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Friday, May 31, 2019

The Smarty Solution For A Clear Backpack

 It seems that more schools are enforcing students to use a clear backpack. The schools feel that a clear backpack may be the answer to keep kids safe from all the gun violence. Even events that attract many people are turning to clear backpacks as they feel these clear bags make it easier to see what people are bringing into the event.

Is a clear backpack the answer?

 While it seems that a clear backpack may be the answer to keep kids safe in school, many parents and students are not so sure. Some feel that a clear backpack invades their privacy but at the same time, it does not allow the bad people to hide weapons. Some may even argue that a clear backpack does not allow kids to express themselves. I am in the middle when it comes to buying a clear backpack. I can see the safety issue but I can also see the issue about privacy as all one's items are on display. Then there is the problem of getting backpacks mixed up in school as all the clear backpacks look alike. I am glad that airports do not require a clear backpack as I would not feel safe traveling with all my items on display. I like being able to carry my Anti-Theft, Smartphone Friendly Travel Backpack when I travel through airports.

A Smarty solution for a clear backpack

 One company is understanding these issues and made a clear backpack with different color trims so that kids get some choice if they have to have a clear backpack for school. Smarty makes durable clear backpacks in four different colors in different sizes. I decided to check this bag out so I have a clear bag on hand if I need one for an event that requires a clear bag. This bag might even be a good tactical range backpack. A clear backpack can be used for many things.

The answer to the bag searches

 Many events that are open to the public have bag searches and last year the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta added to their media info that a clear bag was required for all media attendees. Thankfully they did not enforce this rule as I guess they realized people would not have time to buy a clear bag. That information made me realize that events could enforce a clear bag rule if people wanted to carry in items. The ballpark near me does not allow outside food and allows you to bring an unopened storebought bottle of water. I may not like that these places have these rules but I understand the safety issue. So I decided to get a clear backpack so I could be ready for events that require one.

The clear backpack that offers organization

 I like that Smarty added mesh pockets to their clear backpack so I can keep small items organized and in reach. These mesh pockets would be great for my phone, money and charging cords along with pens and chargers. A water bottle pocket is always a must for backpacks as well as comfortable adjustable carry straps. The Smarty clear backpack has all of these features as well as 3X Cross Stitching and a laptop sleeve. SMARTY Transparent Backpacks are the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and style.

Perfect for School Safety, Concerts, Marches, Sporting Events, Festivals, and Work (Airport TSA Security, Correctional Officers, and more)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The OOLER Optimizes Body Temperature for a Good Nights Sleep

The secret to a good night of sleep is body temperature

  Sleep is one of those luxury items that are hard to obtain. Most people do not get enough sleep and those that do get enough hours of sleep and not getting quality sleep. Too many things interfere with people getting the sleep that they want. Even when people figure out the best tips for good night sleep, they still do not wake up saying I had enough sleep. Most people, including myself, wake up wanting more sleep. Way too many people have insomnia and have trouble falling asleep at night. Ok, maybe kids do not fall into this category as my youngest seems to bounce out of bed with way too much excitement and energy. So whether it be the perfect memory foam mattress or the best sleep supplement, most people are searching for products to help them get a better night of sleep. I think sleep is what most people wish they had more of. So how does one get the best night of sleep? It all starts with optimizing body temperature for a good nights sleep.

Temperature controlled sleep to help with hot flashes

  I am one of those people who do not sleep well. It can take me a while to fall asleep and I then wake up several times a night. Even though I have a memory foam cooling pillow, I still can have nights of insomnia. Some nights I can't fall asleep because my husband is snoring while other nights it is because my mind does not shut off.  I then wake up in the middle of the night from noises and dreams. I can say I am lucky that I have not experienced night sweats like my friends who are going through menopause. I have heard that hot flashes are just plain awful. I don't know if I am one of the few ladies who have not had any menopause symptoms or I am a late bloomer. I have experienced the heat of a hot summer night and not being able to fall asleep. Sure sometimes a tower fan can make sleep a bit better helping with those night sweats on a hot summer night but they have their problems too. So I think that the answer to a good night of sleep is controlling your body temperature all night and that is where OOLER comes in. OOLER is a unique product that you can use with your existing mattress so you do not have to buy an expensive mattress. This unique sleep system optimizes your body temperature so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. This sleep product is designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. The OOLER is the answer to surviving those hot flashes that wake you up at night. I could start the night off with a cool bed and if I wake up in the middle of the night all hot, I could just grab my phone up change the temperature of my side of the bed without disturbing my husband.

