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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Best Supplements For Injury Recovery

Don't let a sports injury stop you from participating in your favorite sport. Learn about the best supplements for injury recovery.

 An injury from sports can be painful and frustrating. Having to stop the activity that you enjoy to let your body heal can be tough for active people. On one hand, we know that resting from the activity that caused the injury is important but allowing our body to rest is a whole different thing.

 Many years ago, I injured my ankle while running. I think the intense running up hills put too much stress on my ankle tendon. Then my son accidentally hit the back of my ankle with a shopping cart. Thankfully, I did not break any bones but my ankle tendon was badly injured. It took a long time for my ankle to heal. I had to stop running for a long time. 

 I am glad that my ankle healed and I was able to run again. The frustrating part of this running injury is having to deal with occasional pain. I still get pain and inflammation from the injury about once a month. When my ankle feels stiff and painful, I take a day off from running. Taking a rest from running has helped my ankle feel better. 

My ankle injury got worse

 In the past, taking a day off from running has helped with the old ankle injury but a couple months ago things got worse. The pain returned to my ankle. The pain was most noticeable after I went running. My ankle felt stiff and walking downstairs was painful. I stopped running. While my ankle felt better, it still hurt when I walked down the stairs. Even walking on the treadmill made my ankle hurt. 

 I was frustrated that I could not go running anymore. So I started researching what supplements help with running injuries. I needed my ankle to heal so I could get back to enjoying my running time. I discovered that I needed to include more protein in my diet as protein helps muscles repair. Adding more protein to my diet was easy as I had plenty of plant-based protein in my pantry.  In addition to my daily protein shake, I made some protein cookies

Injury Recovery Supplements

 In addition to adding more protein to my diet, I added some supplements for injury recovery into my daily supplements. At first, I was just using turmeric and collagen as those supplements have helped with my injury in the past. Turmeric is good for inflammation and collagen helps joints. While these supplements were helping with the pain, my ankle was still stiff with pain after running.

 I was glad to discover a supplement program formulated for injury recovery support. VitaMedica Recovery Support Program included the products I needed to experience a faster recovery from this injury. This injury supplement program had the best supplements that were formulated with nutrients to support wound healing. The supplements could also help manage the inflammatory response.

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A 4-Week Program For Healing

 The supplements were made from natural nutrients and had benefits that I liked. I like that the supplements included many vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that are known for helping the body heal. They included both day and night supplements. So I stopped running and took the supplements for two weeks. During this time, I still went to the gym but I used exercise machines that would not stress my ankle. 

 After two weeks of taking the supplements, I started walking on the treadmill again. I also continued taking the recovery supplements. Walking on the treadmill did not cause my ankle to hurt like it did in the past. After 4 weeks of using the recovery support program, I was able to walk downstairs without any pain or stiffness. The supplements were just what my body needed to heal.

VitaMedica Recovery Support Program Benefits ~ Information from https://www.vitamedica.com/

~ Comprehensive physician-formulated nutritional program to support healing

~ Supports healthy skin & tissue after physical stress

~ Supports new cell growth, tissue growth, and repair

~ Antioxidants deactivate free-radicals

~ Supports energy levels in the day and promotes rest in the evening

~ Balances the natural inflammatory response

~ Homeopathic Arnica provides relief from bruising, swelling, stiffness, pain

The Recovery Support  program includes: 

~ Clinical Support Morning

~ Clinical Support Evening

~ Bromelain with Quercetin 

~ Arnica Montana 30X HPUS

Ready to run again

The VitaMedica Recovery Support Program helped my ankle heal and I no longer experience any pain or swelling in my ankle. It was tough not being able to run. Since taking the supplements for 4 weeks, I have been able to speed walk on the treadmill. Now that my ankle feels better, I am able to start running again. 

To get more information about the VitaMedica Recovery Support Program head here.

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Environmental Impact of Medical Waste Disposal

 Do you want to get familiar with the term medical waste disposal? Willing to know how biomedical disposal has been impacting the environment? 

If yes, this is the right article for you. 

 According to PubMed, around 96% of pain management doctors have treated chronic pain patients. Undoubtedly, they have the qualifications and training to treat people with any kind of injury or illness. To do so, they first evaluate and diagnose, then do the treatment. 

 No matter how significant the treatment is, in some way or another, biomedical disposal has been impacting the environment. But if it’s done in the right way, the consequences can be minimized. 

 In this article, we’ll get familiar with the disposal of medical waste, its consequences, and practices to conduct environmentally responsible ways of disposal of the waste.  

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Medical Waste Disposal? 

 Medical Waste disposal, also known as biomedical waste or healthcare waste, is generated by activities related to healthcare. 

 Biomedical waste includes waste generated from hospitals, blood banks, dental practices, medical research, laboratories, etc. Medical waste contaminates blood, body, or other materials that can be infectious to the environment and creatures living there. 

The disposal method of biomedical waste can be categorized into: 

Encapsulation: In this method, you can find all the medical waste placed in a secure container. It also includes packaging that prevents any kind of leakage. 

Autoclaving: This method is considered one of the best methods to dispose of biomedical waste. Here, all the bacteria and viruses of healthcare waste are killed using steam. 

