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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Vegan Tuna Salad Made With Chickpeas

Following a plant-based diet can be tough, especially when crave the taste of your favorite foods. Looking for a plant-based option for tuna fish? Check out this vegan tuna salad recipe. The taste is so similar to tuna salad. One bite and you will never eat real tuna again.

 Since having to eliminate dairy from my diet, I have been trying to follow a plant-based diet. It was a year ago that my allergy-induced asthma got out of control and my allergy medicines were no longer working. After six months of being sick and trying almost everything to control my asthma attacks, I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet to see if that would help my allergies. What I thought to be a lactose problem really was a dairy allergy and cutting dairy completely out of my diet has made a huge difference in my asthma and seasonal allergies. A food allergy blood test and a negative lactose test confirmed that I had a dairy allergy. 

So I was very used to looking for vegan foods as I knew that they would be safe dairy-free options for me to eat. So having to eat a lot of vegan foods has had me thinking maybe I should eliminate all animal products from my diet and I am working on that. The animal products that I still enjoy occasionally are eggs and seafood. I love seafood and it is hard for me to give up so I eat it about once a week.

Vegan Tuna Salad is
+ Plant-based
+ Loaded with fiber
+ Allergy-friendly
+ Gluten-free
+ High in protein
+ Easy to make
+ Delicious
+ Full of flavor
+ Tastes similar to canned tuna fish

This Vegan Tuna Salad is a game-changer for me 
 When I discovered that I could make a vegan tuna salad that tastes like real tuna, I stopped buying those cans of tuna. Chickpeas were already a staple in my diet as I love them in hummus and over salads. You need to try my Roasted Garbanzo Bean recipe as they are so delicious! I even make garbanzo bean flour with chickpeas. So my pantry always has several cans of chickpeas among my can goods. Making chickpeas from dried garbanzo beans is so simple in the slow cooker or you can make them quickly in the pressure cooker. Check out my recipe for making chickpeas in the pressure cooker HERE.

The secret ingredient in vegan tuna is seaweed
 I know you are thinking how can those nutty-tasting chickpeas taste like tuna fish? The secret to making chickpeas have a fishy taste is using 1/2 of a sheet of nori seaweed. This is the seaweed that is used for sushi and it gives the chickpeas a nice seafood flavor. I like to shred the seaweed into small pieces with a pair of clean scissors. When seaweed is mixed in with other common tuna salad ingredients like mayo and celery it results in an amazing plant-based recipe that tastes like tuna salad. When the chickpeas are mashed with a fork, they have the texture of tuna and even look like tuna.

A delicious vegetarian sandwich 
 Eating meatless meals is so easy for me as I have mostly been a vegetarian since I was a teenager. I really never liked the taste of meat and decided to go meatless when I discovered all the junk that they feed the animals like hormones and antibiotics. What really put me into eating more vegetarian meals was the discovery of mad cow disease, this was around the time I was a teen. When people ask me why I don't eat meat, my simple answer is my body runs better without meat. Most of my friends don't understand a vegan, meatless diet and think that all I eat is vegetables. I am thankful for the internet so I can discover so many delicious vegan recipes. Thirty years ago when I became a vegetarian all I had was a couple of cookbooks to help me make meatless meals. Now, I can find so many recipes for vegan meals and that makes it so easy to serve vegetarian meals to my family.

 My vegan tuna salad uses seaweed in the recipe. The seaweed gives the vegan tuna salad the fish taste so it tastes like real tuna. My favorite seaweed to use in the recipe is GimMe Organic Seaweed Snacks. So when a company sent me a box of amazing samples, I had to make my vegan tuna salad. I love that these delicious seaweed snacks are available for easy purchase through Amazon. The seaweed snacks come in many tasty flavors and I love eating the crispy salty snacks just like chips.  GimMe Snacks contain multiple immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids.  snacks come in great flavors like Sea Salt and Avocado Oil, Teriyaki, Wasabi, Sesame, OliveThese Oil, and Sea Salt.