Cool your bed not your house

 The app-controlled OOLER system is the world’s best temperature optimization system. This temperature-controlled mattress pad is designed to help those suffering from sleep issues like insomnia or hot flashes, get a better night's sleep. This mattress pad goes on your bed under your sheets and can help with sleep issues like hot flashes and insomnia. This sleep product is awesome in the summer when it is too hot to sleep. The OOLER Sleep System cools and warms using water, which is 25x more effective than air at optimizing the temperature. So that means you can save money as you don't have to cool your bedroom with fans or air conditioner. In the winter you can lower the thermostat as this product can also keep your bed warm. The unit has a temperature range from 46 - 120°F. So that means I won't have to run a noisy fan or air conditioner this summer. In the winter I will love not hearing that noisy furnace. I think this temperature-controlled mattress pad is going to improve my sleep.

Control the OOLER from your smartphone

 The OOLER comes with a base that you fill with water and that connects to a mattress pad. The whisper quiet base cools or heats the water and then makes the mattress pad the ideal temperature to help you fall asleep. They say that lowing your body temp helps you fall asleep faster. This sleep system keeps your body temp consistent so you stay asleep. Then through an app on your phone, you can set the temperature that helps you fall asleep and also set the perfect temperature to warm you up in the morning so can wake up easier. The OOLER sleep system has many other features.

OOLER features include:

●     Guaranteed leak-proof design

●     Re-designed hydronic pad for optimal thermal performance

●     Whisper quiet control unit (45 decibels)

●     iOS and Android app that can control the unit via Bluetooth

●     Warm-awake alerts

●     Integration with Fitbit and Apple Watch to track your sleep

●     Ability to set daily sleep schedules

●     Self-cleaning cycles

●     Sleek, modern look

Made for two sleepers 

  I like that this sleep system is made for people who share a bed. My husband and I have separate blankets because we seem to have different body temperatures so OOLER makes a system that is designed for us. We can each set the temperature that we like and that is good. My husband likes his side up bed colder than I do in the summer and warmer in the winter. My husband wakes up earlier than me so he can set his warm-wake up alert at a different time. So the OOLER allows us to set the temperature of our side of the bed to what we like.


  I tried out the OOLER Sleep System for a week and love how it works. I love that I can control the unit from my phone or the base. This product is super easy to set up as all I had to do was lay the mattress pad under my sheet. Then I connected the hoses to the base and filled it with water. I love that I only have to add water about once a month and the unit alerts me to that. The app on my smartphone was easy to operate. The first time that I got into bed, I noticed that the bed was a bit cold so I turned up the temperature on the sleep system from my phone. I did not even feel the mattress pad underneath me but I could feel the bed warming up. The OOLER unit was very quiet and did not bother me one bit. I did make the bed a bit cooler than normal so I could fall asleep faster. Did you know that a cooler room can help you fall asleep faster? I don't know about you but I love sleeping with covers on so by having a cooler bed, I am going to love being able to sleep with my covers on in the summer.

This temperature-controlled unit is going to improve my sleep.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Huel Nutrition Helps Me Power Through Busy Days

 My Mondays can be crazy and busy. It is the start of my week and I tend to have a lot to do. I have things to write and emails to answer. Then there is the housework. Everyone has been home all weekend and we are busy going places so nothing gets done. So that leaves me with a house to clean, laundry to get done, and work to be completed. I find myself with little time to eat so I grab snacks from the pantry all day. My husband can tell how busy my day has been by looking at all the food wrappers around my computer. I try my best to eat healthy snacks but that doesn't always happen. These so-called healthy snacks can leave my energy levels low so I reach for many cups of coffee to try to power through these busy days. Sometimes my Mondays can be almost any day of the week as I also drive the kids to school and other places. A mom's day can be never-ending.

Crazy days can leave me reaching for unhealthy foods

              I received samples of Huel to facilitate this post.

