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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Making Coffee With The Pour Over Coffee Method

 Looking for a simple and flavorful cup of coffee? You need to try the pour-over coffee method. Pour-over coffee brewing is a method of coffee making that starts with freshly ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder, which is often called a “pour-over dripper.” This is the best plastic-free coffee brewing method.

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If you love coffee for the taste and for the experience, then you need to know about the pour-over method of brewing coffee. The pour-over coffee method is a different way to brew coffee. While there are many different ways to brew coffee all coffee brewing methods generally involve three phases: wetting, dissolution, and diffusion. Simply put to make coffee, the coffee grounds must first become wet, then absorb the liquid, and then the brown liquid must be filtered so you don’t end up with coffee grounds in your delicious drink.

 The pour-over coffee brewing method is also a plastic-free way to make coffee when you use coffee equipment that is not made from plastic. When hot water is poured into plastic it releases the chemicals bisphenol and antimony, also known as BPA. Choose a Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker that can be placed over a coffee cup or a glass carafe.

What makes pour-over brewing different?

 You may be familiar with traditional coffee brewing that uses a coffee maker, so the whole pour-over coffee thing may be unique to your coffee experience. The difference in coffee brewing with the pour-over method is the way the liquid interacts with the ground coffee. In pour-over coffee making the water surrounding the coffee grounds is continuously being replenished with fresh water. In a traditional coffee maker, the water stays in the place. So the new fresh water helps extract more of the coffee flavor from the grounds giving you a better-tasting cup of coffee. Pour-over coffee is often less bitter. The pour-over method is also a faster way to brew coffee. One also does not need a coffee maker or a power source when they brew their coffee using the pour-over method. To make pour-over coffee, one just needs hot water and a few simple items. 

I love pour-over coffee not only for the flavor but  that I can make it quickly, even while traveling

Equipment needed to make pour-over coffee 

~ Ground coffee

~ A coffee filter

~ A coffee filter holder or classic borosilicate glass carafe 

~ Hot water

 As you can see from the list above, you really don’t need an expensive fancy coffee maker to make a carafe of coffee using the pour-over coffee method. Some of the items to make the type of coffee called the pour-over method are similar, like ground coffee, a coffee filter, and hot water. The coffee items that are unique to pour-over coffee making are the type of coffee filter and the coffee filter holder.

 The coffee filter that works best for pour-over coffee brewing is reusable and made from stainless steel. The reusable stainless steel coffee filter will allow the liquid to slowly pass through the coffee grounds. This slower water filtering allows more of the flavor to come out of the coffee grounds. The result is a delicious cup of coffee that will change the way you enjoy coffee.

 The coffee filter holder can be as simple as using a glass Mason jar or a ceramic coffee cup but I prefer a Wood Collar Coffeemaker. Not only does this Wood Collar glass coffee carafe look nice, but it also has some other benefits to your pour-over coffee maker experience. 

The benefits of the classic borosilicate glass carafe with wood collar

~ Holds 27oz of coffee

~ Easy to pour with a pour spout

~ More comfortable to hold

~ Cleans is easy and is dishwasher safe

~ Works well with a coffee scale  

How to make coffee using the pour-over method

 Now that you know the best equipment for making pour-over coffee and have plans to purchase equipment for pour-over coffee brewing, it is time to learn how to make pour-over coffee. Below you will find the basic technique for making pour-over coffee at home.

The steps you need to follow to make pour-over coffee at home

Step 1 ~ Purchase the right ground coffee grind size ~ The best grind size of coffee is a coarse ground coffee 

Step 2 ~ Boil the water  ~ 207 F is the best temperature for pour-over coffee

Step 3 ~ Assemble your equipment ~ While the water is boiling place the filter on the glass carafe and add the coffee grounds. For the best-tasting coffee, it is best to use a coffee scale to get the water-to-coffee ratio correct. Check out my post about how to use a coffee scale for making coffee.

