started experiencing severe asthma attacks but did not yet realize that I had asthma. It all started in the summer of 2017 when my seasonal allergies got worse and I was feeling out of breath when I was exercising. My seasonal allergies were causing me to cough a lot. I thought that maybe more of the weeds that I was allergic to were growing. I also thought that getting older was the reason that I was out of breath when exercising. When fall came, the time that my outdoor allergies would normally get better, and the bad cough did not go away that I started to think ~ could this be asthma?  I started to think that I was experiencing an asthmatic cough. 

My asthma got worse

 The next year my health took a turn for the worse. I starting experiencing a real bad cough, one that made it hard to breathe. It was January so I thought that I had a bad cold. When the cough did not go away and I had to sleep sitting up, I knew something was not right with my body. This cough would leave me gasping for air and I began to question even more that I had asthma. I knew that I needed to make a doctor's appointment but at the same time, I knew that getting an appointment with a doctor could take a while. So I tried to ignore this bad asthmatic cough and started Googling things. Online searching led me to that dairy products could trigger asthma symptoms. I already was sensitive to milk and could not eat ice cream or drink milk without feeling sick to my stomach. 

 What I did not realize at that time that my use of whey-based protein powder and nightly snack of cheese and crackers was causing me to have severe asthma attacks. I, not willingly, eliminated all dairy from my diet. In a couple weeks, my cough went away. I still did not believe that I had a dairy allergy so I decided to get a food allergy blood test to determine if I was allergic to milk products. The blood test result confirmed that I was allergic to all dairy products and the cause of my severe breathing problems.  

Food allergy testing from the comfort of your home

 Back in 2018, I went to a lab to get my food allergy testing done. If it was the year 2020, I probably would have not felt safe going to a medical lab, let alone a doctor's office. Not because of the COVID virus but because of all the disinfectant products that are being used, as the chemicals trigger an asthma attack. I took my son to the dentist the other day and my asthma flared up from sitting inside the exam room for 10 minutes.   

 So I am glad that I discover a place that allows you to perform health screens from the comfort of your own home. Imaware™  sends everything that you need to safely complete a health test at home with no need to see a doctor. This at-home health testing company has tests available from allergy testing to celiac testing. They even have COVID-19 testing.    

 As you probably know, COVID-19 has forced many people to re-look at their own health and put their own metaphorical oxygen mask on first. At imaware™ they make it easy for someone to order a test and complete a test - all at home - with just a few drops of blood. Imaware is an at-home health testing company that empowers patients to put health back into their own hands.

So much more than food allergy testing

This at-home health testing company came into the market many years ago and were known for their at-home celiac disease screening test, they have since grown so much and now offer health screening tests for the following health conditions:

~ Overall baseline health tests: Women’s Health & Wellness, Men’s Health & Wellness

~ Autoimmune diseases like celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis

~ IgE allergies (unlike the food sensitivity screenings you see that are not recommended by allergists)

~ Prostate cancer (PSA) screening

~ Baseline Heart Health and pre-diabetes testing

~ Specialized cardiovascular screening and more!

Available online at imaware, imaware™ is a convenient and reliable at-home blood testing solution. Easy-to-use collection kits and accurate online results empower you to take control of your health.

 Will I need to see a doctor?

 With imaware, there is no need for a doctor's approval. You don't see to see a doctor or have a doctor write a prescription for the health test. So there is no need to call your doctor or schedule a doctor's appointment. So you can do your health screening at home and get the results that you need without ever seeing a doctor.

What about medical insurance?  

 If you don't have medical insurance, no worries as imaware is affordable and does not use medical insurance. You order the tests you want and pay for them with a credit card, all safely online.

What will the tests tell me?

~ The easy to read and actionable lab reports will help you understand:

~ Whether you may have the condition

~ How likely you are to have the condition

~ How to engage your healthcare professional

~ How to track your health and progress over time

Get more information about imaware home screening test HERE

Is the testing accurate?

 All of the laboratories that imaware uses are based in the US and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) and CAP College of American Pathologists) certified. This standard ensures that lab sample processing is reviewed and audited to the highest standards.

How Does The Test Work?

 The health screening tests are easy to perform and you can do everything at home. It takes four simple tests to get the health results that you need.

1. Draw 5 drops of blood

2. Collect in the collection device

3. Secure and return the sample

4. Check your results online

My results with imaware at-home health screening

 Since I already knew that I was allergic to dairy and milk products, I had no need for additional food allergy testing. My last food blood allergy testing also confirmed that I was allergic to soy and mushrooms. So I decided to order a  Women's Health & Wellness Test to check how my overall health was. I liked that this blood test checked my vitamin D levels and cholesterol, along with many other important health conditions. I wanted to know how my health was so I could be aware of any health problems that may require me to visit a doctor.

