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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Natural Non Toxic Summer Skincare Products

 Get your skin ready for summer the natural way

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 Summer is my favorite season as the weather is warm. That means I can open up the windows and let the fresh air into the house. Summer also means being able to spend more time outside. My favorite ways to spend time outside are running and working in the garden. I just love growing my own veggies as they taste so delicious. The best part of summer for me is not having to wear so many clothes. I love wearing dresses, shorts, and sandals. Covering up less skin just feels better to me.

Get your skin ready for summer

 Wearing fewer clothes in the summer also means that more of my skin is showing. So I want my skin to look and feel its best. So that means taking care of my dry skin on my body, feet, and face. Living in the desert also means that the dry heat makes my skin even drier in the summer. So I make sure to stock up on skincare products for summer skin. So my skin stays hydrated and rejuvenated.

 The parts of my body that need extra skincare are my face, arms, legs, feet, and back. Ok, my whole body needs extra care in the summer. So I reach for skincare products that are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. I have discovered over the past couple of years that my skin is healthier thanks to using natural skincare products. My skin itches way less and I no longer have to use excessive amounts of lotion on my body.

 I remember, a couple of years ago when my skin was super dry and super itchy. I was not using natural products then and my eczema was always flaring up. So I was using a lot of lotion every day, especially after my shower. A couple months after making the switch to natural soaps and lotion, I realized that there were days that I did not use lotion as my skin was not dry. I also realized that I no longer was itchy after my shower.

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Natural Non-Toxic Skincare Products Helped My Skin Problems

 I came to the conclusion that the chemical ingredients in my skincare products were the cause of my skin issues like eczema and dryness. Either I was sensitive to the ingredients soaps that contain toxic ingredients or the natural beauty products did not strip the oils in my skin. It really did not matter the cause of my past skin issues but I was happy to pay for more high-quality vegan skincare products. I loved not having skin problems.

Check out my natural non-toxic summer skincare products

 This summer my skincare routine has some new non-toxic natural skincare products. These skin products are made with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax. My summer products do not contain harsh ingredients like preservatives and artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrances make my asthma flare up and if I avoid them and other triggers, I can manage my asthma naturally. The skin products that I discover for summer are also free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes. So check out my new summer skincare products for my summer skincare.

Palm-Free SkinCare Products

 If you are looking for products that are free of palm oil, you will love Peet Bros. soaps and lotions. These palm-free lotions and creams are filled with ingredients that are good for your skin, with all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, hemp oil, and CBD. These products come in amazing natural scents like lavender and coconut vanilla. 

 My skin stays more moisturized for the dry summer without the harmful palm oil fillers. I just love that the lotion is packaged in a recyclable aluminum bottle which is better for the environment. Aluminum can be recycled an infinite amount of times. While plastic or post-consumer plastic bottles can only be recycled a few times before they end up in landfills and in our water supply.  The aluminum bottle looks so pretty in my bathroom.

 The lotions and soaps are cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny. Peet Bros also supports the preservation of rainforests. These products are available online, at Wegmans, HEB, and HiVee, and Amazon.

Available at retailers including Wegmans, HEB, and HiVee, Peet Bros. products are cruelty-free 

Relief for cracked dry feet 

 Now that I am wearing sandals, that means my feet need to look nice. So I started using a natural cream on my dry feet that is made with beeswax. My cracked heels love the intense moisture that this cream offers. Walking around in sandals all day tends to dry out the skin on my feet and this cream makes my skin feel so soft. This cream is nice and thick.

 BeeSpa was developed from a secret recipe from a beekeeper’s grandmother and works quickly to provide relief to cracked and dry skin on your hands, feet, and everywhere in-between. This cream is made with essential oils, shea butter, and of course beeswax. Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential to healing and preventing dry, chapped, or cracked skin. Using this natural ingredient helps the skin heal immediately.

You can find BeeSpa online at their website and on Amazon 

Fight wrinkles the natural way

We all want to have healthy-looking skin that is wrinkle-free. So I was glad to discover a way to fight wrinkles the natural way without invasive surgeries or needles. The best part is I can treat my fine lines while I sleep without having to use harsh toxic skin creams.

SilcSkin pads are natural silicone patches that adhere to your skin and treat wrinkles while you sleep. These pads are made of 100% medical-grade silicone and can be worn on different parts of your skin to keep all areas of your body smooth and wrinkle-free. The pads do not cause irritation either. 

 My favorite place to wear SilcSkin is around my eyes but these silicone pads can be worn on the neck and even chest to smooth those fine lines away while you sleep. These pads are so much easier to use than my facial laser device. While my Nira Skincare Laser Device helps with the wrinkles around my eyes with collagen production, these pads give me extra help with the wrinkles around my eyes. Those fine lines around my eyes need all the help so they don't turn into deep wrinkles.

These amazing silicone pads are available online at the SilcSkin website and on Amazon 

Keeping my skin looking healthy this summer

 These natural products are what I will be using to keep my skin soft and healthy. Keeping your skin nourished with natural ingredients also keeps it healthy-looking. I think that natural products are one of the many reasons that my skin looks so young-looking along with these best practices for healthy younger-looking skin.

