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Friday, July 19, 2019

Safe Ways For Pest Control In And Around Your Home

When you see evidence of bugs in your home, your first inclination may be to reach for the strongest bug spray you can find. 

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   No one likes bugs in there home and when we see bugs like ants, cockroaches, or spiders we tend to reach for a can of strong bug spray as we think that only toxic chemicals will eliminate the bug infestation. That can of bug spray may kill the bugs but it may also harm your children and pets. That toxic bug spray that is loaded with harmful chemicals may also only kill the bugs that you see but may not even prevent further bugs from entering your home.

Easy To Make All Natural Homemade Weed Killer Spray That Works In A Day 

Keep kids and pets safe
  If you have children or pets, you should rethink how you control the pests in your home. Kids and pets are more likely to be exposed to pesticides as they are crawling on the floor. They also touch objects that are on the floor where the bug spray is. Toxic bug sprays are really not good for anyone to use as you are breathing in dangerous chemicals and these chemicals can get into our water system.

Bugs are dangerous
 Household pests can be a danger to your family. Cockroaches produce allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies. Ants can get into your food and spiders can bite. Fortunately, there are ways to control pests and keep your family safe, too. Following an approach that includes prevention and using safer pest control products is better for your family and the environment. Using pest control products that are safe around kids and pets is always a better option.

Pest Control: Practice Prevention First
 The best way to control pests is to make your home unappealing to them. Just like us, pests need water, food, and shelter to survive, and if they can’t find these in your home, it’s likely they’ll go elsewhere.

• Pick up all food spills and crumbs right away.

• Keep your counters, tables, sinks, and floors clean. Clean and dry dishes after having meals or snacks.

• Clean under large kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves. Food debris can often collect in these spaces and attract pests.

• Store food in containers with airtight lids or in the refrigerator. If food is stored in cardboard boxes, make sure the boxes are sealed. Cockroaches like cardboard and can get into opened boxes easily.

• Keep your trash in a container with a tight lid, and take out the trash often. Place outdoor trash bins as far from your house as possible.

• Fix household leaks and clean up any excess moisture on counters or sinks right away. Cockroaches like water and can swim.

• Close sink drains when not in use as cockroaches may enter the house through drains.

• Vacuum carpets and cracks and crevices regularly.

• Don’t leave pet food out overnight.

• Fix any screens that have holes to prevent pests from entering.

• Check for any openings or cracks where pests may enter your house, such as behind sinks, along baseboards, and around windows. Seal them.

• If carpenter ants are a problem, look for damaged or wet wood and replace it. Carpenter ants are often attracted to damaged wood.

How To Eliminate Ants In Your Home 

Choosing a safer pesticide
 If you’ve already tried prevention techniques and you still have a pest problem, you may need to use some kind of pesticide to treat the area. Many times you can use a natural pesticide to eliminate bugs and naturally safe products should be tried first before reaching for chemical pesticides. I first use DIY homemade pest control products around my home to control the bugs and will only reach for the chemical pesticides in extreme cases, in areas that my kids don't have access to.

Natural homemade DIY solutions for pest prevention
  I have several natural safe DIY solutions that I use for bug prevention around my home. I will use these natural products in places that I store food and they work with natural scents that are not appealing to the bugs. Some of these natural bug products are even food safe. I have used with great success baby powder, cinnamon, black pepper, and peppermint. Ants don't like these scents and they will stay away from them. These scents will also cover up any scent trail that the ants leave. When I use the above natural products like baby powder, I will use it around the edges of a cabinet or floor. Just make a thin line with the powder or spices all around the edges of the shelf or pantry floor. To prevent the spice or powder from sticking to the bottom of containers or dishes, I cut up a plastic placemat and lay in on the pantry shelf. Peppermint is a great scent to spray in areas that you don't spiders or ants. I will also use the peppermint spray outside on my patio and on my outdoor furniture. I find that the peppermint spray prevents ants from making webs on my outdoor Adirondack chairs. When you use the peppermint spray outdoors, you may have to spray it once a week or after it rains.

Homemade peppermint spray for ants and spiders prevention
2 cups of water
1 teaspoon peppermint essential oil

Put all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray this in areas like your cabinets and pantry to prevent ants and spiders away. I also use this spray regularly on my patio furniture to prevent spiders from making webs.

