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My Review of The NIRA Pro Facial Laser Device After 3 Months

 Three months ago, I started using the NIRA Pro Facial Laser device to see if it really eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. Keep reading to discover my full review of the NIRA Facial Laser device and my results with before and after photos.

 Three months ago, I received a sample of the new NIRA Pro laser device to review and share my opinion with others. I had previously reviewed the older model of a NIRA Precision Laser skincare device in 2019 and loved the results that I received from this beauty device. So when the new and improved NIRA facial device was available, I just had to see how this wrinkle eliminator worked.

What is the NIRA Pro Facial Laser Device?

The NIRA Pro Laser is the first and only painless at-home laser with a large enough treatment tip to target the full face, neck, chest, and back of hands. (The NIRA Precision Laser has a smaller tip and is made for the area around the eyes.)

+ FDA-Cleared, clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

+ Stimulates natural collagen production for younger-looking skin in 90 days

+ 5 comfort levels for no pain, redness, or downtime

+ Easy-to-use, portable skincare device for use at home or on-the-go

Product details

 The NIRA Pro is a painless at-home laser treatment that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In just minutes a day, you can treat your full face, neck, chest, and back of hands and see wrinkles reduced in the comfort of your own home.

How does the NIRA Pro Laser work?

 The NIRA Pro Laser uses laser technology to gently heat the skin dermis to stimulate natural collagen production.  As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing collagen – causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. It is the production of collagen that helps our skin become firmer and the collagen then starts to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles to make them less noticeable. 

~ Most NIRA users start to see some results in 30 days but it takes 90 days for the device to reveal firmer, youthful-looking skin.

~ 3-5 minutes a day to see visible results

~  Over time, NIRA Pro provides more power than most professional treatments offer in a single visit - resulting in clinical-grade wrinkle reduction at home in just 90 days.

Shop NIRA Website  – Use Code MOMKNOWSBEST10 for a 10% discount

NIRA stimulates natural collagen production to plump and smooth skin

What I Liked About The NIRA Pro Laser

~ It was easy to use

~ It had a big tip to cover more skin surface

~ I only needed to use it for 5 minutes a day

~ I could use it in the comfort of my home

~ It was painless

~ It was portable

~ It was small

~ No batteries needed

~ I saw results after 30 days 

~ My skin looked healthier

~ It reduced and eliminated my fine lines and wrinkles

 The above is what I liked about using the NIRA Laser for the face device. As you can see there were many positive things that I liked about the NIRA Skin Laser and only 3 items that I did not like about the NIRA Facial device. I will go more into detail about my likes and dislikes but first I want to share before photos of my face before I started using the NIRA Pro Laser.

What I Disliked About The NIRA Pro Laser

~ I had to use it every day for 3 months

~ It had to be recharged every 3 days

My Before Photos Before I Started Using The NIRA

I took these photos three months ago before I started using the NIRA Pro. Looking at the above photos made me realize which areas of my face I wanted to see improved by using the NIRA. The NIRA is a device that helps reduce and even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. 

So the areas on my face that I wanted to improve were

~ The deep lines on my forehead

~ The lines around my eyes

~ The undereye bags

~ The wrinkle near my mouth

My experience of using the NIRA for three months

 I started using the NIRA on September 9th, 2023, and discovered that it was simple to use. I placed the facial laser on my face and pressed the button. After hearing 2 beeps, I moved the device to another area of my face and repeated the process until I covered my face and neck. The total time to use the NIRA every day was about 10 minutes.

 I used the device at the highest level and did not experience any pain. I used the NIRA every morning while I was making my coffee and that routine helped me to remember to use it every day. During the 3 months, life got busy, and I missed a couple of mornings, so I used the NIRA before I went to bed.

I did some traveling

 During the 3 months that I was using the NIRA, I traveled three different times. I was glad that the NIRA was small and did not take up much space in my suitcase. I also loved how quiet the device was and I even used the NIRA at the airport a couple of times. 

I saw some noticeable results after 30 days

 After using the NIRA for 30 days, I started to notice that my skin looked smoother and less tired. That alone encouraged me to keep using the NIRA every day. 

