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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

FitTrack Dara Helps Me Stay Motivated In My Fitness Journey

My 12 Month Fitness Update To A Stronger Body

  I received a FitTrack scale to facilitate this post.

 It was last June that I decided it was time to recommit to my health and make my body stronger. It had all started with a fitness conference that I attended last year. Getting together with over 1000 fitness influencers gave me the motivation that I needed to get out of my fitness comfort zone and take my workout routine to the next level. I wanted to push myself to be healthier and get stronger. It was never about losing weight or body inches as I don't let that number on the scale define who I am. I have learned to love my body at any size. The truth is I don't weigh myself anymore and I tossed my scale out many years ago.

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My Six Month Fitness Update

 Six months into my fitness challenge to get stronger, I started noticing that I had muscle definition on my arms and that I could beat my younger boys at a push-up challenge. It sure does feel good to be stronger than my boys. I was also doing way better on my running times as my stronger leg muscles were helping me run faster. I was also amazed at my before and after photos of my fitness challenge. I was not trying to lose weight but I did like that I belly was smaller. I had for the first time, that I can remember, some curves in my waist. It made me feel awesome that losing fat in my mid-section was good for a healthy heart

A virus outbreak brought more body changes

 Three months ago, my fitness routine and weightlifting routine saw some drastic changes. The middle of March was the last time that I stepped foot into a gym and I had to change the way I exercised and did muscle strengthening. I had just had a body scan at my local gym a week ago and I was motivated to continue the workout routine that was making me stronger. I was glad that my older son showed me how to best use my 5 lb weights to help my muscles stay strong. I also started a new way of eating. This diet plan that did not feel like a diet, as I hate diets, was all about learning how to change what I ate and the time I ate. The Always Eat After 7 PM Book challenge helped me to lose even more of my belly weight. This meal plan book had some delicious recipes in it that did not eliminate any food groups like carbs.

 My youngest son started joining me on my daily outdoor running exercises. My son ran two days a week and biked three days a week. On the days that he biked, I was loving the motivation to run faster. I think my body was getting stronger with the help of my boys and I was wishing the gym would reopen so I could get a full-body scan to see the progress of my 12 months to a stronger body plan.

FitTrack Dara was what I needed to see my fitness progress  

 So when a company reached out to me to review their smart scale, I was excited and hesitant at the same time. I wanted to have a device that gave me a full body composition analysis but at the same time, I did not want to know that number on the scale. I did not want to start body shaming myself. When I discovered that FitTrack Dara was more than a scale and could measure 17 health measurements, I had to check this fitness device out. 

FitTrack Dara is the world’s most accurate smart scale with the ability to measure 17 health body measurements.

 I was excited to try out a health device that valuable measurements that could give me a greater understanding of my body. It was not about the number on the scale but learning about my hydration levels body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. My older son who runs track at the academy was even excited to have a heath tool that could help him track his progress with his fitness goals, especially the hydration level indicator. This boy runs 10-20 miles a day and it is important for him to keep on top of his hydration levels.  My son was happy to learn that the FitTrack connected to an app on his phone so he could see his fitness data on the easy to read charts and graphs.

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When the FitTrack Dara arrived, I had my older son set up everything technology-wise on the scale and on our phones. This sleek health device allows up to 8 people to use the health measurement tools so even my husband could track his health goals. Once the scale was set up it was simple to use. All I had to do was step on the scale and with its accurate technology, I was able to know 17 different measurements about my body. So I could then compare my current body scan results to the full-body scan that I had several months ago at the gym. The best part is I don't have to make an appointment or pay for a body scan at my gym. The whole family was excited to try out the health device and they took their turns stepping on the scale.

 The scale gave everyone insight into their body composition. The FitTrack showed that my youngest had a lot of muscle in his body and his fat levels were at a healthy level. The FitTrack scale also showed that my other younger son had very little fat in his body which will hopefully encourage him to eat more. My husband may have not liked the health results of his body scan as it showed that his visceral fat was high and that his body fat was high. My husband has high blood pressure so maybe this health info will encourage him to go to the gym more often.