Boric acid
 Boric acid can be used as an insecticide and can be very effective at controlling cockroaches, as well as small ants. Boric acid should be used only in areas that kids and pets do not have access to. Roaches crawl through the boric acid powder and the tiny particles cling on to their bodies. When they clean their bodies by licking themselves clean, they ingest the boric acid (which acts as a stomach poison). They die shortly after. Since roaches are not very picky eaters, the roaches killed from the poison is eaten and the cycle continues. It also sticks on to food dragged through it. When the food is brought back for other roaches to eat, they all feast on the poison. I like to spread boric acid around the edges of my garage to prevent the roaches from entering my house.

To use boric acid to kill ants you have to mix it with sugar and water. The ants will eat the solution and bring it back to the hive to feed to the other ants. The boric acid will then kill the ants.

Homemade Boric Acid Ant Traps
 To make your own boric acid ant traps, mix about 1 teaspoon boric acid, with 10 teaspoons sugar and 2 cups of water. Next, spread the mixture on cardboard or absorb it onto cotton balls. Leave the ant traps in areas where the ants are present, who will then take the poison back to their hive. It may take a week for the boric acid to work so you may have to reapply the solution. It is important to use them away from small children and animals. So place the solution behind things like appliances and bookshelves.

The best ant killer
 If the above solutions do not work and you still have an ant problem, this ant killer gel is safer to use than other bug sprays. I live in the desert of New Mexico and ants are a huge problem here. The ants tend to form hives in the house walls and all over the yard. I will use Combat Ant Killing Gel when I have an infestation of ants in my house or outside. This ant killing product should be used with caution around kids and pets as it is a chemical product. Since it is a gel it is easier to place in areas that kids and pets can not access. This ant killing gel bait kills the ants and the entire colony within 24 hours. The ants eat the non-messy ant killer gel and then take it back to the hive to feed the other ants and the queen ant. I like that the ant killing product comes in a syringe applicator so you can place the gel in hard to reach areas where ants travel, such as cracks and crevices. I just place a couple drops of gel near the areas I see ants and the ant problem is gone by the next day. This ant killer gel attracts the ants to eat it and you will see lots of ants feeding on the gel. So I tell my friends to ignore the area for 24 hours. I am always amazed to see the area ant-free the next day.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

How to Save Money on Your Allergy and Asthma Medications with Inside Rx

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 Once the weather starts getting warmer here, the flowers, grass, and weeds are blooming everywhere. That means allergy season has started and so have the allergy symptoms. The flowers, grass, and weeds can bring on allergy symptoms that can lead to asthma attacks so it is important for me to refill my families allergy and asthma medications so we can be prepared for allergy season. I want to make sure that my family has the medications that they need so they will not have an allergy attack from all the plants that are growing here. My youngest has allergy-induced asthma and if he misses a dose of his medication he may have an asthma attack that could require a visit to the emergency room. My other son is very allergic to grass and if he forgets to take his allergy medicines, he starts having many allergy symptoms like breathing problems and itchy swollen eyes. I too have allergy-induced asthma and require several medications to manage my allergy symptoms once those spring plants start growing. I am glad that I have discovered a prescription savings program that helps me save money on all these medications that my family needs to survive allergy season.

Inside Rx is not insurance and cannot be used with insurance. Use is subject to 
eligibility and other restrictions; see terms and conditions at www.InsideRx.com

It's easy for me to save with Inside Rx.
 Since I have a lot of prescriptions to fill every month, saving money is important to me. I want to save money on all of the healthcare expenses that we have every month.
I love that a simple card helps me save money on the prescriptions that my family needs during allergy season and on other prescriptions that we may require year-round. I just show my Inside Rx card when I pick up my prescriptions and I get the savings right away. The Inside Rx card is accepted at more than 40,000 pharmacies including big national chains. So I can get my prescriptions filled at the pharmacy near my house. Saving money helps my family breathe easier and regularly taking our medicines helps keep our asthma from getting out of control.

Inside Rx card is free and simple to use
  I love that I can fill my prescriptions at any participating pharmacy with this money saving card. To save even more money I can search for my medicine on the Inside Rx website and see which pharmacy offers the best price with the Inside Rx card. I never realized that pharmacies could charge different prices for the same medication so by driving a couple extra miles, I could save even more money. I like saving money on medicines that my family needs to manage our health. Saving money means we have more money for other things.