Check out some other amazing plant-based recipes

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Serve in a bell pepper for a gluten-free meal
 If you want a gluten-free meal, spread the vegan tuna on gluten-free bread. This delicious plant-based spread can also be served in a sweet bell pepper or on top of an avocado half with some sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. If you want a more heart-healthy meal, you can substitute white bean hummus or some mashed avocado for 1/2 of the vegan mayo. For a unique flavor spread some red pepper hummus on your sandwich or add a couple of slices of avocado.

Check out this recipe for easy-to-make hummus

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Yield: 2

Vegan Tuna Salad Made With Chickpeas

A delicious vegan version of tuna salad


  • 1 can (15 oz) chickpeas or two cups cooked garbanzo beans
  • 1 stalk celery, finely chopped
  • 1 red onion slice, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup  vegan mayonnaise
  • 1/2 sheet nori seaweed, shredded into little pieces( use clean scissors ) 
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • pepper
  • salt
  • 1/4 cup roasted sunflower seeds, optional for amazing crunch
  • Ingredient Substitutions: You can use 1/4 cup  white bean hummus or a mashed avocado for the mayonnaise


How to cook Vegan Tuna Salad Made With Chickpeas

  1. Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Then place them in a bowl and mash them with a fork until desired texture. 
  2. Shred the seaweed into small pieces with a pair of clean scissors, the smaller the better.
  3. Add the shredded seaweed and the remaining ingredients to the mashed chickpeas and combine well.
  4. Serve the vegan tuna salad on whole grain bread or for a gluten-free option in a sweet bell pepper half. 
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How To Cook Chickpeas In A Pressure Cooker

Save money by cooking dried chickpeas in the pressure cooker~ cheaper than buying can chickpeas.

 I love how easy it is to cook dry chickpeas in a pressure cooker. I used to cook my beans in the slow cooker but that all changed when I bought a pressure cooker, which also goes by the name of Instant Pot. Cooking beans or chickpeas in a pressure cooker takes less than an hour compared to 6 hours in a slow cooker. So the time thing is why I love using my pressure cooker instead of my slow cooker. The chickpeas or garbanzo beans have the same great taste too. When you cook the chickpeas they do not have any salt or preservatives on them nor is there the worry of things like BPA and other can food dangers.

I use chickpeas in many recipes
 I admit that I sometimes use canned chickpeas and keep a couple of cans in my pantry for emergencies when I am hungry and don't want to wait even an hour for my garbanzo beans to cook. So when I do cook a batch of dried chickpeas in my pressure cooker, I always double the recipe and freeze the extra chickpeas. I like to freeze the cooked chickpeas in batches of 1-2 cups so I can just thaw them and use them in recipes like my homemade red pepper hummus. These delicious beans freeze so well and taste great too. Cooking dried chickpeas is also a money saver. One pound dried garbanzo beans is equal to about 4 cans of chickpeas. So you are saving lots of money!

Chickpeas make a great vegan tuna salad

One of my favorite ways to use chickpeas is in vegan tuna salad. This plant-based recipe looks and tastes just like tuna salad but contains no real tuna so it is a perfect vegetarian recipe for a meatless meal. You have to try this recipe! I also love to roast cooked garbanzo beans for a tasty snack that is so easy to make. Homemade roasted garbanzo beans are so delicious and are a heart-healthy snack.

Chickpeas are so easy to cook in the pressure cooker

Check out this recipe for easy to make hummus

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Yield: 4

How To Cook Chickpeas In A Pressure Cooker

Healthy Chickpeas cook so easy in a pressure cooker. Better than canned and quick to make.