Chemical disinfection: Chemical disinfection decontaminates the waste by using chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses. 

 Not only medical professionals and workers but normal users like us need to get familiar with the term and its methods. You might wonder why. It’s necessary to know the right way to dispose of them. 

 According to WHO, 15% of biomedical waste contains hazardous materials that are infectious or radioactive. As a result, it creates a negative impact on aquatic life, ecosystems on land, irrigation systems, water, air, etc.

It eventually harms the health of human beings and degrades our environment.

Moreover, let’s get familiar with some of the major consequences of medical waste disposal on the environment! 

1. Air Pollution

 When you dispose of medical waste using incineration, it causes different types of pollutants to be released into the air. Some of them are dioxins and heavy metals. These pollutants are enormously harmful to living beings and the environment itself. 

 If you don’t manage the waste disposal carefully, the harmful contaminants are passed on from one place to the other through the air. 

 A lot of waste products that you get from the medical field react with the environment and air. Through this, a lot of harmful byproducts are created. Eventually, it releases into the air, which causes air pollution. 

 Moreover, you can mitigate these air pollution issues and save the environment through careful management and disposal of biomedical waste. 

2. Water Contamination and Diseases

 A lot of medical waste disposal is disposed of in water. The harmful chemicals present in these substances lead to the origin of various bacteria and viruses. We humans need water for different purposes. When we use contaminated water for any purpose, we get ill.

 Sometimes, pathogens are generated from biomedical waste. When you don’t dispose of these substances properly, they leach into the soil and then reach the underground water. Eventually, it results in water pollution.  

 Moreover, water pollution leads to an outbreak of waterborne diseases. Hence, it hugely affects aquatic life and life on land. 

3. Soil Pollution 

 A lot of hospitals make a common mistake by disposing of medical waste in open areas. As a result, the chemicals originating from the waste come in contact with the soil and cause soil pollution. 

 It not only affects the environment but also negatively impacts agriculture and the food we consume. When we consume food that is grown in intoxicated soil, we go through different health hazards. 

4. Wildlife Extinction 

 Improper disposal of waste has been severely affecting our biodiversity and ecosystem. The overall pollution caused in soil, water, and air leads to global warming and other environmental degradation. As a result, a lot of endangered animals are in the form of extinction. 

 Eventually, it will degrade the habitat of wildlife as there is a rapid risk of disease transmission. It’s also found that a lot of irresponsible people don’t manage waste. As a result, the wildlife and aquatic life get entangled in the plastic, or they eat it, which causes harm or leads to death. 

To stop it, we need to be responsible as the general public and minimize biomedical disposal. 

Best Practices for Environmentally Responsible Biomedical Disposal

We cannot completely eradicate medical waste disposal and its negative impact on the environment. However, there are some ways through which we can minimize it. Some disposals like glass and plastic can be reused. Also, we can use some alternatives that decay easily. 

 Also, a lot of medical experts claim that to manage the disposal, alternative elements can be used that will decompose easily. 

So, let’s learn about some practices for environmentally responsible biomedical disposal! 

Reuse and Recycle: Biomedical disposals like glass, cups, and probes can be reused. So, we’d suggest you reuse the waste that is in good order to control pollution in the environment. Similarly, you can use recycle-friendly materials to produce biofuels. 

Segregation and Proper Labeling: If you segregate the disposal properly, you’ll be able to label them properly. Eventually, this will make sure that your medical waste disposal is utilized in the right way. 

Prevention: Prevention is possible if the pain management doctors and workers focus on producing reusable items. Also, the focus should be on reducing the amount of biomedical waste. 

Hence, these are the top three ways to dispose the medical waste to protect the environment and creatures living here. 


 According to WHO, around 30% of healthcare facilities these days are not able to handle their medical waste disposal in the right way. As a result, it causes air, land, soil, and water pollution. It creates a negative impact on biodiversity and the living behavior of people. 

 With the increasing population, there is also an increment in the medical facilities that leads to an increase in biomedical waste. It may not be possible to eradicate this waste; however, we can definitely manage and minimize the waste. 

Hence, we must act today to provide our future generation with a clean and healthy environment. 

7 Strategies for Successfully Fighting Substance Abuse

 Substance abuse is a pervasive and complex problem that affects individuals, families, and communities worldwide. The consequences of addiction can be devastating, leading to physical, mental, and emotional health issues, fractured relationships, and economic hardships. However, there is hope. By adopting the right strategies and seeking professional help, individuals can successfully overcome substance abuse and regain control of their lives. In this blog post, we will explore seven effective strategies to combat substance abuse and discuss the vital role that rehabilitation centers play in this battle.

Self-Awareness and Acceptance

 One of the first and most crucial steps in fighting substance abuse is self-awareness and acceptance. Individuals struggling with addiction often deny or downplay the severity of their problem. It's essential to acknowledge that a problem exists and to accept personal responsibility for it. Self-awareness can help individuals recognize the impact of addiction on their lives, motivating them to make positive changes.