 Other things that I do to keep my skin looking nice are drinking plenty of water and avoiding the sun during the middle of the day. If I plan to spend a long time in the sun, I wear mineral-based sunscreen. Even some of the supplements that I use helps my skin, like matcha. So enjoy the warmer weather of summer and include these natural skincare products in your routine for healthy soft skin.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Summer Craft Kits For Teens

Summer is almost here and these craft kits will keep teens busy. They may just spend less time on devices.

 It seems like my boys just went back to school and now in two weeks school will be over. Summer break will be here and the boys will need something to do that does not involve electronic devices. While I don't mind that my boys play free online games or video games, I just don't want them on their computers all day.  So I looked into activities for teens that don't require cell phones or other electronics. I discovered some craft kits that teens will enjoy.

 These craft kits for teens are made for 6 years and above but I know that my teen boys will love them. The crafts kits for kids that I discovered are also ones that I will enjoy making with the boys. These unique children's craft kits also make a finished product that is very useful. I always select the craft kits for my boys based on if we will use the finished product as I don't need more clutter in my house.

 It's So Me® Tie-Dye Tubs

 My boys recently learned how to tie-dye at school. One of their teachers did a school project with tie-dye. This teacher had the students bring in white clothing items that the kids wanted a tie-dye pattern on. The suggested items to bring in were white shirts, white socks, and white face masks. My sons had a blast turning the white clothing into works of art.

 So I knew that my boys would enjoy having fun with tie-dying at home. While I could buy all the individual supplies needed for tie-dying, I loved that I discovered a craft kit that had everything that my boys would need to tie-dye a t-shirt or other white items. This cool tie-dye kit came with a tote bag so the boys could make me a cool bag. With the leftover dye, the boys can make some awesome shirts.

 Transform an adjustable backpack, hair accessories, or tote and any ordinary fabric into a tie-dye masterpiece with these all-inclusive kits from It’s So Me®! From trendy twists to sweet stripes, stylish sunbursts, and more — use the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to personalize a new trendy accessory, or any plain fabric, with tons of to-dye-for projects! Just find your design, add water, apply the dye in the included tub, then set and dry! The tie-dye colors work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the care tips included.

Available at Target

Made By Me Create Your Own Rock Art

I selected the rock craft kit simply because I love using decorative painted rocks in my yard. Last year when I was trying to prevent the Covid-Slide in my kids, I had my boys paint some rocks for me. I loved the way the rocks look in my front yard. So I decided to get a craft kit for rock painting for my boys.

 This rock art craft kit included rocks in many different shapes, stencils, and paint. So I had no need to go rocking hunting in my neighborhood. No, I was not going to take rocks from my neighbors. We have a lot of trails around us that have rocks on them. So I love the fact that this rock art kit had some cool rocks in it that were even better than the ones that I could find at stores.

 My boys will enjoy making their mom some cool painted rocks as they know how much joy they bring to me. The painted rocks are a creative way to make my yard look nice for the summer. I spend a lot of time in my backyard in the summer. Even more so now that I expanded my southwest desert garden.

Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with the Made by Me Rock Art kit! Use vibrant paint colors to create cool designs that make a statement for and express your artistic eye. Create cool eye-catching rock art effects by adding shimmery glitter glue details and metallic tattoos for one-of-a-kind creations.

Available at Walmart 

 So if you are looking for ideas to keep your kids busy this summer that don't involve smartphones or computers, these are some of the craft kits that I discovered. My boys are excited to check out these crafts and create some awesome gifts for mom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dietary Counseling For Pets

 Nutritional suggestions for pets are not equivalent across the board. This is why at many veterinary hospitals across the country, dietary counseling is being implemented as part of their program. The veterinarians implore pet owners to bring their pet in for an assessment to propose dietary counseling explicit to their pets' requirements. The session includes looking at health supplements for pets.

Random Meals For Pets Is Unhealthy

 While it is simple to pick up a random supplement on exhibit at a store or share what you are consuming with your pet, it is crucial to point out that you may be hurting them. That is why veterinarians with years of expertise in handling pets that have a whole lot of health conditions have been scrambling to educate pet owners. 

 These trained professionals know the complexness of pet health and how it is defined by adequate nourishment.

Deciding What To Feed Your Pets

 Trying to determine what to buy in the pet section of the store from many products on the shelf can be daunting. There are varying brands and styles of food, and everyone claims theirs is the best, so you choose one at random.

 You may be dieting and feel that the same food you're eating will suit your dog, however, do not give your pet anything low in carbs without first consulting your vet. What is beneficial to you could be harmful to your pet, such as the sugar substitute xylitol, which may damage your pet's liver.

 Vets at certain pet hospitals will help you sort through the various options for your pets and find a dog or cat diet that meets your maturing pet's specific nutritional needs. Some hospitals take pet nutrition so seriously that they only stock nutritionally healthy brands, including prescription foods, in their facilities.

