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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Gramma In A Box Butterfly and Blossoms Cookie Box

Check out this month of goodies in the Gramma in a Box

                                I received a Gramma in a Box to facilitate this post.

 Every month my boys get a fun craft box of make and eat sweet treats from Gramma. This monthly subscription box for kids is one that my boys really enjoy. My boys love that they can decorate cookies and make other delicious treats without any help from mom. This food craft box is always so fun and of course, the treats are so fun to eat. Sometimes, the boys create the desserts by themselves and other times, I join in on the fun. Every month the box of treats has a different theme and this month the theme was Butterfly and Blossoms. When this box arrived, I opened up and got excited when I saw the butterfly cookies and all the pretty colors of frosting. I told the boys that I was going to help them decorate the cookies this month. I also told them that they would have to share the frosted butterfly cookies with me. I think cookies taste so much better when shaped like butterflies.

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 The monthly Gramma in a Box always includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles as well as two easy candy crafts to make. The monthly subscription box is always packed with enough ingredients to make up to 20 finished products. So there is always plenty of treats for the boys to share with mom and dad. I love the Step-by-step instructions with illustrations are included in the treat craft box as that makes it so easy for my boys to create the recipes without any help from mom. The box comes with almost everything that kids need to have fun cooking. The only supplies that the boys need to gather from the kitchen are usually spoons, plastic knives, and a bowl to melt the chocolate in. These boxes are so fun for everyone in the family. Gramma really puts a lot of love into these fun sweet craft boxes. These cookie craft boxes are a fun monthly activity for kids. Check out  "How it Works" for more information.

Gramma does all the work. You have all the fun!

 My boys and I had always have fun creating with the Gramma In A Box! This fun box had some delicious food crafts that were all so fun to make. Every Gramma food craft box always has unique treats in it. This monthly box was my favorite food craft box. I think the boys both agree that their favorite box was the Beach Party Treats one from last year. My boys always look forward to discovering the theme of the month. Last month the theme was Easter treats and the month before that was for Saint Patrick's day. The month before that it was Valentine's day treats

The delicious cookie craft box always has frosting and sprinkles

The best part is eating the treats


 The Gramma in a Box subscription cookie craft boxes is so much fun. They are always a great craft activity for my boys. Each month I look forward to this special food craft time with my boys. My boys enjoy making and eating all the sweet treats. The cookies are always my favorite part of the craft boxes. The price of the subscription boxes are amazing and you can try out one box before committing to a monthly subscription. With my special coupon code 10off, you can save $10 off your first box. That makes your first box only $10.00!  

 So you need to buy one of these awesome make and eat treat boxes for that special kid. To get the Gramma in a Box for June, make sure to order by June 3rd. Head over HERE to buy one of these amazing delicious food craft boxes and have some fun cooking time with your kids in the kitchen.

Everything (almost!) you need to decorate cookies and make 2 candy crafts (15 to 20 finished items each month). Taxes included - Free shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S.
Cancel any time

use code 10off to save $10 off your first box


GiGi Eats said...

What a fun little project for kids!! I would just eat all the icing before even getting to the decorating part, lol!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I love this box! My daughter would love it. She's big on baking and would love to make these cookies.

Joanna said...

What a great idea of a subscription box! I love that you can use your creativity and imagination to decorate the cookies.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh this is just so cute and such a fun little project for kids. Thanks for sharing!

Mavs Escala said...

Aww this is so cute. This is a good way to bond with your kids too.

Devyani said...

THat is such an adorable box and a great idea. I amtotally going to steal it.

S. Graham said...

This is definitely something my grandma would adore. Heck, I would love this for myself too! lol

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea - especially for kids who don't have grandparents around - this would probably be nice for them. Or as a gift from a grandmother and then she comes over to make the stuff with them. That would be special, too.

Monidipa said...

Wow, the box is truly full of yummy and good stuff, for kids. I can gift it to my friends son. He'll love it.

Brittany Vantrease said...

What a super fun box! A box that sends you treats to do each month is a smart box.

Anagha said...

Fun and creative work for kids. This box idea is great one. Kids do have patience to complete the project. I would be tasting it while making it.

Candace said...

This is such a fun idea. I love to bake and create yummy things back when I was a kid. Perfect idea to entertain the kids. Thanks for sharing!

Candace Hampton

Blair Villanueva said...

OMG this is a cools fun project for the kids! A good party favour as well.

Swathi said...

These looks really cool idea, I need to get it for my kids as it will their summer activity and dessert.

Brittany said...

I bet this is so much fun to receive and do! What a cool (and delicious) box!!!

Alicia said...

This would be a lot of fun to do with my kids, especially the younger ones. They love cookies and to add sprinkles. I will have to check into this box.

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