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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Healthy Products You Need For Your Family

Trying to keep your family healthy? Products you need to have!

I received samples of healthy products to facilitate this post.
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  As a mom, I feel it is my job to make sure everyone is healthy. I stock the fridge and pantry with healthy food and I make sure everyone gets daily exercise. I make sure everyone takes their supplements and allergy medicines. I make sure that the kids go to bed by a certain time so they can get plenty of sleep. I know that a healthy body allows my family to do well at school and work. I also know that dealing with sick family members is no fun. So I teach my boys about nutrition and set the example with exercise so they learn healthy habits. I want my family to succeed and it is my job as a mom to help them. I love being a mom/wife and running the house. It can be a tough job but it is rewarding, especially when you see your kids doing well when they leave the house. I have three kids who are older and they are doing great with their jobs, school, and families.

Helping my husband stay healthy

  A couple of years ago, my husband had his blood pressure and cholesterol tested and the results were not good. The doctor wanted to put him on medication but I told my husband that he needs to try changing his diet and exercise first. My husband agreed and listened to my suggestions. He was not happy that he had to make changes but he knew he had to. My husband's work just started offering free gym memberships so we started going to the gym. My husband started packing healthier food in his lunch and stopped going to fast food places. I think the driving force for my husband to start exercising was watching his dad's health decline. I bought my husband an affordable wireless blood pressure monitor so he could monitor his blood pressure at home. That would save him time and money as he did not need to go to the doctor to see what his BP measurements were. This at-home testing device has encouraged my husband to go to the gym more often. There are the days when he takes his blood pressure and it is not in the healthy range so that helps him realize he needs to exercise more. When he gets a good BP reading, it helps my husband to continue to eat healthily. My husband has started to lose weight and his wanting to get healthy has been good for me. I took my fitness to a new level and started doing weights at the gym. Going to the gym with my husband has been a good thing.

 I too use the blood pressure monitor and love how easy it is to use. I don't have to position my arm in any certain way and I just have to press one button. The numbers are also easy to read, my boys love that the screen shows different colors of green, yellow, and red to tell them if their blood pressure is optimal or not. This health monitoring device does not require a phone but there is an app that I can be added to your phone to help you manage and track your readings.

Stop making excuses about finding time to exercise!
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Sore muscles need fast pain relief

Getting a healthy body requires some physical activity and that can mean sore achy muscles. When I push my body to its limits at the gym and get in some strenuous exercise, I know that I may have sore muscles later. On the days that my husband wants to meet up at the gym after work, those are the days that I get my strength training in, in addition to my running. I like to run five days a week and do weightlifting three days a week. So I go to the gym three days a week with my husband. My husband does his cardio and I do my muscle training. It is on the gym days that my muscles are usually sore as I did a double workout. So, on my gym days, I take some extra turmeric and rub some CBD oil on my sore muscles. I don't like to take pain pills when I have sore muscles when only my legs hurt. So instead of focusing on whole-body pain, I just apply for natural pain relief on the areas that need it.

 I love using CBD oil for pain relief as it is a natural remedy. CryoFreeze™ CBD Pain Relief Roll-On from Omax Health is so much easier to use than balm type CBD oil creams as I just roll it on to my sore muscles. It is a mess-free way of applying CBD oil. CryoFreeze combines the instant cooling benefits of menthol while also providing the healing benefits of full-spectrum cannabidiol. It is my families "cold-therapy" relief for sore and tired muscles, joint pain, backaches, arthritis and bruising. My boys love using CryoFreeze for their injuries. My son recently had a bad fall on his scooter and I applied the CBD roll-on on his bruised leg. The CBD oil helped with the swelling and gave him some much need pain relief. My son also suffered a painful abrasion from that scooter fall that required several gauze pads so I applied the CryoFreeze Pain Relief Roll-On around the scrape to numb the pain. This CBD roll-on is better than a bulky ice pack!