I had to use the NIRA every day

  I am not good with routines when it comes to my beauty and I like routines that don't take much time. I get bored very quickly. So having to use the NIRA every day was not easy for me. I kept the beauty device near my kitchen and used the NIRA Pro while I was making my pour-over coffee every morning.

I had to remember to charge the NIRA every three days

 The NIRA Pro only lasted 3 days before it needed to be charged. There were some days that I forgot to charge the unit and it stopped working halfway through my session. While the beauty device only needed an hour to charge, that would throw off my schedule for the day and I had to remember to use it later in the day.

Three months seemed like a long time to see the results

  As I mentioned earlier, I get bored quickly so three months seemed like a long time to use the NIRA to see results. I had to remind myself that results for anything can take time and used the NIRA after I went to the gym to compare it to seeing body changes. 

After 2 months the lines on my forehead were less noticeable

 After using the NIRA for 2 months, I started to notice that the lines on my forehead were less noticeable. So that encouraged me to keep using it. Five minutes a day was getting easier and I was excited to see the end results of using the NIRA for three months. I could not wait to take the after photos of my face. 

Did The NIRA Work?

After 3 months of using the NIRA Pro Facial Laser Beauty Device, I took some selfie photos. I then placed the before and after photos next to each other. The difference between the two photos was amazing and I am happy to say that the NIRA Pro reduced and eliminated fine lines and wrinkles on my face.

                                   Before and After Photos

 Looking at my before and after photos makes me smile. Right away, I noticed that my skin looks more firm and has a glow to it. The wrinkle on my forehead is almost gone and the lines around my eyes are so much smaller. My under-eye bags are gone and the lines around my mouth have disappeared.

Will I keep using the NIRA?

 I will continue using the NIRA on a daily basis or until I see the other wrinkles and fine lines gone. While NIRA recommends using the facial device for 3 months on a daily basis (and then a couple times a week to keep the skin results), it is safe to use after 3 months.

Want to see more before and after photos?

Head to the NIRA Website to see more before and after photos. On the NIRA website, you will see plenty of before photos of people, who had even more wrinkles than I did, and their dramatic after photos. 

Where to buy the NIRA Facial Laser?

You can purchase the NIRA Precision Laser OR the NIRA PRO Laser by visiting the NIRA website here. If you don’t have the money at the moment, they do offer 4 interest-free installments with Klarna.

Also, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you see no results after using it for the full 90 days! If a business can back its product up with a full money-back guarantee, you KNOW it believes in its product!

Shop NIRA Website  – Use Code MOMKNOWSBEST10 for a 10% discount

Check out these 

~  Check out some supplements that are great for your skin and body

4 Rare Gemstones a Mother Can Gift Their Daughters On Their Wedding Day

 Like you always knew, your daughter has become a strong, beautiful, and accomplished woman. In a few weeks, your girl will marry the love of her life and start a new journey. 

 As a mother, you probably want to give her something that defies tradition and monotony. Gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry has become overrated since everyone can buy it. Instead, you want something that’s as precious as your daughter. 

 In that case, you should look into rare gemstones. There are over 200 types of gemstones worldwide, but only a few are rare. Examples include tanzanite, taaffeite, and benitoite. These gemstones are beautiful and can bring unique metaphysical properties to a newlywed couple. 

 In this blog, we will discuss some rare gemstones you can gift your daughter for her wedding.

#1. Benitoite

 Benitoite was discovered in the early 20th century in California. It has an attractive sparkling quality that rivals diamonds, making it the perfect gift for your daughter. The per-carat cost is between USD 6,500 and USD 8,500 since benitoite is a valuable and precious gem. 

 The physical benefits of wearing benitoite include better metabolism, leading to weight loss. Moreover, it might help relieve the wearer of breathing issues, acne, and eczema. 

 Due to its blue-colored appearance, this rare gemstone was considered to have similar properties as a sapphire. Just like blue sapphires, benitoite also represents the mysterious depths of the sea and sky, offering limitless potential. It can restore lost energy, enhance intuitiveness, balance emotions, and calm the mind of anyone who wears it. However, investigations later revealed that this gemstone has a different composition than sapphires.

#2. Padparadscha Sapphire

 You’ve probably heard about blue sapphires. But did you know that these stones can have a unique orangy pink color? 

