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Monday, October 12, 2020

The Best Face Mask For Back To School With Crayola

Face masks are a must for school this year

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 The year 2020 has been an interesting one for sure and it is not over yet. The COVID-19 lung virus has made life interesting for most everyone. In fact, life can be challenging at times. The pandemic has changed our lives in ways that I would have never imagined. I would have never imagined that my husband would be working from home and I would be homeschooling my boys. I remember back in March when I wrote about how I was preparing for the lung virus epidemic, I never imagined that this deadly virus would become a pandemic. I also never imagined that this lung pandemic would still be disrupting many people's lives.  

Face masks are here to stay

 When I wrote about how to social distance and stay at home, face masks were not required yet recommend for anyone who was not in the medical field. I do remember my husband, who works for the health department, grabbing face masks from work but not yet wearing them when he went to enforce local covid rules. I remember suggesting to my husband that he should wear his face mask, for safety, and to set the example to others. I also remember wanting to be prepared for the lung virus and trying to buy face masks for my family. Back in March, it was hard to even find face masks. Now it seems like everyone is selling face masks. Which is a good thing as face masks will be recommended for quite some time.

Face masks will be the last thing to go

 My husband works for the health department and he says that the use of face masks helps slow down the spread of the C lung virus or any other airborne virus. My husband thinks that in the scheme in trying to control this viral pandemic that the face mask will probably be the last thing to go, even after we have a vaccination for COVID-19. That is not something that I like to hear as wearing a face mask is hard for me as I have asthma. So I, limit my time in places where face masks are required. I exercise at home and outside so I don't have to wear a face mask while exercising.  

Getting kids back to school safely or creating a safe at-home learning environment will be the most important thing we do for families, teachers, and our students! SchoolMaskPack has developed a hassle-free pack of 5 daily color-coded Crayola ™ licensed reusable masks for kids and parents. They are the total mask solution from school to home

How to choose a face mask for kids

 My kids won't be heading back to school until next year but they needed some face masks for church and youth group. My boys also wear face masks when they go to the orthodontist. I also knew that my boys would need a face mask when they headed back to school. When I started searching online for the best face masks for kids, I was overwhelmed. There seemed to be too many choices of face masks and it was hard to know if they would fit properly. Through all my searching one brand of face mask for kids stood out. This brand of face masks seemed perfect for kids and school.

 A face mask for every day of the week

 Do you remember when you were a kid and your underwear had the days of the week on them? Well, Crayola must have thought about that when they designed their Crayola Kids Face Mask Pack. If your kids are heading back to school this fall all and need face masks, this five-pack from Crayola comes in different colors for each day of the school week so kids will have a clean face mask every day of the school week.

These colorful face masks have many other smart features that will help kids with wearing a face mask at school. The School Mask Pack also conveniently comes with a mesh laundry bag to keep it safe in the washing machine. So when kids get home from school they can toss the dirty face mask in their laundry bag. That makes it so easy if you have more than one child. No more fighting over face masks. The face mask also has two layers of cotton-blend fabric, adjustable ear loops, and a nose bridge wire for a secure fit. My boys agree that adjustable ear loops are a must for face masks as one size does not fit all when it comes to face masks.

DAILY FACE MASKS FOR KIDS - 5 daily cloth face masks with unique color designs - 1 for each school day!

ADJUSTABLE MASK: Features a dual-layer fabric adult/teen face mask with a with 3-D face design, secure fit adjustable ear straps, and a nose clip

WASHABLE MASK FOR KIDS: Machine washable face masks with bonus mesh laundry bag

ORGANIZE BY NAME: Name tag to keep track of your masks

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Reduces environmental waste caused by disposable single-use masks

How To Boost Children's Immunity For Back To School


The Crayola face masks have a 3-D design with adjustable ear straps to securely fit a wide variety of face shapes and ages. Available in sizes for kids 3-11 and adults 12+.  

 My boys love that the Crayola School Mask comes in solid colors and also in fun designs. That way they can choose their face mask that bests match their mood or clothes. My boys also like that these masks are soft and comfortable, which is a must since they will be wearing them all day. I like that the masks for their face come with a handy chart so I can keep track of how many times they used each face mask. Just like underwear and socks, face masks wear out and need to be replaced. 

 My older son, who is 13, has a smaller sized face so the kids sized of the Crayola mask fit him the best. While my 12-year-old son found that the adult size was more comfortable. These masks can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of face shapes and sizes.  

 SchoolMaskPack™ Mask Straps for ultimate hands-free convenience!

  The best part of these cute face masks from Crayola is their must-have face mask accessory. The SchoolMaskPack Mask Lanyard Straps will help your kids not lose their face mask while at school. Kids tend to lose things like mittens, coats, lunch bags, and more. So you know that a face mask will be so simple to misplace. Kids will take their face mask off so they can eat or drink and then lose it. Worse yet it will fall on a germy surface. So the SchoolMaskPack Mask Lanyard Straps needs to be on you back to school list. These handy straps clip on to a face mask and you wear it around your neck. So kids will keep their face mask on them at all times. Like the colorful face masks, these lanyards come in different colors and in packs of five. So kids can choose a different face mask strap every day.

PACK OF 5 MASK LANYARDS: Match your daily mask to a daily mask strap! Each strap is a unique color or pattern.

HANDS-FREE WEAR: Keep the mask close to you when you remove your masks for breaks throughout the day. 

ADJUSTABLE: Comes with an adjuster so you can control the length of wear your mask sits when you take it off. 

NAME TAG: Keep track of your mask straps with our included name tag.

DURABLE: Our kid's mask straps are made of high-quality Nylon material

Get your back to school face masks and straps now

 Even if you already bought face masks for the kids and school, I recommend buying more face masks. Face masks will be the norm for quite some time. Just like socks, kids will need more face masks. The color-coded Crayola ™ licensed reusable masks and SchoolMaskPack Mask Lanyard Strap are the must-have back to school item. They are made for daily use and kids will love them. 


Marcie W. said...

These face masks are the cutest! I'm sure little ones feel more comfortable when they have a mask they love.

Sherry said...

You have to have adjustable ear loops. I've had masks that didn't and they weren't comfortable at all. I love the lanyards. It reminds me of the mittens that were attached when I was a kid.

Kathy said...

I love these masks. They are so adorable. I may need to get a few of these for my daughters. They'd love them.

Ryan Escat said...

These face masks are so cute! The colors are so bright and the fabric seems light and smooth.

Fatima D Torres said...

I love the mesh idea for an easy wash. We've been looking for a good kid's mask for the little ones.

Brandy Ellen said...

That's a really cute face mask option for kids that must wear one. Neat to see Crayola has some options like this, it's one of my favorite brands.

Enriqueta E. Lemoine said...

Love these masks! Also love Crayola for even making something like this

Toni said...

These are really cute! My kids will love these for sure!

Gervin Khan said...

Wow, these facemasks are so cute and I am pretty sure that my kids will also love it.

Musa Creativa Magazine said...

I totally love these! Can't believe I haven't seen them around. So colorful!

Alvern at Success Unscrambled said...

That's amazing how face masks also known here as face coverings are getting more and more sophisticated and stylish as the pandemic progresses. These are brilliant for kids.

Ivan Jose said...

Those are really cute face masks! I’d also like to get two for my kids.

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