 When veterinarians decide on your pet's diet, they consider their size, age, and breed. If your pet is overweight, they will work with you to get him or her to a healthier weight. It is essential to understand that large breeds, such as Irish wolfhounds and large games, have unique dietary requirements. Just a few store-bought pet foods meet the nutritional requirements of these breeds of dogs.

 Some pet hospitals will recommend feeding options to maximize your pet's growth potential while avoiding developmental issues.

When Do You Give Your Pet Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamin and mineral supplements can be beneficial to dogs who have specific health and wellness issues. Veterinary nutritionists state that supplements are helpful for senior dogs as antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, can aid aged dogs with memory issues by reducing inflammation.

 Supplements may be required for dogs who eat homemade meals to ensure that their diets are balanced. Diets based on whole foods and prepared at home are fantastic. However, if you make food for your pet at home, it may lack the vitamins your pet needs. Vitamin health supplements for pets can help in this situation.

What to Look for When Buying Vitamin Supplements for Dogs

 As previously stated, you should always consult your veterinarian to determine which dog vitamin supplements, if any, your pet requires. Some herbal supplements contain ingredients that can interfere with medications, and dogs can get too much of those vitamins.

 If your dog is eating a well-balanced diet and isn't showing any signs of illness, a supplement is possibly unnecessary. To boost balanced and natural nutrition, you can always incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into the pets' diet.

 Your veterinarian will test to see if your dog has any vitamin deficiencies and may prescribe dietary changes and/or vitamin supplements if your dog is exhibiting new health or behavioral issues.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Skincare Made Easy For Teen Boys With Stryke Club

 It seems like the minute they turn 13, the pimples start appearing on their face. Check out these tips to make skincare easier for teen boys.

I received samples to facilitate this post

My teen boys are starting to have acne problems on their faces. It seems like once they turn 13, the hormones kick in and the pimples start appearing. It seems like most skincare products for teens are made for girls and boys are already not doing the needed grooming. So it makes sense to help teen boys take care of their skin with products that are made for guys. 

 What teenager guy wants to use facial care products that were designed for girls? So I liked that I was able to find skincare products that are made for teen boys. That way my boys might just start washing their faces. Once they see the necessity of boy grooming, my teens might be able to eliminate the dreadful zits.


 My boys are good at taking a shower a couple times a week but they need help in the facial department. So I bought my teen sons the Lazy Boy Kit from Stryke Club to make things easier for them. What I really liked about the skincare kit from Stryke Club is the fact that it is made from simple ingredients and does not have an awful strong scent like other skincare products that are marketed to boys.

The Best Practices For Beautiful Skin

 My boys like that the face and body products are made for boys and are not packaged in girly containers. My boys also like that they have a solution to help them control the acne on their faces. Those pimples make my boys self-conscious and they worry about being seen with zits. 

Perfect for those who are just too lazy!

+ Everywhere Wash: Keeps face + body looking good 

+ Easy wipes that cleanse your face and body!

+ Stryke Stick: Fast-acting acne zapper

+ A hydrating balm for dry lips

+ Hypoallergenic + dermatologist tested

+ Free from SLS, parabens, cruelty

Made for sensitive skin

My youngest son has sensitive skin, so the Lazy Boy Kit will not cause eczema issues. This same son also does not wash his face every night. I am not even sure if he washes his face in the shower. So the Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes are perfect for him to use before bed on the nights he does not take a shower. 

 My other teen son, who is 14, has more pimples than his younger brother, so he likes that he can attack the zits with the Stryke Stick. Both boys like having a body wash that is made for teens. The boys also love the colors on the Stryke Club packaging. Having products made for teen boys will make it easier for boys to take care of the cleansing of their bodies. So I don't have to smell body odor from my teen boys.

Skincare made simple

 It is not that teen boys are lazy, they just don't make time for grooming. My boys wait until the last minute to hop in the shower at night. They are busy with homework or trying to beat their score on video games. Some boys don't do proper grooming until they notice the pimples or when they start liking girls. It is amazing how a girl can make teen boys start caring about wearing deodorant or using skincare products. So I like that Stryke Club makes products for teen boys as it encourages them to wash more. So if you have a teenage boy in your house, you need to check out all the skincare products that are geared for teen boys.

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Monday, May 10, 2021

How To Fix A Heating Problem On a Broken Dryer

 Fixing my broken dryer was simpler than I imagined. I am glad that I decided to try and fix my dryer before I replaced it. 

 A couple of weeks ago my dryer decided to stop working. I found that my dryer was broken after my son told me that his clothes in the dryer were still wet. He asked me if I had forgotten to start the dryer before going to bed. Yes, I have placed clothes into the dryer and never pressed the on button but this time I knew that I started the dryer. I told my son to start the dryer again and was glad that he had 30 minutes before he had to leave for school. 

 The dryer started tumbling again. Twenty minutes later I went to check on the clothes in the dryer and they were still wet. The clothes were cold. My teen son was not happy when I told him he would have to wear different clothes. After the boys left for school, I decided to take a look at the broken dryer. I examined the dryer lint trap and discover that it was filled with tons of lint. So upon emptying the dryer lint device, I discovered an abundance of dryer lint below that. 