 Yes, the Padparadscha sapphire is one such specimen. It resembles the color of the Lotus flower and a gorgeous sunset. You can give your daughter this type of sapphire on her wedding day because it’s one of the rarest gemstones. 

 According to Leibish, Padparadscha sapphires cost approximately USD 33,000 for an 8.20-carat pear-shaped stone. That means it has a 40% lower price tag than pink diamonds. 

 It comes with metaphysical features that can bring peace and tranquility to the wearer’s life. Wearing this sapphire can help your daughter foster emotional balance while enhancing her intuition. Padparadscha sapphires can also have a calming and soothing effect on her mind and body. 

#3. Taaffeite

 In 1945, gemologist Richard Taaffe discovered this in a jeweler’s spinel gemstone collection. Upon analysis, he found that this gemstone didn’t belong with spinels. That’s because it had distinct compositions and properties. 

 Later named taaffeite, this stone became the only one to be identified as a new mineral species after being polished and cut. This gemstone is extremely rare and is only found in parts of China, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. Only 50 such gemstones are being circulated in the market, making it the rarest wedding gift for your daughter. 

 Usually, taaffeite comes in many colors, like violet, mauve, lavender, and pink. It has an average cost of USD 1,500 to USD 2,500 per carat. The saturation of the gemstone’s color and intensity influences its value.

 Taaffeite would be a perfect wedding gift because of its spiritual powers. These stones can bring emotional balance and compassion to the wearer. It can also facilitate spiritual growth and encourage chakra healing. For instance, the stone opens the wearer's heart chakra to attract self-love and acceptance. 

 Physically, this stone might help boost the immune system and support tissue growth. Hence, wearing it can promote wisdom and bring positivity to your daughter’s life. 

#4. Tanzanite

 Discovered in 1967, tanzanite is a blue-violet gem only found in Tanzania. This gemstone is highly valued and considered extremely rare among jewelry enthusiasts. One carat of tanzanite can cost you up to USD 800 or more, based on its quality.

 The most unique thing about this gemstone is its trichroic property, making it a unique wedding gift for your daughter. Trichroic gemstones appear in different colors based on the source of light. For example, it can look blueish in the morning and purple at night.

 Many believe that tanzanite speeds up physical recovery processes and might possibly heal the wearer’s injuries. It might also boost your daughter’s immune system. 

 Other than that, tanzanite has good spiritual properties. It heightens intuition and ensures spiritual growth by bringing serenity, or emotional healing, to the wearer. With this gemstone, your daughter can find balance in her life, become calm, and explore a path of personal evolution. It can also enhance self-expression and communication skills, which are essential in a marriage. 

 In conclusion, rare gemstones would be the perfect gift that would bring positivity to your daughter’s life. But before buying one, you should look for certain things to ensure the gem’s authenticity. 

 Check whether there are natural inclusions and scratches on the gem. Moreover, avoid looking for cheap alternatives. That’s because cheaper gemstones are usually produced in a lab and won’t have the same natural beauty or metaphysical properties. You should also check the gem’s color concentrations and opacity before buying.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

From Angel Studios ~ The Shift Is Coming to Theaters + Giveaway

 From Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom) comes The Shift. If you loved the movie The Chosen, you are going to want to see this movie. Keep reading to find out more and enter to win tickets to see the movie. 

 Have you seen the movie series The Chosen? The makers of The Chosen have produced another movie that you will want to head to the theater and watch it with your friends and family. This is a movie that I was able to preview and it is a good one.

The movie The Shift arrives in movie theaters starting 12/1, so make plans to see this movie. The movie The Shift features Sean Astin (The Goonies), Rudy (The Lord of the Rings), Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers), and Elizabeth Tabish (The Chosen.)

Many thanks to Angel Studios for providing a sample of the product for this review. My opinions are 100% my own.

The Shift is a movie you and your friends won’t want to miss!

 The Shift is an intense movie to watch. The movie starts out with an ordinary man who is driving home from a rough day of work. While driving, this man is talking to his wife on the phone and then he gets into an accident. From that point, it looks as if he has died but instead, he enters another world. 

The man knows that he does not belong in this world and fights to make it back to the world he knows, to the woman he loves. 