 So when a company reached out to me and introduced me to their Huel nutritionally complete food powder, I was interested in learning more. At first, I thought that Huel was a protein powder and that sounded good to me as I drink a protein smoothie every morning. Then I realized that the Huel was a complete meal replacement that is way healthier than my morning protein shake. The name Huel had a nice ring to it and made me think of fuel. One needs fuel to have their body run well and I knew that I had to try this perfectly balanced and nutritionally complete meal powder. The Huel powder sounded awesome to me as was high in protein and fiber, low in sugar and salt, rich in phytonutrients, and contains all 27 essential vitamins and minerals. I had to give Huel a try as it sounded like the perfect food for my busy days.

Lots of variety is good 

  I love that Huel comes in many flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and berry. If that was not enough variety for me, I could use their Flavor Boost packs for even more flavors. I also loved that Huel came in bags instead of those bulky plastic containers like my favorite protein powder. I can only reuse so many plastic containers and I hate that they fill up my recycle bin. An environmentally friendly flat bag takes up way less space. So the recloseable Huel bags were awesome to me. For days that I needed to be out the door in the morning, I loved that Huel came in ready to drink bottles.

Love all the healthy natural ingredients in Huel

Huel is far superior nutrition to most conventional diets

 The first time I tried Huel was when I was headed out the door to my kid's school event. I knew that they would be serving something like chips and sandwiches at the event and I did not want to eat that. I had little time to eat before we left so I grabbed a bottle of ready-to-drink vanilla Huel. I drank the Huel while driving to the boy's school. This nutrition drink had a nice taste and was very creamy. I loved that the drink was vegan so that meant it was dairy-free. Always a plus for me as I have a dairy allergy. When I arrived at my kid's school I looked at the bottle of Huel and was amazed at all the nutrition that was packed into this delicious drink. It was a complete meal in a bottle that did not taste those other chalky chemical drinks that I have used in the past. This meal replacement drink was made with real food like Oats, Tapioca, Brown Rice, Flaxseed, Sunflower, Coconut, Peas, Oats, Flaxseed, and Chicory. I was able to get 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber in one drink. 

 A food that has just the right amount of protein, essential fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and all 27 essential vitamins & minerals. Huel Powder is all this and much more. It’s vegan, lactose-free, soy-free, GMO-free, high in protein and contains less than 2% sugar.

Click here to read about

The Best Workout Tips For Stay At Home Moms

Easy to mix powder

 The next day I tried the Huel Powdered after I went running. Working out always leaves me hungry so having a meal with plenty of protein is great for my muscles and my hunger. I discovered 2 years ago that upping the protein in my diet has helped me to tone my body better. I mixed up the chocolate flavor in a shaker bottle. It did not take long to mix up. The Huel powder made a creamy drink that was a pleasure to drink after exercising. After I had the Huel meal replacement drink, I got busy with work and it was several hours before I was hungry again. I will be drinking Huel on my busy work days when I do not have time to make a meal.

 Huel sells a wide variety of Ready-to-drink meals and powders, making nutrition fast, easy and affordable. 

The perfect traveling meal

  I hate having to spend money at the airport on over-priced food that is not very healthy. So I tend to pack healthy snacks but they take up space in my carry-on bag. I will be bringing Huel when I travel next month to California for a fitness conference. This complete meal replacement will be super easy to mix up once I get past security and it will keep me full for several hours. That way I won't be tempted to buy the over-priced, unhealthy food at the airport. I like that Huel is made with real food and is so easy to pack. This delicious drink would be great for my son at college when he has a busy schedule and also when he has to study for finals. Huel is the perfect grab and go meal replacement.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Summer Learning With The Electric Motors Catalyst

The ultimate kit for young tinkerers to think outside the box

              I received a STEM learning kit to facilitate this post.

 School may be out for the summer but that does not have to be the end of learning. They say that when kids take a long break from school it can hurt their learning as they forget what they learned in school. So I like to keep my kids learning during the summer break. I want my kids to succeed in school and that to me means providing my kids with opportunities to keep learning. Summer learning does not have to be boring for kids with books and worksheets. There are many ways to make learning fun for kids with activities and STEM learning kits. I make learning fun for boys so they will want to engage with the materials that I provide them. My boys love robotics and creating things. My youngest has a knack for building things and wants to invent things. He was to be an inventor or engineer when he grows up.

Check out some of the ways I help my child succeed in school

 One of the fun summer learning activity that I have for my boys this summer is a fun hands-on-STEM kit. The Electric Motor Catalyst kit from Tinkering Labs will teach my boys science, technology, engineering, and math. This exciting learning kit has over 50 parts in it and allows my boys to use their creativity to create over 16 inventions. The best part is the inventions don't take long to build everything is included in the box, even batteries. The STEM kit has examples that show kids what to build but it also allows for kids to build beyond those inventions.