Ways to save
  Using the Inside Rx prescription savings card is so easy. All I had to do was visit the Inside Rx website, confirm the eligibility and use terms for my medicines, and print the savings card. I could also download the prescription saving card to my mobile wallet so the card is ready to use when I need it. When I pick up my prescriptions, I just show my Inside Rx savings card to save money on prescriptions that my family needs for our allergies and chronic conditions. The best part is there are no separate annual or monthly membership fees or costs to use this prescription discount card.

Price your medication on the Inside Rx website. 
Click here to price your medication

   Inside Rx is not insurance. Use is subject to eligibility restrictions and other terms and conditions at www.InsideRx.com

 See if Inside Rx Can Help You Save Money:

Go to www.InsideRx.com ~ search for your medication ~ find the best deal and closest participating pharmacy near you – The Inside Rx card can be used at more than 40,000 participating pharmacies in the United States and Puerto Rico
o Download a free prescription savings card and see if you could save on brand-name and generic medications
o Show your card and prescription to a pharmacist
o Enjoy the savings and use the same card every trip for every medication

 Have pets with prescription medications? 
Inside Rx may help you save on your pet's medications too with the Inside Rx Pets card, which offers discounts on select human medications prescribed for pets.

 I am glad that I discovered an awesome way to save money on the prescriptions that my family needs. I don't have to let money get in the way of filling important prescriptions that my family needs to manage our health. The boys and I can enjoy being outside during allergy season and not have to worry about breathing problems, asthma attacks, inflamed eyes, or a nagging asthmatic cough. Having access to affordable prescriptions at 40,000+ pharmacies is important to so many families. I know that so many people are uninsured, have a high deductible plan or their medication that the doctor ordered isn’t covered by their insurance, so having access to the Inside Rx card may help them be able to fill their prescriptions without having to worry about paying full price. One should not have to let money get in the way of managing their chronic health conditions.

Downloading this free savings card from InsideRx.com can save most people on average 78% on generic medications and 37% on brand medications!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Baking Hacks For Better Baking

Do you love to bake?

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  Most people think baking a batch of cookies or a cake is a simple thing to do. They think you just take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then mix it all together. Some people think that there is no need to follow a recipe when baking. Some people can be great at cooking and then fail when it comes to baking. These are the people that don't realize that baking is a science and one needs to follow the recipe in order to get good results. I remember the first time my husband made cookies and he did not follow the high altitude directions. The cookies were greasy blobs of dough that stuck to the cookie sheet. My husband did not realize that living 5000 feet above sea level affects how one bakes. He did not realize that high altitude baking requires more flour and less butter. My husband is an excellent cook but he is not allowed to bake as he never follows the recipe. My husband also does not realize that silicone baking sheets are a must-have baking item to keep cookies from burning.

How to be a better baker

 I have been baking since I was a kid so I have this baking thing down for the most part. I started baking cookies when I was about ten and over the years learned how to bake everything from bread to cakes. I was a teenager who loved reading cookbooks. Over the years of baking, I have learned many baking hacks and tips from how to cream butter to how to separate egg whites. I put off treating myself to a Pink Kitchenaid mixer as I thought that my baking skills did not need this appliance. I am glad that the pretty pink color of the stand mixer got my attention as this useful baking appliance is taking my baking to a whole new level. I discovered that the Kitchenaid stand mixer allows me to whip up a batch of homemade frosting so quickly. My son has discovered the joy of baking as the stand mixer is so fun to use.

The best vanilla for baking

 I have also discovered that the quality of ingredients is very important for the best baking. Things like using real butter and pure vanilla extract do make the best tasting sugar cookies. Did you know that there are different types of pure vanilla and that they have different flavor notes? My favorite pure vanilla is crafted from premium, hand-selected Ugandan vanilla beans. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Ugandan Pure Vanilla Extract has a flavor profile that is bold and creamy-sweet with notes of chocolate. I love that Nielsen-Massey uses a proprietary cold-extraction process to preserve more than 300 delicate flavor compounds in their Pure Vanilla Extracts to consistently deliver the richest tasting vanilla from around the world. I love using this vanilla extract when I make my Chocolate Dipped Salted Almond Butter Cookies and Dairy-free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

