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Thursday, June 4, 2020

How To Prevent The Covid Slide In Kids Of All Ages

The COVID Slide is real so parents need to prevent it

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 This summer is going to be a long one and I am not sure that I am going to like that. I used to look forward to summer but I am not sure I am looking forward to this summer. It seems that summer vacation began 10 weeks ago with my kids and I am not sure when this vacation is going to end. It is hard to call this time off from school as a vacation because we are stuck at home not being able to do the fun stuff that we normally do every summer. The pools are closed. Museums are off-limits and even the free lunch at our park, that my boys look forward to, has changed. So my boys will not have the typical fun summer of playing with their friends at the park and instead have to stay at home entertaining themselves. I am thankful that the weather is warmer and my boys have each other but I am worried about the Covid Slide.

Beware of the Covid Slide 

 The Covid Slide is a real thing and it has parents across the world concerned that their kids are going to catch it. Previously known as the summer slide, this parental concern has been happening at my house for the past 10 weeks and I am worried that it is going to be worse as I was not made to homeschool my boys. I fear the setbacks that are happening to my boys and their brains are not getting the learning that they need. My boys are not liking my homeschool lessons of cleaning, baking one bowl peanut butter cookies, and yard work of moving rocks and natural ways to rid the yard of weeds even though it was an effective science experiment. The boys were not even excited about the science lesson of watching the anthill video that I made during our gym class-ie running time. The only class that I succeeded in so far has been my art class of painting rocks.

 I am ready to give this job back to the teachers and I am sure that the teachers are ready to return to school. Unfortunately, this new way of learning is here for a while so we parents have to figure out ways to teach our kids to succeed in school without going crazy. We parents need creative ways to teach our kids.

Teaching kids with toys 

 Parents are ready for a break from their new job of homeschool teaching and they need a break. Even real teachers don't work 24/7. So I discovered some products that can keep kids engaged with learning and prepare them for when they do get to go back to school. These products teach kids STEAM and the kids won't even realize that they are learning math, science, art, and more. These toys that teach STEM will keep kids busy hopefully long enough so mom or dad can have a much-needed coffee break.

A deck of cards can teach math and more

 Who knew that my boys would be excited to receive several decks of cards. My boys have rediscovered card games during this shelter at home time and I love that it is a form of entertainment that requires no electric devices. My boys are learning about math and critical thinking when they play poker with their older brothers every Saturday night. The boys have also taught themselves how to play solitaire and how to make card stacking houses(learning gravity and balance.) They even created a new way to play 52 card pick-up so they have been expanding their imagination and small motor skills. There might even be some language learning when they went online to learn other card games to play.

 Do you remember learning your first card game? How about winning at an old-fashioned game of solitaire? Or that holiday tradition of Gin Rummy after dinner? Since 1885, Bicycle playing cards have been a part of household gaming. Known for its quality and rich heritage, Bicycle® playing cards have been bringing people together for generations. Every Bicycle® playing card deck is specially crafted so that you can trust Bicycle® cards performance, hand after hand. Great for all card games. Great for all players.

Bicycle® Standard Index Playing Cards

Solar-Powered cars that teach science

 My boys love activities that involve engineering especially when the end result is a car that is powered by the sun. I like that this STEAM kit uses no batteries and has my boys using their brains. My boys are learning science and technology as well as critical thinking. This cool solar-powered rover kit has kept my boys busy for several days as they keep trying out different ways to build the rovers. The fun part is seeing their creation move around the yard with them felling victory that they made the right connections to make the solar car move by the sun. My boys enjoyed this STEM experiment kit and are already requesting which one I should buy next.

Want to build fun solar-powered vehicles and devices that move using electricity generated directly from sunlight? With this kit, you can construct five motorized models. Build three types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a solar robot model. Conduct science experiments with each model to learn about gear ratios, solar cells, and more. The ultralight materials, including strong bamboo rods, make your models speedy and durable. A modular gearing system lets you test out three different gear ratios. Experiment with a solar cell, electric motor, gears, and ultralight materials. Build five different solar-powered models. Learn about how solar cells work and about the energy from the sun. Ages 8+

Solar-Powered Rovers

Stick-O City for toddler learning

 Even the grandbaby is getting some learning in when she comes to visit. My grandbaby likes playing with the big colorful magnets and is getting some small motor skills in with tactile experiences. She loves when my boys create cars for her with the big bright magnetic pieces. The fun starts when my boys make the cars go fast and the grandbaby chases after them. The Stic-O pieces are big and they stick together instantly so toddlers do not get frustrated. We received a kit that builds a car and a plane but there are many other Magformers activity kits to purchase.

From Magformers, Stick-O encourages toddlers to explore tactile learning through hands-on magnetic play. Each Stick-O shape contains magnets that rotate so toddlers' creations always stick together for a frustration-free play experience. Stick-O’s unique 3D shapes contain a magnet pocket, designed so the magnet can find the right magnetic direction to stick to every time. Stick-O magnets are completely encased inside BPA-free, ABS plastic to ensure children’s safety. With the Stick-O City 16 Piece Set, kids can construct their very own busy city. Toddlers can build a car, racer, airplane, and more with the City 16Pc Set. Included in this kit are 1 Sphere, 2 Stick, 3 Long Stick, and magnetic accessories including vehicle wheels, wings, and propellers.  ages 36m+.

