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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

As a mom to five and a grandma to two, I have experienced pregnancy quite a few times. So I know that staying healthy during pregnancy is always best for a healthy baby. These tips are very useful to help the mom-to-be to learn how to stay healthy.

You've done lots of home pregnancy testing to be sure, but the positive results all mean the same thing: You're going to be a mother! You may already be picking out baby names and choosing nursery colors, but these early months before the baby arrives are all about taking care of yourself and growing a healthy baby. While recommendations for pregnant women change over the years, here are some time-tested ways to have a healthy pregnancy.

Visit the Doctor

 A positive pregnancy test should always prompt a call to your doctor. Depending on factors such as age, health, and medical history, you may be seen right away, or you may have to wait until several weeks into your first trimester. Don't assume because of your past pregnancies or others' experiences that your timeline will be the same. Your healthcare professional will let you know what your circumstances dictate and will schedule your first visit accordingly.

Eat Right

 Eating a balanced diet is always important to good overall health, but during pregnancy, it is vital to provide your body with proper nutrition. After all, you're fueling your own body while also growing a new person, so you'll need adequate nourishment for you both. In addition, studies have linked some nutrients to lower birth defect rates, so you should begin taking a high-quality prenatal vitamin even if you're already consuming a healthy diet.

Stay Active

 Experts recommend that pregnant women continue to get sufficient exercise as their health and energy level will allow, even if fatigue and nausea during early pregnancy can make maintaining a workout routine difficult. Not only will physical activity keep your body healthy during pregnancy, you may also find it easier to lose the baby weight after giving birth. Taking leisurely walks, performing light housework, stretching and even activities such as swimming are great ways to stay active while not putting too much strain on your tired body.

Get Adequate Rest

The profound exhaustion that is a hallmark of early pregnancy is nature's way of telling a mother-to-be to slow down. Don't ignore that prompting, even if you feel guilty or worry that you simply don't have the time. School, work or family commitments may not always permit such luxuries as a midday nap, but getting to bed earlier or simply putting your feet up whenever you have the opportunity can do wonders.

Avoid Harmful Substances

Just about everything you take into your body will pass to your unborn child during pregnancy. Now more than ever, you will need to quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs. If you have an addiction or substance abuse problem you haven't addressed, it is crucial to reach out for help as soon as possible. Not only will kicking those habits help your unborn child, but you will also have a head start to being a clean-living mama, which will benefit you both.

Many women worry about what kind of mothers they will be once their child arrives, but the most important gift you can give your unborn baby today is a healthy head start.

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