Build a Support System

 Isolation is a common feature of addiction. Breaking free from this isolation is vital for recovery. Building a strong support system is essential for individuals looking to overcome substance abuse. This network may include friends, family, and support groups. Sharing experiences and receiving encouragement from others who understand the challenges of addiction can provide much-needed emotional support.

Seek Professional Help

 Rehabilitation centers play a pivotal role in the recovery process. Find a rehab offering evidence-based treatment programs that are tailored to the individual's needs. These programs often combine various therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, counseling, and group sessions, to address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of addiction. These evidence-based programs provide a structured and supportive environment for individuals to work towards sobriety.

Identify Triggers and Develop Coping Strategies

 Addiction often has deeply rooted triggers that may be environmental, emotional, or psychological. These triggers can be the very things that drive an individual back into the cycle of substance abuse if left unaddressed. By identifying these triggers, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to their addiction, allowing them to confront them head-on. This self-awareness empowers them to build a toolkit of coping strategies, equipping them with healthier ways to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional pain. These coping strategies can include mindfulness and meditation techniques to stay grounded in the present, stress management methods to deal with life's challenges, and the exploration of alternative, positive outlets for emotional expression. By developing these coping mechanisms, individuals gain the resilience needed to face their triggers and maintain their commitment to a substance-free life, ultimately ensuring a more sustainable and successful recovery.

Set Realistic Goals

 Setting realistic goals is a fundamental component of a successful recovery journey from substance abuse. The process of overcoming addiction can be arduous and often fraught with challenges, both physical and emotional. Therefore, individuals in recovery must establish attainable objectives that serve as motivating milestones. These goals act as beacons of progress, providing a tangible sense of achievement and helping individuals stay committed to their path to sobriety. Short-term objectives, such as maintaining abstinence for a day, a week, or a month, offer individuals a sense of accomplishment, demonstrating that they can indeed regain control over their lives. Long-term goals, such as maintaining sobriety for a year or even a lifetime, provide a sense of purpose and direction, ensuring that individuals remain committed to their recovery even in the face of setbacks. By celebrating these milestones, individuals can bolster their self-esteem, reinforce their commitment to change, and, ultimately, build the resilience needed to stay on the path to a substance-free life. These realistic goals not only mark progress but also serve as a roadmap to recovery, helping individuals recognize that each step forward is a victory in the battle against addiction.

Implement Lifestyle Changes

 Implementing lifestyle changes is a fundamental aspect of successfully fighting substance abuse. Addiction often becomes deeply intertwined with an individual's daily life, impacting everything from daily routines to personal relationships. To break free from the grip of substance abuse, it's imperative to embark on a transformative journey that reshapes one's entire way of living. This process involves not only abstaining from the addictive substance but also creating a new, healthier lifestyle. It may include discovering and engaging in new hobbies or interests that provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Additionally, establishing a structured daily routine can help individuals replace old habits with healthier ones, giving them a sense of stability and control. Building positive social connections is another vital component of this change, as it helps individuals surround themselves with a supportive network that encourages their sobriety. Implementing lifestyle changes is not just about quitting a substance; it's about forging a path toward a more balanced, purposeful, and fulfilling life that supports long-term recovery.

Relapse Prevention

 Relapse prevention is a fundamental aspect of the recovery process, as it equips individuals with the tools and strategies needed to maintain sobriety in the face of potential setbacks. It's important to recognize that relapse is not a sign of failure but rather a common hurdle in the journey to recovery. Rehab centers often provide comprehensive relapse prevention programs that focus on helping individuals identify their personal triggers and warning signs. These programs teach valuable coping techniques and strategies to manage cravings and stressors that could lead to a relapse. Developing a robust relapse prevention plan is like building a safety net, ensuring that individuals have the support and resources needed to stay on the path to recovery, even when faced with the tempting allure of substances. It's a proactive approach that empowers individuals to take charge of their recovery, helping them understand that a relapse doesn't undo the progress they've made; it's merely a detour on the road to lasting sobriety.

 Fighting substance abuse is a challenging but entirely achievable goal. Self-awareness, support systems, professional help from rehabilitation centers offering evidence-based treatment programs, trigger identification, goal setting, lifestyle changes, and relapse prevention strategies all play crucial roles in the recovery process. Substance abuse is not a one-size-fits-all problem, and each individual's journey to sobriety is unique. By embracing these strategies and seeking assistance from the right resources, individuals can successfully combat addiction and regain control of their lives. Remember, recovery is possible, and there is hope for a healthier, brighter future.

What You Should Know About Car Accident Injuries


Car accidents, a distressingly common occurrence worldwide, often lead to injuries of varying severity. These injuries can range from minor abrasions and bruises to significant, life-altering conditions. It is crucial not only for accident victims but also for those who may, unfortunately, find themselves in similar situations in the future to understand the implications of car accident injuries. This guide aims to shed light on different aspects of car accident injuries, providing a comprehensive resource to recognize symptoms, seek appropriate medical attention, and comprehend the legal implications involved.