 So thinking that my broken dryer problem may be caused by an excess of dryer lint, I unscrewed the screws that held the dryer lint vent in place and cleaned out all the dryer lint. Read here about how to clean the dryer lint in your dryer as it is important to do. Did you know that an excess of dryer lint build-up could start a fire in the dryer?

 Cleaning the dryer lint did not fix the heating problem in my dryer. The dryer was only 4 years old and I was not ready to shell out the money for a new dryer. The other problem is I have a small laundry room that is also the way to get into the garage and the newer dryers don't fit in the space. The last time I replaced the dryer, only one dryer fitted. So if I was not going to get a new fancy dryer, I was not excited to shop for a new dryer.

Five signs you need to clean your dryer vent

+ Drying clothes take longer. A clogged dryer vent could mean the clothes take longer to dry.
+ A burning smell.
+ A very hot dryer.
+ Lint coming from the dryer vent outside your house
+ You have not cleaned the dryer vent for over a year

Fixing a broken dryer is better for the environment

So I decided that I would see if I could repair my broken dryer myself, with my husband's help. I also knew that fixing a damaged dryer is better for the environment. So I headed online to search for reasons why my dryer was not drying my clothes. I discovered an amazing appliance repair website that not only helped me figure out the cause of my broken dryer but how to fix a broken dryer. This large appliance repair shop had everything that I needed to fix my dryer without having to call an expensive repair technician. The appliance part store had all the manuals and diagrams for all the major brands like Maytag, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and more. The best part was I could order the dryer parts online!

Things that indicated problems with my dryer before it stopped working

 I should have seen the signs that my dryer was not functioning properly before it broke. I was just relieved that my dryer did not cause a fire in my house. Looking back, there were several indications that my dryer needed repairing but I did not see them.

+ The clothes took 2 cycles to dry

+ There was lint under the lint trap

+ The dryer was making very loud noises

No heat or not enough heat

 Since my dryer was still tumbling, my research indicated that that the problem could be broken heating fuses or a heating element. The dryer repair website had a video that showed how to test the dryer fuses and heating elements. Watching the video and looking at diagrams of my dryer model gave my husband the confidence to repair the dryer. 

 A couple of screws and removing of some dryer panels was all it took to locate the heating element and fuses. Then we used a multimeter to check if those dryer parts were functioning. The fuses were fine but the dryer heating element was not giving a reading on the multimeter. So my husband looked at the dryer diagrams on the website and knew that he could easily replace the heating element. So I ordered a new dryer heating element. This part was less than a hundred dollars! Much cheaper than calling a repair tech to even look at my dryer. 

How to repair your dryer

 The Dryer Parts, (heating element and fuses), took a couple days to arrive. I paid for expedited shipping so I did not have to visit a laundromat. I knew that the dirty clothes would start piling up quickly with 5 people in the house. When the part arrived, it took my husband about 30 minutes to install the part and put the dryer back together. I did not even hear him complain once.

 With all the resources on Sears PartsDirect, my husband was able to easily fix the broken dryer. The only somewhat difficult part was removing the heating element from the heating element housing. The heating element was tightly wedged inside the house and my husband needed me to hammer it out while he held the metal housing. I was outside while my husband installed the new heating element and put the dryer back together. So he did not even need my help.

Sears PartsDirect offers:

+ Tips to help you figure out what may be wrong with your large appliance
+ Manuals and diagrams to help you locate the faulty part
+ Pictures and videos to help you understand the appliance repair
+ Step-by-step repair guides to help you fix your appliance
+ Articles and videos that show you how to fix your appliance
+ Parts that you need to purchase to fix your appliance

Common Broken Dryer Symptoms

While the issue with my broken dryer was it not heating up and the solution was a new dryer heating element. There are many other reasons why your dryer may not be working. Sears PartsDirect can help you figure out what may be wrong with your dryer or any other large appliance. The below list offers some other reasons to why your dryer may not be working. Sears has step-by-step guides and parts to solve these dryer issues.

Some common broken dryer symptoms

+ Noisy

+ Will not start

+ Will not heat 

+Will not tumble

+ Will not shut off

+ Shuts off too soon

+ Too hot

The dangers of dryer lint

 After fixing my dryer and being thankful that I did not have to spend over $600 for a new dryer, I am also thankful that my dryer did not catch on fire. When my husband was fixing the dryer, he discovered a huge amount of dryer lint inside the dryer cabinet and burnt dryer lint near the heating element. This amount of dryer lint should have caused a fire.

 My husband also noticed that the seal around the front dryer panel with the dryer lint catcher was broken. So this was allowing the dryer lint to escape from the dryer lint catcher and go inside the dryer cabinet. While I was cleaning out the dryer lint catcher for every dryer load, I did not realize that lint was escaping due to the broken seal. My husband fixed that seal when he fixed the dryer.