This is a movie that is made for those older than 13, as it is intense with some scary scenes. This movie is one that will have you thinking. If you love sci-fi movies, you will love this movie. This movie is a modern-day portrait of Job and man's fight with the Devil and their relationship with God.

 About the movie The Shift: After a tense encounter with a mysterious stranger with otherworldly powers, a man is banished to a tyrannical, parallel Earth where he fights to get back to the woman he loves.

The Low Down on the Movie: In The Shift, a dystopian drama and sci-fi thriller, one man is faced with infinite worlds and impossible choices. When Kevin Garner meets a nefarious adversary known as The Benefactor and refuses his offer of wealth and power, he must escape an alternate totalitarian reality. With survival on the line, Kevin fights to make it back to the world he knows and the woman he loves.

The root of evil is selfishness ~ we will never be good enough for Him

Watch a movie that shows what the other side of heaven could be like. This movie portrays what the dark side could be like. Will Kevin make it back to the world he left and be reunited with his wife? Will Keven make the right choices? 

Check out the trailer for The Shift

The Shift Movie features the talents of:

Kristoffer Polaha – Jurassic World: Dominion, Mad Men

Sean Astin – The Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things

Neal McDonough - Band of Brothers, Minority Report, Captain America

Elizabeth Tabish - The Chosen

Paras Patel - The Chosen

Jordan Walker Ross - 1883, The Chosen

Composers: Dan Haseltine & Matthew S. Nelson – Jars of Clay, The Chosen

Executive Producer: Dallas Jenkins - the Chosen

Co-Producer: Brian Scofield - Sound of Freedom, Cabrini

Buy tickets today to see The Shift in theaters on December 1st!

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When you Pay it Forward to The Shift, you are covering the cost of actual movie tickets for someone who would not otherwise be able to see the film.

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The sponsors of the movie are giving away 2 tickets to see the film The Shift to one lucky Mom Knows Best Reader. The giveaway is limited to US winners only. The giveaway starts on November 28th, 2023, and ends on December 3, 2023. To enter the giveaway ~ enter on the giveaway form below. 

Seratopical Revolution: The New Gold Standard in Skin Care


Seratopical Revolution offers a wide variety of skincare products to address signs of aging, dryness, and other concerns. Carefully formulated for maximum effect, these creams, serums, and sprays can help you look and feel your best. Check out the many benefits of this new gold standard in skincare.

Help Promote Youthful Skin

 Aging is a natural process, and many people wear their fine lines with pride. However, there are environmental factors that can speed up the process. Taking preventative measures can keep you looking youthful for longer.

 Pollution and ultraviolet light can cause oxidative stress on skin cells, which damages cells. Certain ingredients, such as vitamin C, can fight this stress, leading to healthier skin.

 Additionally, specialized products can improve specific issues. Two of the most common are dryness and dullness.

Moisturizes and Plumps

 Dryness exacerbates the appearance of wrinkles, especially in the delicate skin around the eyes. Therefore, hydration is a crucial part of anti-aging skin care.

 Well-formulated moisturizers don't just hydrate your skin — they help it retain moisture. Certain ingredients can repair and bolster the moisture barrier, ensuring your cells don't lose as much water.

Brightens and Smooths

 Dull skin can make you look older. Fortunately, the right products can brighten and even improve texture.

 Exfoliants remove the dead skin cells that make your face appear ashy. Getting rid of this layer also allows moisturizers and serums to penetrate the skin.

 Products such as Seratopical Gleaming can also help by boosting elasticity and collagen production. Regular use can make your skin appear more even and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Natural Ingredients

 People have used natural ingredients for beauty for thousands of years. Today, top skin care combines scientific knowledge and nature's bounty for highly effective skin care products:

• Coriander Seed Extract: Due to its healthy inflammation support, coriander seed extract is excellent for sensitive skin. It's also detoxifying, antiseptic and antifungal.

• Lavender Oil: Distilled from the lavender blossom, this ingredient can reduce inflammation, unclog pores, and even kill bacteria. As a result, it's great for fighting acne, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, evening skin tone, and soothing dry skin.

• Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is rich, making it excellent for hydration and bolstering the moisture barrier. It can soften skin, reduce redness and dark spots, decrease inflammation, and kill harmful microorganisms.

