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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Summer Craft Kits For Teens

Summer is almost here and these craft kits will keep teens busy. They may just spend less time on devices.

 It seems like my boys just went back to school and now in two weeks school will be over. Summer break will be here and the boys will need something to do that does not involve electronic devices. While I don't mind that my boys play free online games or video games, I just don't want them on their computers all day.  So I looked into activities for teens that don't require cell phones or other electronics. I discovered some craft kits that teens will enjoy.

 These craft kits for teens are made for 6 years and above but I know that my teen boys will love them. The crafts kits for kids that I discovered are also ones that I will enjoy making with the boys. These unique children's craft kits also make a finished product that is very useful. I always select the craft kits for my boys based on if we will use the finished product as I don't need more clutter in my house.

 It's So Me® Tie-Dye Tubs

 My boys recently learned how to tie-dye at school. One of their teachers did a school project with tie-dye. This teacher had the students bring in white clothing items that the kids wanted a tie-dye pattern on. The suggested items to bring in were white shirts, white socks, and white face masks. My sons had a blast turning the white clothing into works of art.

 So I knew that my boys would enjoy having fun with tie-dying at home. While I could buy all the individual supplies needed for tie-dying, I loved that I discovered a craft kit that had everything that my boys would need to tie-dye a t-shirt or other white items. This cool tie-dye kit came with a tote bag so the boys could make me a cool bag. With the leftover dye, the boys can make some awesome shirts.

 Transform an adjustable backpack, hair accessories, or tote and any ordinary fabric into a tie-dye masterpiece with these all-inclusive kits from It’s So Me®! From trendy twists to sweet stripes, stylish sunbursts, and more — use the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to personalize a new trendy accessory, or any plain fabric, with tons of to-dye-for projects! Just find your design, add water, apply the dye in the included tub, then set and dry! The tie-dye colors work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the care tips included.

Available at Target

Made By Me Create Your Own Rock Art

I selected the rock craft kit simply because I love using decorative painted rocks in my yard. Last year when I was trying to prevent the Covid-Slide in my kids, I had my boys paint some rocks for me. I loved the way the rocks look in my front yard. So I decided to get a craft kit for rock painting for my boys.

 This rock art craft kit included rocks in many different shapes, stencils, and paint. So I had no need to go rocking hunting in my neighborhood. No, I was not going to take rocks from my neighbors. We have a lot of trails around us that have rocks on them. So I love the fact that this rock art kit had some cool rocks in it that were even better than the ones that I could find at stores.

 My boys will enjoy making their mom some cool painted rocks as they know how much joy they bring to me. The painted rocks are a creative way to make my yard look nice for the summer. I spend a lot of time in my backyard in the summer. Even more so now that I expanded my southwest desert garden.

Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with the Made by Me Rock Art kit! Use vibrant paint colors to create cool designs that make a statement for and express your artistic eye. Create cool eye-catching rock art effects by adding shimmery glitter glue details and metallic tattoos for one-of-a-kind creations.

Available at Walmart 

 eat2explore’s Explore Summer Box

 Cooking food is always a great summer craft for teens. Not only do they get to eat some delicious food but they are getting experience in the kitchen. Teens need to learn how to cook so they won't be eating ramen and cereal when they have a place of their own. So whether your teen is an experienced chef or just learning how to use the microwave, the eat2explore Summer Box is a craft that will get teens to try recipes from around the world. Maybe they might start cooking dinner more often.

This limited-edition box is only available May 30th-June 30th, 2021, and it’s free for new subscribers. eat2explore’s subscription box service brings the food of different countries (18 countries/regions like Italy, Mexico, Greece, etc.) straight to your kitchen table. It provides tools for families to cook together, learn and dine on different cuisines and cultures. Once kids are done exploring the country, they’ll love they can track their "travels" with a sticker on their eat2explore passport and collect country flag pins. eat2explore provides easy-to-follow recipes and a shopping list to purchase proteins and vegetables of your choice, as well as including hard-to-find spices and sauces.

  The Summer Box includes the following recipes: Honey Soy Chicken Skewers with Caprese Salad, Grilled Asian Steak in Lettuce Wrap, Grilled Salmon with Kale Salad, and Summer Peach Cobbler. Each recipe has a vegetarian option. eat2explore’s Summer Box can be purchased as a stand-alone box for $25, or it’s free for new subscribers.  Check out a different eat2explore box that my boys checked out a couple years ago HERE. The food that we created was so delicious.

Available at www.eat2explore.com, and select boxes available on Amazon

 So if you are looking for ideas to keep your kids busy this summer that don't involve smartphones or computers, these are some of the craft kits that I discovered. My boys are excited to check out these crafts and create some awesome gifts for mom. I am excited to try the food that my boys will be creating and the rock art will look very nice in my backyard.


Tammy said...

Love these ideas. My son and I used to paint rocks. He would put them in the garden.

melissa said...

Buying crafts for teens is such a tough age to buy for. I have a teen so i will show him the Rock Art one.

AiringMyLaundry said...

How fun! I know my daughter would love these kits. She's all about crafts.

Brandy Ellen said...

What a fun way to enjoy summer break with teens. I love that there are some kits for crafts for teens, they'll come in handy!

Terri Steffes said...

I do rock painting with a group of friends! We love it!

Kathy said...

These look like so much fun. I bet my daughters would love them both. They did a lot of rock painting last year. I'm sure they'd love that one a lot.

Richelle Escat said...

I get your points, sometimes we should do fun activities without the need of electronic gadgets.

Heather @ thedomesticdiva.org said...

Love these craft ideas. Our town has a local Facebook group for painted rocks. People paint rocks and hide them around town. When you find one or leave one you can let the group know. Its lots of fun.

Loving Spain Life said...

These are some nice craft ideas to keep the kids busy.

Wanda Lopez said...

I love grabbing a few craft kits for my kids to enjoy during the summer. It's always fun for them.

S. Graham said...

I always adored craft kits when growing up. I don't have kids yet, but I sure as HECK am going to let them enjoy them like I did.

Gust si Aroma said...

Stone decoration! This sounds so awesome! I would like to make these crafts with my daughters!

Ruth I said...

Love all these! My niece is not a teen yet but I think she will still like this activity.

Marysa said...

My teens love tie dye! These are cute kits and I love the tote bag idea.

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