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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Tips To Prepare Your Garden While It Is Still Winter #GreenWithSunnydaze

While there still may be snow on the ground, there are many things that you can do to prepare for the gardening season. Find out how to prepare your garden for spring.

 I don't know about you but I am so ready for warmer weather so I can start my garden. I am so anxious to plant those vegetable seeds in my backyard garden. I miss those warm days of summer and working in my garden. Most of all, I miss picking all the fresh vegetables from my garden. I can't wait to enjoy a dinner that includes fresh beet greens and homegrown tomatoes. Food that you grow yourself just tastes so much better than the stuff you buy from the grocery store.

 Last week it snowed here and the temperatures were cold. So the snow is still on the ground in my backyard. I can see my backyard from my exercise room. So while I am busy putting the miles in on my ifit elliptical, I am planning my garden. I am deciding what garden seeds to buy and trying to figure out how I am going to install a drip system in my Southwest Swingset Garden. The past couple of years I just did my garden watering with a garden hose, since I did not do any traveling. This year I already have several trips planned, 2 are in June and July, so I want my plants to be watered while I am not home. Sure my teens and husband will be home but they won't remember to water the plants.

My winter garden tips for my spring garden

So while I patiently wait for warmer weather for the best time to plant a garden, I have started to do several things to prepare my garden. I have been doing plenty of research online to gather garden tips for a spring garden. Things that are on my list for the month of February for garden tips are to start getting the garden beds cleaned up from last year. Here is my list of things that you can do in the winter to prepare for the gardening season.

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1. Plan your garden space - decide where in your yard is the best place for a garden. Things to consider are - does the space get plenty of sunlight? If I wanted to try beekeeping in spring, is there a designated area for the beekeeping kits? What do I need to prepare for other things I'm planning for my garden? 

2. Prepare the area - will you be planting directly on the ground or using raised garden beds. If you are going to be planting on an area that has grass or other plants, now is the time to get rid of the grass or plants. The best way to plant in areas that have grass is to place cardboard over the grass. Then place the new soil on top. This is called the no-dig garden method. Now is a good time to buy garden soil to place in that area.

3. Clear your garden of dead leaves and weeds - If you already have a garden space, now is a good time to clean it up. Maybe your area could use a new garden border fence. If you have a compost pile, mix some of the compost into the soil.

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4. Plan your watering system - decide how your garden plants are going to be watered. If you have plenty of time or live in a that gets plenty of rain, then watering by a garden hose is perfect. If you live in the desert, like me, or don't have time to do watering every day, consider getting a drip system. A drip system for the garden can also save water in addition to time. I have never installed a garden drip system so I will be visiting my local garden center to get more information about what I need to buy.

5. Purchase a greenhouse - I have decided to use a greenhouse for my garden this year. A greenhouse has many benefits, one being that you can plant your garden earlier in the season. To see more benefits of using a greenhouse in your garden ~ read this article about Will A Sunnydaze Mini Greenhouse Help My Garden Grow Better?

6. Make a chart for your garden seeds - before you purchase the seeds, grab a piece of paper and make a diagram of your garden. Then decide what you will be planting. Do some research online to see which plants thrive next to each other.

7. Purchase your garden seeds - If your local garden center is open, now is a good time to purchase your seeds for the garden. This is also a good time to chat with a garden expert about prepping your soil for the garden and other items. Since the garden season has not started, the garden center employee will have more time to give you garden tips.

8. Purchase garden supplies online - While you are waiting for the warmer weather, this is a good time to go garden shopping online for other garden and yard items. Items like garden pots and garden planters as well things like plant hooks can all be found at my new favorite garden supply store. Sunnydaze Decor has all the necessary supplies to get your yard ready for gardening season.

 From garden decor to greenhouses, Sunnydaze has everything that you need to make your yard ready for gardening season. This garden supply shop also has items like patio furniture and water fountains. So you can make your backyard into an outdoor living space. While you may already have outdoor furniture, your yard may need some outdoor lighting or patio accessories like outdoor rugs.

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Items on my garden wishlist from Sunnydaze Decor

 I have been busy browsing the outdoor items on Sunnydaze Outdoor Garden Decor and I am busy loading up my online cart. Now is the best time to buy items for your outdoor living space. Trust me once the weather warms up, people will start shopping for backyard items and it may be hard to find things in the store. With the supply chain being affected, I can see it taking a while for things to be delivered to home supply stores.

 Sunnydaze Decor has plenty of garden and outdoor items in stock. They offer fast and free shipping. So you don't have to leave your house to buy the items you need for your spring garden. If you have kids, you don't have to drag them to the store. So start your garden shopping now and get all the items you need like garden tools and raise bed planters. Check out the garden items that I will be purchasing from SunnyDaze.

~ Garden Pots - I can always use more garden pots for my garden. I like planting my tomato plants in garden planters.

~ Garden Decor - My yard can always use some turtle and gnome statues

~ Garden Path Lights - I love using outdoor lights in my yard so I can enjoy my yard at night.

~ Yard Art - Sunnydaze has plenty of yard decor but if you are looking for unique metal steel decor for your yard. My favorite place to get custom steel wall art is at Riverside Designs. You have to check how I decorated with Riverside Designs metal art in my beach-themed bedroom.

~ Grow Bags - I love using grow bags as they are more durable than plastic garden pots and they can be used for several garden seasons. Grow bags also allow excess water to drain from the plant.

Black Mesh Tarp - This is to provide shade to my garden from the harsh sun. The months of July and August are harsh in the desert. So I place the tarp over the frame of my garden to protect it while still allowing water to go through the mesh.

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What is on your garden to-do list?

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Sarah Bailey said...

I have to admit I've looked out at my garden a few times over the past week and wondered if there was anything I should do before spring, so thank you for this it has really answered some of my questions.

Vanessa said...

These are all excellent tips! I want to try a little garden this year, and I've been at a loss on how to get started or when.

Kathy said...

I wish I could have a garden in winter, but where I live it gets way to cold. I do love to garden and usually do each summer though.

Elizabeth Neas said...

These are all wonderful ideas! I am not sure what I will be doing this Spring but living in Florida I need to make a decision soon. Thank you for all of the great tips.

Becky Willis said...

Thank you for all of these great tips. Since we live in New York State (southern tier area) we just had a snow storm on Martin Luther King Jr. and received a whopping 17 inches of snow. So it will be a bit before we can start getting our things in order. It has been 50s the last 2 days but tonight's low is 6 degrees. lol. I will be keeping your link though to reference when we get closer to our time.

Marysa said...

This is something I need to do when our snow melts. I am behind on gardening and I can't wait to do a spring cleanout!

mail4rosey said...

I like the idea of the raised garden beds. Those are easier to manage especially when critters are involved.

Terri Steffes said...

We went hydroponic this year and love it. I do need to order my spring plantings now though!

Unknown said...

We just pruned our lilac a couple of days ago. Then we'll prune our rose of sharon soon. Great tips! -LYNNDEE

Sol said...

These are good tips, I hope me and my husband will be able to do the same. I just hate that cats are destroying most of my plants

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