 So make sure to empty the dryer catcher after every load of clothes. An accumulation of dryer lint can start a fire. I should have seen the signs like dryer lint under the dryer lint catcher but I thought that it was normal to have to clean out the lint from under the dryer lint catcher. Look at the below list to see if your dryer lint catcher maybe not working properly.

Signs your dryer vent lint catcher is broken

+ Drying clothes take longer. A clogged dryer vent could mean the clothes take longer to dry.
+ A burning smell.
+ A very hot dryer.
+ Lint coming from the dryer vent outside your house

How to repair and not replace your dryer

 So if your dryer or any other large appliance is not working. I highly recommend that you take a look at Sears PartsDirect to see if you can repair the dryer before buying a new one. Not only will you save tons of money, but you will also be saving the environment by not tossing the broken appliance. Sears PartsDirect made it so simple to fix my broken dryer with the how-to videos and step-by-step instructions with photos. My husband said that the dryer diagrams, that were specific to our dryer, helped him to know how to replace the dryer parts. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

5 Unique Accessories That Won't Break the Bank

 Regardless of the personal style, accessories are the perfect way to flaunt it to the world. Some scarves here, a few bracelets there, and your wardrobe are fit to turn heads for all the right reasons.

 But when you go big on accessorizing, it may come at a massive cost to your wallet. With high-quality items coming at a premium price and cheaper products breaking off with just a few uses, it can be difficult to find stylish yet affordable accessories.

 However, it’s not an impossible feat to pull off. To help you find these items, here are 5 unique accessories that won’t break the bank. ​

1. Get Gemstone Rings

With a range of colors to choose from, customizable gemstone rings are a sight to behold. When purchased from select vendors, these rings don’t cost a pretty penny. But they still provide you with a striking accessory that can match any type of outfit. 

Since these rings are customizable, you are also able to get them in a range of colors. At the same time, their accessibility ensures that even when you get multiple pieces, they don’t cost you a small fortune. This gives you the best of both worlds in a stunning accessory. 

2. Buy Marvelous Watches

 It’s common to think of watches as highly expensive accessories. That actually holds true for chronographs as well as bejeweled watches that come with diamonds and emeralds. But when you are exploring options such as MVMT's unique watches, you are able to keep your costs in check while also fulfilling your expectations. 

Instead of costing you an arm and a leg, these watches stay within an affordable budget but still bring a distinct uniqueness to the table. This makes them a must-have for anyone looking to make an impact with their style. 

3. Look Into a Bangle Bracelet

 From Tiffany and Co. to Cartier, you can count on top-notch jewelry designers to come up with various bangle bracelet designs. These bracelets look exceptionally delicate, yet hold a distinct sturdy feel. This combination makes them an everyday accessory that perpetually boasts of an upscale feel.

 But if buying from those brands breaks the bank for you, you can turn to other options to buy these bracelets. Through reliable vendors, you can easily purchase an affordable bangle bracelet that still retains the charm you need in your jewelry. This makes it a highly sought-after item that shifts away from your regular wellness bracelet

4. Purchase Twist Earrings​

 When you are looking for more unique designs in jewelry, tiny twist earrings might do the trick. These earrings can uphold a certain aesthetic that speaks of high fashion. At the same time, they are offered by accessible vendors that don’t make their items only for the uber-rich. 

For maximum effect, you can also pair these earrings with some twist-style rings. This provides you with a set that you can wear with a variety of outfits, while also making sure that your credit card isn’t exhausted on these purchases. 

5. Obtain a Captivating Scarf

 Whether you commute in trains or drive around in your personal car, using a scarf can elevate your fashion without a doubt. From floral prints to bold plains, you can explore a variety of options to mix and match them with your outfits. As a result, you can easily find a design that speaks to your aesthetic. 

From a silk scarf to a wool scarf, you can choose from a variety of products. Since affordable vendors don’t sell their items at a high price, this also gives you the chance to expand your collection and adopt this accessory for your regular fashion. 

By looking into these suggestions, you can accessorize like a style icon without spending your savings away. This helps you elevate your fashion without getting under a massive financial burden.

The Best Way To Take CBD Products

 Thinking that CBD, a natural hemp-derived remedy might be an option for you, but not sure where to start? Keep Reading to find out more.

I received samples and information from https://vitalleaf.com/ to facilitate this post

 I am no stranger to CBD oil and have been using it for many years. Over the years I have used CBD products for many different reasons and I love sharing my CBD experiences with my readers. That way you can understand the best uses of CBD. While I have plenty of experience with CBD, I am still learning about CBD benefits and uses.

 The first time I took CBD, I really did not understand much about CBD oil. It took a couple of uses of CBD in different forms to understand how to use CBD products. I felt comfortable using CBD oil as I knew that it was a natural product that comes from a plant and not a factory. CBD or cannabidiol is one of 100+ naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis, a genus of flowering plants including the hemp plant.

CBD is a natural product derived from the hemp plant and unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make a user feel "high"

What are the most common reasons people use CBD?

 Scientific research and clinical studies have found CBD to have a wide variety of health benefits. I have used CBD for sleep, to help me fall asleep faster. I have also used CBD oil for anxiety. My favorite way to use CBD is for pain relief. 