Making fruit fun for my boys

 My younger boys are still learning about nutrition so they don't always eat enough fruit and veggies. I like to provide them with fun healthy snacks to make eating fruits and veggies easier. I still encourage them to eat fresh fruits and veggies but these pouches and cups of fruit help them to get their 5 a day. My boys love packing the Biodynamic Apple Sauce cups in their lunches. These delicious fruit cups are loaded with nutrients as the fruit is grown in nutrient-rich soil. Biodynamic also makes delicious organic baby food pouches that are good for the whole family. I was going to share these fruit and veggie pouches with my grandbaby but she has a sensitivity to carrots. So I tasted them and they were delicious. Squeeze pouches are another fun way for my boys to eat their veggies as they don't require the tedious chewing that raw veggies do. I think the chewing part is what holds my boys back from eating more raw veggies. To encourage my boys to eat raw carrots, I give them a handful while I am making dinner and they usually eat the carrots up by the time dinner is ready.

Sneak in the fruits and veggies with this delicious chocolate pudding
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How to exercise when you have kids

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Infrared No-Touch Thermometer

 Despite all my efforts of feeding my family healthy food and making sure they get plenty of exercise, the germs are out there. When my kids do get sick, they seem to recover faster though as their healthy bodies are able to fight off the germs better. When my kids get sick, it is always a good thing to monitor their temperature so I know if they need fever-reducing medicine. I am a strong believer in letting the fever do its job of fighting the germs and will not medicate my boys unless their fever is over 104F. I let my kids rest on the couch, watching TV, and provide them with plenty of liquids. My boys usually fall asleep. When my boys are sick, they are miserable and they hate getting their temperature taken. So I use a no-touch infrared thermometer to monitor their temperature. This thermometer is so easy to use and I love that I just have to place it within 1 inch of their forehead and press one button. It only takes one second to get a reading. So now I can take my boys temperature without waking them. My last thermometer had to be placed in the ear and was complicated to use. I don't have to worry about spreading germs either like I did when I used those stick-in-your mouth thermometers. This digital fever thermometer is going to be on my favorite must-have baby shower gift item list

What healthy products do you use for your family?

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Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

I love that they make apple sauce, etc. with veggies mixed in. It's lik emaking a smoothie & "hiding" the veggies- great for kids AND for me! ;)

Joan said...

I love the blood pressure machine, we got one when I was pregnant just to be on the safe side and it was and still is great.

Brianne said...

An in-home BP monitor is a great thing to have! I think you and your husband went the better route with diet and exercise for getting his blood pressure and cholesterol in check. These are all great healthy products to have on hand. I love the applesauce!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to get some of these. I do like that thermometer. With kids, I always like to have one around the house.

Jessi Joachim said...

These are all great to have on hand to help keep the family healthy! I have been thinking about getting a blood pressure monitor for the house.

Celebrate Woman said...

Tara, I love all your choices, GRL! Every product has its place and purpose and is super helpful to have on hand.

Dawn said...

These look like fabulous products for everyone! I could use a new thermometer and I really like that one!

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful products. I could use the blood pressure monitor and the infrared no-touch thermometer in my house for sure.

Toni | Boulder Locavore said...

These are awesome! I think it is really important that you have these products at home!

Gust si Aroma said...

The blood pressure monitor needs to be in any house. My parents and my husband has blood pressure problems and this device is a must!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I recently discovered TENS units and mine is the best thing to ever come into my life. AWESOME for sore muscles.


I am really eyeing to have blood pressure monitor for my mom - this is a must have for me

Shabby Chic Boho said...

I could sure use some of that rub on my aching back. I'll have to check it out and the blood pressure kit. Mine has been running up lately and I'd love to check it at home instead of going to the dr's office every time.

Rachel said...

That thermometer is pretty cool. They have come such a long way.

Ruth I said...

We have the blood pressure monitor. My sister sent it for my mother.

Scott Gombar said...

Thanks for sharing these items. We could definitely use a few of them around the house

Candace Hampton said...

These are all amazing! I've been considering getting the blood pressure monitor for a while now. My husband and I are healthy but we have several relatives with heart problems. I'm going to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has low blood pressure so we always have to keep a blood pressure monitor around because she faints if it's too low. Vicky

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Thermometers and blood pressure measuring is a fast way to check if you are healthy enough. after all it's the most common reason of feeling badly.
I love fruit purees so much - easy to grab on a go and eat

brianmayroam said...

I think I am going to try to Cryofreeze CBD. I've been interested in CBD for a while. Thanks for reminding me.

Alexandra Cook said...

This looks and sounds great. I am so much more concerned with our heaklth now than I used to be. So important to ahve these healthy products at home.

Deola said...

It's so important to prioritize healthy living. It often gets put on the back burner. Great suggestions of tools to make it easier.

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