Recognizing Symptoms of Car Accident Injuries

 Following a car accident, it is crucial to identify any symptoms that could indicate an injury. While some injuries, like fractures or wounds, are immediately apparent, others like concussions or internal bleeding may not be. Symptoms to watch out for include dizziness, confusion, persistent headaches, abdominal pain or swelling, and numbness in limbs. It is crucial to bear in mind that certain symptoms might not manifest until days after the accident has taken place. It is always advisable to seek professional medical attention following a car accident, regardless of whether you initially feel well. A competent medical expert can accurately evaluate your condition and administer suitable treatment if necessary.

Seeking Medical Attention

 Prompt medical attention after a car accident is vital, even for seemingly minor injuries. Not only does it ensure proper healing and recovery, but it also creates a record of your injuries that may be essential for legal purposes. Delaying or avoiding medical treatment could not only worsen the injury but also impact any potential compensation claims in the future.

 A lot of people avoid seeking medical attention due to concerns about the cost. However, in most cases, car insurance policies cover accident-related medical expenses. It's always best to consult with a lawyer or your insurance provider to understand your coverage and file any claims accordingly.

 It can be challenging to navigate the aftermath of a car accident, but seeking medical attention is a crucial step toward recovery and protecting your rights. You should also continue monitoring your symptoms and seek additional medical help if new symptoms arise.

Legal Assistance for Brain Injuries Sustained From Car Accidents

 Brain injuries are one of the most severe consequences of car accidents. These injuries can range from concussions to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which can have long-lasting effects on an individual's physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in a car accident, it's crucial to seek legal assistance. Namely, whether you need to find experienced brain injury attorneys in Alpharetta, or other reputable lawyers in your area, legal professionals can help you file a personal injury claim and seek appropriate compensation for medical expenses and other damages. Namely, a lawyer who approaches each case with priority and importance can help you navigate complex legal procedures and ensure your rights are protected.

Coping with the Psychological Impact of Car Accidents

 Car accidents not only cause physical injuries but they can also lead to psychological trauma. Accident victims may experience a variety of emotional and mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. These psychological effects might manifest themselves through symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks of the accident, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, feelings of constant worry, and emotional withdrawal. If you or someone you care about is experiencing emotional distress after a car accident, it's crucial to seek professional mental health support.

 Psychologists and therapists are equipped to provide the necessary treatment, including evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to aid individuals in their recovery journey and empower them to regain control of their lives. Remember, reaching out for help is a courageous step towards healing and well-being.

Rehabilitation and Recovery After A Car Accident

 Rehabilitation is an essential part of the recovery process following a car accident. Depending on the severity and type of injuries sustained, various forms of rehabilitation may be recommended by healthcare professionals. This could include physical therapy for injuries related to muscles, bones, or tissues, occupational therapy to regain the ability to perform daily tasks, or speech and language therapy for those who have suffered a brain injury that affects their communication abilities. In addition to these, ongoing medical check-ups are crucial to monitor the recovery progress and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Allowing the occupational health services to work on your recovery process is a suitable solution to adjust quick rehabilitation. 

 One of the most challenging aspects of recovery is the potential impact on an individual's daily life, including work and personal responsibilities. In cases where injuries result in temporary or permanent disability, it may be necessary to make adjustments to accommodate these changes. This could include modifications at home or work, seeking financial assistance, and accessing support services.

Financial Compensation after a Car Accident

 In the aftermath of a car accident, managing medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses can be overwhelming. As per the law, if the accident was caused due to the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to compensation for your losses. This includes medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It's important to compile all necessary documentation, such as medical bills, proof of lost wages, and any other pertinent records to support your claim. It's advisable to work with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can assist you in collecting the evidence, establishing the liability of the other party, and negotiating fair compensation with the insurance company.

The Role of Support Systems in Recovery

 Following a car accident, the significance of a strong support system cannot be overstated. This may comprise family, friends, or support groups of individuals who have undergone similar experiences. A network of understanding and empathetic individuals can offer emotional comfort, practical assistance, and encouragement throughout the recovery journey. They can act as sounding boards, aiding accident victims in processing their experiences and navigating the intricate path toward physical and emotional healing. Moreover, support systems play a crucial role in assisting with practical aspects, such as transportation to medical appointments, home care, or managing paperwork related to legal and insurance procedures. It is crucial to remember that seeking help from others is not a sign of weakness, but rather an integral part of the healing process.

 In conclusion, the aftermath of a car accident can be heavy to bear, with physical injuries, psychological trauma, legal battles, and financial difficulties often coming into play. It's crucial to recognize signs of injuries, seek timely medical attention, understand your legal rights, and lean on a robust support system to navigate these challenging times. By comprehending and addressing each aspect of this journey — from recovery to rehabilitation, legal assistance, and emotional support — you can make strides toward rebuilding your life after an accident. It's important to remember that reaching out for help, whether medical, legal, or emotional, is not only okay, but it is a commendable step towards recovery. Ultimately, patience, perseverance, and resilience can be your most potent allies on the path to healing.

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Mommy Makeover: Self-Care Secrets for Radiant Beauty

 Are you a busy mom who gets overwhelmed with work, kids, and life in general? If so, you know that it can be difficult to prioritize yourself - but self-care is essential when it comes to looking and feeling your best. A mommy makeover is the perfect way to treat yourself and embrace some much-needed “me time.” 

