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Monday, June 24, 2019

Easy Cold Brew Coffee For One

The no-mess, no-fuss way to cold brew coffee for one.

      I received samples from Steeped Coffe to facilitate this post.

  I love cold brew coffee as it has a sweeter rich taste that is also less acidic when compared to regular coffee. Cold brew coffee is not just coffee poured over ice but it is a cup of delicious coffee that has been slowly brewed for 12-24 hours in cold water. That may seem like a long time for a cup of coffee but once you try cold brew coffee, you will understand the need for a slow brew. Slow brewing coffee in cold water produces a sweeter rich coffee that is less bitter with less acid. So if you have problems with acid and coffee, you need to try cold brew coffee. You don't even need any fancy coffee makers to make cold brew coffee. All you need is coffee, a container and a way to strain the coffee grounds. You can make a large batch of cold brew coffee concentrate and store it in your fridge or you can make one delicious cup at a time so you can have fresh cold brew coffee every day.

Making cold brew coffee the easy way

 The one part of making cold brew coffee that I do not like is having to strain the coffee grounds after the coffee has brewed. This can take a while and require several coffee filters or a special mesh filter. This coffee straining can be slow and mess with coffee grounds sometimes ending up in the coffee. So that requires a second straining. I discovered a wonderful coffee that comes in a guilt-free packaging that is great for making a no-mess, no-fuss, cup of cold brew coffee. You simply place the fresh roasted, pre-portioned coffee in a container of cold water and let it brew overnight on your counter. You then wake up to a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. All you have to do is remove the customized coffee filter from the water and drink. I love that I don't have to wait forever for the coffee to strain through a messy filter. I do give the bag of coffee a squeeze to get all the coffee flavor into my cup. You can add milk and sweetener if you like but I think you will discover that this rich flavorful coffee has a sweet taste and may not need any sugar.

Enjoy cold brew coffee when traveling

 I love taking Steeped Coffee with me when I travel to blog conferences. The single serve coffee packs can be packed in my carry on as they have no liquid in them. just fresh premium coffee in Nitro Sealed bags, that keeps the oxygen out so the coffee stays fresh. Once I get to the hotel, I place the single serve coffee pouch into a container of cold water and then I get to wake up to fresh cold brew coffee. The coffee only needs to slow brew in the cold water for 12-24 hours. If you want a cup of rich delicious coffee sooner, simply steep the Steeped Bag in hot water for about five minutes. There is no machine, no noise, no cleanup, no destructive waste.

Check out my favorite must-have travel product that I always pack: 

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 Features of Steeped Coffee include:
100% Specialty Coffee: quality coffee ethically sourced directly from farmers
Nitro Sealed: removes oxygen, stopping the clock on freshly ground beans
Ultrasonic Edges: no glue, staples, or wasted materials for max steeping
Full Immersion Filter: non-GMO filters that regulate ideal water-in and maximum flavor-out
Guilt-Free Packaging: made using plant-based renewable and compostable materials
Micro Batching: roasted locally in small batches
Precision Ground: consistent water-cooled grinding to the micron
Pre-Portioned: consistent SCA recommended water-to-coffee ratios
Just Add Water: single-serve convenience with no machines required
Barista Approved: tested by multiple independent specialty coffee Q-graders for freshness, quality, and taste

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How to make cold brew coffee for one

  Fill a container with 6-8 ounces cold water. I love using a small Mason jar. When traveling, I use a plastic protein shaker jar or travel coffee mug.

Place the bag of fresh premium Steeped coffee into the cold water. The tough part is choosing which coffee blend you want, there are five blends of Steep coffee roasts to choose from, even decaf!

Dunk the coffee bag a couple of times so the coffee gets fully soaked, I like to place a spoon on top of the coffee bag for while to help the soaking.

Place a lid over the container and let it brew on your counter for 12 -24 hours, the longer it brews the more flavor.

After the Steeped coffee has brewed, remove the bag and squeeze all the water out of it, getting all that flavorful coffee into the container.