  • 2 cups dry chickpeas or garbanzo beans
  • 6 cups of water


  1. Rinse the chickpeas and pick out any stones.
  2. Add the chickpeas along with the water to the pressure cooker pot insert. 
  3. Close the lid with the vent in sealing position.
  4. Set the pressure cooker for 40 minutes and press start.
  5. When the cooking time is up, turn off the pressure cooker and do a natural release for 10 minutes. Then further release the steam and drain the liquid from the chickpeas.
  6. Use the chickpeas in a recipe or place in the fridge. The chickpeas freeze well in small batches of 1-2 cups.
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Easy To Make Homemade Hummus

Easy to make hummus, you will never buy store-bought again.

 Making hummus is so simple and it takes less than five minutes to make. Once you make homemade hummus, you will never buy expensive store-bought hummus again. Making your own hummus can save you so much money when compared to premade hummus. This vegetarian dish requires only a couple of ingredients like can chickpeas, which are also called garbanzo beans, and tahini, also called sesame paste. I like to keep a couple of cans of chickpeas in my pantry so I can enjoy hummus often. When I want to save even more money, I buy dried garbanzo beans and cook them in my pressure cooker. Cooking beans in a pressure cooker are so simple and require less than an hour of cooking time. If you don't have a pressure cooker, you can cook the garbanzo beans in a slow cooker or on the stove. Cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans can be frozen so I like to freeze them in small batches for other recipes like my vegan chickpea tuna. Chickpeas can also be roasted for a delicious healthy snack that is high in protein. Get my recipe for roasted chickpeas HERE

Roasted Sunflower seeds are a great substitute for tahini

 If you do not have any tahini in your pantry, you can substitute 1/3 cup of roasted sunflower seeds or even sunflower seed butter. I have even used cashew butter and roasted peanuts in place of the tahini paste. To give the hummus a different taste, I love to add a couple of roasted red pepper slices to make roasted red pepper hummus. Other ingredients like Oven-Dried Roasted Sun-Dried Tomatoes also make a flavorful hummus. Hummus is such a healthy snack as it is loaded with plenty of plant-based protein and heart-healthy fiber. When you pair the hummus with whole wheat crackers and veggies it makes a healthy lunch. This is my husband's favorite lunch to pack and it helps him to eat his veggies. I like to spread homemade hummus on a sandwich for great flavor. Hummus is also my favorite dish to bring to a potluck.

Garlic paste adds awesome flavor

 I discovered this amazing garlic stir-in-paste and I love how convenient it is for recipes. I used this delicious garlic paste in my homemade hummus instead of the garlic cloves. I no longer have to peel and chop the garlic cloves when I want to use fresh garlic in my recipes. This easy to use tube of garlic paste contains 23 cloves of organically grown garlic that keeps fresh for weeks. Gourmet Garlic replaces those garlic bulbs from the grocery store that I was buying. In the past, I would buy a garlic bulb and use a couple of cloves and then forget to use the rest of the cloves. This garlic paste tastes way better than the powder garlic that I was using. The garlic flavor is so bold. My favorite way to use this delicious garlic paste is on homemade garlic bread. I just mix the fresh finely chopped garlic paste into my butter and then spread it on my bread for the most amazing garlic bread.

 Gourmet Garden has many different flavors of herbal stir-in-pastes like basil, lemongrass, ginger, and many more. They also sell lightly dried herbs so my cooking always has the best flavor of fresh herbs and spices. These fresh-tasting products store in the fridge so they are easy to grab when I am cooking. I love using the fresh ginger paste in my Cold & Flu Honey Lemon Ginger Tea. Fresh ginger helps soothe sore throats and helps get all that gunk out of your nose. Ginger also adds wonderful flavor to my homemade Cinnamon Spiced Sugar Cookies.

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Check out my recipe for vegan tuna salad that tastes just like real tuna!