 It was kind of easy to perform the health test and I only had to fast for 8 hours. Poking my finger with the lancet was the easy part. I had a hard time squeezing the blood out of my finger, so I am glad that the kit came with 2 lancets. After I got the blood on the device,  I sent the test packet back through UPS in a prepaid envelope. Then in 7 days, I got the results. I really liked how detailed the heath test results were. I was happy to see my test results in the comfort of my home. I discovered that my vitamin D was a healthy range, must be my daily sunshine, and the supplement that I am taking. My cholesterol was also fine as well as the other items that the test checked in my blood. These blood results encouraged me to keep up my healthy habits.

Did you know most illnesses can be prevented through proactive screening?  

But every year, millions of Americans avoid traditional lab testing because it can be costly and inconvenient. Our mission is to help everyone gain access to easy and affordable at-home tests, so together we can prevent life-altering conditions and disease.

Get more information about imaware home screening test HERE

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Discovering Allergy Friendly Foods At The Online Nourished Festival

Discovering food that is safe for me to eat

      I received samples of the mentioned food to facilitate this post.

 A couple of weeks ago I attended an amazing online allergy-friendly festival and it was the perfect way to discover food that I can enjoy with my food allergies. Many brands came together and showcased their allergy-friendly foods at the Online Nourished Festival so people like me could discover food and other products that are safe for them. This online event was created since the real events of the Nourished Festival had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Yes, you read that right, I said events as the Nourished Festival has several expos throughout the United States at different times of the year. If you have never attended a Nourished Festival event, you need to as it is the best way to discover and taste foods that are allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and made for specialty diets.

 The Online Nourished Festival was three days of discovering new foods, gathering new information and recipes, and meeting with brands that understand folks who have to avoid certain foods and follow special diets. This was an incredible event and the only part that was missing was being able to sample the foods. 

Discovering my food allergies

 In the past, I have attended a Nourished Festival and I enjoyed sampling the foods that were allergy-friendly and learning new information about how to manage your diet when you have food intolerances and food allergies. When I attended the Online Nourished Festival in 2018, in Phoenix, Arizona, my purpose was to learn about how I could better serve my readers who had gluten intolerances but little did I know that the conference was going to help me manage my own food allergies. It was a month after I attended the expo that I discovered that it was a dairy allergy that was causing my severe asthma flare-ups. My food allergy elimination diet and a food allergy blood test confirmed that I was allergic to dairy, soy, and mushrooms. 

  All my life I thought I had a dairy lactose problem but was really a dairy allergy. It was my use of a whey protein powder that triggered my dairy allergy to go from moderate to severe. What I thought were bad symptoms from seasonal allergies and things like mold and dust were in fact being made worse from my food allergies. Once I eliminated milk, soy, and mushrooms from my diet, I was better able to manage my asthma naturally without prescription drugs. Of course, I had to learn how to eat dairy-free, soy-free, and mushroom-free. That meant a trip to the grocery store meant reading labels. Eating out meant I had to speak up about my food allergies as one bite of the food that I was allergic too would cause me to have a bad asthma attack and leave me feeling sick to my stomach. 

Attending the Online Nourished Festival as a blogger

 So I was excited to be able to attend the Online Nourished Festival as a blogger so I could discover not only new products that I could safely eat but also learn new information about serving my community that had food allergies and food intolerances like gluten. It also meant that I could sample new allergy-friendly food and let others know about how they tasted. I was more than happy to have packages of dairy-free and gluten-free foods arrive at my house. While I don't have gluten issues, I like eating gluten-free foods as they can be healthier, and that way I can give my readers my opinion about how the food tastes when compared to food that has wheat in it. 

Checking out the allergy-friendly food

1. So Delicious ice cream

~ So Delicious was not at the Online Nourish Festival but I included them as they are my favorite dairy-free frozen treat. This frozen treat tastes just like ice cream as it is so creamy. I love that So Delicious comes in many delicious flavors and varieties so even those with nut allergies can enjoy a dish of yummy deliciousness. 

I recently tried Snickerdoodle Cashewmilk and I love that it has real bits of cinnamon sugar cookies in every bite.

~ I also tried So Delicious Sandwiches made from coconut milk and I was so happy to enjoy a dairy-free ice cream sandwich. I can't remember the last time that I ate an ice cream sandwich since eliminating all dairy from my diet. These frozen treats are so yummy and they only have 100 calories per serving. 