Ten Challenges to get minds moving
 The STEM kit includes ten challenge cards with ideas to help kids think outside the box and take the include parts to make something like a machine to scramble an egg. I love that the challenges take 30-60 minutes to create as any longer seems to frustrate my boys. The ideas do not require kids to have any tinkering experience and are designed to get their hands and minds moving. 

A box of fun that teaches
 My boys were super excited to start creating with the Electric Motors Catalyst kit. The instructions were super easy for them and they did not need my help. I loved that they were able to work together and have fun. My boys stay busy for a long time and I loved that they were not on electric devices all morning. I was able to get work done while they created some cool machines that did everything from scrambling an egg to drawing a picture. Their gifted teacher would be proud to know that they were enriching their minds with learning during their summer break. This kit is just one of the many activities that my boys will do this summer to enrich their learning. We will also be visiting the children's Explora museum several times as we have a family membership. 

Storage bag included

 I loved that the learning kit came with a cloth storage bag so clean-up was easy. All the parts were available for my boy's next invention. The bag of parts then was easy to store in the box with the instruction books. The bag of parts was just the beginning of my boy's creation as they used their creative minds beyond the box and started adding other things to their inventions. Every time that my boys played with the Electric Motors Catalyst they came up with different ideas on how to build with the 50+ parts. 

What learning activities do your kids do in the summer?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

What To Pack For A Fitness Conference

Sponsored post

  I am heading to California next month for a wonderful fitness conference and I am so excited. This conference is all about fitness and nutrition, some of my passions. SHINE is the newest Influencer event by IDEA Heath + Fitness Association. This event replaces Blogfest and will be held in Anaheim this year. I attended Blogfest in 2017 when it was held in Las Vegas and it was an amazing conference for bloggers who write about fitness, wellness, and nutrition. The Shine blogger conference is a great way for us influencers to light up our purpose and passions. It is also a great event to network with other influencers and brands who have the same passions of helping people take control of their health.

What do I pack?

 Shine is different than any other blogging conference, even those designed for healthy living bloggers so you will be packing things like workout clothes. This is the conference that you get to live in your fitness attire as you will be attending exercise classes and trying out all the newest fitness equipment. It is the one time that wearing yoga pants will make a great first impression. So pack your best workout clothes. This fitness conference is the perfect excuse to buy some new fitness clothes and some cute fitness socks.  It is also the best time to splurge on a new pair of running shoes. Of course, there are many other items that you will need to bring to this event and I have a great list of things that came in handy for me at my last fitness conference.

Fitness Clothes
 Since you will be attending a fitness conference for 4 days, make sure to pack enough exercise clothes for four days. I like to mix things up and I pack a couple pairs of yoga pants, some running skirts and a couple pairs of running shorts. I also pack things like tank tops, running bras, and cute matching knee-high socks. I also pack a pair of running shoes. I discovered this wonderful website that sells fun knee-high socks. Chrissy's Knee High Socks has a wide selection of custom socks that offer endless possibilities when it comes to putting together outfits with knee-high socks. There are so many ways to match socks to any outfits and Chrissy's Knee High Socks even has 185+ photos to show how to achieve the perfect look with knee-high socks. It seems that knee-high socks are the current trend for runners so I need to grab me some cute socks. I really love the pink socks with ice cream cones and the watermelon socks. These socks will look so cute with my running skirts. These knee-high socks are the perfect sports socks. I love that these socks are made in the USA! Chrissy's Knee High Socks has so many cute socks that I will have a hard time selecting which pairs of knee-high socks to purchase.

Other Clothes
 I like to also pack a couple other outfits beyond fitness clothes. The conference has a fun party on the first night so I will be packing a cute dress and sandals for this party. I will also pack the standards like pajamas, swimsuit, undies, and outfits to wear while traveling. Since I will be arriving a day early, I will be packing some shorts and a top so I can explore the area. This will be a perfect excuse to buy some cute knee-high socks that will match my shorts as I will make sure to wear my gym shoes when walking around town. These knee-high socks are the best casual socks for any day. I traveled to Anaheim last fall and I made the mistake of walking from the hotel to downtown Disney. That long walk gave me some blisters on my feet. So I will be wearing my running shoes and my cute knee-high socks when I go exploring the area.