• Shea Butter: Shea nuts have many skin-friendly nutrients and offer deep, nourishing hydration. When turned into a butter, they're excellent for boosting collagen production, relieving irritation, reducing inflammation, providing partial UV ray protection, and soothing sensitive skin.

• Marula Oil: Marula comes from the marula tree's seeds and nuts. It can enhance skin penetration, making it a great complementary ingredient. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts elasticity, contains antioxidants, is non-comedogenic, and seals in moisture.

 Looking through ingredients and Seratopical reviews can help you find the right products for your skin care needs. Once you have a dedicated regimen, you should see a real difference. Remember, your skin is your largest organ and deserves to be a priority.

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My Christmas Hero on Great American Family Is A Must Watch Movie + Giveaway

 Looking for a feel-good Christmas movie to watch? My Christmas Hero will put you into the Christmas spirit.

Many thanks to Great American Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. My opinions are 100% my own.

 The other day I was in the mood to watch a movie, so I headed to my favorite movie-streaming website to browse through the newest movie additions. A movie that caught my eye on Great American Family was My Christmas Hero. The movie description mentioned that it was a Christmas movie that featured military service members.

 Since I have 2 sons who serve in the military, I decided to watch My Chrismas Hero. I also was in the mood for a Christmas movie. This holiday movie selection was one of many family movies that I could select from and enjoy watching with my family.  I love having a Great American Family subscription as that means I can watch the best holiday movies.  

Watch My Christmas Hero on Great American Family starting November 24th!

 The holiday season is here and it is the perfect time for a family movie night. This is the year to celebrate Christmas with Great American Family! With 190 movies to inspire and encourage the whole family this season, you’ll experience the difference that positive entertainment can have. Join Great American Family this holiday season to have access to a wide selection of Christmas movies that the whole family can enjoy.

My Christmas Hero Synopsis: In My Christmas Hero, US Army reservist and orthopedic physician, Nicole Ramsey (Bure) is dedicated to serving military service members and their families at the Joint Military Base in Lacey, Washington, home of I Corps and the 62nd Airlift Wing. This Christmas, with the help of many dedicated heroes, Dr. Ramsey is on a mission to honor a special fallen soldier and bring much-needed healing to her own family.

My Christmas Hero Stars ~ Candace Cameron Bure and Gabriel Hogan

Watch the trailer for My Christmas Hero

My Christmas Hero premieres November 24th! Join Candace Cameron Bure and Gabriel Hogan for a special film dedicated to our military service members. 

A Feel-Good Movie  

 I really enjoyed watching My Christmas Hero. This was a movie filled with romance, comedy, and good values. If you love movies with love at first site, then you are going to love this movie.

 The movie My Christmas Hero starts off with a doctor at a military hospital entering a patient's room and becoming speechless when she sees her patient. The doctor tries to suppress her feelings, as she has a rule of never dating patients, but the military service member works his charm and gets her to agree to meet for hot chocolate. 

 The rest of the movie is all about these two actors becoming friends and helping other service members. The friendship keeps growing and a mission to find someone who knew her grandfather, before he was killed during a war, leads to so much more. You will have to watch the movie to see how it ends.

Celebrate Christmas With Great American Family

Great American Family is your destination for the best Christmas movies! With a wide selection of films and series, Great American Family has a large selection of Christmas movies that the whole family can enjoy. Great American Family has a variety of holiday movies that your family will want to watch and the values you can trust. Discover the difference that positive entertainment can make in your home and Celebrate Christmas by streaming Christmas movies from Great American Family.

Subscribe to Great American Family and you’ll get access to the largest variety of wholesome movies, series, and kids' content at one low price. Experience the difference that positive, encouraging entertainment can have in your home.

~ Great American Family Website

~ Great American Family on Facebook

~ Great American Family on Twitter

~ Great American Family on Instagram

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Quick and Easy Overnight Oats With Oatsome

 Start your day with a simple grab-and-go breakfast. Overnight oats are so easy to make the night before. It is as easy as 1, 2,3!