Yield: 4

Easy Homemade Hummus

A super simple recipe for hummus


  • 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed or 2 cups cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • 4 garlic cloves or 1 tablespoon Gourmet Garlic Stir-In-Paste
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/3 cup tahini (sesame paste) or 1/3 cup roasted sunflower seeds
  • 6 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil


How to cook Easy Homemade Hummus

  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor or a high-speed mixer. Process until pureed, adding a tablespoon or more of water until it reaches the desired texture. Serve in a bowl and drizzle olive oil over it for a nice look. Serve with raw veggies and crackers.
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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Six Mother's Day Gifts for Health-Conscious Moms

Check out these gifts for a mom who cares about her health.
 Buying a gift for mom for Mother's Day doesn't have to be complicated as you should know what mom likes. Most moms would love to have the day off from having to clean and cook but of course, mom would also love a gift as we all love gifts. We, moms, love gifts that are items that we would not normally by for ourselves. Our favorite gifts are the ones that came from our kid's heart and is filled with love. I think my favorite mothers day gift ever was when my kids cleaned the house while I was out shopping. It was so awesome to come home to a clean house. So if you are going to make mom breakfast in bed, make sure to clean up the kitchen. Better yet, skip the breakfast in bed this year and buy mom a health-inspired gift. The following is a list of health-inspired treats that she likely wouldn't buy for herself.

Moms love flowers

 You can never go wrong with flowers, unless mom has allergies, as a beautiful bouquet of flowers is so special to mom. Flowers are a great option whether you live near or far to mom. Getting a floral delivery will really make mom smile. Teleflora is my favorite floral service that delivers beautiful made-by-hand bouquets directly to your door. Teleflora has so many floral arrangements to choose from. From classic arrangements bursting with bright colors to subtle stylish touches, there is something beautifully unique for every mom. Make sure to spend the extra money on a pretty flower vase so mom does not have to search for one on her day off. Teleflora has stunning keepsake containers that mom will love to reuse for many many different things. I love using my floral vases in the bathroom and the kitchen to hold items like makeup and utensils.

Support breast cancer research with a healthy gift for mom


   Give mom the gift of health with a natural deodorant that is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol. SmartyPits is a natural deodorant that works and comes in awesome scents. My favorite scent Lemongrass Patchouli. This bright and clean scented deodorant wakes up my senses in the morning and keeps me smelling fresh all day, even after I visit the gym. Mom will love that cruelty free product donates a portion of their sales to breast cancer research and survivor support, as well as donating free deodorant to oncology centers and survivor support groups around the country. SmartyPits goes on smooth and controls odor all day. This amazing non-toxic deodorant comes in different strengths and scents so I am sure there is a scent or two that mom will love. So keep mom aluminum free as research has linked aluminum to things like breast cancer and Alzheimer's. If mom has never used a natural deodorant, then she may need an armpit detox to help her body get used to a chemical free deodorant.

Give mom the gift of flawless skin

Being a mom is a non-stop job and moms tend to have little time to themselves. Mom deserves to look beautiful and would love a dual purpose product that makes her skin healthy and beautiful. This gentle foundation by Oxygenetix helps mom treat acne while making her face flawless. I love that Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation contains Aloe Vera Barbadensis gel and no added water so it stays on for hours, even in humid conditions. This foundation comes in many shades and features maximum strength time released 2% salicylic acid along with a super-charged oxygen peptide to help support the skins collagen cell production and connective tissue growth. Not sure which shade to get mom, don't worry as Oxygenetix has gift certificates so mom can choose the shade she desires. This foundation blends nicely on my face and does a great job of covering up those imperfections.

The best aromatherapy + diffuser combo for mom

I love my aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. I have many types of essential oil diffusers throughout my house as I love the wellness benefits that I get from aromatherapy. These wonderfully scented oils help me to concentrate during the day and also help me to relax at night so I can sleep better. Mom will love a GuruNanda Honeycomb Diffuser and a sample set Guru Nanda’s Top 6 Essential Oil blends. These six blends are made from 100% pure and natural, therapeutic grade oils and will help mom create a spa day at home while she is discovering the different therapeutic benefits offered by each blend. The essential oil blends are packaged in a sturdy reusable box that keeps the oils organized. My favorite essential oil blend is the Harmony blend as I love all the citrus scents in it. The Breathe Easy blend helps on days that my nose is suffering from allergies as the Eucalyptus and Peppermint in the blend helps with respiratory Function. The beautiful looking diffuser will help mom relax at night as it provides a soothing light show in seven different colors. My favorite color of the light show is purple. Check out the aromatherapy oil blends and head over to the GuruNanda's website to what oils are in each blend.

