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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Six Mother's Day Gifts for Health-Conscious Moms

Check out these gifts for a mom who cares about her health.
 Buying a gift for mom for Mother's Day doesn't have to be complicated as you should know what mom likes. Most moms would love to have the day off from having to clean and cook but of course, mom would also love a gift as we all love gifts. We, moms, love gifts that are items that we would not normally by for ourselves. Our favorite gifts are the ones that came from our kid's heart and is filled with love. I think my favorite mothers day gift ever was when my kids cleaned the house while I was out shopping. It was so awesome to come home to a clean house. So if you are going to make mom breakfast in bed, make sure to clean up the kitchen. Better yet, skip the breakfast in bed this year and buy mom a health-inspired gift. The following is a list of health-inspired treats that she likely wouldn't buy for herself.

Moms love flowers

 You can never go wrong with flowers, unless mom has allergies, as a beautiful bouquet of flowers is so special to mom. Flowers are a great option whether you live near or far to mom. Getting a floral delivery will really make mom smile. Teleflora is my favorite floral service that delivers beautiful made-by-hand bouquets directly to your door. Teleflora has so many floral arrangements to choose from. From classic arrangements bursting with bright colors to subtle stylish touches, there is something beautifully unique for every mom. Make sure to spend the extra money on a pretty flower vase so mom does not have to search for one on her day off. Teleflora has stunning keepsake containers that mom will love to reuse for many many different things. I love using my floral vases in the bathroom and the kitchen to hold items like makeup and utensils.

Support breast cancer research with a healthy gift for mom


   Give mom the gift of health with a natural deodorant that is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol. SmartyPits is a natural deodorant that works and comes in awesome scents. My favorite scent Lemongrass Patchouli. This bright and clean scented deodorant wakes up my senses in the morning and keeps me smelling fresh all day, even after I visit the gym. Mom will love that cruelty free product donates a portion of their sales to breast cancer research and survivor support, as well as donating free deodorant to oncology centers and survivor support groups around the country. SmartyPits goes on smooth and controls odor all day. This amazing non-toxic deodorant comes in different strengths and scents so I am sure there is a scent or two that mom will love. So keep mom aluminum free as research has linked aluminum to things like breast cancer and Alzheimer's. If mom has never used a natural deodorant, then she may need an armpit detox to help her body get used to a chemical free deodorant.

Give mom the gift of flawless skin

Being a mom is a non-stop job and moms tend to have little time to themselves. Mom deserves to look beautiful and would love a dual purpose product that makes her skin healthy and beautiful. This gentle foundation by Oxygenetix helps mom treat acne while making her face flawless. I love that Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation contains Aloe Vera Barbadensis gel and no added water so it stays on for hours, even in humid conditions. This foundation comes in many shades and features maximum strength time released 2% salicylic acid along with a super-charged oxygen peptide to help support the skins collagen cell production and connective tissue growth. Not sure which shade to get mom, don't worry as Oxygenetix has gift certificates so mom can choose the shade she desires. This foundation blends nicely on my face and does a great job of covering up those imperfections.

The best aromatherapy + diffuser combo for mom

I love my aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. I have many types of essential oil diffusers throughout my house as I love the wellness benefits that I get from aromatherapy. These wonderfully scented oils help me to concentrate during the day and also help me to relax at night so I can sleep better. Mom will love a GuruNanda Honeycomb Diffuser and a sample set Guru Nanda’s Top 6 Essential Oil blends. These six blends are made from 100% pure and natural, therapeutic grade oils and will help mom create a spa day at home while she is discovering the different therapeutic benefits offered by each blend. The essential oil blends are packaged in a sturdy reusable box that keeps the oils organized. My favorite essential oil blend is the Harmony blend as I love all the citrus scents in it. The Breathe Easy blend helps on days that my nose is suffering from allergies as the Eucalyptus and Peppermint in the blend helps with respiratory Function. The beautiful looking diffuser will help mom relax at night as it provides a soothing light show in seven different colors. My favorite color of the light show is purple. Check out the aromatherapy oil blends and head over to the GuruNanda's website to what oils are in each blend.