This post may contain affiliate links

 Oatmeal is a healthy option for breakfast but it can be time-consuming to make, even in the microwave. Then you have to wait for the oats to cool down. Mornings can be hectic and who has time for cooking? So most people either grab a granola bar or stop at a fast food joint for breakfast. Both of which can be unhealthy items for breakfast. 

 So stop the morning madness of breakfast and instead grab these quick and easy overnight oats for a healthy breakfast option. Overnight oats are super easy to make the night before. Just mix and place them in the fridge. 

Overnight Oats Just Got Easier and More Nutritious

 To make overnight oats you need oatmeal and milk, along with some superfoods like chia seeds or flax. So if you run out of one of the ingredients to make overnight oats, it can be hard to make an overnight oat recipe. So skip the stocking of all the overnight oat ingredients and just keep 1 simple ingredient in your pantry.

 Start your breakfast routine with our Oatsome Organic Overnight Oats. This delicious overnight oat mix has everything that you need to make a healthy oatmeal breakfast in minutes. Oatsome Overnight Oats are infused with chia, flax, and hemp seeds. This plant-based product also contains oatmilk so you don't need to add milk. 

If you desire a nutritious breakfast that is gluten-free, packed with protein, and a great source of fiber, simply add water for an OATsome meal!

A make the night before breakfast

 These oats are super easy to make before you go to bed. Just place a scoop of the Oatsome Overnight Oats in a small Mason Jar and add water. Place the lid on the jar and shake. Then place the jar in the fridge. In the morning, the overnight oats are ready to eat. If you are in a hurry, grab a spoon along with the overnight oats in a jar and take it with you to eat later.

Add fruit or other delicious toppings

 The Oatsome Overnight Oats can be made into many delicious flavor combinations. You can stir in ingredients before placing the oats in the fridge or add delicious toppings once the overnight oats are done in the morning. 

Stir in ingredient suggestions

+ Peanut Butter

+ Matcha Powder

+ Strawberry Jam

+ Peach Jam

+ Chocolate Syrup

+ Vanilla Syrup

+ Maple Syrup

Topping ingredient ideas

+ Fruit - sliced strawberries, blueberries, bananas

+ Granola

+ Pumpkin Seeds

+ Nuts

+ Chocolate Chips

A Complete Breakfast that is easy to make

 If you like your oatmeal cooked, you can also microwave the Oatsome Overnight Oatmeal. This is an item that you need to have in your pantry for a quick and easy healthy breakfast. Head here to buy a bag of Oatsome Organic Overnight Oats.

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My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide

 Looking for gift ideas for your Christmas shopping list? Check out my Christmas gift list of my favorite things.

 Every year Oprah puts out a list of her favorite holiday gifts and it is a spectacular list of holiday gift ideas. Then she broadcasts on the Oprah Winfrey Show a holiday show that includes all of her favorite Christmas gift ideas. Of course, the best part is for the lucky folks in the audience who get to take home an abundance of gifts.

Raise your hand if you ever watched the Oprah Winfrey Favorite Things show and wished that you had a ticket to attend the show. 

Oprah's holiday show is where I got the idea for my holiday gift guide. It is a Christmas gift idea post in which I share some of my favorite things. While I would love to be able to gift you items from my holiday gift list, I don't have the budget like Oprah to do so. So I will instead, share some discount codes so you can save money on these awesome Christmas gift suggestions. 

Let the holiday shopping begin!

1. Mamuye Classic Tote

 The Mamuye Classic Tote is the perfect everyday tote and it will bring a smile to the girl who receives this awesome 100% leather tote. This purse is handcrafted in Ethiopia and is made to stand the test of time. You will love how roomy this bag is! The tote measures 14" H x 16" W x 6" D so there is plenty of room for a laptop. 

 This is the perfect travel bag or one can use it to carry to the gym. The comfortable straps make carrying this bag a breeze. This is a stylish bag that complements whatever you are wearing. I love using the Mamuye Classic Tote as my everyday bag as it holds everything I need and then some. For days that I need to bring my computer with me, there is plenty of space in this bag. There is even an inside pocket which is the perfect place for my keys and wallet. This leather tote comes in 4 wonderful colors. 