Here we will discuss how moms everywhere can create their ultimate beauty routine with easy tips for radiant skin, luscious locks, and stylish everyday looks no matter what life throws at them. It’s time to ditch those exhausting mornings running around trying to look put together – let us show you that all of the ingredients for a successful (and empowering!) pampering session already exist within reach!

Fillers for a Youthful Glow 

 As busy moms, we often don't have the time or energy to invest in an extensive skincare routine. However, there is a quick and easy way to get that youthful glow without all the fuss - lip fillers! These cosmetic injections can help plump and smooth out your lips, giving you a more youthful appearance. Whether you are looking for lip fillers in Albany, NY, or Buffalo, this cosmetic procedure can help you say goodbye to thin and dry lips and hello to a confident and radiant smile. Lip fillers are perfect for moms who want to add some volume to their pout without having to spend hours in front of a mirror.

Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day 

 Are you feeling stressed out and in need of some TLC? What better way to relax and rejuvenate than by treating yourself to a spa day? Pamper yourself with luxurious facials and massages that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in some much-needed self-care. Sit back, relax, and let the skilled spa therapists take care of you. With their help, you can look and feel your best. So why wait? Book yourself a spa day and get ready to be pampered like never before!

Get Fit at Home 

 What's better than being able to get fit in the comfort of your own home? With the plethora of workout videos and yoga classes available online, it's now easier than ever to break a sweat without having to leave the house. No need to spend money on a gym membership or worry about commuting to a fitness class on time. 

 Simply clear some space in your living room, find a workout video or yoga class that speaks to you, and get ready to feel the burn. Plus, working out at home gives you the freedom to experiment with different types of workouts without feeling self-conscious in front of strangers. So, why not give it a try and see how it can benefit your fitness journey?

Eat Well & Hydrate 

 When it comes to feeling our best, there's no question that what we eat plays a huge role in our overall health. That's why it's so important to stock up on nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Not only are they packed with vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function at their best, but they're also a great way to help jazz up our meals. 

 From colorful berries to leafy greens, there are so many delicious and nutritious options to choose from. And let's not forget about hydration – drinking plenty of water is key to staying healthy and energized. So next time you're at the grocery store, be sure to load up on all the good stuff!

Make Sleep a Priority 

 Sleep is often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, but it's essential for our overall health. From the risk of chronic health conditions to our daily productivity, the benefits of getting enough sleep are numerous. One of the most helpful ways to improve your sleep quality is to establish a consistent sleep schedule. 

 Train your body to anticipate when it's time to drift off to sleep and when to wake up, and you'll find yourself feeling more refreshed and energized when you wake up. You'll have more energy to tackle your work, enjoy your hobbies, and tackle the challenges of each day. Making sleep a priority might take some adjustment, but the long-term benefits are well worth it.

When it comes to self-care, the possibilities are endless. Start making your health a priority today! Invest in yourself for long-term benefits and create a positive outlook on life that will carry you through all of life’s bumps in the road. You deserve a balanced lifestyle now more than ever—go get it!

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How To Detox Glyphosate From Your Body With Beam Minerals

Glyphosate is almost everywhere and there’s a very good chance you have glyphosate in your system right now. A large-scale 2022 study from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that 80% of Americans have detectable glyphosate levels in their urine.

 Most people have heard of glyphosate and know that it is present in food. Not many people know of the dangers of glyphosate and why they should not eat products that contain glyphosate. Glyphosate is an extraordinarily potent toxin that is in our food source. Do you really know what glyphosate is?

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the world. Most people know this chemical as the weed killer Roundup. This toxic weed killer was invented by Monsanto. For way too many years, farmers and people have been spraying glyphosate on weeds without really knowing the dangers of this weed killer.

 Most people were made aware of the dangers of what glyphosate can do to our bodies when lawsuits were made against Bayer Pharmaceuticals. It was then that we learned that this toxic weed killer could increase your cancer risk.

How can I avoid Glyphosate?

 Some of the ways that we can avoid glyphosate exposure are by eating organic food, buying products that don't contain glyphosate, and killing weeds with a natural weed killer. Doing the above items may help reduce our exposure to glyphosate. The sad reality is you probably have glyphosate in your body as is almost everywhere.

 Glyphosate is almost everywhere. Farmers still spray it on crops or drip it into the soil via watering systems. The trouble is that glyphosate doesn’t stay on farmland. It spreads through the air and contaminates nearby land. This nasty chemical also ends up in nearby water sources and into our drinking water. As a result, there’s a very good chance you have glyphosate in your system right now. Glyphosate is an especially nasty toxin. It hides in our cells.

Avoiding glyphosate seems pretty much impossible

Glyphosate is hard to avoid and we may think that we can do nothing to protect our body from this cancer-causing chemical. While we can not avoid glyphosate entering our body, we can get it out of our body and make sure it doesn’t build up in our cells. We can detox glyphosate from our bodies.