Add milk and sweetener to taste. You can also add some ice if you want the coffee cold or heat it up for a cup of warm, cold brew coffee.

+Repeat the above steps daily so you can enjoy cold brew coffee every day.

Want to make a large batch of cold brew coffee? 

       Click HERE For Details

How To Make Easy Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is so delicious and so easy to make. Once you discover how easy it is to make cold brew coffee, you will skip the coffee shops. You can store the cold brew coffee in the fridge and then use it to make a coffee drink over ice or heat it up for a delicious latte.

This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

 There is something about the warmer weather that makes me want a glass of cold-brew coffee. I then remember how easy it is to make cold-brew coffee and wonder why I waited until summer to enjoy the best-tasting coffee. Cold-brew coffee is popular right now in the coffee shops as it makes the best ice lattes and other summer coffee drinks. This popular coffee concentrate is so easy to make so save your money and make your own cold-brew coffee at home. You don't need any fancy coffee beans or machines to make this delicious coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you probably have everything that you need to make a pitcher of cold-brew coffee.


 Cold-brew is different from iced coffee. Iced coffee is simply brewed coffee that has been cooled and then poured over ice. Cold brew coffee is coffee that has brewed in cold water, which results in a smoother cup of coffee that is sweeter and less acidic. Cold-brew coffee will stay fresher longer, up to a week in the fridge while hot brew coffee gets stale rather quickly.


+ Cold Brew is slowly brewed in cold or room temperature water, rather than being quickly brewed with hot water.

+ Cold brew is higher in caffeine – cold brew contains 100-200 mg of caffeine, compared to about 95 mg of caffeine in a traditional cup of coffee.

Regular coffee only tastes fresh on the day it’s made, whereas cold brew coffee stays fresh for 5-7 days when refrigerated.

+ Cold brew coffee has less acid so does not have a bitter taste.

  I love cold brew coffee as it has a way better less bitter taste than traditional coffee. Cold-brew coffee also has a rich sweet smooth taste that can only be achieved by soaking the coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours. You see, the bitter taste that traditional coffee can have is caused by brewing the coffee grounds in hot water and that can also cause the coffee to have more acidity. When I drink cold brew coffee, I add way less sugar to my cup as it has a sweet delicious taste. You can also mix it up by using flavored coffee beans. Bones Coffee has an impressive array of diverse flavors to add a unique twist to your traditional cold brew. 


 There are many ways to make cold-brew coffee. You can use special cold brew filters, a Mason jar, or even special cold brew K-cups. There are many products for sale for making cold brew coffee but all you really need is a jar, coffee, water, and a way to filter the coffee. Those paper coffee filters work just fine to strain the coffee but if you are going to be making cold brew coffee often, I would invest in a mesh filter or nut milk bag to make straining easier. You can also buy a pitcher or a cold-brew coffee kit that is made for cold brew coffee making. These Cold Brew Mason jar kits even come with the mesh filters that make straining the coffee grounds so easy.. Cold-brew coffee can be stored in the fridge for up to a week so I like to make enough concentrate to last for a couple of days. The below recipe makes enough cold brew concentrate to make 6 or more cups of coffee.


  My favorite way to make cold brew coffee is with a Mason jar. I simply add the coffee grounds to a  Mason jar and then cold water. I then let the coffee brew at room temperature for 24 hours. If you are short on time 12 hours will make a nice cold brew coffee but 24 hours will yield more flavor. Most of the time I just make enough coffee to drink every day, but in the summertime, I will make more cold brew coffee so I have plenty to share with my husband. Sure it seems like you are using more coffee when making cold brew coffee but you are making a concentrate. Make sure to use the right amount of coffee. If you have a kitchen scale weighing the coffee will give you better results. Using a coarse coffee will also provide better results so using whole bean coffee is recommended. You can use ground coffee also but use a coarse blend of coffee like ones made for drip coffee makers.

