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Monday, May 6, 2019

Eco Friendly Products You Can Buy to Help Save The Environment

To make a change in the environment it starts with you
I received samples of the above products to facilitate this post

  I have a saying "The Power of One" that I like to tell my kids often. I use this saying in a lot of things like when I write on my website as I like to say if I only reached one person then I was successful. I like to refer to "The Power of One" when we get overwhelmed with our environment and say changes will only happen when we do the things ourselves. If we use less plastic or other things like water, energy, etc then that is a start. As little things done by many adds up. So don't wait until others make the changes like grocery stores banning plastic bags and instead start changing in your life. Start by bringing your own bags to the store and by using a refillable water bottle. I am the person who brings my metal water bottle everywhere and will even bring it into a restaurant instead of using a styrofoam cup for my drink. I also bring my travel coffee mug to church to save a cup. I also make my coffee at home instead of buying it from coffee shops. 

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle   

 Over the past years, I have started to make many changes in reducing the paper and plastic waste in my house and I am still working to reduce even more. Some of the changes that I have made have been simple to get my family on board with while others have been hard or weird for them. Last Christmas, I eliminated all the wrapping paper waste and wrapped all the gifts in reusable cloth bags. Sure the older kids made fun of my presents but I did not have all the paper waste overflowing from my trash cans the next day. I have also installed a bidet on my toilets to eliminate paper waste. I personally love how clean my tushie gets but my husband thinks a bidet is weird. I am glad that my youngest son is using the bidet as it keeps his underwear clean. 

A Smarter way to clean

 I love using non-toxic household cleaners but I hate the plastic waste that comes with the plastic bottles they are in. So when I discovered these non-toxic cleaners that are packaged in refillable aluminum bottles, I was so excited! The ThreeMain eco-friendly cleaning products line uses 80% less plastic than traditional household cleaners and offers refills in recyclable pouches. The best part is three main has already eliminated 4,000+ pieces of trash and 2,800+ plastic bottles from our oceans. They also partnered with the Rozalia Project, and donate 3% of all sales to clean and protect our oceans. This is a smart way to clean. The aluminum bottles look so fancy and I love that they are helping me cut down on my plastic waste. These cleaners also do a great job cleaning up and since they are not made with toxic chemicals, they did not trigger my asthma.

Mizu Bath Towel Sets

  I prefer using Mizu bath towel sets instead of a regular towel set. The reason being is that Mizu is created with Artisanal Japanese towel crafting techniques and made with the most luxurious cotton in the world, i.e. Bamboo. Unlike any other average towel, Mizu is an antibacterial towel with natural cleaning silver fibers that change color when dirt builds up and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria growth. Mizu is also well known for lasting very long, hence you don’t need to go shopping again and again.

Keep the planet healthy with bamboo

 People tend to not give much thought to what goes into the making of paper products and how many trees are affected let alone what it does to the planet. Using paper towels daily adds up in paper waste and can be very costly. I rarely use paper towels and instead use microfiber cloths for cleaning around the house. My family also uses cloth napkins for meals. I know that paper towels can come in handy for those gross messes but that is where my stash of old worn t-shirts or towels come in handy. I cut the old t-shirts and towels up and they make great rags. If you are not ready to give up paper towels then consider switching to ones that are made from bamboo. Bamboo is very eco-friendly and NatureZway makes paper towels that are very strong and absorbent. The towels can even be hand-washed 100 times! NatureZway offers a line of sponges, bath tissues, kitchen brushes, floor wipes, and much more that are made from bamboo which keeps the planet healthy.

 I put the bamboo towels to the test and was able to use one single towel to clean my whole bathroom. I loved that the bamboo towels felt like cloth and were super easy to rinse. I was amazed at how well they held up while I cleaned even the floor with the same sheet of towel that I also used on the counters and window sills. The towel did not tear after all that cleaning. These eco-friendly towels will be great for those disgusting messy jobs like cleaning the toilet.