2. Grab The Gold Bars

~ Grab The Gold Bars are amazing! They taste like oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough before you bake the dough. The best part is they are healthy and dairy-free. They are also gluten-free.

3. Immune Boost Shot - Berry Drink Mix

~ Grab The Gold Immune Boost Shot is a delicious way to boost my immune system this winter, It was sweet and had a nice berry flavor. I like that it was loaded with vitamin C, Elderberry, and other immune-boosting nutrients.

4. Barilla Red Lentil Pasta

~ I am excited to try Barilla Red Lentil Pasta as it is loaded with protein. I also like that it is gluten-free and the color is so pretty!

5. Wasa Gluten-free Crispbread

~ I have always been a fan of Wasa Crispbread and I am happy that they make a gluten-free option for my friends who can't have gluten. They have always been made without milk products and this gluten-free crispbread tastes just like the original Wasa.

6. Flax4Life muffins and brownies

~ Flax4Life muffins and brownies were amazing and it was hard to believe that they were gluten-free and made without dairy. These treats were moist and full of sweet flavor. The chocolate ones were my favorites.

7. Metta Gluten-Free Flour

~ Metta Gluten-free flour is made from healthy ancient grains and promises to work in all my baking goodies like cookies and pancakes. I will be using this flour when I make gluten-free treats for my friends.

8. Path of Life Quinoa Blends 

These quinoa blends were so delicious and I loved the big pieces of kale that were blended in.

9. Hungry Harry's Baking Mixes

~ I just love the bright yellow bags that Hungry Harry's makes. This company sent me lots of yellow goodies with their baking mixes. I can't decide which baking mix to try first. They are all dairy-free and gluten-free so now I can enjoy cake and muffins from mixes instead of having to make it from scratch. All the baking mixes are allergy-friendly and free from 16 food allergens.

10. Josie's Best Gluten-Free Mixes 

I loved that these gluten-free mixes baked up like real waffles and they tasted so good. They were fluffy and crisp like how a waffle should be.

11. Love Corn

~ Love Corn was a big hit with my teenager. He kept sneaking the sample packs that came with this cool looking box of samples. He also liked the winter hat that was in the box. I liked that these corn nuts were made from corn and had a crunch that was not super hard. This was a healthy vegan snack. The flavors were so delicious and I loved the barbecue one along with the habanero flavored corn nuts. 

12. Homefree Cookies

~ Homefree cookies were bite-sized and delicious. They were dairy-free and gluten-free as well as nut-free and soy-free. They came in many flavors like chocolate chip, lemon, ginger snap, and many more. I loved all the cookies and enjoyed them with my coffee. It was nice to enjoy a cookie that I did not have to bake myself.

13. The Good Crisp Company

My boys have enjoyed The Good Crisp before and were happy to see samples of these chips. They love all the flavors and that they come in a can that keeps them from breaking. I had to hide a can so I could enjoy one as my boys can eat these up quickly.


14. Olive Your Heart®, Lemon

A delicious way to add heart-healthy nutrients to your diet.  This premium Greek extra virgin olive oil is loaded with omega-3 marine oil and provides 1,480 mg of omega-3s per serving.  It’s mild and smooth and makes it easy and promotes cardiovascular health.

  I was amazed at all the delicious allergy-friendly food that the companies, that had exhibitor booths at the Online Nourished Festival, sent me. While I only spoke of the snacks and products being dairy-free and gluten-free, they were also soy-free. Many of the foods were also free of the top 8 common allergens. I was happy to sample them and I liked that I did not have to worry about my food allergies as all the food was vegan. Of course, I still read the labels of all the food products that were sent to me to make sure they did not contain soy or mushrooms, common ingredients in vegan food. While I can trust that vegan food does not contain dairy it can contain mushrooms and soy which can make managing my food allergies hard, especially when eating out. To get more information about the products that I sampled and other allergy-friendly products, make sure to visit this link

 I felt like a kid in a candy store as I had so many healthy snacks and foods that tasted so good. I enjoyed having treats like brownies and cookies that I did not have to bake myself. My boys who don't have any food issues helped me sample the goodies and they quickly discovered some new snacks like Love Corn and Good Crisps. When my teen tried the waffles that I made from Josie's Best Gluten-Free Mixes, he could not believe that they were gluten-free as he reached for a second waffle. Discovering new foods that are safe for people with food allergies means my time at the grocery store is easier. I can now select foods that taste good and are safe for me to eat. I still have some brands sending me some items and I will update the list as I receive them. I am very thankful for companies that make allergy-friendly food so those, like me, can enjoy food without having to worry about an allergic reaction.

Which allergy-friendly/gluten-free are you excited to try?


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