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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

6 Fashion Essentials For Moms


 Although styles change all of the time, some staples remain critical components of the superhero mom wardrobe. Learning how to use these clothing must-haves with new trends is the key to maintaining the fashion essentials you need in your closet. To help you separate the must-haves from the items to part ways with, here are six tips on the fashion essentials every hardworking mom needs.  

1. Blue Denim Jeans

 Jeans are just a wardrobe staple for everyone! They have been and continue to be the most practical and versatile kind of pants to wear regularly. Jeans are available in different shades, styles, washes, fits, customized to suit your style, and are made to fit a wide range of bodies. You can easily find jeans to match your style, personality, and physique. Look for relaxed jeans for women if you want to opt for a more comfortable style that is still cute and trendy. 

2. Classic White T-shirts

 White t-shirts are the perfect base layer for everyday outfits. Whether you want to pair them with a cardigan, scarf, blazer, or just on their own, white t-shirts are the neutral friend your wardrobe needs to make outfits come together. You can find t-shirts in all different cuts, including crew, v-neck, and u-neck styles. Don't assume that a plain white t-shirt is boring. It can create the balance you need to incorporate all the colors and styles you want with every outfit you create. 

3. Black Shiny Slacks 

 Go with shiny black slacks for dinners out, dates, and casual Fridays at the office. You can find them in many silky fabrics for a slightly upscale look that won't draw too much attention. Pair these types of pants with loose-fitting blouses, silk tops, or your favorite blazer to be walking in style. Use accessories like a cute handbag and some jewelry, add some of your favorite beauty essentials, and you are ready for a night out! 

4. Black Boots

 Boots are another fashion staple, plus there are so many options and styles to choose! Many tend to be comfortable, and black boots can be perfect for a day out, or you can get a more rugged pair for looking cute while you’re gardening. As long as you go for durable boots made of good quality leather or vegan alternatives (with waterproof features), they're the perfect footwear choice for everyday wear. Pro tip: look for black boots with fleece lining on the heel to keep your feet warm during the winter months! 

5. A Plaid Flannel

 Plaid flannels are there to rescue you whenever you need to throw something on and look good without trying. They work with black slacks and jeans for a versatile look that moms need in their closets. Today, you can find the classic red plaid flannel in various colors and styles, perfect for winter, fall, or spring. Depending on the season, look for different materials to stay cool or warm. 

6. A Zip Up Hoodie

 For those days you want to wear something casual that looks cute with jeans, hoodies with zippers are perfect. You can wear any top underneath, be it your favorite t-shirt or tank top, and still be rocking in style. Go for neutral colors so you can throw it on over anything for those cold mornings when you’re going to grab a cup of coffee or on your way to the gym.  Form-fitting materials like breathable cotton make great outing hoodies for lunch dates, hanging out with family, and movie nights. 

The Bottom Line

 For moms, fashion essentials are about versatility. As busy women on the move, you want to look for clothing items that make it possible to create outfits using the same defining features. Neutral colors, denim staples, and classic tops are easy to include in your everyday wardrobe and can be used in many ways!

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