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Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
3 cups of water
+ 3 ounces coarse ground coffee, about 3/4 cup
+ a large glass mason jar with a lid
+ 1 paper coffee filter or fine mesh cloth nut milk bag
strainer or mesh coffee filter
+ a pitcher or glass mason jar to store the coffee concentrate in

 Combine the filtered water and coffee in the large mason jar. Stir the water and grounds up well so they are thoroughly wet.  Place the lid on the jar and place it in the fridge or on the countertop for 12-24 hours. After the coffee has brew place the paper coffee filter in the strainer or filter. Then place the filter on top of the other empty mason jar. Pour the coffee concentrate through the filter to strain out all the coffee grounds. A mesh cloth nut milk bag makes straining the coffee so easy. If you are using a coffee filter, I recommend using the mason jar lid to hold back the coffee grounds so they don't clog the paper coffee filter.

Store the coffee concentrate in the fridge for 7-10 days. To enjoy the coffee cold, use 1 part coffee concentrate to 1-3 parts to water, milk, or nut milk. To enjoy hot, combine the coffee concentrate with 1-3 parts hot water. The amount of water that you add to the concentrate depends on how strong you prefer your coffee. Add your sugar, if desired, and enjoy. This makes 3 cups coffee concentrate which then makes 6 or more cups depending on how much you use per serving. 

Make sure to weigh your coffee grounds as I discovered that 3 ounces of my coffee equaled a 3/4 dry measure cup. 

Want to make cold brew coffee for one?

Click HERE to learn about a unique product that allows you to brew a delicious one cup of cold brew coffee at a time.  This coffee product is ao simple to use and is great for home and travel. With this coffee product, you can have a cup of cold brew coffee in as little as 12 hours.

Items to buy to make cold-brew coffee

Friday, June 21, 2019

Sandbox Fun With Playmobil Sand Toys

                                                 I received toys from Playmobil to facilitate this post.

  My daughter and her husband have purchased their first home and will be moving in soon. Their new home has a nice size backyard so their will be plenty of room for backyard toys. My granddaughter is a lucky kid as she will get all my boy's old backyard toys. It will be sad to see the play toys leave my yard as that means my boys are getting old but at the same time, I now have a whole yard to decorate with new items. I have been working hard to get all the weeds out of my yard with some new natural weed prevention methods as I will not spray my yard with toxic weed sprays made by Monsanto, the maker of Roundup. So my granddaughter will get many outdoor toys like a slide and sandbox. So I am thinking that my grandchild needs so new sandbox toys

Did you know that the PLAYMOBIL brand has sand toys?

 My boys grew up with Playmobil toys and they were so much fun. My boys had some great imaginative play with the Playmobil sets. So when I saw that Playmobil has a line of sand toys, I knew that I had to check them out. These sand toys would be perfect for the sandbox once the baby gets bigger. Last time we took the baby to the park she decided to taste the sand but being that she will have her first birthday soon that is typical for her age. My grandbaby will be getting some other toys for her first birthday and the Playmobil toys will be put aside until she is older. The Playmobile Sand line toys are recommended for ages 2 and up.

 Ice Cream Shop Bucket 

 The Ice Cream Bucket sand toy is so cute and I can't wait to play in the sandbox with my granddaughter. This grandma will have so much fun scooping ice cream cones with my grandbaby. I love that the sand toys store inside a cute bucket that looks like an ice cream shop. The colors of this set are my favorite colors. The sand play elements include a sieve, spoon, ice cream cones, and ice cream scoops. The sand toy comes with two Playmobile people and those are the only small parts to the toy so my daughter can put those pieces aside until the baby is two years old. This adorable ice cream sand toy could also be used for water play so I am thinking the sandbox could be used as a pool. Then the baby can start playing ice cream shop with me this summer.

Water Tank Truck

 Every child needs a truck or two and the Playmobile Water Tank Truck is perfect for both sand play and pushing around the backyard. This durable sandbox toy has a removable tank that can be filled with water so it can also be used as a watering can. I love that the sand truck comes with ramps that store on the truck. The truck also comes with a person. The wheels on the backyard truck can drive over sand with no problem. My granddaughter has a cousin that is close in age so this truck will be perfect for backyard playtime. This sandbox truck will be perfect in the sandbox and driving in the grass. I can't wait to see her dad teaching her how to make truck sounds on the imaginative beach construction site. It is so exciting to think about my boys having fun playing with their niece with their old favorite outdoor toys and the new Playmobile Sand toys.

