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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Coconut Bliss Has Rebranded With A New Grass-Fed Dairy Line

 Coconut Bliss has been making plant-based organic coconut milk-based ice cream for 17 years and has boldly rebranded with a new line of grass-fed milk ice cream.

  I had my first taste of Coconut Bliss organic coconut milk-based ice cream in 2018 at a blogger event in 2018 and it was love at the first bite. This was in January before, I discovered that my milk lactose issue was really a dairy allergy. I was happy to discover that I could enjoy ice cream again. Ice Cream made with milk has always made me sick to my stomach so discovering an ice cream alternative that tasted like ice cream made with milk was a huge blessing to me.

 Coconut Bliss was the first vegan frozen dessert that I had ever tried and it quickly became my favorite plant-based frozen treat. So when I heard that Coconut Bliss had rebranded with not only a name change but also with offering a grass-fed dairy ice cream, I had to know more. So I made an appointment to meet with Coconut Bliss at Expo West in Anaheim California. The rebranding of Coconut Bliss to Cosmic Bliss left me questioning if they would still offer their delicious plant-fed dairy ice cream along with their new grass-fed ice cream.

 Cosmic Bliss, the premium, organic ice cream brand is disrupting the frozen desserts category by expanding its offerings to include both plants and grass-fed dairy ice cream as the most sustainably made and clean-label brand on the market! 

 This girl, who has a severe dairy allergy was relieved to know that Coconut Bliss, now Cosmic Bliss, still makes delicious vegan ice cream along with a new line of grass-fed dairy ice cream. So the question that came to my mind was why are they making ice cream made with milk when they are known for being a vegan company?

Why is a vegan company offering ice cream made with milk?

 The answer to the question is Coconut Bliss was acquired by private holding company HumanCo in 2020, and the company found that 97 percent of the ice cream sold in the United States is dairy-based, and HumanCo wanted to reach that sector of consumers. So HumanCo decided to make a grass-fed ice cream alongside their plant-based ice cream line.

 Cosmic Bliss decided to be bold with their new ice cream line that contains grass-fed milk. Cosmic Bliss decided to go the opposite route at a time when most companies are creating plant-based versions of their existing product lines.

A move that made my family happy

 While I am unable to taste the new grass-fed ice cream from Cosmic Bliss, since I am allergic to dairy, my husband and children were excited to try this new ice cream. I am glad that Cosmic Bliss sent me plenty of frozen treats, so my family and I could try them. The box of frozen treats from Cosmic Bliss contained both plant-based frozen desserts and grass-fed milk ice cream in many delicious flavors.

  just loved the new ice cream containers! The containers were so bold and colorful. I could not wait to put a spoon into a container of the Cosmic Bliss plant-based ice cream.

 My box of delicious frozen treats arrived at my home when I was in Anaheim attending Expo West. So, following my blogger rules of not eating the food until I take pictures, my husband placed all the ice cream in the freezer. In the meantime, I headed to Cosmic Bliss’s booth at Expo West to get a taste.

 When I approached Comic Bliss’s booth at Expo West, to get a taste of their organic coconut milk ice cream, I had a hard time deciding when flavor to try first. I decided to try their dark chocolate plant-based ice cream. It was so creamy and delicious.

Seven new flavors of grass-fed ice cream

Made with 100 percent organic,  sustainably- sourced grass-fed milk, the new line features seven 14 - ounce pints that are available in flavors including Twisted Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Blitz, Hazelnut Fudge Crunch, Strawberry Lemon Shortbread, Banana Caramel FlambĂ©, and Vanilla. These new flavors are made with pure ingredients that include milk from cows that are grass-fed. You won’t find anything fake or artificial in this ice cream. The milk is organic and sustainably sourced.

Eleven flavors of plant-based ice cream

 I am glad that Cosmic Bliss makes eleven yummy flavors of plant-based ice cream as well as bars and sandwiches. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate.

 Now ice cream lovers can have a rich and creamy ice cream that is better for people, animals, and the planet. The best part is Cosmic Bliss will still be making plant-based ice cream in many delicious flavors for those who want an ice cream that is made from plant ingredients. It is the best of both worlds. For my family, we can stock our freezer with the best indulgent creamy ice cream. Plant-based ice cream for me and grass-fed ice cream for my husband and the boys. 

 Cosmic Bliss is committed to making delicious frozen treats for its loyal vegan customers and wants to welcome new customers who want milk-based ice cream. As a clean-label brand focused on real (never synthetic) ingredients, all products are certified organic, gluten-free, non - GMO project verified, and contain no soy, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners. The brand believes that organic agriculture is the baseline of where sustainable sourcing starts.

You can find Cosmic Bliss products at Sprouts, Wegmans, Erewhon Stores, and Natural Grocers retailers nationwide. Find a store near you on cosmicbliss.com. So Head there now to discover all the delicious flavors of ice cream of both the new grass-fed line and the plant-based.


GayNYCDad said...

I love this delicious idea and am now dying for a plateful! Thanks for sharing this taste sensation!

LisaLisa said...

Oh, I would love to give these a try! We love ice cream in our home, and I bet the kids would find these tasty also!

Forever My Little Moon said...

I will have to give this brand a try! We love grass fed dairy!

Terri Steffes said...

I'm mad about ice cream and now that there is a milk based version, I am more likely to try it.

alita said...

Wow, I need to give this a try. Im happy too that they made eleven yummy flavors of plant-based ice cream.

Elizabeth Neas said...

I think it is great to have an ice cream that would rebrand to serve people that can't have milk based products. One of my daughters chooses not to have dairy based products and loves this ice cream.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I'd love to try their plant based options. So many flavours to choose from!

Monica Simpson said...

My friend has been vegan for several months now and I know she has a sweet tooth. I will let her know about this brand!

Lavanda Michelle said...

I love plant based ice cream. I love to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter, it sounds tasty.

Sol said...

Oh, learning about these plant-based ice cream treats is just liberating knowing that I can eat them without any guilt.

Gust si Aroma said...

Mmmm.... I would like this right now. A huge bowl of ice cream. it's a dream! And this one is so good!

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