Great features:
The FitTrack Dara has amazing features and performs a Full Body Composition Analysis just by stepping on the scale. This unique health device has 17 health measurements to give you insight into your body health. Combined with the app available on IOS and Android, FitTrack Dara and the app will empower you with valuable measures for a greater understanding of your body.

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FitTrack Dara tracks your:
1. Weight
2. Body Mass Index (BMI)
3. Body Fat Ratio (BFR)
4. Muscle Ratio
5. Body Water %
6. Bone Mass
7. Base Metabolic Rate (BMR)
8. Protein Rate
9. Metabolic Age
10. Visceral Fat Index
11. Subcutaneous Fat
12. Standard Weight
13. Weight Control
14. Fat Mass
15. Weight without fat
16. Muscle Mass
17. Protein Mass

It was not about the number on the scale

 This 2nd 6-month fitness assessment was not about the number on the scale or how I looked in the mirror. I knew that my muscles were stronger and my body was toned. I was not trying to change anything on the outside of my body as my clothes fit nicely and I liked the way I looked, even with my jiggly belly. I was now striving to make healthy inside changes to my body as I wanted a healthy heart and healthy visceral fat levels. I wanted to prevent heart disease and diabetes as I aged. So I love that the FitTrack scale allows me to focus on things like bone mass and muscle ratio and not an annoying number on the scale. That weight number can vary, day by day and is not a good indicator of a healthy body.

 Two people of the same height can weigh the same amount but look totally different. As the total weight number can be composed of different amounts of fat, muscle, and water. Through the Gain Health Insights on the FitTrack, I learned that my complete body analysis is different than I expected as my body water percentage and muscle mass were high than I expected. I also learned that all my levels, except one, were at the standard level. The one body analysis number that was high was my Subcutaneous Fat as this was on the high side. Subcutaneous Fat is the visible fat that you can see. Most people can't see my visible fat as it is all in my stomach and my shirt hides it.

 Fat is not a bad thing for your body and people need body fat. It is when you have too much of this body fat that it can affect your health and puts you at risk for things like a heart attack or lung problems. So now that I know that the visible fat that I carry around my middle section is not at a healthy level, I will continue to exercise and eat healthy foods. I will try to follow the principals that I learned from reading Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet book.

 I will also use the FitTrack fitness device on a monthly basis to monitor my health. If my goal was to lose weight, which it is not, I would use this health insight scale maybe once a week. Since I don't obsess over the number on the scale, once a month is the only time that I will step on this fitness scale. I will continue my healthy habits and give myself grace when I don't eat healthy food. It is ok to eat junk food or things like cookies and homemade air fryer donuts a couple times a week as long as your diet has plenty of healthy food that nourishes your body.

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Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Congratulations on your progress! I have been very frustrated with my own weakness lately & have really been thinking about how best to work to gradually increase me strength.

AiringMyLaundry said...

You are doing awesome. This app sounds helpful. I might have to look into it.

Debra P said...

Your progress is inpsiring! And this scale and app sound like wonderful tools for a fitness regimen that works.

Ckrusch said...

Congratulations on your hard work! I've been on a fitness journey myself! Baby steps after a back injury!

Erin said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're doing great!!!

Nyxie said...

You've done so well so far! Keep going! You've got this :)

Toni said...

You are such an inspiration! Such an amazing changes!

Julia Hess said...

Keep up the amazing work!! This is such a great thing to have. It isn't just about the number on the scale. Each person's body is different and fitness journey is different.

Adrienne said...

Great job staying committed through all this. I'd love to get one of those smart scales!

Kristyn said...

This looks awesome! It does so much. I'll have to look more into it.

Jhangi said...

wow..it is quite inspiring and interesting to know more about...TOtally agree with your idea..Thanks for sharing this..this is amazing...Great work...

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

You're doing great and it's very inspiring. Especially for someone who is just restarting my fitness journey again. Keep it up.

Algene said...

This is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing more about this. Love love this a lot <3

Aditi said...

Its good to stay motivated to follow a fitness routine, motivation is the only thing which keeps us going. You have done a good job

Melissa said...

You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this with the word. You are a rockstar.

Lovely said...

I could see that you're so dedicated and persistent! Keep it up



rain said...

good for you. Congrats on staying consistent. it's not easy. i'm on a health/fitness journey too so this is encouraging.

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