Which Playmobile sand toy is your favorite?

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Best Camp Essentials For Kids

  I received samples from several companies to facilitate this post.

My youngest boys went to overnight camp for the first time this year. They had the opportunity last year to go to church camp but they were not ready as we had recently joined this church and they did not know any of the other kids yet. I think also they were not ready to be so far away from home. My boys went to several day camps in the past but the thought of not knowing anyone and sleeping in a strange place without mom was more than they could handle. So this year I was able to convince the boys they would have a blast at camp and I signed them up. I had no trouble convincing the older of the two boys but the youngest was a different story. My youngest did not like the fact that his older brother was going to the church camp at a separate time. Separation can be hard for some kids but once he found out that his best friend was going all was well. 

What to pack for camp

The church gave my boys a packing list of items that they would need for camp and that list had all the necessary gear that my boys would need but I included some unique camping items that were not on the list. My rule of thumb when packing for kids overnight camp is to not overpack and make sure that they can carry everything that they packed. At most overnight camps the cabins are not near the parking lots so kids are responsible to carry their own items to the cabins. You will not be there to help them lug all their stuff and there are no luggage carts. So make sure that your kid can carry everything that they bring. I like to have my kids pack their camping items in a backpack and a duffle bag. The backpack is great for the items that they will need during the day and the duffle bag is great for their clothes. Since your child will be using the backpack during the day make sure to select one that is unique so, your child can easily identify theirs. Also, make sure the backpack is roomy enough to hold a rain jacket so they are prepared for the weather. 

Unique backpacks for kids
 The backpack that you select also has to be cool looking as kids and that cartoon/superhero backpack may no longer work. A place that I like to shop for unique backpacks for kids is Fenrici. This place has backpacks and lunch bags with kid-friendly designs that appeal to even older kids. So kids no longer have to carry a plain solid color bag that looks the same as all the other bags. Fenrici has bags that appeal to both boys and girls and does not have an overwhelming selection so it will not take them all day to select the perfect backpack. My older son can be quite picky and shopping with him can be an all-day affair so I like when places only have less than 20 items to choose from. The bags that my boys selected from Fenrici had cool designs on them that they liked and the bags were big enough so they could carry a sweatshirt and rain jacket in it. My boys liked that they had a water bottle pouch and comfortable straps. I like that the backpacks had plenty of pockets in them so my boys could easily find what they need. These cool backpacks are available on Amazon and with my coupon code Fenrici15 you can save 15%. Click HERE to check out all the kid-approved backpacks. The code expires 7/15/2019

Thirteen top items to pack for camp

 1. sleeping bag
 2. backpack
 3. clothes like shorts, t-shirts, sweats
 4. PJs
 5. DEET-free bug spray
 6. sunscreen
 7. flashlight and batteries
 8. water bottle
 9. hat
10. bathroom items like toothbrush, toothpaste and soap
11. swimsuit
12. towel
13. tummy drops

Kid friendly upset tummy relief
When kids are away from home they tend to not eat right and they can get an upset stomach. Tummydrops are great for kids to pack in their camping bag. These all-natural lozenges combat nausea and motion sickness and are made with natural plant-based ingredients. The drops are drug-free and delicious so when kids feel sick they can naturally stop an upset stomach. The Tummydrops are made with ingredients like ginger and have a cute look to them so kids don't have to be embarrassed about needing a Tummydrop. My boys loved the taste of these non-drowsy, certified gluten-free, USDA organic, Kosher certified and Non-GMO Verified lozenges. Their favorite flavor was the sweet blackberry ginger. The cool looking tins are easy to carry in their backpack for on-the-go relief of tummy problems. These yummy drops are sold at www.tummydrops.com, Amazon, Walmart.com, and Whole Foods stores. Tummydrops are also great for pregnancy nausea.