Includes / Benefits:
Breathe Easy: Improve Respiratory Function
Calming Sleep: Promote Sleep
Tranquility: Calm Body and Mind
Thrive: Promote Immunity
Harmony: Achieve Internal Balance
Relaxation: Relax Body and Mind

Gourmet coffee with a beauty booster

 Does mom love coffee? Then treat her to a delicious gourmet coffee that is infused with superfoods to help support her hair, nails, and skin. Tell mom that she is beautiful and you want to keep it that way with her morning coffee. Moms are busy so make it easy for her to take care of her skin through her cup of coffee. VitaCup’s Beauty Blend is a smooth, satisfying medium roast made with 100% Arabica beans from Mexico and Brazil and infused with collagen types I + 3, biotin (B7), folic acid (B9), and cinnamon. 

This beautiful beverage makes taking collagen so easy. I love that the coffee comes in recyclable Keurig® compatible pods or bags so mom has options on how she can brew her coffee. The coffee is expertly infused with ingredients selected for the health of skin, hair, and nails. Beauty starts from within so moms enjoyable cup of coffee can help her keep glowing. Just look at how the superfoods ingredients and their benefits:
 Collagen Type I + 3 
Master no-makeup mornings with your skin's new BFF.  This powerhouse protein is crucial for skin's elasticity, keeping it supple, taut and radiant.
 Biotin (B7) + Folic Acid (B9)
Killer B's, each an all-star in the beauty community! These vital nutrients are key in helping our bodies to maintain envious hair and nails. 
Sweet and powerful, this super-spice delivers beloved antioxidants, which support in the fight against free radicals

VitaCup has many other delicious blends of coffee that are infused with other health benefits for mom. Mom will enjoy this smart blend as it was designed to help your morning lightbulb turn on, with ingredients to boost energy, focus, and even metabolism! It has an amazing taste with a hint of cinnamon.

Chocolate with benefits

I do love chocolate and it is my favorite gift from my kids. Give mom a Sexy Swiss Chocolate that is functional. Gutsii is packed with prebiotics and is an excellent source of dietary fiber so mom will have a healthy gut. This guilt-free chocolate is made with only 6 natural ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, low carb and keto friendly. The flavors are Raspberry Rhapsody, Pinksalt Floyd Rocks and  Mint Puffdaddii. All the flavors are so yummy but the Raspberry one is my favorite. I love that this chocolate is dairy-free so I can enjoy it.

  Check out my Ten Tips To Get A Better Night Of Sleep

Which gift would you or your mom like the best?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sponges

 Sponges have been a staple in American households since the mid 20th century. One can only imagine the thought of using one of these devices to clean up around the house for the first time. However, the cleaning sponge has since caught on and are present in almost every household in some form. The first type of sponge was known as a cellulose sponge and is still the most common type of sponge. They are generally relatively colorful and provide enough scrub to clean up most surface areas around the home. However, there are more hardened areas where these cellulose sponges do not suffice. Fortunately, various sponge manufacturers have created different types of sponges for those with extensive cleaning needs.

Cleaning with Abrasive Sponges

 Abrasive sponges are reasonably reminiscent of cellulose sponges but come with an abrasive material which appears on one side of the sponge. These types of sponges come in handy when it is time to wash dishes that are not precisely dishwasher friendly. Some people also use abrasive sponges and bathroom cleaners to scrub out soap scum from the bathtub. If you are looking for a new workout, cleaning the tub with one of these sponges is one way to accomplish this goal. When searching for abrasive sponges, multiple sponges are usually purchased at once since they do not last that long.
The weather is beginning to heat up across the country, and people will start barbequing soon. While some grills claim to be self-cleaning, scraping off any extra food or charcoal once the grill has cooled is a good idea. Abrasive sponges provide you with a rough enough surface to clean off the grill will minimal effort. It is good to have a plethora of these sponges available during the summertime, so the habit of cleaning the grill off either later in the evening or the next day is formed.

