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Friday, September 10, 2021

6 New Wellness Products That I Discovered

 I am passionate about health and wellness. I am on a mission to help people have a healthy body through fitness and healthy living.

This post contains affiliate links. Making a purchase through the links will not cost more money but I will earn a percentage of the sale. Please support my website by making your purchases through the links.

 I think the thing I like most about writing a blog about healthy living is checking out new products. I just love when brands reach out to me and ask me if I want a sample of their product. Sure I also like earning money from the articles that I write about health and fitness, but payment in product is always good too. 

 When I get to try a product that is new to me, I get to tell, you, my readers all about my experience with the healthy product. That way you can decide if it is a product that you need for your family. There have been many products that I like so much, so I continue to purchase them. One of my first product reviews, many years ago, was for a natural soda called Zevia. My family loved Zevia and we continue to buy it.

New product discoveries help my health 

Then there are the amazing product discoveries that benefit my health and are must-have health products to purchase. A couple of natural supplements that have helped me with my asthma and allow me to treat my asthma naturally are Clearlungs and Lung Care. These natural supplements have been lifesavers for me. One is a daily supplement for mucus control and the other is what I like to call my "natural inhaler."

 Then there are the many fitness products that I continue to use in my fitness routines. I really love the Bodygym as this fitness device has helped me strengthen my arm muscles at home. Then I choose to purchase a Nordictrack exercise machine last year for my husband to use. Both of these exercise products have been so useful since I am not able to visit my local gym. With the mask mandates and people using sanitizers, the gym is a place that causes me to have asthma attacks.

 So through for the past 18 months, I have been mostly staying at home. I have been super busy with this website and discovering some amazing wellness products. In a couple of weeks, I will be attending Expo East in Philadelphia. This is a huge wellness event and I will be discovering even more products that are healthy. I will be sharing my favorite healthy product discoveries here and on my social media channel.

For now, I have a selection of wellness products that I am loving right now, So keep reading to learn more about these healthy products that I am using in my fitness and health plans.

1. Pickle Juice 

 When I agreed to check out Pickle Juice, I was slightly hesitant about trying the product. I don't really like the taste of pickles, but with my son joining the cross country team, I liked that this juice was good for dehydration and muscle cramps. I also have been exercising in the heat so electrolytes are always a good thing for me. 

When the Pickle Juice arrived, I had to taste it before I could write about it. I opened up the shot-size container of Pickle Juice and was ready for a nasty taste. I took a small sip of the juice and I was surprised at how good Pickle Juice tasted. My husband thought that I was crazy for liking the pickle juice. 

Pickle Juice is designed to fight cramps and dehydration and contains up to 10 times the electrolytes as popular sports drinks. They are 100 percent natural with noartificial colors or flavors.

 So I tossed several of the Pickle Juice bottles into my suitcase as I was packing for my hotel stay while the mold remediation was taking place in my laundry room. I was glad that I packed these bottles of liquid pickle juice as I quickly discovered that the hotel gym was small and hot. That meant that I was a bucket of sweat after my workouts. I sweated so much, that my activewear was super wet. I loved that the pickle juice was 100% natural and it helped me replenish my electrolytes after I exercised.

2. Paw Paw SOS Kids Hydration

 My son was having his cross country practices in the afternoon and the weather here is still very hot. So he needed a way to replenish his electrolytes without having to carry heavy bottles of liquid electrolyte solutions in his backpack. Sure these SOS Kids Hydration packets were made for little kids but the flavors were appealing to my son. I really liked that my son could add the SOS Hydration mix to a bottle of water for instant fluid replenishment. The packets were the perfect size to stash in his backpack.

SOS Hydration Partners with ViacomCBS to Launch PAW Patrol® Line of Kids’ Healthy Hydration Beverages Ahead of September ‘National Family Hydration Awareness Month. This is a month that has the goal of educating people about the physical, cognitive and emotional benefits of pre-hydrating to avoid becoming dehydrated.

“The PAW Patrol pups serve as good role models for children, and this certainly includes making healthier drink choices,” said Priya Mukhedkar, Senior Vice President, Packaged Goods, ViacomCBS Consumer Products. “We’re proud to see the pups featured on SOS Kids hydration products, designed to help America’s youth reap the benefits of a tasty drink they’ll actually enjoy while providing critical hydration that’ll help them stay focused, alert, and energized to power through their day. SOS allows families to ‘follow the science’ when it comes to choosing a drink, be it for themselves or their children since families that hydrate together are sure to have more sustained fun for together.”

 The SOS Kids Hydration drinks came in delicious fruity flavors like lemon, berry, and strawberry. The delicious flavors will help kids drink more water so they can avoid dehydration. These Paw Paw drink packets can be found at Walmart.

3. Get Supr Instant Coffee

 I do love my daily coffee fix and using hemp products. So having a cup of coffee with a chill factor sounded awesome to me. While I like the brain energy that I get from drinking coffee, I don't like the jitters or worse yet the anxiety that can come from drinking coffee. Get Supr’s instant coffee is hemp-infused coffee with the go-to support for those who love caffeine but hate the jitters. 

 In a world where people are looking for sustained vitality, co-founder Whitney Eckis recognized that coffee was providing her with energy but was also increasing her anxiety and stress levels. After being diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder and not wanting to give up her morning cup of joe, she discovered that by adding water-soluble hemp extract into her coffee, she was able to enjoy her morning cup of coffee while softening anxiety’s presence. 