Backpack or Bag
I like to bring a small bag or backpack when I attend conferences so I have something to carry my items like a water bottle, snacks, and phone. Since I am staying in a hotel that is a mile away from the conference, a backpack will come in handy for the walk to carry all the things that I will need for the day. I recently bought this cute tropical backpack and I used it on a train trip that my family took to visit my mom. This smaller bag has plenty of pockets so I can easily find my phone and business cards.

Phone and Charger

 Make sure to bring your phone and charger along with charging cords to the fitness retreat as you will want to take lots of pictures. Since you will on social media part of the time showing new products to your followers, make sure to bring a phone charger so your battery does not fail you. That way you don't have to be a wall hugger. I really like the lightweight phone charger that I featured on my fitness gift guide last year as it charges my phone up to 6 times.

Water Bottle
Since you will be exercising at a fitness conference, a water bottle is a must. You will be participating in exercise classes so you will need to drink plenty of water to replenish all that healthy sweating that you will be doing. Did you know that sweating is good for you? That way you can refill it often from the water stations. I received the best reusable water bottle in my swag bag from Blogfest and that is my favorite water bottle to bring to conferences. This metal water bottle keeps my water cold all day and is so easy to refill.

 Since you will be more active at a fitness conference, it is a must to pack healthy snacks. I like to pack snacks with protein and carbs so I have plenty of energy to participate in the workout sessions. Some of my favorite snacks to pack are dried fruit, nuts, and vegan protein powder. I always pack a shaker bottle so I can easily mix up my protein drink for lunch or after a workout. My favorite protein powder is dairy-free and tastes great when mixed in water. I love packing the Nuzest Real Coffee protein powder in my bag for traveling so I get my caffeine and 20 grams of protein in one delicious creamy drink. 

Save 15% on Nuzest with code MOMKNOWSBEST15

The one product that I always pack when traveling

 Traveling always seems to mess with my potty habits as my eating is not always the same. That can lead to constipation and who has time for that? So I always pack my favorite prebiotic fiber supplement in my travel bag.  I just sprinkle the tasteless powder over my food or mix into a drink once a day and my gut is happy. The packets are so easy to pack!

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Save 10% on Regular Girl with my coupon code MOMKNOBEST10 

Business Cards
  Since I will be attending a blogger conference, I will be networking with brands so business cards are a must. Make sure that your name and contact info is on your cards so the brands can reach out to you later. 

Pen and Note Pad
 I always get some get information from the sessions that I attend at blogger conferences so I like to bring a small note pad to write it all down. Sure a computer would come in handy for note taking but I like to pack light for fitness conferences as you tend to move around to different rooms throughout the day.

Running Belt
 My favorite accessory to wear to a fitness event is a running belt so I have somewhere to stash my phone, money, and hotel key. When I participate in the exercise classes, I don't have to worry about these items when I park my backpack in the room. The running belt also makes it so easy to grab my phone for taking pictures as it is right there on my waist.

Small Towel
 Since you will be working out and sweating, a small towel is good to have in your backpack. Other items that would come in handy are moist wipes, natural deodorant, and a hair tye. If your feet tend to sweat, an extra pair of socks is always a good thing to pack in your bag for the fitness conference. That gives you another reason to buy several pairs of these chic comfortable sporty knee-high socks from Chrissy's Knee High Socks.  I have so many favorites of these socks that I am having a hard time deciding which pairs to buy for this fitness conference. I really love that knee-high socks can be worn with almost any outfit. These cute socks would look great with shorts, skirts, and pants. I really love the pairs of knee-high socks with the ice cream cones and the ones that look like watermelons would go great with my watermelon leggings. So many awesome choices of socks!

Which pair of knee-high socks would you purchase?

knee high outfit ideas

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Interactive Learning In The Kitchen With Eat2explore

Make learning fun with cooking

      I received a food subscription box from Eat2explore to facilitate this post.

  As a mom to five kids, I have learned that the best way to help kids learn is to make it exciting and fun. That way kids will have no clue that they are learning. I am that mom who wants to help my child to succeed in school so they can get a good job later on. One way that I like to teach my kids is through cooking. Cooking can teach kids not only the skills that they need but also teach them math, science, and even history. Yes, you can teach kids history through cooking and make your kitchen an interactive learning place. You can make learning history fun for kids with Eat2explore. Eat2Explore is a fun subscription box for kids that includes tasting ingredients from other countries as well as fun learning materials so you can create delicious recipes with your kids while learning about other cultures. The best part is eating food dishes from other countries without having to hop on a plane.