The Best Way to Remove Glyphosate From Our Cells

Taking a substance called humic is the best way to remove glyphosate from your body. Humic is a concentrated mineral compound that occurs naturally in soil. Humic is a good general detoxifier—it binds to heavy metals and plasticizers like BPA and it also gently removes cellular waste. Humic is able to also detoxify glyphosate from our cells and is better than most standard detoxifiers.*

How is Humic Made?

When plants break down, they deposit a variety of minerals and organic compounds into the soil. Over thousands of years, these compounds build up and concentrate together, forming an ultra-potent collection of bioactive molecules called humic substance.

How Does Humic Work?

Humic substance is very good at detoxing glyphosate. It does so in three ways: 

1. Humic substance adsorbs free glyphosate in your gut and bloodstream, binding to and deactivating it. Humic substance can also completely neutralize glyphosate’s ability to destroy gut bacteria.*

2. Humic substance also opens up channels in cell walls and pulls out stored glyphosate.* 

3. Finally, humic substance falls out of solution once it binds to glyphosate, allowing you to pass the deactivated glyphosate out of your system for good. 

* Information obtained from HERE

Where to Purchase Humic Substance?

 The best humic substance I’ve found comes from BEAM Minerals. Their humic substance comes from ancient decomposed rainforest soil and is delivered in a liquid suspension, a form that’s especially easy to absorb. It’s one of the most bioavailable humic supplements on the market. 

 I have used BEAM Minerals to recover from mold exposure. These minerals helped my body detox the mold after we discovered mold in our home several years ago. Mold is hard to remove from the body and the BEAM Minerals helped me heal.

What is Mold Sickness - How To Remove Mold From The Body 

 BEAM Minerals also offers a product called Micro-BOOST™ - Exceptional Cellular Micronutrient Support. This full-system detoxification support supplement contains humic substance as well as fulvic and other micronutrients. Humic removes toxins from your system, while fulvic refills your mineral stores. I like that Micro-BOOST is a flavorless liquid and is easy to take. This supplement can be taken on an empty stomach.

The two main ingredients of the BEAM products are completely natural, plant-based fulvic and humic complexes. 

Fulvic complexes ~ provide important transportation for nutrients into the cells and bio-waste and toxins out of the cells. Fulvic complexes boost the metabolism and provide exceptional immune system support.

- Humic complexes ~ are the champion of antioxidants! They collect free radicals and bio-waste, bind with heavy metals, and provide important detoxification support by carrying these unwanted elements out of the body. 

-100% Plant-Sourced: BEAM Minerals electrolytes and minerals come from ancient plant deposits and are available to the cells in the form Mother Nature intended.

- 100% Bioavailable: BEAM Minerals electrolytes and minerals are 100% dissolved, making them immediately bioavailable . . . so they go to work as soon as you ingest them.

- 100% Pure: The plant-based fulvic complexes in BEAM Minerals supplements are extracted via a unique proprietary process that preserves the integrity of the precious electrolytes. Absolutely no chemicals are used . . . Ever!

Glyphosate is one of the biggest threats to our food and environment, and as its use increases, things are only going to get worse. Humic substance is the single best thing you can do to get it out of your system. 

Use code MOMKNOWSBEST to save 20% on Any BEAM Minerals

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The Magic Within: How to Discover Your Birthstone and Its Hidden Secrets

 Every gemstone, from the dazzling diamond to shimmering sapphire, carries with it a deep history and unique set of mysteries. So if you were looking for a quick way to uncover some of your natural magic, how about taking a look at your birthstone? Here we will explore what exactly your birthstone tells you about yourself – from its symbolism and traditional uses to its origins in mythology. Whether curious or just plain fascinated by their secrets, come along as we go mining into the treasuries held within these mysterious stones!

Understanding Birthstones

 Gems known as birthstones are connected to a person's birth month. Gems known as birthstones are connected to a person's birth month. These precious stones have a history that can be traced back to biblical times when a high priest's garments were decorated with twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Over time, these stones have evolved into the twelve birthstones we recognize today. Each of these also depends on your star sign for example, birthstones for Libras are different than the birthstones for Scorpios. Therefore, understanding your birthstone can provide insight into not only your personality but also your zodiac sign.

How to Identify Your Birthstone - Discovering Your Month and Year

 Identifying your birthstone is an intriguing journey of self-discovery. First, you need to know the month in which you were born. Each month corresponds to one or sometimes two gemstones. For instance, garnet represents January, while October can have either opal or tourmaline. Next, some people choose to consider the year of their birth. 

 Tradition in some cultures suggests that certain stones have a stronger resonance with people born in specific years. However, the most widely accepted method is simply choosing according to your birth month. Websites or charts detailing birthstones by month are readily available online. By understanding the month and possibly the year of your birth, you can discover your birthstone, embarking on a journey to uncover the hidden secrets it holds for you.

Unlocking the Power of Your Birthstone

 The journey of self-discovery doesn't end once you've identified your birthstone. The true magic lies in understanding the history, meaning, and symbolism of your precious gem. Each birthstone carries with it a legacy of stories and myths, complex metaphysical properties, and symbolism that can speak volumes about your personality traits and life path.

