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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Invisalign for Adults

My middle son has been considering braces for a while. He wants a treatment that is less noticeable and has been considering Invisalign so this article is a must-read for adults who are considering braces.

There is not much difference in the quality or the cost of the Invisalign aligners whether you’re a child or a grown-up adult. According to many dentists, children below 10 years of age shouldn’t be going through any such treatments since they have baby teeth that might break and come again with time. Adults, on the other hand, may not experience a tooth coming back once it’s broken or gets displaced due to an accident or strong force. If you’re an adult and wish to close gaps, realign crooked teeth and cure over- or underbites, you need to invest in Invisalign aligners at your earliest. The reason why you need to start this treatment immediately is that it can sometimes take years until your teeth come back to their perfect shape. This treatment is long and costly but is guaranteed to generate positive results no matter which age group you belong to.

How long do you need to wear them    
 According to many certified dentists and orthodontists, you need to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours on a daily basis which is practically all the time. If you wish to experience quick and positive results, you should only take off your aligners while brushing or eating. Since it is easy to take them off anytime you want, you should still try not to do that on a daily basis. If you’re about to go out on a dinner date and don’t want to feel embraced while taking them off before your meal, you can always make an exception and take them off for that particular day. You should not make a habit of taking off your Invisalign aligners on every other occasion. If you wish to see quick results, you should keep wearing your aligners for at least 20 hours for more than six months or a year or two.

Difference between braces and Invisalign aligners
 The first major difference between aligners and braces is the cost. The cost of the Invisalign aligners is comparatively very high ranging from somewhere between $3500 to $8500 according to your size and build quality. Unlike metal braces, the aligners are usually transparent in appearance making them less visible and noticeable to the general public. You can easily roam around wearing them in public places and most of the people won’t even notice them. The metal braces cannot be removed without a proper dental procedure. The Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can easily be removed by you whenever you need to brush your teeth or eat your favorite meal. Metal braces can sometimes be painful and irritating for some people. That is hardly the case with aligners. You might feel a slight soreness, but you get to take them off during regular intervals giving your teeth some time to relax.

How does the Invisalign aligners work
 According to many dentists, the high-quality material used in aligners boosts the teeth reshaping process up to 50%. All you have to do is visit a certified dentist such as New York Total Dental with an office equipped with 3D dental imaging equipment and have her/him examine your teeth. The dentist will then show you a 3d image of your teeth that will give you an accurate perception of how your smile will look once your teeth are fixed. After you’ve got your personalized treatment plan, you will receive your custom made aligners in a week or so. After you receive your aligners, all you have to do is keep wearing them for as much time as you can. Since they are hardly noticeable, so you can easily keep wearing them during office hours, social dinners or while grocery shopping. The aligners will keep working their magic and you will start to see the results in a few months’ time.

Do you have to quit some habits
 Some people undergoing the treatment are concerned about some of their habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or munching on sugary snacks. The best thing about Invisalign aligners is that you can take them off anytime you want to. You don’t need to do that while smoking since it’s just smoke but you definitely can do that while you’re munching on your favorite chocolate bar. Unlike metal braces, you are not restricted from eating anything. You don’t have to wash or scrub your aligners every time you eat or drink something. All you have to do is take them off and you’re free to consume anything you want.

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