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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stop Using Toilet Paper And Pamper your Tushie

                                                      Have you ever tried a bidet?

  For most people, the thought of using a bidet sounds weird and gross. A bidet experience is not something that people want to talk about as it can be one of those taboo conversations. Well, I am going to change your thinking about bidets and leave you wanting one. I have always been curious about how a bidet works but have never had the opportunity to try one. I would have included a bidet in my recent master bathroom remodel but hubby said no and there just was not the space for one. Installing a bidet would have also meant paying a plumber big bucks to add the necessary pipes. So my hope for a bidet was removed from my mind. That hope recently came true when I discovered a bidet system that I could install on my existing toilet. I just knew that I had to try this bidet as I wanted a pampered tushie. I also liked the idea of saving money on toilet paper.

                                    I received a bidet to facilitate this post.

  My wonderful bidet arrived and I could not wait to use it! My kids were curious to what a bidet was. Once they found out they thought it was really weird. I took the unit out of the box and read the instructions. As I was reading the instructions, my husband rolled his eyes at me and said: "that is not going into our bathroom!" I quickly told my husband that my new bidet was going on my princess potty and reminded him of how he would not let me use the potty light that I had purchased several months ago. I call the toilet in my master bathroom a princess potty because of I am the only girl in a house of four boys and they are not allowed to use it. I do reluctantly let my husband use my princess potty as for the fact we share the same bedroom.

Superior Bidets attach to any standard toilet without a need for a plumber or electrical. 
Your bidet comes with everything you need to turn your bathroom into the new favorite room in the house.

  I was glad that the instructions showed me that it would be easy to install the bidet to my toilet. My nine-year-old son was excited to help me install it. I am glad that boy likes to work with tools. My son grabbed a wench and a screwdriver and we set off to my bathroom to install my new bidet. My son helped me take off the toilet seat from the potty. I was able to disconnect and reconnect the hoses on the toilet. I was happy that my son and I were able to do the install ourselves as I knew my husband would not help. It was super easy to install the bidet and it took us only 15 minutes. Once the bidet was on the toilet, I had to test it out to see if it was working. Since my son was in the room, I tested it out without my tushie on the seat as I was not going to drop my drawers in front of him. So I turn one of the dials on the bidet and water shot across the room. My son and I started laughing hysterically. We were so loud that my husband and the teen came upstairs to see what the commotion was. My younger son showed them the water on the wall. Then my teen just had to know how the bidet works. So this time I placed a towel in front of the potty and demonstrate the bidet. My teen then asked: "so this thing shoots water up your but?" I said, "yes" and he replied, "that is so weird!"

  I could not wait to try my new bidet out. So I kick everyone out of my bathroom so I could sit on my princess potty. I really did not know what to expect. So I dropped my drawers and sat down on the potty. I turned the cold water dial on and water sprayed on my tushie. I was amazed that it did not hurt and the water was not cold. The water made my bottom feel so clean and refreshed.The best part was that I did not need to use any toilet paper or wipes on my bottom!  My unit did come with a warm water dial but I choose not to connect that as it would have meant drilling hole in a wall. If the water gets cold in the winter then I may connect the warm water to my bidet.

When I was done trying out my new bidet, I told my husband about how it felt on my bottom. I also told him that the water was not cold. Later that evening, my husband went upstairs to use the bathroom. I did not ask him if he tried the bidet but I think he did as he was up there for a while. I am so glad that I installed a bidet on my princess potty as it does a wonderful job of cleaning my tushie. My tushie loves being pampered. I also love not having to use toilet paper to clean my tushie as all that does is smear the poo.

A Superior Bidet is a high-tech device that easily attaches to your toilet and uses water to help transform your toilet hygiene forever. Use it once and you’ll feel cleaner than you’ve ever felt before

So are you brave enough to try a bidet?

Click on the below link to discover more about the bidet that I installed in my bathroom.


Would you be brave enough to try a bidet?

I leave you with this funny video about bidets.


  1. I learned everything I know about bidets from Crocodile Dundee (love that you shared that too). My husband has always wanted a bidet but they didn't seem very practical. This might actually be a unique last-minute gift idea for him!

  2. I use it. People in Turkey alone use this bidet toilet as standard and enjoy the comfort. It is becoming very popular in Europe too.

  3. I have heard about bidet before. I heard about great reviews and I might try to set up at our home for new years!

  4. It is normal to have bidets here in our country. I like the feature of this bidet and that it is easy to install.

  5. We are wanting a bidet in our bathroom and this is consierably more affordable than the options we are comparing. I take it to make the warm water work, then you need an electrical connection?

  6. I've heard of these but didn't know they were so easy to find. I'm interest in learning more!

  7. Now THIS is an interesting gadget. It wouldn't definitely save a lot of money in toilet paper!

  8. We got bidets like this about 3 years ago and OMG I love it. I hate going to any other bathroom now because I feel so nice and clean with our bidets in our bathrooms.

  9. I have never tried using a bidet but totally want to. That toilet paper business is for the birds.

  10. I did try a bidet in Paris and it was nice. But yes, the water would have to be warm. No cold water down there. LOL

  11. Ohhh so it washes your butt like a bidet? Interesting!

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