How to separate egg whites & whisk

 Things like separating eggs can also affect your baking. If you are trying to whip egg whites for a recipe, the slightest amount of egg yolk in the bowl can ruin the end result. I used to think that I knew how to separate egg whites but I recently learned a better way to separate the egg white from the yolk and it did not involve using the eggshells. I also learned that whisking was not just a circular motion but it was so much more. These new baking hacks have taught me that I can always learn new techniques to bake like a pro. I love watching cooking shows to learn new baking and cooking hacks. These cooking shows inspire me to do more baking and cooking. I always discover new recipes when I watch celebrity cooking shows. Do you know how to separate egg whites for the best baking? You need to watch the below video as you might be surprised at why it is bad to use the eggshells to separate the egg whites.

Dairy Free Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the absolute BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! Soft, moist and loaded with fresh pumpkin flavor and sweet chocolate chips.

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 Having a dairy allergy can be annoying at times and it can make grocery shopping a challenge. I have to be a label reader at the store when shopping so I avoid buying something with a milk ingredient in it. That means I avoid food items with milk, butter, cream, etc. I have to be careful to avoid any dairy ingredient in my food as eating dairy can cause me to be nauseated or have an asthma attack. The one section of the store that I avoid going into is the bakery section as most sweet bakery items have dairy ingredients in them and the labels can be hard to read. Why do they put the ingredient label on the bottom of the container? In order for me to read the ingredients, I have to turn the container over and that can not be done without damaging the bakery item. So to avoid an allergy attack, I just make my own allergy-friendly baked goods at home. Since I don't always have time to bake, that helps with the number of sweets that I consume.

Pumpkin cookies were calling my name  
  I was at the store the other day and I did my best to walk fast past the bakery section so I did not get tempted to buy unsafe cookies. I go past the produce section and there on an end cap display was pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. You know the soft moist fresh pumpkin cookies that the store sells around Thanksgiving. I guess these cookies are so delicious and popular that they decided to sell them in July. I started drooling over the cookies and could almost taste them but I did not pick up a package of the cookies as I did not want to suffer later from eating them. My kids hate that I don't buy cookies anymore but I can't have them in the house or I may eat one. The only sweets that I buy them are granola bars and ice cream. When I buy these sweets, I make sure to pick up a dairy-free version for myself so I don't touch the ones with milk in them. My favorite dairy-free ice cream is made with coconut milk.

Had to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
 When I got home from grocery shopping, I still had those moist decadent chocolate chip pumpkin cookies on my mind and I had to bake some cookies. So I pulled out my dairy-free recipe for dairy-free cookies. I was glad that I still had a can of pumpkin in my pantry that was left over from Thanksgiving. I also remembered that I still had a package of Swerve sweetener in my pantry from the last time I made Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Granola. This zero-calorie sweetener is my favorite to bake with as it makes my baked goods low-sugar. This sweetener tastes so close to sugar and my family can not tell the difference when I substitute this sweetener for white sugar. I like using Swerve sweetener when I bake as it makes my baked goods lower in calories and sugar. Then my treats are a bit healthier. I also tried a new vanilla extract in this recipe and it had an amazing pure vanilla taste.

Love my pink stand mixer
 Last year I gave in and bought myself a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and it was the best decision that I ever made. I had been going back and forth for a long time about whether I should buy a stand mixer as it was kind of pricey. I glad I finally decide to buy a Kitchenaid mixer and I keep asking myself why I waited so long to buy one. I thought why purchase a stand mixer when I am able to mix things by hand. I found out that a Kitchenaid mixer is the best appliance for baking and more. The stand mixer saves me so much time when making cookies so I now make cookies more often. This pink stand mixer does all the mixing for me including creaming the butter. My 11-year-old son can now make cookies without my help. I bought the Artisan mini Kitchenaid mixer in bubblegum pink but the Kitchenaid Guava Glaze color is so similar. If you are not a fan of pink this mixer comes in so many pretty colors. You can even personalize your mixer with decals.