  An eco-friendly plant-based milk

 This delicious non-GMO dairy milk alternative is made from sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are a drought-tolerant crop so that means this plant-based milk uses less water to produce when compared to other dairy-free milk like almond, pea, and coconut. The flavor of this eco-friendly milk is so yummy and I like that I am saving water with every cup that I drink. Most non-dairy, vegan milk products lack protein so I love that Hope & Sesame Organic Sesamemilk is packed with 8 grams of protein and many other nutrients. The creamy plant-based milk is also nut-free and gluten-free so I can use it in recipes that I share with my daughter who has a nut allergy. That is important as I remember the scare that I had last month when I made a dairy-free Kings Cake with almond milk. I had brought my daughter a slice of the cake when she invited us over for dinner. Thankfully she put the cake slice in the fridge and did not eat any. I remember the panic attack that I had on the way home when I realized that I had used almond milk. After I called her, I vowed never to buy any nut milk again for my use. Allergies can make baking hard when I am allergic to dairy and my daughter is allergic to nuts.

Hope & Sesame sesame milk also comes in a chocolate variety as well as other flavors. This vegan milk makes my coffee so creamy and my boys love the chocolate flavor. Who would have thought that sesame seeds could make a great tasting plant-based milk!

Don't feel guilty about your single-serve coffee maker

 If you are like me, you bought a single-serve coffee maker years ago but stopped using it because of all the plastic waste from those k-cups. Then you may have tried those plastic refillable k-cups but they made the coffee taste nasty as who likes brewing coffee through plastic. So fall in love with your Keurig coffee maker again and brew your coffee through an eco-friendly metal reusable coffee pod. You can even get paper filters that fit inside the stainless steel k-cup. To get one of these amazing reusable single-serve coffee pods head over here for information

  Another way that I like reducing my carbon foot on the planet is by having my boys pack their lunches in washable lunch containers. I open my curtains during the day in the winter to let the sun warm my house instead of turning up the heat. I am also that mom who tells the kids to put on a sweater and use a blanket when watching tv. I love shopping at thrift stores for clothes and dishes. I also will choose a bike when running errands instead of driving. That way I get my exercise and save gas while not polluting the air. My husband takes the bus to work as it also saves money. My husband enjoys not having the stress behind the wheel when commuting to work.

What will you do today to help save the environment?


What Corinne Did said...

I just moved to a new flat and everything needs to be done but i am trying to make it as eco friendly as possible!

GiGi Eats said...

I've never seen any of these products before! Minus bikes of course, haha!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I will certainly try these out! I'm always willing to try out new products. I need to get a bike!

Sarah Bailey said...

It is amazing the different products you can get now which are eco friendly. I am trying to buy more these days. I need to look at buying more containers.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

With the buzz around sustainable living, it's important to know how we can create eco-friendly homes. I love the idea of using reusable cloth bags inside of paper wraps and also, using microfiber cloths. Glad I follow suit.

Farrah Less said...

Yes to all the eco friendly product I am a big supporter. I like to reuse plastic bag for grocery and bottle as well.

Wander With Ola said...

This is awesome! I was introduced to bamboo towels few years ago during my visit to China, and I was really happy to find that, like you said, the fabric feels amazing, durable, and super easy to rinse. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

dustinnikki said...

I love NatureZWay products! I'll have to try some of the others in your post. I also love using cloth wrapping for gifts. I started doing that more often instead of wasting so much wrapping paper. Plus it can be re-used over and over.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow this is awesome! I'm definitely working towards being more eco friendly and this post will definitely help. THANK YOU!

anagha said...

I had been following most of the methods listed out here. Instead of use and throw, the tips of reusing comes handy.

Brie said...

I love that these are eco friendly. We definitely need to do our part and products like these are worth purchasing!

Organic Runner Mom said...

So many good new to me products here. thank you for passing them along. Love also that you wrapped gifts in reusable bags. Such a good idea

Alexandra said...

I go out of my way to get eco-friendly products. They are so worth getting and work wonders!

Heidi@OneCreativeMommy.com said...

We can all do our part to save the planet. My daughter is writing a report on air pollution right now. It seems like all of the blogs I'm reading today are relevant to her essay.

fashionmommy said...

I am all over the products in this post, we all need to make those changes and eliminate waste and excess paper and plastic.

Blair Villanueva said...

Being savvy and use ways that helps lenses the waste has become my lifestyle for many years. It gives a good feeling that I could at least share my little contribution to help the Earth.

Binge on Basics said...

Everyone should do their bit and use eco-friendly products to protect our mother nature. I will practice and share these tips with everyone. Hope it helps in some way.

SHAHZAIB said...

Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post. The FoxBeast

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