Cleaning with Microfiber Sponges

 Cooking with the grill is not always a possibility, and for these instances, stainless steel pots and pans are handy. Stainless steel cookware usually provides relatively even heating throughout and is an asset to any kitchen. Since this type of cookware is not dishwasher safe, these dirty pots and pans receive a scrubbing by hand. Microfiber sponges are perfect for this task because they will not scratch any portion of the cookware. Preserving cookware is essential for any household and microfiber sponges certainly help in this area.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Six Healthy Products To Try This Spring

 I received samples of products to facilitate this post.

 I am always on the lookout for new healthy products that are unique and I can incorporate into my home. My favorite healthy products are food products as I do like eating. Other healthy products that I am always on the lookout for are beauty products, supplements, and ones that make my life easier. So when I discover a new product, I like to share it with others so they too can go check it out. I discovered plenty of new products in the past month and I will be sharing some of my favorites with you.

Food products for many types of meal plans 

I get excited when I discover food products that are unique and can be enjoyed on many types of meal plans. It seems like today that many people are turning to healthy diets and are on a food plan like vegan, plant-based, whole 30, raw, paleo, and keto. Each of these meal plans allows different foods and it can be hard to remember which foods are allowed. So when a food package has ingredients that are allowed on all these food plans, I think that is amazing. It must mean that the ingredients are healthy and clean. When a product also is allergy-friendly and contains no dairy, it is one that makes my favorite list if it tastes good too. I don't care how healthy a food is, I am not going to eat it if it doesn't taste good.

Tasty Wrawps with simple ingredients

 These tasty food wraps are made with 100% real fruits, vegetables, and superfood spices. They are the perfect starter for healthy meals. I love that they are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Since they are not processed, as the ingredients are dehydrated, they can be enjoyed on a raw diet. I am having fun filling the Wrawp wrappers with different sweet and savory ingredients. My favorite way to enjoy these delicious vegetarian wraps is with hummus and veggies. I used the Veggie Life Wrawp flavor today when I made my sushi burrito and it kept all the ingredients together. I need to use these wrappers the next time I make a batch of my Plant-Based BBQ Pulled "pork" Jackfruit Tacos and sub these for the tortillas for a healthier low carb meal.

 When I get to the store to buy some vegan cream cheese, I will be filling the Strawberry Coco Nori Wrawp with fresh sliced strawberries and vegan cream cheese. This will make the perfect healthy dairy-free dessert.

 All the non-GMO ingredients in these unique wraps are ground, then mixed together, and dehydrated to craft the perfect, healthy wrap. The best part is all ingredients are clean, with no added chemicals or processed additives. The Wrawps come in many delicious flavors and are available online and in stores like Whole Foods.

A supplement with the power of broccoli sprouts

 I am discovering this supplement that has the power of broccoli sprouts in two easy to take capsules. This supplement has the power of broccoli sprouts and Sulforaphane. The most potent natural dietary source of Sulforaphane is fresh young whole broccoli sprouts, as they contain the key Myrosinase enzyme and Glucoraphanin compound. BROC SPROUT 2 is a unique supplement that delivers these two dynamic components in a single capsule. This supplement helps optimum the function of the cells in our body. This supplement will be great to keep my body healthy in addition to my healthy eating habits. Discover HERE what I eat in a day to stay healthy.

The Sulforaphane capacity from a single BROC SPROUT 2 capsule could be equal to as much as 10lbs (4.54kg) of fresh whole broccoli sprouts eaten daily!