Can I use fresh pumpkin instead of canned? I don't recommend using fresh pumpkin as it will make the cookies too moist and undercooked as fresh pumpkin has more water in it.
Can I double the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe? I always double the recipe so I can use up the whole can of pumpkin. A can of pumpkin has two cups in it, by doubling the recipe you get more cookies and no leftover pumpkin to be discovered rotten weeks later in the back of the fridge.

Can I use a replacement for vegetable oil? You can use other oils like canola, coconut oil, corn oil, and even olive oil.

Can I refrigerate the dough overnight before baking? If you are short on time and can bake the cookies right away, refrigerating the cookie dough is fine. It may result in a different texture but the taste will still be just as delicious.

Can I make the cookies vegan? To make the cookies vegan, just use an egg substitute. Check out these 11 egg substitute recipes for baking and more! 

Can I make the cookies low fat? You can make the cookies lower in fat by substituting applesauce or mashed banana for the vegetable oil. This may result in a different taste but the cookies will still be delicious.

Can I make the cookies with less sugar? I make my cookies lower in sugar all the time with a zero-calorie sweetener that has a taste similar to sugar and it measures just like white sugar. In my opinion this low- calorie sweetener has a sweeter taste than sugar so I use 3/4 cups instead of the one cup of white sugar. My favorite zero-calorie sweetener even has varieties in brown sugar and confectioners(powder) sugar.

Check out Baking Hacks For Better Baking

 For a different taste or extra protein, the following can be added to the cookie dough when you mix in the chocolate chips about 1/2 to 1 cup.
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Cinnamon chips
White chocolate chips
Dried cranberries
Flax seeds
Chia seeds

These are the absolute BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! Soft, moist and loaded with fresh pumpkin flavor and sweet chocolate chips.

Dairy Free Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yield: 36
These chocolate chip pumpkin cookies are so soft, moist and have the perfect light and fluffy texture. It is like a mini slice of pumpkin bread.


  • 1 cup pumpkin (canned)
  • 1 cup white sugar-make it low-sugar 1 cup of zero-calorie Swerve
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil 
  • 1 egg-make it vegan with an egg substitute
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin spice 
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 cup vegan chocolate chips


How to cook Dairy Free Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a baking mat. Set aside.
  2. Combine pumpkin, sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla, and egg in a large bowl. Mix until smooth.
  3. In a separate bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, pumpkin spice, and salt.  Add flour mixture to pumpkin mixture and mix well. Stir until combined.
  4. Add chocolate chips and stir until combined.
  5. Drop cookies on by the spoonful about 2 inches apart. Add a few extra chocolate chips to the tops if desired. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until tops are light brown.  Allow to cool on pan for 2 minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack.
Fat (grams)
Sat. Fat (grams)
Carbs (grams)
Fiber (grams)
Net carbs
Sugar (grams)
Protein (grams)
Sodium (milligrams)
Cholesterol (grams)
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Friday, July 12, 2019

I Gave Up Coffee For A Week With The #MATI30 Challenge

Could you give up coffee for a week? For a month?

I received samples of MATI to facilitate this post. 
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 I love coffee and my day is not complete without several cups of delicious coffee. That delicious brown caffeinated drink is my favorite drink and it is the best part of waking up. I drink coffee mostly for the taste but also for the wonderful energy it provides. I don't think I am addicted to coffee for the energy but more for the taste and habit. There is just something about a warm cup of joe that inspires me to write. Ok, maybe I do use caffeine in the morning when I want to go running but that caffeine comes in the form of an energy drink when I go running first thing in the morning. That morning caffeine gives me the energy to workout and it helps open up my lungs so I don't have an asthma attack. I discovered that caffeine helps with asthma and exercise last year before I discovered through a blood test that dairy was the cause of my asthma. So maybe I justify my coffee addiction to the amazing health benefits that I get and that is why I am fine with my 2-3 cups of daily cold-brew coffee. Coffee does have antioxidants and can help with many diseases so I will not give up my coffee, ever!

How I discovered that a dairy allergy was causing my asthma

 I thought that I would never give up my daily coffee until a company reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to do the #MATI30 Challenge in exchange for better health. The company wanted me to drink their natural energy drink instead of my daily coffee. MATI wanted me to break free from the crash that comes with the typical caffeinated beverage choice and make the switch to the certified organic energy drink for one month. I thought to myself, these natural energy drinks were made with simple natural ingredients and had no added sugars, so I needed to give them a chance. I knew that these organic energy drinks would be great to drink before I went running as I already drink an energy drink then but I was not too sure I wanted to drink a MATI instead of my sweet coffee.