The safe bug spray
 Camping and bugs seem to go together and no one likes bug bites. So make sure to pack a safe kid-friendly DEET-free insect repellent in their camping backpack. My boys love wearing BugBand Bands when they are camping in the woods as these bands can be worn on the wrist or ankle for up to 120 hours of protection from bugs like mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums (aka biting gnats, midges or sandflies) and fleas. The BugBand is great for kids as they don't have to remember to spray themselves with insect repellant. When my boys go camping with their dad, I always send them off with a bottle of BugBand spray lotion. This lotion is also DEET-free and keeps the bugs from biting without any nasty chemical smell. BugBand also sells DEET-free insect repellant towelettes. The towelettes and sprays offer 2 to 4 hours of protection. These products are available at Amazon, Walmart.com, Target.com, and in Walmart, Bass Pro and Cabela’s stores, and everywhere else outdoor supplies are sold.

  So whether your kid is heading off to overnight camp or day camp, these unique items are must-haves for kids to take to camp. The backpacks will be great for back to school and the safe bug spray is great for the backyard. I am going to keep a container of the Tummydrops in my purse so I can be prepared for those times when my kid says "mom, my tummy hurts." These flavorful drops are also a must-have for summer road trips. If your travels this summer include taking the train, make sure to check out these posts about my trip that my family took on the train this year. The post has great information on what to pack for the train and how to keep kids entertained.

Seven tips for taking the Amtrak train

Riding On The Amtrak Train With My Family


What items would you add to the camping list?

Monday, June 17, 2019

Gramma In A Box Emojis And Minions Cookie Box

Check out this month of goodies in the Gramma in a Box

             I received a Gramma in a Box to facilitate this post.

 This month has been a busy one. We started the month with a train ride to visit my mom. That was a fun trip and we enjoyed taking the train instead of the long car ride. Then when we got back, my son went to overnight camp. The next week my middle child came home from the Merchant Marine Academy for summer break. Next week I am headed off to California for a mini vacation, without the kids, to a fitness conference.  When I come back, my daughter and her husband will be moving into their first home so we will be helping them move. My boys have also been busy doing some yard work for the neighbors. So finding time to relax and have fun has not happened much this month.

Check out Seven Tips For Taking The Amtrak Train With Kids

We love when a box from Gramma comes in the mail

 When we came home from our trip, our favorite craft box subscription was waiting for us in our stack of mail. My boys were so excited and wanted to make the delicious treats and cookies right away. I looked at the pile of dirty clothes from our trip and told them not today. The next day was super busy as I was getting my son packed for camp. So I placed the Gramma in a Box in the fridge and told the boys we frost the cookies and make the treats in a week after my son got back from camp. I am so glad that the ingredients in the cookie decorating box stay fresh for some time and only needed to be placed in the fridge so the chocolate did not melt.

use code 10off to save $10 off your first box 

Emoji's and Minions

 The theme this month for our Gramma in a Box was Emoji's and Minions and the boys thought that was awesome. The boys were excited to frost cookies that looked like those cute Minions and they loved the cool candy eyes. As usual, the youngest went to town with the frosting and put way too much on his cookies. My older son took his time decorating his cookies with the stars and mustache sprinkles. I like that this treat making box has plenty of frosting and sprinkles in it.

Emoji Pops

 The next food craft was chocolate dipped marshmallows that looked like Emojis. My son melted the yellow chocolate melts in the microwave and dipped the marshmallows into that. Then both boys had fun creating faces on the marshmallow pops.

Minion Bites

 My boys always remember to save some of the melted chocolate for the final treat project as this kid recipe is always a great way to use up the leftover melted chocolate. Blue sprinkles and cocoa crisp cereal made a delicious treat that resembled Minions.

