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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Seedsheet Is Gardening Made Easy

 Love the fresh veggies from the garden but hate the work? Check out an awesome product that makes gardening so simple.

I received samples of Seedsheet to facilitate this review

 I have always admired people who grew vegetables in a garden and wished that I had a green thumb. Sadly, I was not able to keep plants alive. I have been known to even kill cactus plants. So I never tried to grow a garden and just enjoyed the garden surplus that my friends gave me. I was happy for the fresh tomatoes and big zucchini that my neighbors would offer to me. 

 I think my main reason for not having a garden in my backyard was that I lived in the desert. Then I was busy raising 5 kids. So I just did not have time for a garden. Then the year 2020 hit and I had extra time on my hands. I was down to two kids in the house who were teenagers, so that meant that I had even more time to myself. I still was not considering starting a garden, that was until I saw many of my friend's gardens online and I think that the garden bug hit me.

 Maybe it was the fact that it was hard to buy food from the stores when the pandemic started or that I was worried about the prices of food going up. Maybe it was the fact that a friend gave me a tomato plant. All I knew was I wanted to grow some fresh organic veggies in my yard. 

I started a garden in the year 2020

 I did some research before I planted my garden in the year 2020. Since I had rocky, sandy soil in my yard, I needed to know what vegetables grew best in the Southwest desert of New Mexico. I discovered that tomatoes, kale, and beets were the best to grow in the desert soil. Then I learned how to get the soil ready for the vegetable seeds. It was a lot of work as I had to first remove rocks from the area that I was going to claim for my garden. 

 I also started a compost pile to help my soil be more fertile for my veggie seeds. Since I was not leaving the house, I took the time to get the dirt ready for those packages of seeds that I bought online. It was a lot of work but I was able to grow food in my Southwest garden. I did not grow that much but I enjoyed eating fresh beet greens and kale for a couple of weeks. I was so proud of myself. When fall came, I had plans to plant more veggies. I was addicted to gardening and was ready to start a bigger garden.

Starting a Garden is Hard Work

 My plan to expand my garden was hard work. It took me all winter to get the new garden space ready.  Then there was the hassle of spacing the seeds as I placed the seeds in the dirt. I was clueless on which plants grew best next to each other. So I just hoped for the best and with my husband's help, I planted the seeds into the dirt. That summer when my vegetables started to grow, I quickly realized that I needed to do more research on gardening.

Seedsheet is Gardening Made Easy

 Through my garden research, I discovered a unique garden product that made gardening easy. Seedsheet was a garden product that was perfect for beginner gardeners. This perfect garden product made things simple for growing a garden. I knew that I had to purchase a Seedsheet garden bundle.

Just add soil and water, and you'll be enjoying massive harvests

 Seedsheet is a customizable roll-out garden with dissolvable pods, like laundry pods, that contain a buffer of soil and organic non-GMO seeds. The seed pods are optimally arranged with ideal spacing and embedded within a weed-blocking fabric. That means no herbicides, no pesticides, and no weeding! So all I had to do with Seedsheet was buy a bag of soil. 

 I did not even have to dig up my yard to grow my fresh organic veggies. The Seedsheet custom container gardens included a fabric gardening container, a plastic water-catching saucer, and the Seedsheet. So all I had to do was select the veggies that I wanted to grow.

When my Seedsheet arrived at my house, all I had to do was place some dirt into the gardening container and add the Seedsheet that contained my vegetable seeds. I loved that I did not have to worry about spacing the seeds or wondering if I planted the seeds far enough into the soil. It was super easy to place the Seedsheet on top of the soil.

  • icons Organic and Non-GMO seeds
  • icons Over 80 popular plant varieties
  • icons No herbicides, no pesticides, and no weeding
  • icons Plant a garden in one minute
  • icons 12” diameter Seedsheet
  • iconsGreenthumb Guarantee - No experience necessary
 The Seedsheet garden even came with instructions on how to water the seeds! The garden kit also came with a watering nozzle, so I could not even mess up watering my seeds. I loved that I was able to plant a garden so quickly. I also loved that I did not have to worry about pulling weeds. I have enough unwanted weeds in my yard. 

Growing Pizza, Herbs, and Salad

 The Seedsheet kit that I selected was a culinary container garden bundle. This recipe garden came with three garden kits that had all the seeds that I needed to grow fresh veggies for pizza, herbs, and salad. I was excited to grow all fresh garden ingredients so I could make some delicious gourmet dishes in my kitchen.

These garden kits would be the perfect size to grow vegetables almost anywhere. They would make the perfect patio garden. For those who live in an apartment, Seedsheet garden containers would be the perfect size to place on a balcony for growing veggies. So no one has excuses about starting a garden.

Fresh Herbs Year-Round 

 I decided to plant the herb garden inside and save the pizza and salad garden to grow at a later time. I was leaving to go on a week-long trip in a couple of weeks so I knew that I would have to rely on my son to water my plants. I knew that my son could handle watering the Seedsheet herb garden if it was inside. I loved that I could grow herbs inside and have fresh herbs for my cooking.

I was amazed that my Seedsheet started to sprout plants in about a week. It was cool to seed the little plants grow. My Seedsheet garden has been growing for about a month, so the plants are still small. It might be a couple more weeks until the herbs are ready to harvest. For now, my herb garden is outside on my patio table but when the weather cools down, I will bring the herb garden inside to place by a window that gets plenty of sunshine. Having fresh herbs in the winter for my recipes will be awesome. 

 I am excited about fresh basil for my vegan Pea Pesto recipe and homemade pizza. My husband will love fresh cilantro for his salsa and tacos. I know that the fresh dill will add some awesome flavor to my Sunflower Seed Cream Cheese and I am excited to see what sorrel tastes like. 

Seedsheet sells over 80 different plant varieties so you can best select the plants that you want to grow. Ordering your garden is simple. You pick the size of garden that works best for you. From a container size garden to a family size garden. Seed sheet also sells raised bed garden sheets! Then you choose your seeds. Most of the customized gardens come with one large plant and three small plants. You get to choose the vegetables that you want to grow. 

Check out all the Seedsheet garden kits HERE


AiringMyLaundry said...

So cool. I wish I could garden. I tend to kill plants. I try but it always ends badly.

Liz Mays said...

I am so intimidated by gardening (which is nuts because my parents were master gardeners), but with something like this, I might could be successful!

Amy D said...

I love this idea! Adding all the flavors of pizza sauce to a garden kit is simply genius!

Kathy said...

I really love this. I wish I could have done a bigger garden this year. I'm hoping to get going with a bigger one next year.

Fatima D Torres said...

These would be great additions to our family garden. The kids enjoy helping me care for the herbs we have at home.

Richelle Escat said...

I could really relate to you. I even bought some semi grown potted vegetables or flower plants but it always end up dying.

Ivan Jose said...

That's such a great idea especially if you have limited space. I'd check this out if it's available locally.

Loving Spain Life said...

I miss having a garden. I'm sure one day I will settle down long enough to take care of one again.

Sarah Bailey said...

This sounds like such a great way to start gardening - I am all for something that makes it easy as I'm not actually that good.

mail4rosey said...

I’d like to get a seed sheet for a raised garden. Such a great way to start it up.

Marysa said...

What a convenient way to grow plants. I've never heard of this and it would be a great way for the kids to get involved in gardening.

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