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Friday, July 3, 2020

How To Boost Childrens Immunity For Winter Wellness

Kids seem to be magnets for colds and they are always sick. No sooner do they get over one cold, they catch another. Keep reading to discover tips to boost children's immunity.

While this was written for the year 2020, the tips will still help keep your children healthy.

 In about a month, my kids will be heading back to school. I am excited but a little bit scared. It will be good that my boys will be able to return to school so they can learn and reunite with their friends and teachers. The boys are ready to go back to school as this long break has not been good for my boys. While the boys were at home, they did catch the Covid Slide but they did recover. Now the boys are just bored and are excited about going to school. The boys are not afraid of the C virus but they are not looking forward to wearing a face mask all day. The boys asked me if they would have to wear a face mask while exercising in school. Their school experience will be different this year as the lung virus pandemic has changed so many things.

Schools to Open with a Combination of Learning

 The schools in New Mexico will be opening next month with a combination of in-school learning and online learning. So my boys will attend school 2 days a week and then do online school three days a week. I am thankful that I am a stay-at-home mom so I can be there for my boys. I am also glad that my boys are independent learners and do well in school. My kids are smart because I gave my boys the best tips to succeed in school. The online school will be a success for my boys if the teachers give them plenty of work to help them succeed. I already have plans to make the dining room their schoolroom. As long as the internet can support all four of us online at the same time, things will be ok. My husband will be in the living room working from home and I will have a new office. I will be moving out of my bathroom office and into my college kid's bedroom. It will feel good to have a more comfortable workspace to do my writing in.

How I will keep my boys healthy

 The part that scares me about sending my boys back to school is the possibility of them catching the respiratory virus that is deadly for some people. Up till now, my boys have stayed at home without leaving the house for daily exercise and a couple outdoor activities. At the beginning of this virus outbreak, I chose to quarantine myself at home for a strange reason that had nothing to do with me catching the C virus. The fact that I have asthma that was made worse by a dairy allergy was a big factor in me staying at home. When my town lifted some of the restrictions, we still chose to stay home for my daughter's sake as she is pregnant and we want to be able to safely visit our new grandbaby in July. 
 So once my boys return to school, I will be boosting their immunity to keep their bodies strong. Here are some of the many ways that I will strengthen the immunity system of my boys.

Daily homemade elderberry shots 

 One of the best ways to keep your immunity strong and healthy is with daily homemade elderberry shots. Elderberry is a powerful supplement that I usually use during cold and flu season but since this virus thing is making even summer a cold season, my boys will get a cold and flu elderberry gummies before they head to school.

Practicing proper handwashing
 I think handwashing is a powerful tool in the fight against germs so I will be encouraging my boys to wash their hands often with the best handwashing tips. Most adults still have trouble with remembering when to wash their hands and for how long so practicing proper handwashing at home will help my boys to get into this habit of germ-fighting.

Daily exercise
 Exercise is another awesome tool for staying healthy. Exercise is important for healthy bodies and should be practiced daily during a virus outbreak. My boys exercise and these fitness tips for kids help them to understand why they need to exercise. On the days that they have online school, the boys will join me when I go running in the morning but on the other days, the boys will run after school. Exercise is a great way to boost your immune system.

Vitamin C supplements
  Vitamin C is just one of the many natural supplements that I recommend for cold and flu season. I like that there are so many ways that you can get your daily C. Juice and fruit have plenty of vitamin C in them so I encourage my boys to eat fruit at every meal. When I feel a cold coming on or I have been around a lot of people, I then take a vitamin C supplement that has 1000mg as this will boost my body's immunity. 

My boys enjoy drinking my homemade Cold & Flu Honey Lemon Ginger Tea when they are sick but this delicious tea can be served cold as another excellent way to get that vitamin C. Now that the weather is hot I will make my homemade cold brew fruit-infused ice tea and keep a pitcher in the fridge as this tea has plenty of vitamin C in it.