So much fun in a box

 The monthly Gramma in a Box always includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles as well as two easy candy crafts to make. The monthly subscription box is always packed with enough ingredients to make up to 20 finished products. So there is always plenty of treats for the boys to share with mom and dad. I love the Step-by-step instructions with illustrations are included in the treat craft box as that makes it so easy for my boys to create the recipes without any help from mom. The box comes with almost everything that kids need to have fun cooking. The only supplies that the boys need to gather from the kitchen are usually spoons, plastic knives, and a bowl to melt the chocolate in. These boxes are so fun for everyone in the family. Gramma really puts a lot of love into these fun sweet craft boxes. These cookie craft boxes are a fun monthly activity for kids. Check out  "How it Works" for more information.

 My boys and I had always have fun creating with the Gramma In A Box! This fun box had some delicious food crafts that were all so fun to make. Every Gramma food craft box always has unique treats in it. This monthly box was so fun and we enjoyed eating the treats. I think the boys both agree that their favorite box was the Beach Party Treats one from last year. My boys always look forward to discovering the theme of the month. Last month the theme was Easter treats and the month before that was for Saint Patrick's day. The month before that it was Valentine's day treats

use code 10off to save $10 off your first box 


 The Gramma in a Box subscription cookie craft boxes is so much fun. They are always a great craft activity for my boys. Each month I look forward to this special food craft time with my boys. My boys enjoy making and eating all the sweet treats. The cookies are always my favorite part of the craft boxes. The price of the subscription boxes are amazing and you can try out one box before committing to a monthly subscription. 

Receive your first Gramma in a Box for only $10 when you sign up for the auto-debit program.

Make sure to order your Gramma in a Box by June 27th to get in by July 4th!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cosmic Cubs Teach Kids About The Solar System And Ecology

“This post has been sponsored by Cosmic Cubs.  All thoughts and opinions are my own"

 My family recently took an overnight train trip and it was a great trip. Traveling by train was way better than a long car ride. My husband liked that he could relax instead of driving and I liked that we could move around on the train. My boys liked that they could spend their time playing games and watching movies. Since they brought with their tablets, I loaded them with some fun educational apps so they could learn while playing games. I made sure that I selected kid-safe apps that taught my boys yet were fun to play. My boys have been into space and the solar system lately as they had recently learned them at school. So when I looked into some apps for kids, I came across Cosmic Cubs and I loved that this safe app for kids made learning about space with fun puzzles. As I was downloading the Cosmic Cubs Space Puzzles app on my Android device, (also available for iPhone), I notice that Cosmic Cubs also had an Eco Puzzler app that could teach my kids about the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. I am all about saving the earth so I also downloaded that app onto my boy's tablet. Cosmic Cubs also has a cute Cosmic Cubs Dress Up app that kids could play dress-up with the space cubs and I added that one to my list of apps for my granddaughter when she gets older.

Learning Apps For Ages 3 and Up
 I really loved that these fun educational apps could make device time learning time. I am the mom who wants to help children succeed in school and I know that learning apps can enhance their knowledge. The learning games on the educational apps were great for kids as early as three years old but since they have different levels that ranged from easy to hard, I knew that they would keep my boys entertained. The kid-safe apps had my boys learning about the solar system and ecology through different fun puzzles. My boys had to solve the puzzles to reveal pictures and facts about the planets and tips about the 3Rs. The best part was some of the games were free to play so you can check it out before you purchase the app.

Color your favorite Cosmic Cub while learning more about our universe.
Download and print educational coloring pages HERE

The Games Lead To Great Discussions
 Since we were on the train, I had fun helping my boys solve the puzzles. The boys and I had fun seeing who could solve the puzzles the quickest and with the least moves. Once we solved the puzzle, we took turns reading the facts. I loved that the Cosmic Cubs Space solar system games taught my boys about the different planets and stars. My boys learned that the surface of Venus has no water or oxygen and many volcanos. The games even rewarded us with beautiful images from NASA. The Eco Puzzler games lead to the boys and I discussing of ways we could do better on reducing and recycling around the house, like using bringing our reusable cloth bags to the store so we would not need a plastic bag for our groceries.