So these are fun ways to keep your kids engaged this summer with learning. The learning does not have to stop just because the kids are not in school. These STEAM toys will give parents a break from the stress of homeschool learning and keep kids busy. The best part of these STEM activities is the kids won't even realize that they are learning. After the kids are done learning for the day, reward them with some outdoor fun that involves playing with their food in a good way. Go check out 2 ways that kids can have fun with marshmallows. Then spend some time in the yard as a family. The summer can be simply enjoyed and the kids will be just fine when they return to school in the fall. So make those summer memories and enjoy the nice weather.

Protect the teen's eyes

 Kids are getting more screen time with online school and activities. All these hours on computers and phones can strain their eyes, resulting in irritation, dryness, fatigue, or blurred vision. We all know kids are quickly becoming more tech-savvy each day, and that’s not changing, but their eyes may suffer because of it. They need support. That’s where Screen Shield™ Teen can help! EyePromise Screen Shield is specifically formulated for reducing the effects of screen time on children ages 4-17.

 This once-a-day, fruit punch flavored chewable eye vitamin is designed to help support your child's vision from the inside out. With 5 mg of dietary zeaxanthin and 2.5 mg of lutein, this leading eye health vitamin is guaranteed to help increase the eyes' natural protective barrier that defends our source of vision while also protecting it from the effects of increased screen time. My boys love the taste of this eye supplement and I love that their eyes are getting some protection from the devices.

These are just some of the ways that I am helping my kids avoid the Covid slide. Other learning activities that I am doing with my boys is baking bread. My boys discovered Frog bread and asked if they could make it. I said yes as baking involves math, science, and art. I am anxious for the boys to go back to school but for now, I will have to be creative in finding ways to keep their minds learning.


AiringMyLaundry said...

You have some cool things here. I always try to keep the learning going throughout the summer. I know we'll be going to some museums--they've been re-opening!

Julia Hess said...

I have noticed the slide even with my toddlers. We have had to be creative with our playing/ learning. Keeping them interested is the biggest issue. So, just letting run off their energy will work for now.

GiGi Eats said...

I've been washing my sons hands more, and giving him more baths! Before this outbreak, I won't lie to you, I didn't give him all that many baths, LOL!

Joanna said...

I can imagine that this period has been very hard for parents, and it will continue to be, especially that the summer holidays are starting. I know that my country has postponed school until September.

Brianne said...

The slide is real! I've been very diligent with my kids' education, but I am not a teacher. The slide is definitely real.

Aditi said...

These are some really cool ideas and sadly yes, the screen time is a reason of worry. Schools here are also taking online classes and its becoming a huge concern. I try to keep my son involved in activities like painting, cooking and household work too.

Chad said...

I am being very strict with my son and he is listening for a change lol...That is not easy but a must for sure.

Sherry said...

I am sure my teenage son will be getting bored soon. Screen Shield Teen is something he could use.

Kita Bryant said...

This has been a trying time for a lot of us this year. This is great to keep the kids sharp and boredom free!

Gust si Aroma said...

Yes, it will definitely be a long summer! And I need all the tips from this world!

Passion Piece said...

It's a hard time for everyone, especially for kids! I love these activities and they will make it easier for kids to stand all this boredom! :)

Jim said...

These are for sure hard times. Very informative article that really helps. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

This is fantastic! I never heard of Screen Shield Teen. My nephews spent way too much screen time, this will definitely help them.

Gervin Khan said...

This is really a hard time for everyone. I always makes sure that I thoroughly wash my kids hands, giving them more baths and vitamins to boost their immunity. I agree with you that we should also take care our kids eyes as right now they are spending more time of screen time.

Jhangi said...

This situation is really very difficult for everyone to face....Your ideas are amazing..Thanks for sharing these..These activities seems to be very interesting to spend time on..will love to do..(World in Eyes)

Celebrate Woman said...

All these activities will prevent a huge slide in kid's education, for sure! I like how they are all both creative and address different learning skills.

aisasami said...

I teach 3 years old here in Japan and we are in session during the summer (Japan's school calendar goes year around). Lots of disinfecting and handwashing.

Agnes Dela Cruz said...

These are very handy tips at this time of quarantine. Thank you for the products you've mentioned.

CA said...

I am not a parent, but I believe that parenting has become tougher with the current situation. Kudos in turning things around for you and your family!

Unknown said...

My little one has always insisted he hates school, but today he told me he wants to go back soon because he's missing learning with his friends. It's such a tough time for everyone at the moment but I can't imagine what it must be like for the younger ones who can't express how they feel as much as we can as adults.

Louise x

Pooja Sharma said...

I should I am lucky my kid has not really wanted to step out. I wish I could prevent everything. This is great stuff to know. My son would love all this

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