Cooking Subscription Box for Families

 My boys were sent a food subscription box from Eat2explore and the theme for the month was Japan. This monthly subscription box was a great weekend activity for some quality time with my boys. My boys are starting to enjoy cooking and this food craft box is something that they look forward to just like the delicious Gramma dessert boxes that we get every month. The Gramma subscription boxes have helped my boys learn how to make cookies and the Eat2explore boxes will help them learn how to make healthy meals. My boys will one day move out and will have to cook so learning how to make healthy food is always a good thing.

What is eat2explore and is in the cooking subscription box?
Eat2explore is a monthly cooking subscription box that contains food from around the world so experience food from another country along with a history lesson. Your kids will learn about other cultures while tasting new food. This subscription box is the beginning of learning about people around the world.

What is in the box:
3 recipes (4 servings each)
essential spice/sauce mixes
shopping list for fresh ingredients
educational country brochures
educational activity sheets
fun cooking tools
flag pins, stickers, passport

Learning so much through cooking

 Kids learn so much through cooking. Cooking teaches kids math as they have to measure the ingredients. Cooking also teaches kids many basic skills like how to use a knife safely and how to use a stove. Kids also expand their reading with cooking as they read the recipes. The activity sheets that were included in the box will give my boys some learning like math, science, social studies, and science. My boys can do the activities while waiting for the food to cook. There is even a word search and a Hiragana Chart so my boys could learn how to write in Japanese.

Salmon teriyaki

Trying new foods
 The Eat2explore box included just the spices and sauce that we needed to make the international dishes so we had to head to the store to buy other ingredients like soba, salmon, and green cabbage. These are new foods to my boys so they were excited to try them. Some of the recipes also called for meat but I liked that one had a vegetarian option. Since we don't eat meat, I will substitute fish for the chicken in one of the recipes, and that way we can still experience the flavors from the sauces and seasonings. I really like that the recipe cards have pictures on them. This month the boys and I made the Okonomiyaki which is a Japanese cabbage pizza. It was super easy to make. The included sauces made this cabbage pizza so yummy. This pizza reminded me of tempura veggies that were made into a pancake. The recipe called for shredded cabbage but I made it easier and used a coleslaw mix. I also did not add the bacon. I do declare that our recipe looks very similar to the photo above that was included in the box. The boys are excited to cook the Salmon teriyaki with the toasted nori and Japanese sticky rice. We will cook this recipe next.

Where can I try out eat2explore?
You can find more information about the Eat2explore subscription box from around the world boxes and their monthly subscriptions on their WEBSITE. This box is a great way for the whole family to learn about other cultures.

What country would you like to learn more about?

Friday, May 17, 2019

FREE Core Hydration Water

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Can The NIRA Skincare Laser Device Reduce My Wrinkles

Can a skincare laser help my skin look younger? Keep reading to discover an amazing skincare device that will transform your skin into healthy beautiful skin.

                    I received a NIRA Skincare Laser to facilitate this post

 As I get older, I am starting to notice the wrinkles forming on my face. Those fine lines around my eyes seem to be getting deeper and I am not liking that one bit. So I am doing everything that I can to keep those wrinkles away. I am doing things like exercising and eating healthy food as well as using anti-aging products as I want my skin to look young and beautiful. Admit it, we ladies do not like wrinkles and getting older.

Discover Eight Healthy Things To Keep The Wrinkles Away

 I am willing to try almost anything to keep those wrinkles. Notice I said most anything as I am not willing to go under the knife for plastic surgery or do Botox. I probably would not at this time do a chemical face peel either. I am willing to try skincare products that are natural and have non-toxic ingredients in them. I am also willing to try an at-home skincare laser device to see if it can help reduce the appearance of my wrinkles and fine lines. I like the way my skin looks but those fine lines are starting to bother me. 

 For the most part, the fine lines are not noticeable when I look at pictures of myself as I tend to not smile big in pictures. Once I smile big it seems that those deep lines are noticeable. Those wrinkles are also very noticeable when I look at myself in the mirror. If you look at the below picture, you can see those ugly fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Sure I look good at 54 years but I don't want my skin to start looking older.