These instant coffee packages are perfect for coffee on the go. I will be bringing several of these hemp-infused coffee packages with me when I travel to Philly. They will be perfect for the airplane so I can have the brain energy to get some writing done on the plane without any anxiety about flying. I am not a fan of airplane travel so this coffee will be a blessing to me.

4. Bizi Vitamin Honey

 My boys love honey sticks. So I loved the concept of vitamins and honey together in a tasty stick. The sticks of Bizi Vitamin Honey will be the perfect way to get my boys to take their vitamins. These honey sticks have a great taste and are so easy to open.

 Bizi Vitamin Honey is a blend of raw honey infused with select certified vitamins in a honey stick. It's a healthier, tastier, and much more convenient way to get your daily dose!  Bizi Vitamin Honey, which combines certified USP-grade vitamins with raw honey in convenient easy to open honey sticks that can be eaten straight or added to any food or drink—-perfect for your breakfast, smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, and so much more. Vitamin Honey is clean and simple, with none of the extra additives found in many over-the-counter vitamins. Harvested from small farms in the U.S.A., Bizi gets all of its honey raw, ensuring that the honey has all of the micronutrients still in it! Vitamin Honey is convenient for home, office, or on the go—ideal for travel! Available in 3 different vitamin blends, including vitamin B, C, or D. Gluten-free. Vitamin Honey is safe for children over the age of one year of age.

 My boys and I loved the taste of the Bizi honey sticks and as a mom, I loved that they were getting some vitamins that could boost their immune systems. The sticks were easy to bite open but it did take some squeezing to get the honey into my mouth. I just wished that the honey sticks contained more honey.

5. Nirvana Water

Drinking water is always a good thing and having good-tasting water makes all the difference. When your water tastes good, you will drink it more often. Water is needed for a healthy body and Nirvana Spring Water will help you reach your daily water needs.

 Nirvana Natural Spring water is from the Adirondack Mountains of New York. In these 1,700 acres of untouched wilderness, flows the Earth’s purest natural spring water. Nirvana is sourced from 2 Ice Aged Aquifers and 5 protected springs. The spring water is bottled fresh and crisp in BPA-free water bottles. This water is naturally low in sodium, high in calcium, and bromate-free.

 Having a case of delicious spring water in the fridge, made drinking water so much easier. I loved that the spring water was high in calcium and packaged in BPA-free water bottles.

6. Mary's Gone Crackers

 I like crackers that are made with whole grains and have lots of texture. So, Mary's Gone Crackers are crackers that get me excited. These delicious crackers have an awesome crunch and lots of texture. While I don't have a problem with gluten, I have many friends who do. I do love that these crackers are gluten-free and made with plant-based ingredients. That way I don't have to worry about my dairy allergy.

 The original Mary's Gone Crackers are made with brown rice, quinoa, flax, and sesame seeds. So they have plenty of crunchy texture. I like to eat these delicious crackers by the handful. If you are like me and love even more seeds, then you need to check out the Super Seed Crackers as these crackers have pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. The best part of the Super Seed Crackers are that they are loaded with protein. I got to try the original and rosemary varieties but I discovered that these crackers also come in an everything spice flavor. I do love my everything spice seasoning. These are my new favorite crackers.

 I know that these crackers would be so delicious with some homemade roasted tomatoes made in the air fryer and some dairy-free cream cheese. You have to check out my recipe for sunflower seed cream cheese, if you avoid dairy products like me

 If you want to learn more about these healthy products that I discovered, just click on the highlighted bold words in each product description. Make sure to keep checking my website for more product discoveries. I will have plenty to share in the next couple of months after I attend the Expo East event. I will also be sharing plenty of photos on my Facebook page and Instagram page. I put those links below.


AiringMyLaundry said...

You have a great list here. I might have to try some of these out. I am intrigued!

The Super Mom Life said...

So many products I haven't tried. I'm most excited about the pickle juice. We love it!

Tasheena said...

These all sound like wonderful products, I have to look into checking them out.

Kathy said...

These all sound great. I have not tried any of these before. That pickle juice sounds interesting.

Monica Simpson said...

I find the Pickle Juice super intriguing! I love pickles but I'm not sure I'd like drinking their juice. I didn't know it was so beneficial though.

Richelle Escat said...

I also won't give up my coffee but anxiety is really a thing. I hope that coffee could be available in my country soon.

Rose Ann Sales said...

All these products seems like a must try, especially the coffee! I hope I can buy here in my area.

Gust si Aroma said...

Those crackers are so perfect for my kids' school lunch box. I love healthy snacks!

Ivan Jose said...

Those are pretty nice products that you tried. I like Pickle Juice and the instant coffee, plus the kids hydration.

Sandy N Vyjay said...

This is an amazing range of health products. My pick of the lot would be Nirvana Water, Pickle Juice, and Bizi Vitamin Honey.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I love the sound of the vitamin homey. I haven't come across that product before.

Sarah Bailey said...

These all sound like such a great range of products, but I have to say vitamin honey is new to me and now I definitely want to know more!

Swathi said...

Thease are really great products, I will check it out kids ones my kids may like it.

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