Includes / Benefits:
Breathe Easy: Improve Respiratory Function
Calming Sleep: Promote Sleep
Tranquility: Calm Body and Mind
Thrive: Promote Immunity
Harmony: Achieve Internal Balance
Relaxation: Relax Body and Mind

Gourmet coffee with a beauty booster

 Does mom love coffee? Then treat her to a delicious gourmet coffee that is infused with superfoods to help support her hair, nails, and skin. Tell mom that she is beautiful and you want to keep it that way with her morning coffee. Moms are busy so make it easy for her to take care of her skin through her cup of coffee. VitaCup’s Beauty Blend is a smooth, satisfying medium roast made with 100% Arabica beans from Mexico and Brazil and infused with collagen types I + 3, biotin (B7), folic acid (B9), and cinnamon. 

This beautiful beverage makes taking collagen so easy. I love that the coffee comes in recyclable Keurig® compatible pods or bags so mom has options on how she can brew her coffee. The coffee is expertly infused with ingredients selected for the health of skin, hair, and nails. Beauty starts from within so moms enjoyable cup of coffee can help her keep glowing. Just look at how the superfoods ingredients and their benefits:
 Collagen Type I + 3 
Master no-makeup mornings with your skin's new BFF.  This powerhouse protein is crucial for skin's elasticity, keeping it supple, taut and radiant.
 Biotin (B7) + Folic Acid (B9)
Killer B's, each an all-star in the beauty community! These vital nutrients are key in helping our bodies to maintain envious hair and nails. 
Sweet and powerful, this super-spice delivers beloved antioxidants, which support in the fight against free radicals

VitaCup has many other delicious blends of coffee that are infused with other health benefits for mom. Mom will enjoy this smart blend as it was designed to help your morning lightbulb turn on, with ingredients to boost energy, focus, and even metabolism! It has an amazing taste with a hint of cinnamon.

Chocolate with benefits

I do love chocolate and it is my favorite gift from my kids. Give mom a Sexy Swiss Chocolate that is functional. Gutsii is packed with prebiotics and is an excellent source of dietary fiber so mom will have a healthy gut. This guilt-free chocolate is made with only 6 natural ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, low carb and keto friendly. The flavors are Raspberry Rhapsody, Pinksalt Floyd Rocks and  Mint Puffdaddii. All the flavors are so yummy but the Raspberry one is my favorite. I love that this chocolate is dairy-free so I can enjoy it.

  Check out my Ten Tips To Get A Better Night Of Sleep

Which gift would you or your mom like the best?


Cristina Petrini said...

With the oils you gave me a wonderful idea, I think I will give those to my mother!

AiringMyLaundry said...

These all sound great. I might have to get some of these for my mother. I always do flowers, with some other goodies.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I have been really wanting to try out Vita Cup, it sounds awesome. Thanks for the awesome list!

Passion Piece said...

I've already bought a handbag for my mum. However, I'd like to give her something more than that. I love the ideas you presented in this post. :)

Jessi Joachim said...

These all look like great mother's day gift ideas! I know I would love to get any of them. The oils and diffuser are probably my favorite!

Alvern said...

What a lovely collection of goodies for Mother's day. I am super interested in the deodorant. It is a pity that they come in plastic packaging. At least it is a step in the right direction.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

That foundation is packed with some good ingredients! It would also be perfect for my face! And also, the natural deodorant would be a good one.

Chelle Dizon said...

Yes I agree that every Mom would love different things and we definitely know what our own Mom would like to receive. These are excellent suggestions for Mother’s Day!

Alexandra said...

I really love all of these ideas! I love the gift I picked out for mom this year.

ShomaPat said...

Oh some of these would be perfect for my own mom. Thanks for the ideas.

Serena Hale said...

These are gifts that not many would think about giving, but they are some of the best ones. I really am with the deodorant gift. I am trying not to go back to "regular" deodorant.

leah said...

oh my gosh we love smartypits! I haven't seen anyone ever talk about it, we swear buy it!

Fatima D Torres said...

What a great idea to think of gifting mom with skincare products. So convenient.

Helen said...

I would give it to my sister to prepare for her holidays. My sister would love it!

P/s: If you guys care about proflowers 20 off for Mother's Day.

Blair Villanueva said...

I still don't know what to give to my Mom for Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing this guide, I will consider these.

Swathi said...

These are really great gifts for Mom. I like that protein coffee and flowers.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

What great gift ideas for Mother's Day! I would love the aroma therapy and diffuser combo!


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