 From ancient civilizations that revered these stones as sacred gifts from the gods, to modern societies that view them as a symbol of luck and prosperity, birthstones have always held a central place in human history. For example, the diamond, a birthstone for April, was once believed to be fragments of stars fallen on earth, while the ruby, July's birthstone, has been associated with courage, passion, and protection.

 The meaning and symbolism of each stone are as diverse as the people who wear them. The amethyst, the stone of February, is known as the 'Stone of Spiritual Growth' and is believed to bring clarity to the mind of the wearer, while the garnet of January is symbolically connected to friendship and trust.

Applying the Magic

 Once you have discovered your birthstone and understood its symbolism and meaning, you can harness its power in your daily life. Birthstones can be used in a variety of ways, from fashionable jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces, to meditative tools in yoga and spiritual practices. 

Wearing your birthstone as jewelry is one of the most common ways to keep its energy close. The gem not only adds a unique charm to your appearance but also serves as a constant reminder of your strengths and values. 

 In meditation, placing your birthstone on the relevant chakra or holding it in your hand can help enhance your focus and concentration. It can serve as a physical token of your intentions and desires. Moreover, you can place the stone in your home or workspace. Its presence can influence the energy of the environment, bringing balance and positivity.

Embracing the Possibilities

 Wearing your birthstone is not just a fashionable trend; it can potentially bestow upon you a range of benefits. Many believe these gemstones have healing properties and can influence your mood and behavior. Amethyst, for instance, is said to alleviate stress and promote peace of mind. Ruby, on the other hand, is believed to enhance vitality and vigor. Each stone carries unique properties that align with the inherent traits of those born in that particular month.

 When worn as jewelry, these stones are thought to amplify positive energies and minimize negative ones surrounding the wearer, helping to create a balanced aura. They are also said to act as good luck charms, attracting prosperity and warding off misfortune. The mere act of wearing your birthstone can serve as a constant reminder of your potential and individuality, thereby boosting confidence and self-esteem. 

 While the scientific evidence supporting these claims may be sparse, the belief in the power of birthstones has been a part of human culture for centuries. Therefore, integrating your birthstone into your daily life might be an exciting way to explore your identity, tap into your potential, and maybe even discover some hidden magic within!

Specialty Items – Finding Unique Ways to Showcase Your Stone

 There's no shortage of inventive and stylish ways to showcase your birthstone. While jewelry remains a popular choice, several unique specialty items allow you to highlight your stone in a more personal and distinctive manner. 

 Decorative items for your home, for instance, can be a fantastic way to incorporate your birthstone's energy into your daily life. Think about a birthstone-encrusted picture frame holding a treasured memory, or a beautifully crafted candle holder adorned with your gemstone. Not only do these items serve a functional purpose, but they also infuse your space with the energy and aesthetic appeal of your birthstone.

 Another creative avenue to consider is personalized stationery. Imagine a set of high-quality pens bedecked with your birthstone or a journal with a gem-studded cover. These items not only make a statement about your style but also serve as a constant reminder of your birthstone's symbolic meaning as you pen your thoughts or tackle your to-do list.

 And let's not forget about fashion accessories beyond traditional jewelry. Birthstones can make stunning additions to keychains, hair accessories, or even clothing items with gemstone-embellished details. Such accessories add a touch of personal charm and add a sense of individuality to your attire.

 In conclusion, birthstones are not just shiny stones; they carry within them a world of myth, symbolism, and self-discovery. By understanding the significance of your birthstone, you can uncover hidden truths about yourself and embrace its power to enhance your life. So why wait? Unleash the magic within by exploring the wonders of your birthstone today!

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Save 15% On Nuzest Plant Based Protein ~ Best Deal Ever!

 If you are looking for the best clean ingredient protein powder, you need to check out Nuzest! Nuzest is a plant-based protein that is made from 3 ingredients.

You use protein powder for the protein that it offers, so why would you use a protein powder that has added junk ingredients like sugar, gums, and fillers? The sad truth is most protein powders are made with added ingredients that are not the best for your body. The even sadder thing is people buy these not-so-clean protein powders, thinking that they are healthy products.

 As a fitness person, I want to feed my body the best food. I work hard at trying to get my body healthy, so I want the best protein powder to help build muscle. So after I work out, I reach for Nuzest Clean Lean protein powder. I love Nuzest plant-based protein powder for so many reasons but the main reason I use Nuzest Vegan protein is for how clean this protein powder is. Nuzest is made with three to four ingredients ~ Pea protein isolate, Natural flavors, and Thaumatin. The flavored Nuzest protein has natural flavors from vanilla, beets, and cocoa.

Why I love Nuzest Allergy-Friendly Protein Powder

Facts about Nuzest Clean Lean Plant-Based Protein

~ Nuzest protein is allergy-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, lectin-free, and verified with The Non-GMO Project. The Clean Lean Protein line of protein powders does not come in contact with crustaceans, shellfish, nuts, or tree nuts at their facilities. 

~ Nuzest is low-carb with 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving

~ Nuzest is made from European golden peas and contains no fillers, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial flavors

~ Nuzest contains 3-4 simple ingredients ~ Pea protein isolate, Natural flavors, and Thaumatin in addition to Beet juice or Cocoa powder

~ Nuzest is easy to digest

~ Mixes well in water

~ Nuzest contains 20 grams of plant-based protein

~  Nuzest is regularly tested for safe microbial activity, heavy metals, pesticides, and common allergens. 