Professional results in the convenience of your own home

  So when a company called NIRA reached out to me and asked me to try their Skincare Laser device, I was intrigued. I did my research before I responded back as I wanted to make sure the laser device was safe to use. I had heard about lasers for other things like the eyes but never for use on the skin. So I was glad to discover that this professional-grade medical device was safe to use at home and on my own schedule instead of having to visit a skin doctor. I was also happy to learn that this laser device could give me youthful radiant looking skin in just 2 minutes a day. 

I don't have time for wrinkles

The NIRA Skincare Laser is the most advanced anti-aging device on the market, delivering fast, professional results in the convenience of your own home and on your own schedule. Other products on the market have been complicated, painful, and incredibly expensive. The NIRA Skincare Laser is the only safe, natural solution at less than half the price of other at-home laser treatments. The NIRA Skincare Laser is the most advanced natural skincare solution that is safe, affordable, and easy to use, with NO pain and NO redness, and has been FDA Cleared and clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

 When I did my research on the NIRA SkinCare Laser Device, I was glad to find out that I only needed to use the anti-aging device for 2 minutes a day. That meant 1 minute around each eye. The website for NIRA also said this device is pain-free and that I could see results in as little as two months. If I continued to use the wrinkle-reducing device for longer, I would see those fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

What are the Benefits of NIRA:

Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Promotes collagen growth

No Pain & NO Redness

Brightens and evens skin tone

Gives skin a lifted, younger look

Professional results at home, at a fraction of the cost

Easy to use

2 minutes per day

Safe for ANY SKIN TONE from light to dark.

Three-Step a Day for Healthier Skin

 To use the NIRA Skincare Laser Device all I had to do was follow 3 steps a day. I had to first wash my face. That was the easy part. Then I had to treat the skin around my eyes with the hand-held skincare laser device. Then I had to hydrate my skin with the NIRA Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum. That seemed simple enough to me.

Does the device hurt?

 The NIRA skincare device did not hurt. When I place the laser on my skin it felt warm. I liked that the device made beeps to let me know that it was working and it even counted the beeps for me so I knew when I had done 40 laser pulses on each eye. It was simple to use, the hard part was me remembering to use it every night. I placed the hand-held skincare laser by my toothbrush to help me remember to use it every night. Sure there were some nights that I forgot to use the NIRA device but when I did, I used the laser device in the morning as it only took 2 minutes.

Follow along for three months to see if the NIRA works to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles

 I am going to be using the NIRA Skincare Laser for three months as that is the recommended amount of time it takes to start seeing results. I will be making a video every month and taking pictures also. I am excited to see my skin transform into a more youthful healthy look. For now, I invite you to check out the NIRA Skincare Laser and find out more about how it works. The website is filled with plenty of information and pictures of the before and after faces of people who have used the NIRA. There are also videos of the results that others have experienced. 
This skincare device has a 90-day money-back trial

After one month of use of NIRA

Twelve Things Your Skinny Friend Wants You To Know 

After three months of NIRA use

I am looking at my photos over the past three months and the difference that I am noticing from using the NIRA skincare laser device is that my face is looking firmer. It is hard to take the photo at the same angle and smile each time but I do notice skincare changes around my eyes and my mouth area. I am also noticing that my face is slimmer but that could be due in part to me working out with weights more and a stressful past two weeks of house remodeling. I do think that the NIRA is a device that is changing my skin but there are many other things we ladies could be doing in addition to using this device. Things like adding skin supplements to our diet, exercise, a healthy diet, and taking care of our skin with a detox mask.

So I do recommend checking out the Nira Skincare Laser Device to see how it could help your skin. The Nira website has some amazing before and after photos of real results! You might just see some reduction in those fine lines and wrinkles. The Nira Skincare Laser device does come with a 60-day guarantee so you have nothing to lose but amazing younger-looking skin. 

Check out my before and after photos from 2019 to 2021

The below photo collage shows the results over time of using the Nira. From left to right shows my face before I started using the Nira device. The next photo was taken in 2020 and the last photo of my face was taken in 2021. I am amazed at the results and how the Nira Laser keeps my skin looking young with just 5 minutes a couple times a week. I am 56 years and the Nira really works!

The Nira Skincare laser is a product that gives results and you need one. This product is a great investment for your skin. You deserve healthy-looking skin! The Nira really works and you need to try it! Nira has a no questions asked 90-day money-back trial. 