Use code MKBGIFT30 for 30% off sitewide

The Fine Print: Use code MKBGIFT30 or 30% off sitewide. May not be combined with other promotions or Impact points. Not applicable on previous purchases or collaboration items. Exclusions apply. ABLE reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time. Valid through 12/31/23.

Use code MKBGIFT30 to save 30% off the Mamuye Classic 


2. YOSUDA Rowing Machine 

 I love my rowing machine! This exercise machine has helped me build muscles all over my body. Rowing machines engage 90% of your muscles as well as giving you a great cardio workout. Rowing engages your abdominals, back, arms, and legs. This girl has defined muscles thanks to the YOSUDA Rowing Machine.

What I love most about the YOSUDA Rower is how space-saving this exercise machine is. It takes up less space than a typical gym rower and it folds up to store in a closet. YOSUDA makes several different models of rowers but the one I have has 16 different resistant levels. So I can use the rower for cardio or strength. You will love how quiet this rower is and how your butt molds to the seat. My tip for rowing is to put on some fast music then row fast for a song and then row slower for the next song. Rowing burns more calories plus builds muscle in just 20 minutes!

Save 40% on the YOSUDA Rowing Machine 


3. Verb Caffeinate Bars

 Looking for a healthier alternative to that expensive morning caffeine fix? Want amazing energy for gym workouts? Check out a delicious snack bar that has the same amount of caffeine as an espresso!

 I discovered Verb vegan bars a couple months ago and I am obsessed with them! These delicious snack bars are my pre-workout snack before I head to the gym in the morning. I get my breakfast and energy fix in one tasty bar that is easy to digest. I eat a Verb bar as I am getting dressed so by the time I get to the gym 20 minutes later, the caffeine kicks it. My body has plenty of energy for my hour of exercise time.

Verb bars come in many delicious flavors and are also perfect for the afternoon energy slump. The bars are made with wholesome ingredients, contain fiber and are both gluten-free and dairy-free. Verb has an amazing starter kit deal that includes 16 free bars, with your choice of flavors, free shipping, and no hidden subscriptions.

Save 40% with code TARA77427


4. NIRA Pro Skincare Device

The NIRA Pro skincare device is a gift that you need to treat yourself to. This facial laser device is amazing! The NIRA Pro is a painless at-home laser treatment that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is a better than Botox device! This facial device is my beauty secret to amazing skin at 58. The best part is it only takes minutes a day to use and you will see results in 90 days or you can get your money back.

 The NIRA Pro Laser uses laser technology to gently heat the skin dermis to stimulate natural collagen production.  As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing collagen – causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. It is the production of collagen that helps our skin become firmer and the collagen then starts to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles to make them less noticeable. 

Shop NIRA Website  –

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5. Nuzest Plant-Based Protein

 Nuzest Clean Lean Plant-Based Protein Powder is my favorite protein for so many reasons. I have been using Nuzest protein for many years as the best way to add more protein to my diet. Protein is needed to build strong muscles and Nuzest has helped me build a lean muscular body. When I discovered that food allergies were the cause of my severe asthma symptoms, I loved that Nuzest was allergy-friendly. 

Facts about Nuzest Clean Lean Plant-Based Protein

~ Nuzest protein is allergy-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, lectin-free, and verified with The Non-GMO Project. 

~ Nuzest is low-carb with 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving

~ Nuzest is made from European golden peas and contains no fillers, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial flavors

~ Nuzest contains 3-4 simple ingredients ~ Pea protein isolate, Natural flavors, and Thaumatin in addition to Beet juice or Cocoa powder

~ Nuzest is easy to digest

~ Mixes well in water

~ Nuzest contains 20 grams of plant-based protein

~  Nuzest is regularly tested for safe microbial activity, heavy metals, pesticides, and common allergens. 

~ Nuzest uses Water-Based processing which means it is free from harmful chemicals

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6. Regular Girl Fiber

Regular Girl Fiber would be great for the stockings or included in a travel gift. This probiotic fiber supplement is amazing and unlike any other fiber supplement that you may have tried. This tasteless fiber powder has no nasty side effects like gas or bloating. It mixes into any liquid or soft food and makes going number 2 a breeze. 

