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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Spicy Carrot Hummus Party Dip

 Looking for a stunning appetizer to serve at a party? Spicy carrot hummus has a pretty color with a delicious taste. Plus it is loaded with plenty of nutrition. Perfect for a vegetable tray or a charcuterie board. This Spicy Carrot Hummus is filled with tangy sweetness and topped with sunflower seeds and apricots — with just the right amount of heat.

  I love hummus as it is such a healthy spread that tastes great with veggies and crackers. I tend to eat it by the spoonful. I discovered spicy carrot hummus when I attended a conference and it was love at first bite. I just knew that I had to buy some.

 I was so happy that my local health food store carried this delicious hummus and it quickly became my favorite healthy splurge/snack that I treated myself to every week. The only problem was the cost. I hated spending 6.00 on a small container of hummus that I usually ate in one day. So I decided to see if I could make this tasty hummus myself.

 I looked at the ingredients on the container of the store-bought carrot hummus and was up for the challenge of recreating this delicious hummus made with carrots. So I bought the hummus ingredients to make the spicy carrot hummus. Once I started making the hummus, I decided to make a couple of ingredient changes. I did not have sriracha sauce so I substituted crushed red pepper for sriracha sauce.

My recipe for homemade spicy carrot hummus was successful and delicious. I loved that it made a large serving, more than twice the size of the store-bought hummus. Now I can eat more of this yummy hummus, more often. So grab the carrots and make this delicious healthy hummus!

Spicy Carrot Hummus is 

~ Made with plant-based ingredients
~ Allergy-Friendly
~ Gluten-Free
~ Loaded with protein
~ Perfect for parties
~ Loaded with nutrition
~ Easy-to-make
~ Full of fiber
~ Orange
~ The perfect dip for charcuterie boards

Carrots are

+ Healthy
+ Plant-based
+ Loaded with Vitamin A
+ A healthy snack

Ingredients Needed For Spicy Carrot Hummus
~ Olive Oil
~ White Beans
~ Spices
~ Apple Cider Vinegar
~ Honey
~ Apicots
~ Jalapenos

Hummus is the perfect party food. So, make this spicy carrot hummus for your next party.  Your vegan friends will love it! Place the hummus in a bowl on a tray and add some cut-up raw veggies and some crackers. Make sure to make a double batch as your friends will enjoy this carrot hummus. The pretty orange color will amaze them and entice them to try the hummus made with carrots.

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Unknown said...

Looks delicious and this one is getting bookmarked!

Joanna said...

Can you make this with other vegetables as well? I don't like carrot, it's the only vegetable I don't eat.

pinkoddy said...

I love hummus and love the fact you have made it even healthier. Thank you for all the different hummus recipes too.

annies home said...

I am delighted I love the idea of this dish. Good for the family and I think they will love it as well. WIn WIn for sure

Ascending Butterfly said...

My mom is the hummus person in our family and I can totally see her loving this, I am going to bookmark this link and send it to her via email so she can check it out and when she makes it I will go over to her house to take a taste test! :-)

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Farrah Less G. said...

This is so colorful and looks so tasty. I love humus for chips and dips. A must have for any gathering or family get together.

Gingermommy said...

Oh yum! I love the idea of a spicy carrot hummus. The spice and the sweet from the carrots would make for an amazing flavour!

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations said...

Hummus is one of my fave snacks. I am going to try this recipe because I totally love that it incorporates carrots. I am willing to bet the layers of flavour are amazing.

Marissa Zurfluh said...

That is an awesome snack idea. Hummus is one of my favorites to make.

Lavanda said...

In our house, hummus is a staple. I usually buy it over the counter and I love mine spicy. I will have try to and make this because it look so good, and the flavor combination seem delicious.

Unknown said...

This is great, i've never made my own hummus but after reading this i'm willing to have a go, t looks so yummy.

Homemade for Elle said...

The spicy carrot hummus looks delicious on its own, but I love the idea of topping it with pickled jalapenos and apricots. IT looks amazing! I am going to make this next week.

laborders2000 said...

This looks delicious! I have not really had hummus yet--I know I may be one of the only few left in the world:0 I love carrots though so I should check it out.

Jennifer L. said...

Omg this looks so good! I've never thought of adding carrots in hummus but sounds genius. Going to give this a trip for a healthier dip for my pita chips. yum

Unknown said...

I have never thought of carrots and spicy together! Interesting.

Becca Wilson said...

I have had all sorts of hummus before but have never had carrot. This sounds like it would be so delicious and healthy at the same time.

Purposeful Habits said...

This sounds awesome, I love hummus and make it all the time, also spicy, but I have never had carrot hummus. This would be something new to try.

Unknown said...

I always thought hummus can only be made of chickpeas. This recipe is awesome! I'm pinning it!

Anonymous said...

never tried it but it looks delicious, well done !

Marysa said...

It is nice to see a different twist on hummus. What a great and healthy combination!

beautiful touches said...

This spicy carrot hummus sounds really delicious, I've never thought of doing hummus this way and would really like to try it out!

Zab Zaria said...

I have never had spicy carrot hummus before and I was so surprised by how good it was!

Gust si Aroma said...

I'm so glad you shared your homemade spicy carrot hummus recipe! It's awesome that you took the initiative to recreate something you love and made it even better by adjusting the ingredients.

Karen said...

I love hummus but have never tried it with carrots before. I love your addition of the apricots and jalapenos for a little sweet & spicy zing!

Monidipa said...

Your Spicy Carrot Hummus Party Dip is a flavor explosion! The spicy kick from the carrots takes the classic hummus to the next level. It's a total crowd-pleaser. Thanks for sharing this delicious and easy-to-make recipe. Can't wait to impress my guests with it!

Jenn @ EngineerMommy said...

This carrot hummus looks and sounds so delicious. I'd love to try this recipe!

Anonymous said...

I love hummus but I don't think I've ever had carrot hummus before. That looks good! -LYNNDEE

Anonymous said...

This looks and sounds like a delicious and healthy dip! I am in love and am pinning this recipe next!

Anonymous said...

Perfect party recipe! I love all the ingredients and flavors! Amazing!

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