Some of the most common reasons people use CBD

+ Headaches

+ Depression

+ Anxiety

+ Sleep

+ Pain

Ways to take CBD

 CBD is a natural product that is sold in many different forms. Once you decide to try CBD, you need to decide the best way to take CBD. I love using CBD gummies for my bedtime treat to help me fall asleep. Before I used CBD for sleep, I was having trouble falling asleep. All the best sleep tips were not helping me get a good night of sleep. For pain relief, I was using CBD topicals as a natural way to treat muscle pain. For dental pain, I would give my boys CBD capsules after their orthodontist appointment.

Types of CBD products

+ Edibles

+ Topicals

+ Vape

+ Tincture

+ Capsules

How CBD interacts with your body and mind

  CBD needs to get into your bloodstream to work efficiently as then the CBD can work with your body and mind. Your body or human endocannabinoid system (ECS) has many receptors that interact with cannabinoids like CBD. These receptors in your body affect your mood, sleep, memory, appetite, digestion, pain sensation, and immunity. It is amazing to learn where the receptor locations are in your body.

Common Receptor locations

+ Brain

+ Organs

+ Blood

+ Skin


+ Muscles 

+ Nervous System

How to best take CBD

 Once you decide on the form of CBD product that you will be using, make sure to learn how to use CBD. Recently I learned that I was not taking my CBD properly for it to be efficient. My CBD gummies were no longer helping with my sleep and I learn that I needed the CBD oil to be under my tongue for my body to absorb it. The problem was the CBD in the gummies was not getting into my bloodstream to help me fall asleep. So I switch to using a CBD tincture under my tongue so my body could absorb the CBD oil. I started sleeping better.

 So when using a CBD topical for pain, make sure to rub it into the skin so it can reach the receptors. If you are enjoying a piece of CBD chocolate, make sure to savor it so the CBD reaches the receptors in your mouth.

Best ways to use CBD products

+ Edible - Savor the CBD edible so it can be absorbed better in your bloodstream.

+ Topical - Thoroughly rub the CBD topical into your skin

+ Tincture - Works best under your tongue for 30 seconds

+ Capsule - Can take 20 minutes for it to enter the bloodstream

Know your CBD product

 Before purchasing a CBD product, you will want to confirm some things as not all CBD is of good quality. There are CBD companies selling inferior CBD. So know before you buy.

CBD things to confirm

+ Its true potency per serving

+ Is is free of contaminants, solvents, or additives

+ Where the CBD is sourced from - whole plant (full-spectrum oil ) or single-molecule (isolate )

+ The quality and source of the hemp plants that the CBD was extracted from

 So it is important to identify brands that value transparency and publish their product's lab results so you can confirm their true potency and quality. Vital Leaf is a CBD company that is transparent and I know that their CBD products work for me. I use their CBD tinctures for sleep and enjoy their CBD chocolate when I am feeling stressed. Get more information about CBD and buy CBD at Vital Leaf.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Best Assortment Of Free Online Games

 If you are looking for online games that are fun and free, you need to check out this website. 

  My whole family enjoys playing online games. This has not always been the case. It used to be that only dad played games on the phone. My husband used online games as a way to reduce stress from his demanding job. This past year has forced us to stay at home more, thanks to the Covid pandemic. At first, all of my boys enjoyed playing board games but when the two older boys left for college and the military, it was hard to play offline games with only two players. Plus it was not a fun experience for the younger boys.

 Thankfully, during the summer, my boys were able to hang out at the park with friends. Then school started up virtually and by the time school was over, it was too dark to hang out at the park. So my kids were super bored. My boys then started playing online games as a way to pass time. My boys discovered an online game that their friends were playing. Online games were a way to connect with their friends in a virtual world.

Free online games for the best fun

 At first, during our stay-at-home time, I had plenty of things to do. I worked outside in my garden and went for walks. Then winter came and it was too cold to be outside. I could not pass my time shopping as the quarantine restrictions limited the number of people in the store. I also did not feel safe shopping inside stores. So I became bored. So I decided to check out some free online games. I searched online for a website for online games and I discovered a website that had a huge assortment of games to play online. 

 Plays.org had a variety of fun games to play and I loved that the online games were free to play. I did not have to sign up or create an account. I did not have to download anything to play the games. So I could check out games online with no commitment. I like the word free and not having to pay to play games is always a good thing.

The best assortment of online games

 Deciding which game to play, was at first overwhelming to me. There was a big selection of games to choose from. Since I was missing shopping in stores, I decided to play an online supermarket game called Tap Supermarket Grocery Store Simulation Game. This online game had me stocking grocery shelves and checking customers out. The goal of the game was to keep food on the store shelves and check out the grocery store customers quickly. I earned points when I kept the pace up but lost points when I upset the customers. It also cost me points to buy more food for the shelves.

 It was a fun game and I quickly got addicted to playing online games. I now realized why my whole family enjoyed playing games on their computers on phones. Playing games was better than watching tv or videos online. Playing games online is a cheap form of entertainment for the family. 