Fall in love with your single serve coffee maker again

 Do you feel guilty of adding all those plastic k-cups to the landfill? This may have caused you to stop using your single serve coffee maker for your daily coffee fix. If you are like me I stopped using my Keurig machine as those single serve coffee pods were kind of pricey and I did not like the thought of brewing my coffee in a plastic reusable coffee pod. So I was happy that Perfect Pod made a stylish-looking ECO-Flow Stainless Steel K-Cup that fit my Keurig coffee maker perfectly. I could now use my own favorite coffee and enjoy a single cup of coffee once again without plastic waste. 

 Perfect Pod even makes paper filters that fit inside the Eco-Flow stainless steel reusable coffee filter. These biodegradable filters trap coffee's natural oils and sediment for a smooth, satisfying cup of coffee. These paper filters make cleaning the reusable pod so easy.  To make your coffee experience, even more, easier, this EZ-Scoop allows you to scoop the perfect amount of coffee(2 TBSP), for your refillable Eco-flow coffee filter and even has a built-in funnel so making your cup of coffee is mess free and easy. All of these amazing coffee products are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers, Breville, Mr. Coffee, and Cuisinart without requiring any adapters and are available on Amazon.

Explore tahini beyond hummus

When people think of tahini, they think of it as the main ingredient in hummus. Well, Mighty Sesame is taking roasted sesame seeds to new heights and just came out with a delicious versatile ready to eat Squeeze and Serve Tahini. This 100 percent slow-roasted sesame seed spread is sold in a squeeze bottle and it is so yummy straight from the bottle. Of course, you can use it to make hummus but it is also a great ingredient in dips, marinades, sandwiches, and desserts. My favorite way to eat this tasty dairy-free tahini spread is on a toasted bagel. This product is organic, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, kosher, halal, and Keto-friendly. It is the perfect way to add flavor to any diet with just one ingredient.

Keto-friendly sauces

      The Keto diet is a popular trend right now and Guy Gone Keto products were created for the low carb lifestyle. These delicious sauces are made with KetoseSweet, a new natural low-calorie sweetener containing allulose, stevia, and monk fruit. This sweetener has no effect on blood glucose levels so these sauces will allow you to flavor your food and stay on your food plan. They come in five varieties and are great for many meal plans like Paleo, Keto, LCHF, and Primal. I don't follow any of these meal plans but I love that these sauces are low in sugar and made with natural flavors. I will be using these delicious sauces in dishes like my pressure cooker baked beans, stir-fry, and my Plant-Based BBQ Pulled "pork" Jackfruit Tacos as less sugar in my diet is always good.

Sweet and Tangy Ketchup
Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce
Bright and Peppery Steak Sauce
Hot and Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Ginger Rich Teriyaki Sauce

 I also received a wonderful book with these delicious sauces that has great information about the Keto meal plan. This book helped me to better understand what the Keto diet is and to know what foods are allowed on it. Guy Gone Keto is about Thom King’s personal keto success story. In his new book, Thom reveals his struggles with his weight and health, and how he overcame his challenges. He shares his tips for understanding food labels and also some tasty recipes so you can follow the Keto meal plan. Thom is the support that you need to take charge of your health and make the Keto diet work for you. You can find this book on Amazon.

Keto-legal sweetener

 My choice of sweetener for my coffee is Stevia as I try not to consume too much sugar. While Stevia is great in coffee it doesn't do well in baking. So I am glad that I discovered a sweetener that allows me to bake with less sugar. KetoseSweet is a safe, non-caloric, non-glycemic sweetener that contains
allulose — a rare natural sugar found in maple syrup, figs, and raisins. This Keto and Paleo-friendly sweetener is safe for diabetics and those following an ultra-low-sugar diet. Allulose has been shown to enhance fat metabolism and it may help with achieving and maintaining healthy body weight. I love that this low-calorie sweetener caramelizes and browns just like sugar. I will be using this delicious sweetener in my baking as well as my coffee. I love that this sweetener flavors my coffee with no bad aftertaste.

Which product are you excited to try?

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