So many delicious flavors

 So I did some research before I said yes to the #MATI30 Challenge. I discovered that the sparkling energy drink was brewed with three, clean, organic ingredients: guayusa, fruit juice, and carbonated water. I also discovered that MATI came in lots of delicious flavors and had a naturally occurring caffeine in it that had nearly double the antioxidants of green tea. This caffeine came from the guayusa an Amazonian super leaf that also contains theobromine, which acts as a natural time release for the caffeine (i.e. no spike, no crash).

Challenge accepted
 Since the organic energy drink sounded so much healthier than my coffee and it was summertime, I said yes to the give up my coffee challenge. A cold can of an organic natural energy drink sounded so refreshing on a hot day. So with the promise of some delicious drinks, I knew that I could put my warm cup of coffee aside for thirty days.

Day one and two were so easy
 The energy drinks arrived to my house and I was ready to start the no coffee challenge. I received three different flavors of organic energy drinks with different levels of calories. MATI comes in 9 delicious flavors and you can select from 0, 40, or 90 calorie levels. The calories per can represent how much juice is in each can. So I liked that I had choices. I started day one with excitement as I was excited to try the different flavors of the energy drinks. The energy drinks had a nice taste to them and had some sweetness to them without being over sweet. Since the day was hot, they were refreshing to drink. I did not notice any changes in my energy on day one or two. Then day three arrived and I started to crave a cup of coffee. I was busy helping my daughter move that day so I did not have time to give in to my craving for coffee. That was until I got home later that afternoon and I just had to have a cup of coffee. I caved in and had a cup of decaf coffee as I just wanted the coffee taste. I justified my decision for coffee with the fact that I was not having any caffeine. I drank my decaf coffee.

Ten Tips For Exercising With Asthma 

Day four and beyond got easier
 Day four was easier as I was enjoying the cold refreshing energy drink over ice in my favorite cup with a straw. I started to notice that I did not feel tired in the afternoon and my brain was working better. I felt like writing even though the house was hot. I even felt like heading to the gym later that day. I think the heat of the summer was helping me with this give up the coffee challenge as I usually like my coffee warm. So the next couple of days were manageable as I kept my fridge stocked with the cans of MATI organic energy drinks.  I think having more than three flavors would have made things easier as I like variety in my drinks. I did add some of my CHERRISH Tart Cherry Juice to the natural energy drinks a couple of days for a different flavor. The 100% tart cherry juice also helped my muscles recover after I went to the trampoline park with my boys. The Cherrish Cherry drink also has lots of antioxidants in it and helps with inflammation. If you have never had Cherrish Tart Cherry Juice, you have to try it as it is 100% juice with some amazing health benefits. I am excited that CHERRiSH is available in Albuquerque's Albertsons Markets, as well as additional Market Street and United Supermarkets throughout New Mexico and Texas.

Will I give up coffee completely?
 I was able to complete the #MATI30 Challenge for 10 days before I had to have another cup of cold brew coffee. I was glad that I proved to myself that I did not need coffee to get through the day and I loved the natural energy that I received from MATI organic energy drinks. My mind did not have the jittery feeling that I sometimes get from drinking too much coffee. I will not give up coffee completely as I love the taste of coffee. I am fine with drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day but I will be incorporating delicious MATI into my day along with coffee. I will be drinking a can of MATI in the morning before I go running as I love the energy that I get from these delicious organic energy drinks. I find that a cold refreshing natural energy drink is easier on an empty stomach than coffee so that is why I love drinking MATI before running. I may also switch up my afternoon cup of coffee for a can of MATI for the health benefits as I liked how it made my brain work better. The MATI energy drink would give me some amazing energy before my strenuous workout at the gym.

Would you be willing to take the #MATI30 challenge?
 Get more details about the #MATI30 challenge HERE and you may have a chance to receive a 30 day supply of MATI organic energy drink so you can take the challenge.

This July, avid coffee drinkers are challenged to declare independence from their primary caffeine source and make a switch to the certified organic energy drink MATI for one month. Yes, 30 days without coffee. The reality is, not all caffeine is created equal. Several go-to caffeinated beverages like coffee drinks and diet sodas are often packed with added sugars, traditional energy drinks contain questionable ingredients, and all of them create an energy spike and crash that can cause the jitters and counteract the reason for consuming caffeine in the first place. 