The first and only painless at-home laser that is proven to reduce wrinkles.
+ FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce wrinkles & fine lines
+ Stimulates natural collagen production for younger-looking skin
+ Pair with our all-natural Hyaluronic Acid Serum for faster results
+ Portable skincare device for home and on-the-go

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Best Gifts For Babys First Birthday

Looking for a gift for baby's first birthday? Check out the gifts that are my favorites for my soon-to-be one-year-old grandbaby.

                      I received toys and books to facilitate this post.

  It is hard to believe that my first grandchild is going to be celebrating her first birthday in a couple of months. It seems like yesterday that the baby was born and I wrote about becoming a grandma for the first time. My granddaughter is growing up too quickly. I wish that I could stop time and keep her little but that is not going to happen. So I will enjoy her and look forward to more grandbabies. I will also remember the day she was born, every time I snuggle with my soft sherpa photo blanket. Maybe that is why I have five kids all spread out in ages so I will be able to enjoy lots of grandchildren.

 This little girl brings such joy to our family and I am lucky that my daughter and son-in-law live nearby. That way I can see her often. Her uncles sure do enjoy holding her and talking to her. I think one of the best parts of being a grandma is being able to spoil my grandchild. So just like Christmas, this cute little girl is going to get lots of presents. Maybe she won't chew on her birthday presents like she did at Christmas. Since I have five kids and my youngest is 11 years old, I have plenty of experience in buying baby toys and I like to buy unique baby gifts for baby's first birthday. Some of my favorite baby toy brands are LeapFrog and Vtech as these toys are so cute. These brands of toys are always The Best Educational & Fun Gifts For Babies & Toddlers. So I love buying age-appropriate toys from these learning brands of toys. Check out some of the toys that my grandbaby will be receiving for her first birthday.

Toys for first steps

 My grandbaby is learning to walk so I will be giving her a Vtech Stroll & Discover Activity Walker™ for her first birthday. This walker grows with her and can be enjoyed for many years. Mom will love that the activity walker can be used for floor play and those first steps. Once the baby masters walking she will still enjoy pushing the walker around the house. This activity walker has so many buttons to press and I love that it has two speeds on it so the walker will not move to fast while the baby is learning to walk. The activity panel is removable from the walker so the parents can take it with for those long car trips. That way my grandbaby can press buttons and spin gears while in the car. This learning toy even has a removable cell phone so the baby can pretend to call grandma. You can find this toy that teaches colors and numbers at all major retailers.

Easy to assemble

 I decided to help the parents out and assemble the activity walker for them. It was super easy to put together and I did not need any tools.

Keeping baby happy in the stroller

 I remember when my kids were little and how once they learned to walk they never wanted to be in the stroller. Our daily walks became frustrating until I learned how to keep them entertained in the stroller. Moms need these daily walks for exercise and for some Me time so I got my grandbaby a Butterfly Counting Pal™ learning toy. This plush learning toy attaches to the stroller and keeps baby entertained so mom can go for a walk. This cute colorful toy also helps the baby fall asleep with soft, classical melodies. There are so many fun things on-the-go activity toy that baby can rattle, squeak, turn, or crinkle all while developing her fine motor skills and learning things like numbers and colors. This learning toy is available now at all major retailers

Books are always awesome

 Books always make great gifts at any age. Books help kids learn so much and the gift of books for baby's first birthday will help them enjoy reading. Reading to babies will help them later on when they are learning to read. I read to all my kids when they were babies and they knew how to read by first grade. My daughter loved books when she was a baby and I remember her 2nd birthday when grandma gave her some books. The books were the first gift that she opened. My daughter had to look at every book before she would open the rest of her presents.

 So I discovered these cute books for my granddaughter that are about space and the ocean. These adorable picture books are a fun way to introduce the smallest readers to STEM subjects. Nerdy Babies: Ocean and  Nerdy Babies: Space invites toddlers to travel to the bottom of the ocean, or in the far reaches of the solar systems to answer questions like...How deep is the ocean? What does it sound like in space? The author, Emmy Kastner, is a former teacher and fully understands how important it is to present science as fun at an early age. I just love the bright colorful pictures in the books and I know that my grandbaby will enjoy looking at them while her mom reads to her.

What are your favorite gifts for baby's first birthday?

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