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Saturday, March 12, 2022

GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash is Good For The Planet

 Looking for a healthier mouthwash that also is better for the planet? Check out this simple mouthwash that is made from essential oils and is also friendly to the earth and your budget.

I received a sample of GuruNanda to facilitate this post

 For the longest time, I have not used mouthwash in my daily oral care routine. While the health of my teeth has been fine, my breath has not been that fresh. Why did I stop using mouthwash? I stopped mouthwash for many reasons with the main reason being the ingredients in that bottle of mouthwash. Most traditional mouthwash has artificial sweeteners and dyes as well as chemical ingredients that I did not want in my mouth.

 I was using natural toothpaste, so I could avoid toxic chemicals in my body, so why would I continue to use a mouthwash that was loaded with chemicals. I also was avoiding mouthwash due to the fact that most mouthwash has mouth-burning alcohol in it. That strong fresh breath feeling that most people think means a cleaner mouth is really alcohol burning your gums and that may not be healthy for the health of your mouth.

Natural mouthwash has disadvantages

While there are plenty of options for a mouthwash with safe natural ingredients, natural mouthwash has plenty of negative effects. I have used natural mouthwash and I have felt that they were helping keep my breath fresh, I did not like the expensive price that came with that bottle of water with small amounts of breath-freshening ingredients. I also did not like the impact that plastic bottles were having on the environment. So I discontinued my use of mouthwash and started using more minty toothpaste.

A natural mouthwash that is good for the environment & wallet

 I discovered a mouthwash that made me smile. When I heard that my favorite essential oil brand had a mouthwash product that was environmentally friendly, I had to check it out. GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash is an earth-friendly mouthwash that will change the way you use mouthwash.

 This two-fluid oz bottle of mouthwash may be small but it is also a powerful mouthwash in so many aspects. This small bottle is filled with a concentrated mouthwash. A single bottle makes ten 16-oz bottles of mouthwash! That alone is ten fewer plastic bottles that could harm our planet. Even the bottle is made from recycled plastic. That means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

 We all know that single-use, plastic water bottles have a huge, negative impact on the environment and especially the ocean. But what about other products typically packaged in plastic, like mouthwash? And it isn’t just the bottles these breath fresheners come in. Most commercial mouthwashes are reformulated with chemicals that are threatening to marine life.

This small bottle contains an essential oil-based formula that is so simple to use. No more swigging mouthwash from that big bottle. Instead, you just dilute a few drops of the concentrated formula into a small amount of water. The GuruNanda mouthwash comes with a small dosing cup that fits on the top of the bottle. After you mix the mouthwash drops into the water, you simply swish it in your mouth. Then spit it out to discover fresh breath without having to experience that mouth burn, as there is no alcohol in the GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash. Just breath-freshening natural essential oils.

This planet-friendly product contains no alcohol, fluoride, preservatives, gluten, or toxic chemicals and it is not tested on animals The small bottle is also super portable and TSA-friendly. So now you can pack your mouthwash in your carry-on luggage. So enjoy fresher breath and a healthier mouth all while helping the planet.

GuruNanda Mouthwash is

+ Fresher breath in 1 minute a day 

+ Dentist-recommended 

+ 4 drops of concentrate + water = 1 wash 

+ Each bottle contains 300 uses 

+ Eco-friendly 

+ Formulated with 100% pure and natural essential oils, sustainably harvested 

+ Designed by a team of Western and Ayurvedic oral care experts 

+ Never tested on animals  

+ No preservatives, artificial colors, or fluoride

Check out GuruNanda products on Amazon 


Forever My Little Moon said...

It sounds like a great way to keep your mouth clean! Love that it is eco friendly!

Eileen M Loya said...

Love that this is economical and safe for the environment. Perfect to have at home to keep oral health in check!

Melanie Edjourian said...

I wasn't aware that traditional mouthwash has artificial sweeteners and colours. Natural is better.

Marysa said...

I love natural products and of course those that are safe and natural as well. I'll have to give this a try.

Terri Steffes said...

Concentrations like this one are a great idea! I had one that was like a dissolvable pill, but I didn't find it did the job. I like to swish!

Unknown said...

I haven't tried using concentrated mouthwash before. I'd like to try it. Love that it's eco-friendly. -LYNNDEE

Anonymous said...

I use another mouthwash! This one sounds great, so will definitely check it out.

Everything Enchanting ❤️

Ckrusch said...

I've never heard of anything like that! Can't wait to check it out!

Sol said...

I feel you! I also seldom use mouthwash because of that gum-burning sensation.

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