 Once my husband discovered that I was having fun with games, he had to check out the games on Plays.org. My husband liked that he could play the games and not have to watch ads to get more plays. My husband also loved that this game website was always adding more games to play. My husband also liked the category-based navigation for the collection of games on Plays.org. So he could play his favorite Arcade Classics games like Super Tetris and Brick Out after work.

Games for the whole family

 Even my teen boys found video games to play on the Plays.org website. My boys enjoyed game playing during their school breaks and after online school. I was glad that I did not have to pay for entertainment for my boys. Since there was a huge assortment of games to play, my boys could test out different games to find a game that they enjoyed.

Do you enjoy playing online games?

 If you enjoy passing the time with online games, you need to check out plays.org for new online games to play. If you are new to online games or looking for a new source of fun entertainment, then check out the fun online games. I am sure you will find plenty of games to make you happy. Remember that the online games on Plays.org are always free to play.


Monday, May 3, 2021

How To Clean A Dryer Vent With Sears PartsDirect

Performing regular home maintenance is essential for owning a home. This will help extend the life of your appliances.

Sponsored post with Sears PartsDirect

 Owning a home is awesome but it does require regular home maintenance. That means that there are things on your to-do list that people who live in apartments don't have to. Things like yard work, cleaning the gutters, and changing the furnace filters may not be fun but they are part of being a homeowner. Maintaining your things like appliances in your home will not only help them run properly and may also extend their life. Cleaning the lint out of the dryer filter and changing the water filter on the refrigerator needs to be done. Doing simple maintenance on your large appliances yourself will mean not having to call a repairman.

Fixing a dryer with do-it-yourself appliance repair 

 Even with regular maintenance, your large appliances may need to be repaired. The other day, I was noticing that my dryer was requiring longer dry cycles to dry my clothes. I would set the dryer to run for an hour but the clothes would still be damp. So I decided to do a thorough cleaning of the lint trap. Even with cleaning the dryer filter after each use, the dryer lint can build up in places beyond the filter. So that meant I had to go grab a screwdriver to remove the dryer filter compartment. 

 While removing the dryer filter compartment is simple to do, it is time-consuming. So, I unscrewed the five screws and took off the dryer filter holder. I was then able to remove some more dryer lint. It is amazing how much dryer lint escapes the dryer lint filter. This excess lint can cause fires so make sure to clean out the dryer lint after each time you use the dryer. Then check underneath the lint filter regularly, about once a month. Then remove the dryer vent hose in the back of the dryer to remove the lint. 

Five signs you need to clean your dryer vent

+ Drying clothes take longer. A clogged dryer vent could mean the clothes take longer to dry.
+ A burning smell.
+ A very hot dryer.
+ Lint coming from the dryer vent outside your house
+ You have not cleaned the dryer vent for over a year

The dryer does not heat up

 After cleaning my dryer vent, my dryer stopped heating up. So while the dryer tumbled, it did not dry the clothes. My dryer was only 4 years old so rather than replacing the dryer, I decided to see if I could fix the appliance problem myself. While searching online for appliance repair tips, I discovered Sears PartsDirect.

 This do-it-yourself appliance repair website had all the information that I needed to feel comfortable to repair my dryer without having to call a repair technician. Sears PartsDirect even had the Dryer Parts that I needed to make the repairs. I loved that I could save money on appliance repairs. Sears PartDirect is a must-have website for homeowners who need appliance repair help. It is a do yourself appliance repair website

Sears PartsDirect offers:

+ Tips to help you figure out what may be wrong with your large appliance
+ Manuals and diagrams to help you locate the faulty part
+ Pictures and videos to help you understand the appliance repair
+ Step-by-step repair guides to help you fix your appliance
+ Articles and videos that show you how to fix your appliance
+ Parts that you need to purchase to fix your appliance
+ Repair technicians if you need help repairing your large appliance

Sears is the handyman resource center

 I really liked that Sears PartsDirect had everything that I needed to tackle the job of repairing my dryer. By watching the informative videos on their website, I felt confident that I could first diagnose the problem with my dryer. Then I had a place to order the parts that I needed to fix my dryer. The appliance expert in the videos mentioned several things that could be causing my dryer not to heat up. From fuses to a faulty heating element, the estimate for the total cost for the repair was under $100. So that is cheaper than paying for a service call to my house. That is way cheaper than buying a new dryer.

Sears PartsDirect is the best place for home maintenance tips

 Sears PartsDirect has wonderful articles to learn more about how to best do your home maintenance beyond large appliances. These articles provide so many great tips for homeowners. From replacing the water filter on your fridge to changing the blades on your lawnmower, it was like having my dad available to teach me all that I needed to know about owning a home. The best part is being able to buy items that I need like water filters and parts to repair my appliances. I also like saving money.

Update: Thanks to Sears PartsDirect my dryer is working again. See how I fixed it and how I discovered that a built-up of dryer lint may have been the cause of the heating element braking. This could have started a fire as the lint was burnt. To find out how to avoid your dryer breaking and catching on fire read my update post HERE.