 No longer will you suffer from constipation when you take Regular Girl daily. In fact, you will go number 2 like clockwork every morning. Flight attendants swear by Regular Girl as they don't have time to deal with pooping while on a flight. I love adding Regular Girl to my morning smoothie, so I can poop before I head to the gym. Regular Girl is all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free! 

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7. Nutr Milk Maker

 I stopped buying plant-based milk at the store for so many reasons. Most nut milk that you buy at the store is mostly water and contains preservatives and fillers. I now make creamy nut milk at home and I am saving so much money. I am also saving the environment as I no longer have to toss out empty containers. 

My favorite product that I use to make nut milk is the Nutr Milk Maker. This handy appliance makes the most delicious creamy nut milk and even oat milk. The Nutr milk machine is super easy to use and makes dairy-free milk in just 5 minutes. The best part is how easily I can clean up the machine. 

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8. BEAM Minerals

 We live in a world that can be toxic to our bodies. From plastic in our water sources to pesticides in our food and pollution in our air. We can do our best to control what we eat and what products we use in our homes. We can also use an air purifier to clean the air. The problem is this may not be enough and our bodies may need help detoxing all the toxins.

BEAM Minerals is a product that I discovered 2 years ago when I suffered my mold sickness after we discovered mold in our home. These minerals played an important part in my healing as they helped my cells detox all the stuff like mold. BEAM Minerals can benefit everyone by helping their cells detox. 

 This amazing mineral supplement contains humic. Humic is a concentrated mineral compound that occurs naturally in soil. Humic is a good general detoxifier—it binds to heavy metals and plasticizers like BPA and it also gently removes cellular waste. Humic is able to also detoxify glyphosate from our cells and is better than most standard detoxifiers. 

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9. Trace Minerals Magnesium

 I discovered the amazing benefits of magnesium and this is a mineral that most people need to take. Signs of needing more magnesium may be muscle pain, insomnia, gut problems, or even mental focus issues. The reason most people are deficient in magnesium is our food supply lacks this nutrient due to the simple fact that most produce travels up to a week before you buy it. We also need more magnesium if we are active or have chronic conditions.

 For me, personally, Trace Minerals magnesium helped me with my struggles of falling asleep. This mineral helped my body relax and I was finally able to fall asleep within 30 minutes. Magnesium has helped my active boys with their muscle cramps and it has helped my husband lower his blood pressure. 

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10. Palm Leaf Dishware

 I am all for saving the planet and my health from toxic plastic waste. So I love using nature-inspired compostable dishes for my holiday meals and parties. The Restaurant Palm Leaf collection is made from hand-collected areca palm leaves. 

These dishes are durable and recyclable. The palm leaf dishes look so amazing and come in many different styles, The dishes are microwave-safe and freezable. These dinnerware items are also leakproof and sturdy, so you won't have to worry about guests dropping their food or getting stains on their laps. My favorite item from the Palm Leaf collection is the Paw Print Plates. These plates have 5 serving compartments so they are great for a variety of dishes.

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11. Nguyen Coffee Supply Vietnamese Coffee Essentials Set

 I do love my coffee time, I love experiencing different flavors and brews of coffee. I also love trying different methods of brewing coffee. My favorite way to brew the best cup of coffee is with the pour-over method. Last year I discovered Vietnamese coffee. This is an intensely strong and sweet coffee. Learn more about Vietnamese coffee.

This brand-new gift set from Nguyen Coffee Supply is perfect for the holidays! Coffee lovers can enjoy the ultimate Vietnamese coffee experience in 3 styles: craft roasted arabica and robusta coffee beans; a ready-to-drink Vietnamese coffee cold brew in 3 flavors (Classic Black, Condensed Milk, and Coconut); and a traditional brew tool with no paper waste, the Phin Filter. Travel to Vietnam with every sip!

The Set Includes:

3x bags of coffee beans (The Original Vietnamese Coffee Trio)

1x Coffee Scoop Set

1x 4oz Phin Filter

1x Stackable Glass Mug

1x Cold Brew: Condensed Milk

1x Cold Brew: Coconut

1x Cold Brew: Classic Black

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 I hope my list of favorite Christmas gifts has inspired your Christmas shopping. These are items that I love and would be excited to receive as a present. So click on the links and check them out. Use my discount codes to save yourself some money. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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