The beverage brand is working to break the stigma that comes with what many people think of traditional energy drinks and wants to serve as an option for people that are taking a closer look at their daily routines to make healthier choices little by little.

Check out the slate of refreshing MATI flavors to get a taste of the variety you can choose from when you make the switch.


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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sour Patch Kids & Swedish Fish ibotta Deal

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 NEW Sour Patch Kids Heads & Swedish Fish Tails are now available at Walmart! Both of these new candies offer a 2-in-1 flavor collision!

 Right now you can get $.50 cash back with ibotta when you purchase Sour Patch Kids Heads or Swedish Fish Tails.

 The Sour Patch Kids Heads gummy candies are first sour, then sweet & now bursting with two different flavors in one candy. Bite these candies in half to enjoy individual flavors, or eat the entire piece for a new fun-filled flavor combination! Pair these candies together for the ultimate candy duo.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How To Make Flavorful Cold Brew Ice Tea

Check out this new way to make ice tea.

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 Summertime is perfect for a tall glass of cold refreshing ice tea. When you make your ice tea this summer you need to try a more flavorful way of making ice tea. To make an ice tea with more flavor and less bitter, you new to try the cold brew method. You may have heard how delicious cold brew coffee is and when you cold brew your tea, you get the same delicious flavor from the tea bags. Making cold brew tea has many advantages over methods of tea brewing. You may know how to make iced with the hot water method or even sun tea but cold brew is way different. You simply brew the tea bags in cold water. Just like cold brew coffee, you let the tea bags brew in the cold water for 15 to 36 hours. This may seem like a long time to make ice tea but trust me it is so worth the wait as the cold brewing method brings out an amazing flavor and takes away the bitter taste that hot tea tends to have. Cold brew ice tea even has more healthy antioxidants and less caffeine. For someone who is sensitive to caffeine, less caffeine means I can indulge in a bigger glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. I do think that ice tea does a better job of refreshing me over cold water.

The best tea for ice tea

When I make ice tea, I like to use unique flavored tea. Sometimes I use green tea and sometimes I will use black tea. The tea that I am enjoying this summer is an indulgent black chai tea. This delicious tea combines a blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and premium black tea and this makes the best refreshing ice tea. The tea is packed in a pyramid tea bag that allows for the perfect release of aroma and flavor. The slow cold brew method allows even more flavor to be released into my perfect glass of ice tea.

Many flavors of tea to enjoy spring or summer

 Wissotzky Tea Company makes four delicious flavors of there chai teas so I can have a variety of ice tea all summer. My favorite flavor is Salted Caramel Chai but the other flavors are equally delicious. The Salted Caramel Chai combines sweet and savory with cinnamon, ginger root, cloves, sea salt, and cardamom. In the winter I enjoy the Pumpkin Spiced Chai as the warm water makes the cinnamon and ginger blend so well with the pumpkin pieces, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, and chili. The Artisan Spiced Tea collection is kosher and non-GMO.

 The cold brew method is my preferred way to make ice tea but if I am short on time, I will make my ice tea with hot water and just add ice after the tea bags brew. I like drinking ice tea all summer and I drink several glasses a day. I never feel guilty about drinking ice tea as tea is good for you. Tea is loaded with antioxidants. I only add a bit of sweetener as the cold brew ice tea brings out such a good flavor from all the spices and herbs and since it is less bitter, I don't need much sugar.

How to Make The Perfect Cold-Brewed Iced Tea


Combine 8 cups cold water and 10 tea bags in a pitcher. Cover and refrigerate 15 to 36 hours, until it's the strength you like. Remove the tea bags.

Serve in Tall Glass with Lemon wedge or a few berries for an extra kick of flavor.


Bring 8 cups water to a simmer; remove from the heat and add 6 tea bags. Let steep about 4 minutes, until it's the strength you like. Remove the tea bags. Let cool, then transfer to a pitcher, cover and refrigerate.

  Do you like ice tea or ice coffee?

If you are more of a coffee drinker, make sure to check out my recipes for delicious cold brew coffee.

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