Great Fun For Younger Kids
 My boys even had fun passing the time on the train playing with the Cosmic Cubs Dress Up app. This fun app is geared more towards the younger preschool age kids but my boys had fun dressing up the space cubs and selecting different items for the cubs to play with. Once my boys were done creating the Cosmic Cubs danced for them. If we were at home, we could even print some Cosmic Cubs coloring pages. My boys still enjoy coloring and I wished I had thought about bringing with crayons and coloring pages.

Check Out The Three Cosmic Cubs Apps

Cosmic Cubs Eco Puzzler • Ages 3+ • Free or $1.99
Join the Cosmic Cubs to learn about the 3 R's-Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle -- while playing a slide puzzle. Kids quickly figure out which puzzle pieces move in position to recreate an image. This app helps raise awareness and offers suggestions for children to save the earth resources. 

Cosmic Cubs Dress Up • Ages 3+ • Free or $1.99
Clothes make the man and the cub! Choose from hundreds of different items to dress the various Cosmic Cubs as they step out into space. Look for enchanting themes from Princess to Spy.
Outerwear, helmets, scenery and more make this a delightful way to spend downtime with family or as solo play in the backseat of the car.

Cosmic Cubs Space Puzzles • Ages 3+ • Free or $1.99
The Cosmic Cubs are exploring the Solar System and you can travel along. Learn about the solar system, with NASA images and fun facts about the universe. Download the free version that
provides access to 17 images of the inner solar system, from the
Earth and the Moon inward to the Sun. You can also purchase all
54 of the puzzles of the outer planets and entire the Universe.
Children will be exposed to beautiful images from NASA and
can learn about Planets, stars and other fun facts about space.

Cosmic Cubs apps are fun and engaging while teaching children 3 and older about the solar system and the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Each small step can become a giant leap in learning! Blast off to a Cosmic Cubs galaxy of learning fun! Explore the universe with the Cosmic Cubs! Cosmic Cubs is KIDSAFE certified.

  Download Cosmic Cubs apps at the iTunes App store and Google Play. 

To learn more about these educational apps click HERE

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ten Tips For Women To Stay Fit Over 50

Getting older is not an excuse for being out of shape!

  I think most people use age as an excuse for not being in shape or for a reason to stop exercising. I am here to tell you that age should not be an excuse for being out of shape. In fact, now is the time to continue those healthy habits or start making some. It is never too late to get your body in shape. Sure once you are over fifty, things change in your body but don't use those things like menopause as an excuse. Instead, learn new ways to continue to keep your body in shape and healthy so you can continue to enjoy life. If you start now you may avoid many medical problems later in life like diabetes and heart problems. I am proof that you can still be in shape over 50 and I am passionate about wanting to help others get healthy. As you are reading these tips, make sure to click on the blue words to discover some other great health information.

1. A positive attitude is always best
 As you get older, instead of complaining about the way things are changing, start looking at the positive things and Celebrate What Your Body Can Do. Sure my body may not be able to perform like it did when I was in my 20's but I can still move and I am not using a walker. I am still able to exercise every day and if you need some motivation, check out these Eight Fitness And Health Tips For Women Over 40. I can still get out of bed every day and trust me I can still make changes to keep my body in shape.

2. Start with a trip to the doctor
 A trip to the doctor is always good to get the motivation that you need to start making healthy changes so you can be in the best shape. Ask your doctor to order some blood work so you can things like your cholesterol, sugars, and thyroid tested. That way you can find out the areas you need to work on. If all of these are fine, give yourself a pat on the back for having healthy habits but if the blood tests reveal problems don't fret as some changes in your diet and exercise may be able to turn things around. That visit to the doctor may be the motivation that you need to start on the road to a healthy body.

3. Change your diet
 Turning 50 is always a great time to make changes in your diet. It may not mean eating less but eating more of the healthy foods like fruits and veggies. This is what I typically eat in a day to keep my body fit. You may need to increase your protein as older people need more to keep their muscles strong. The decline in estrogen from menopause is linked to decreased muscle mass, so women going through menopause should eat more protein. The best way that I increased protein in my diet is through delicious too good to be true gluten-free chocolate brownies and healthy dairy-free vegan protein pancakes.