Step 4 ~ Pour a small amount of hot water over the coffee grounds, just enough to get the coffee grounds wet  ~ Wait 30 seconds before adding the rest of the hot water. This will allow the coffee grounds to best absorb the water and swell up. It is the swelling-up par or soaking of the coffee grounds,  that gets the coffee grounds to release more coffee flavor.

Step 5 ~ Add the rest of the hot water to the coffee grounds  ~ Slowly add the rest of your hot water to the coffee grounds in a gentle circular motion so that the water evenly spreads over all the coffee. Do this until you have used all the hot water. Notice the beautiful crema that develops on the coffee.

Step 6 ~ Pour the brewed coffee into your favorite coffee mug and add desired sugar and milk. Take a sip of the brewed coffee and savor the flavor. This coffee is meant to be enjoyed for the flavor and not just for a caffeine fix. Once you discover the difference in flavor with the pour-over coffee brewing method, it will become your new coffee brewing method.

Additional Notes for the pour-over coffee brew method

The pour-over coffee method works best when you add the right amount of water and the right amount of coffee grounds. To discover your perfect water-to-coffee ratio, start with the amount of coffee and water that you would normally use in a traditional coffee maker. Then boil the water in a tea kettle or a coffee kettle that is made for pour-over coffee brewing.

 I like that a glass coffee carafe has ounce measurements that are easy to read. That makes adding the water so simple. A glass coffee pitcher is also big so I can brew several cups of coffee at a time. If I want just one cup of coffee, that's no problem as this glass coffee pot has several measurement markings. A glass coffee container also has a pour spout that makes it easy to transfer the coffee to my coffee cup. If you are a coffee lover you will want these unique classic coffee brewing items for your coffee bar

These Gluten-Free Chocolate Mocha Protein Brownies are perfect with a cup of coffee.

Get the recipe here https://www.momknowsbest.net/2017/10/gluten-free-chocolate-mocha-protein.htm

What type of coffee works best for the pour-over coffee method?

 You can use any type of coffee, just make sure that your favorite coffee has a coarse grind. If you use a finer grind of coffee, the water will not go through the coffee filter. So stay away from coffee grounds that are made for the espresso machine. This ground coffee is perfect for the pour-over method and cold brew coffee.

Looking for other delicious coffee recipes? Check out these coffee recipes

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AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to show this to my mom. She loves her coffee. I never got a taste for it but I do love the smell.

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This sounds like a great way to make coffee. I've never tried this method before, but it sounds like it makes for very flavorful coffee.

SimplyTasheena said...

I tried this method before and loved it. Thanks for providing a tutorial.

Louraine@T-worktalk.com said...

Being a coffee drinker, I am fascinated by the process. Thanks for sharing!

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Coffee is life. I honestly cannot survive a day without it. Thanks fro sharing us how to brew coffee

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When I was younger, I've tried different ways to make coffee. I think I would like to try something new. I can't live without coffee.

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Okay I have been wanting to change my coffee game in the morning. I was using my French Press and now I don't know it's not giving me the flavor I want. I will try this method! I'm excited.

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I do love coffee. This sounds like a great way to make it.

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I am fascinated by this coffee brewing process. My hubby would truly love this.

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I also found a coffee brewer almost the same with this and I can't wait to receive my order soon!

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One of my daughters uses this method of brewing her coffee. She just loves it. I have heard it is a game changer.

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Very interesting~ I've never heard of this coffee brewing method!

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We just use a regular drip coffee maker, but I want to try this method. I know several people who say it is much tastier.

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I have never done this, but I have seen this device before and it is quite interesting. What a neat method of brewing.

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oh wow i have never made coffee this way ( I am a huge fan of coffee) I need to give this method a try out for sure

Stockpiling Mom said...

Yes! Pour over coffee is the only way that my hubby will drink it.

Beautiful Touches said...

Making coffee with the pour-over method is a captivating process. The slow pour and aromatic brew create a sensory experience that elevates the simple act of making coffee.

Lavanda said...

I never hear of the Pour Over Coffee Method!! I might just have to try this out from now on!!

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I've had pour-over coffee at coffeehouses before but never understood how to prepare it at home. Thanks for sharing the details!

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