9 Wellness Trends To Try In 2021

 Everyone wants to feel happier and live healthier. Mental health, wellness, and positivity are even more paramount at this time of the pandemic. Hence, many are always on the lookout for the best ways to maintain good health and wellness. From supportive online communities to emerging fitness trends, here are the top wellness trends to try in 2021.

1. Digital Mental Health Communities

While online communities are not a new thing, they are currently evolving and now addressing basic mental health needs of people, especially in this time of crisis, and will continue to go on for years to come. 

 Expect to see more people playing an active role in sharing their journey towards mental wellness with more and more digital communities providing guidance in the form of online digital healing sessions.


2. Digital Detoxifying

 There’s so much negative energy in the news, social media, and on TV right now. And one of the major learnings from last year is that people have the power to decide what to take in and set healthy boundaries when it comes to digital consumption. 

 Basically, a digital detox means dedicating a week, weekend, or just a single day to live without social media, TV, and phones. It urges you to take more time with yourself and your family, disconnecting you from all the toxic and unnecessary noise around you. This allows you to reconnect with the people that truly matter in life. A digital detox also gives you more time to spend on hobbies, relaxation, and refreshing your mind.

3. Cannabis Beyond CBD and THC

This year, a widespread acceptance of cannabis use is expected because the stigma surrounding it decreasing significantly. Cannabis is believed to support a broad range of health and medical benefits through the renewed research efforts at institutions and universities throughout the globe. 

 Since more states and countries are legalizing cannabis, more research and trials are done in search for holistic ways of dealing with wellbeing and medical issues through cannabis-based products such as CBD.

 More people will likely incorporate cannabis into their lives and subscribe to their favorite Hemp or CBD-based products. Products like CBD oil and tinctures are known to have positive effects on mood and mental wellness.

4. Focus on Respiratory Health

 Since the onset of the pandemic, there was a lot of attention being paid to cleanliness— so much so that alcohols, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes were in short supply. However, with the revelation that the COVID-19 virus is airborne, many turned their attention to air purification measures. 

 People have been buying sophisticated air purifiers whether it's HEPA filters, HVAC purification systems, or even UV air treatment for their homes. There are even personal air purifier necklaces being sold. 

 Another reason why air cleanliness will become more important this year is the said lung complications from the COVID-19 virus. Shortness of breath and cough are among the most common symptoms of COVID-19 and can stick around for weeks or months after recovery. Hence, maintaining air quality for good respiratory health is another wellness trend that has spiked up this year. 

5. Alcohol-Free Drinks

 Mocktails— whether in the form of an alcohol-free, low-alcohol drink or fancy sparkling water— are a thing right now! As the field of mindfulness grows, people are becoming more interested in mocktails as a healthier alternative to alcohol. This is why more and more alcohol-free sips are popping up in most grocery stores. 

People want to celebrate the little things without getting wasted and consuming tons of calories. So, this year, don’t be surprised to see more sparkling types of beverages entering the market as a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages and soda.

6. Plant Therapy

 Spending the weekends having a picnic in the park or walking in the woods can make you feel better in an instant. The calming green sights and fresh air are enough to lighten up your mood and improve mental wellness. But with the restrictions in place, it’s difficult to go out and spend time with greenery and nature. Fortunately, there are ways for you to take a piece of nature into your own home—and that’s through plants.

The oxygen and earthy tones are proven to make you feel more relaxed. House plants can also boost your home d├ęcor. Plus, taking care of plants or gardening is a great hobby to occupy your mind with—especially if you are trying to detoxify yourself from digital spaces.

7. Touchless Spa Services

With health protocols and social distancing in place, getting a massage at your local spa is a big no-no. Fortunately, touchless spa services including compression therapy, cryotherapy, infrared saunas, salt caves, hyperbaric chambers, float tanks, and IV drips, offer a way for people to recover and relax with minimal contact. People need a way to de-stress now more than ever. No-touch spa services can offer no-worry wellness in the midst of COVID-19.

8. TikTok Fitness

While you can find fitness tips on Google and workout routines on YouTube, lots of fitness professionals are now posting on TikTok as well. It makes sense since TikTok has over 700 million users and is expected to reach 1.2 billion monthly active users this year. 

Virtual training with fitness professionals on TikTok allows people to stay motivated and have a consistent training routine with their fast-paced power workout. Most of these routines incorporate fun and trendy music, making it easier for many people to maintain the fitness exercises.

9. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a necessity these days. However, most basic hand sanitizers dry out the skin and don’t smell that good. Going into 2021, you may see a new generation of hand sanitizers that not only sanitize your hands but also keep you smelling good and moisturized. One of these is the hybrid cologne sanitizer. Some well-known fragrance brands already tried recreating their premium scents on germ-killing sprays and sanitizers. 


 Amidst this pandemic, a collection of innovative and accessible wellness trends is emerging. All these methods are changing the ways we approach our emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. The best part is, many of these trends can be done or applied at home—giving everyone the opportunity to prioritize health and wellness this year and beyond.

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