~ Nuzest uses Water-Based processing which means it is free from harmful chemicals

Save 15% on all Nuzest Protein Products 

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Save 15% on All Nuzest Products

~ Plant-based Protein Powder

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~ Digestive Support L-Glutamine

. This is the perfect time to try Nuzest or if you already use Nuzest, this is a perfect time to stock up on all your protein needs. Protein powder has a long shelf life so it makes perfect sense to buy enough protein powder for a whole year. 

 You know that you will be using protein powder so stock up now. Grocery prices keep going up and soon it may be your favorite protein powder brand having to raise their prices. Did you know that Nuzest has a huge container that offers 100 servings? That makes each protein serving $1.38! Try buying 20 grams of meat protein at that price. 

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Save 15% on all Nuzest Protein Products 

Top Tips That Will Help You With Muscle Gain

 If you’ve been looking for some fast and effective ways to gain muscle, then you're in the right place. We all know it takes hard work to build a toned and strong physique, but there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing top tips that will give you all the guidance needed for sustainable muscle-building success — from carving out an individualized plan and nailing your nutrition strategy to incorporating healthy food choices into your everyday routine as well as incorporating the best exercises for optimal gains. Whether tackling fitness goals alone or with a trainer/ mentor – join us on this journey towards success!

Utilize The Right Supplements

 In addition to a sound workout plan and balanced nutrition, incorporating the right supplements into your regimen can significantly enhance muscle gain. Protein powders, for instance, can provide the necessary protein required for muscle recovery and growth. However, it is crucial to remember that supplements should not replace whole foods but rather complement your diet. The team behind Crazy Bulk says that for maximum results you should utilize legal steroids, as they are a safer alternative to traditional steroids and can help you gain muscle mass quickly. Consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any supplements to ensure they are safe for you.

Adequate Rest and Recovery for Muscle Repair

 An often overlooked, yet critical aspect of muscle gain is rest and recovery. During sleep, your body enters a state of repair, rebuilding the muscles that have been broken down during your workouts. Moreover, sleep also promotes the release of growth hormones, which are essential for muscle growth. Therefore, ensuring you get enough quality sleep each night is as important as your workout regimen and nutritional intake. In addition to this, taking rest days in between intense workout sessions allows your muscles to recover, heal, and grow stronger. Remember that muscle growth occurs outside the gym during periods of rest, so never underestimate the power of taking a day off for recovery.

Quality Sleep and Hormonal Balance

 Quality sleep plays a significant role in maintaining an optimal hormonal balance, which in turn is crucial for muscle growth. When you sleep, your body releases growth hormones and testosterone, both of which are vital for muscle repair and growth. A lack of sleep can lead to an increase in the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can inhibit muscle growth and lead to muscle tissue breakdown. Furthermore, a disrupted sleep pattern can negatively impact your body's insulin sensitivity, protein synthesis, and metabolic rate, all of which can hinder muscle gain. Hence, prioritizing quality sleep and establishing a consistent sleep-wake cycle can significantly enhance your muscle gain efforts.

Tracking Progress and Adjusting Your Routine

 Keeping track of your progress is a fundamental part of any muscle gain journey. By recording your workouts, and noting down the weights lifted, reps performed, and the intensity of each exercise, you can accurately gauge your progress. Tracking your progress not only boosts motivation as you witness your improvements, but it also allows you to identify any areas that may need more focus. 

 In addition, it’s essential to regularly adjust your workout routine. Over time, your body adapts to the stress placed on it during workouts, and the same routine may no longer yield the same results. Changing your exercises, adjusting the weights, reps, or intensity, or switching up your workout style can help keep your body challenged and continue to promote muscle growth.

 As your body grows and changes, so too will your nutritional needs. Regularly reviewing and tweaking your diet to ensure it aligns with your current goals can ensure you continue to see progress in your muscle gain journey.

Progressive Overload: The Key to Muscle Development

 One of the essential principles for effective muscle development is progressive overload. This approach involves gradually increasing the amount of stress placed on your body during training over time. The concept is simple: as your muscles adapt to the level of stress you're putting them under, you have to increase the intensity of your workouts to continue making gains. 

 This can be achieved in numerous ways, such as increasing the weight lifted, altering the number of repetitions or sets, decreasing rest times between sets, or changing the exercises themselves. By implementing progressive overload, you’re continuously challenging your muscles, which is a crucial factor in stimulating muscle growth. This strategy, combined with adequate recovery and proper nutrition, forms the cornerstone of successful muscle development.

 In conclusion, gaining muscle takes time, patience, and dedication. By incorporating these top tips into your routine, you can optimize your efforts and achieve the sustainable muscle gain results you desire. Remember to consult with a professional before making any significant changes to your workout or nutrition plan and always prioritize rest and recovery for optimal results. Keep pushing yourself, stay consistent, and never give up on your fitness goals. Success is just around the corner!  So keep at it and watch as your body transforms into a lean, strong machine.

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