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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cheese Wrapped Asparagus Bundles

A delicious way to serve asparagus!

  I just love asparagus and I discovered a new fancy way to serve it. I will be including this new asparagus recipe on my Christmas dinner menu. These delicious cheese/asparagus bundles are a fancy way to serve a vegetable that your guests will love. The bundles will be the center of attention on the holiday dinner plates. These cheesy bundles are so easy to make and are low in carbs.

 The secret ingredient in my Cheese Wrapped Asparagus Bundles is a wonderful flavorful cheese wrap that is so unique and can be used for many "wow" food presentations. These Folio Cheese Wraps come in three delicious flavors and I love that they are lactose-free. I received all three flavors of the natural cheese wraps and they brought back memories of when I had cheese parmesan crisps at a fancy restaurant, many years ago. These cheese sheets can make those parmesan crisps and so much more. The backs of the packages have many wonderful recipes that I want to try and that is where I got the idea for these cheese asparagus bundles.

        I receive samples of Folio Cheese Wraps to facilitate this recipe.

  These flavorful cheese wraps can be used for sandwich wraps are they are so flexible. They can also be baked into bowls for chili. My other favorite recipe idea was melting a wrap over a bowl of onion soup. I so need to get some onions so I can try that. Get some other recipe inspiration at the
 Folios website: http://lotitofoods.com/folios/folio-recipes/

  To make these wonderful tasting Cheese Wrapped Asparagus Bundles is so simple. You just need some cooked asparagus, I like to saute mine but you can grill or steam the asparagus too. Then you take 6-8 stalks of the cooked asparagus, making sure it is still warm, and wrap a full Folios Parmesan Cheese Wrap around the asparagus. For a pretty look, add some fresh herbs, I used rosemary, and tie up the bundle with some twine or a lemon peel strip. The warm asparagus melts the cheese wrap and the taste is so delectable. Each package makes 4 bundles.

Check out the Folios website to see where to purchase these delicious cheese wraps. If they are not sold at a store near you, there is a form on the website so you can request them to be sold at your favorite store.

           Website http://lotitofoods.com/folios/

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Unknown said...

Yum! Those cheese wrap looks really great. Especially I’m looking for lactose and gluten free, I’m all in!

Unknown said...

I am a big fan of cooking. Thanks for sharing me this awesome recipe. I'll make it for myself. It's so yummy.

TColeman said...

These look like they are so tasty! I love eating asparagus but have never thought to wrap it up in cheese.

tat2gurlzrock said...

This is a great idea! Thanks Tara!

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