Encourage water drinking
 Water is good for you always and keeping your body hydrated will help one's body fight germs better. My husband says I drink water like a fish but I remind him that I rarely get sick. Since my boys will be going back to school when it is still summer, these summer hydration tips for runners will help my boys drink plenty of liquids. 

A healthy diet
 Food is my medicine and I am always teaching my boys why they have to eat healthy food. Food that nourishes their body will help keep their immune system strong. Healthy food tastes good and does not have to be boring. My boys love these healthy breakfast cookies and they will be great for breakfast before school. I am glad that my youngest son likes cooking and he can make chocolate protein pancakes for a healthy breakfast. My boys know that a healthy body needs plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals. So I will keep the pantry filled with plenty of healthy food.

Some amazing supplements that help their mind and body

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 Going back to school can be stressful for kids with having to follow social distancing rules and wearing a face mask. These new rules can be hard for kids to follow as they are new and confusing. Last week, I visited a grocery store for the first time in 12 weeks and I had a hard time following the arrows and keeping my distance from others. It was a good thing that nobody pointed out my mistakes as I was already having a tough time in the store with my asthma from the cleaning chemicals. Adapting to our new normal is hard.

So including some all-natural whole-food vitamins in your kid's routine that can help with stress-reducing is a good thing. Pure Synergy vitamins can support a sense of calm, boost their mood, and relieve stress. The best Pure Synergy vitamins to have your kids and yourself, ( going back to school might just be stressful for parents too), take daily are these four remedies:

Stress Remedy: a unique blend of herbal extracts that boost mental clarity and promotes a healthy stress response.

Super B Complex: the perfect blend of all eight essential B vitamins, this blend of organic fruits and veggies enhances energy, stress relief, and a healthy nervous system.

Bone Renewal: Magnesium helps relieve stress and curtail insomnia. This Renewal blend also contains other natural minerals and botanical extracts to keep our bones strong -- when we may feel weak from stress.

Pure Radiance C: When our immune system is healthy, we feel better. Some studies also show that natural vitamin C helps relieve anxiety.

 I love the whole-food ingredients that are in the vitamins as they are inspired by nature. So I will make sure that my boys include these natural supplements in their morning breakfast routine on the days that they attend school. Health and wellness is an important part of having a healthy immune system. These are just some of the ways I will be preparing my kids for school during a virus pandemic.

Do you have any tips to share for back to school?


Pam said...

I think washing hands is super important right now. When my kids go back to school, I'm sticking a bottle of sanitizer in their backpack.

The Super Mom Life said...

Elderberry is amazing! We also incorporate that into our kids routine.

Gust si Aroma said...

I think boosting our immunity this summer is a priority for everyone. We are expecting a hard Fall and we need to be prepared.

a brainstormer said...

I too suffer from a dairy allergy. Thank you for sharing your expertise and valuable advice!

Cristina Petrini said...

I think these are excellent tips to always keep in mind, Covid or not Covid, because loading the immune system and making it efficient is always necessary!

Toni said...

This sounds like a great supplement for my kids. Definitely worth a try.

Joanathx said...

Sometimes we don't realize how big of impact our moms have made on us,We are lucky that they support and take care of us. Thanks for reminding us how its is important the sacrifices of our mom. It its good to knew that there is also a vitamins or supplements that you gave to your kids.

Britt K said...

These are great tips! I can't imagine how hard this will be on parents, especially those with really young children. It's not like you can explain to a toddler why they need to social distance and avoid spreading germs... Huge shout out to the parents as well as all the incredible childcare workers making it work!

Lisa said...

These are useful tips to know. I’ll share this with my parent friends.

latte lindsay said...

My lot are back to school at the end of August so I need to get them completely prepared. These are great ideas.

Enriqueta E. Lemoine said...

Having a strong immune system is worth the effort, pandemic or not

rachel said...

Thank you for posting this! Totally going to do these!

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