4. Exercise and cross train
 You may have to exercise in different ways but the key is to keep exercising. Try to mix up your physical activity to avoid straining the same muscle groups, like your back, knees and other joints aren’t what they use to be. You don't have to run to get some great cardio as other exercises like fast walking, dancing, biking, or swimming offer the same benefits. Other great ways to sneak in the exercise can be through swimming, biking, or machines at the gym. You can even combine exercise with errands and bike to the store. To have a healthy body one should exercise at least 30 minutes 3 days a week. You may have to slow down when it comes to working out as you may not have the same energy as you had when you are younger and taking breaks during your workout can be beneficial to help you get the cardio that you need. My asthma symptoms got worse when I turned 50 but I am still able to keep running with asthma. I just do things differently from when I was younger. I find that buying cute colorful workout clothes helps me to be motivated to get my exercise in. These mismatched performance socks from My Soxy Feet always bring a smile to my face and give me the cushion that my feet need.

Twelve Things Your Skinny Friend Wants You To Know 

5. Add weightlifting 
 As we age our muscles tend to get flabby so adding weightlifting 2-3 days a week has many benefits beyond toning the body. I joined a gym 2 years ago and started using the weight machines there. I discovered that lifting weights help me not only tone up my flabby arms but it also helped with my metabolism.

"Weight training exercises not only help you maintain the muscle you have now and build more muscle, but it also offers other significant benefits. That includes boosting your energy, raising your resting metabolic rate, relieving stress, and preventing disease and degenerative conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity."  Live Strong 

6. Stretch Those Muscles
Your flexibility decreases as you age. If you start exercising without stretching and warming up those muscles, you could make yourself more prone to incurring an injury. I found this out the hard way when I suffered through a foot injury many years ago. I now make a point to stretch before and after I workout.

7. Sleep
Losing sleep is never a good idea as sleep helps our body repair itself. When you don't get enough sleep, your body suffers. I discovered that on the days I am tired, I tend to not want to exercise and I also don't make good choices when it comes to food. Lack of sleep can also lead to stress which is not good for your heart. So keep your heart healthy and aim for 6-8 hours of sleep each night. These ten sleep tips might help you get better sleep. I also discovered a wonderful cooling mattress pad for my bed that helps with those night sweats that we get from menopause.

8. Drink more water   
 Water is the best beverage for your body. It helps our body in so many ways. Drinking water instead of other drinks may help you lose some weight as those calories that you get from sodas, teas and other drinks can add up fast. Water before a meal may help you eat less and water is also great for flushing out toxins from our body. Adding more water to your day might even help your skin look younger naturally. Aim for a least ten 8 ounce glasses of water a day, more if you are active. In the summer when you sweat more it is important to drink plenty of water. I discovered this delicious naturally sparkling mineral water that is infused Elderflower extract and it helps me to drink my daily water. This flavored water comes in 100% recycled glass bottles as this company is trying to keep plastics out of the oceans.

Sweating is good for you and should be done often

9. Add these supplements
   As I got older I discovered some supplements that are great for older folks. These supplements have helped me with things like joint pain, heart health, and even keeping those wrinkles away. These supplements are ones that I take every day and I love the benefits of them. To see a list of my favorite supplements click HERE.

10.Love your body
 The best thing that you can do to stay healthy as you age is to love your body. Getting older brings changes to our body. Things tend to shift and sag. Our belly is no longer flat as we may gain weight around the middle. Those wrinkles start to appear. We might start to have leaks when we sneeze or laugh. We may not be the same body size as we were in our 20's. We need to focus on health, not the way our body looks. As we get older we also gain knowledge to realize that our happiness does not come from the way we look in a swimsuit or from a number on a scale. We may be older but that should not stop us from doing the things we love. So aim to make changes to get fit but don't obsess over it so much that you don't enjoy life. You may be over 50 but you have a long time until you check into a nursing home and making healthy changes will make that time even longer. When you see a person who has lived to be over 90, the first thing you notice is they are active and in good shape. So take care of your body with healthy food and exercise so you can continue to do the things you enjoy.

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