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Friday, December 8, 2017

What Kind of Jarlsberg® Dinner Party Host Are You?

Enter for a chance to win 1 grand prize of a DSLR Camera and 3 giveaway prizes of Jarlsberg® swag

‘Tis The Season
Jarlsberg Cheese® Invites Fans to Take The Holiday Quiz
"What Kind of Jarlsberg® Dinner Party Host Are You?"

1 Grand Prize DSLR Camera & 5 Giveaway Swag Prizes
Now Through December 19, 2017

Take the Holiday Quiz to discover what kind of host you are!

From mouth-watering appetizers to savory side dishes or entrees, Jarlsberg® Cheese is a must-have holiday ingredient sure to elevate your meals. The Jarlsberg® Holiday Quiz lets fans show off their style - and enter to win fun prizes. Entering is simple and free. Just visit https://jarlsbergholiday.pgtb.me/MxnK8x and choose your favorite scrumptious dishes, including Jarlsberg® Fondue; melon with crab and Jarlsberg® sauce; Jarlsberg® stuffed jalapeno poppers; Jarlsberg® mac n cheese bites; orange marinated Jarlsberg® or deep fried Jarlsberg®. The contest runs now through December 19, 2017.

My family loves the taste of Jarlsberg cheese. We love to eat it for snacks and use in recipes. Check out this delicious sandwich that I made with Jarlsberg cheese: http://www.momknowsbest.net/2017/11/blood-orange-brioche-grilled-cheese.html

Now discover some other types of Jarlsberg cheese:

With a flavor to please every palate, Jarlsberg® Cheese offers their classic, beloved wedge with its mild, nutty flavor, as well as other crowd pleasers including:

·       Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks, with a mild, mellow and nutty flavor, in a delightful, portable snack. These individually wrapped Cheese Snacks are ¾ oz. in the stick format come in 6-ounce size packages of individually wrapped cheese sticks.

·       Jarlsberg® Cheese Fondue, the go-to holiday and winter comfort food, offered in a ready-to-heat and serve in its own microwave and oven safe terracotta bowl. The fondue is made with Jarlsberg® Cheese and Kirsch brandy.

·       Jarlsberg® Cheese Lite, offering the same mild, nutty flavor as regular Jarlsberg® Cheese with 50% less fat and 30% fewer calories, than regular Swiss cheese. This low-fat variety of Jarlsberg® Cheese original has the characteristic large round holes, with a lower fat content – perfect for those days when you crave the sweet, nutty delights of Jarlsberg® Cheese but need to watch your diet.

·       Jarlsberg® Hickory Smoked Cheese has a piquant smoky taste, and like most smoked foods has a darker, browner surface.  Jarlsberg® Hickory Smoked Cheese is cold smoked over smoldering, hickory chip embers, this hickory smoked flavor will enhance your cold or hot foods, with its deep, smoky charm.

Enter here for a chance to win!

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