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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

4 Rare Gemstones a Mother Can Gift Their Daughters On Their Wedding Day

 Like you always knew, your daughter has become a strong, beautiful, and accomplished woman. In a few weeks, your girl will marry the love of her life and start a new journey. 

 As a mother, you probably want to give her something that defies tradition and monotony. Gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry has become overrated since everyone can buy it. Instead, you want something that’s as precious as your daughter. 

 In that case, you should look into rare gemstones. There are over 200 types of gemstones worldwide, but only a few are rare. Examples include tanzanite, taaffeite, and benitoite. These gemstones are beautiful and can bring unique metaphysical properties to a newlywed couple. 

 In this blog, we will discuss some rare gemstones you can gift your daughter for her wedding.

#1. Benitoite

 Benitoite was discovered in the early 20th century in California. It has an attractive sparkling quality that rivals diamonds, making it the perfect gift for your daughter. The per-carat cost is between USD 6,500 and USD 8,500 since benitoite is a valuable and precious gem. 

 The physical benefits of wearing benitoite include better metabolism, leading to weight loss. Moreover, it might help relieve the wearer of breathing issues, acne, and eczema. 

 Due to its blue-colored appearance, this rare gemstone was considered to have similar properties as a sapphire. Just like blue sapphires, benitoite also represents the mysterious depths of the sea and sky, offering limitless potential. It can restore lost energy, enhance intuitiveness, balance emotions, and calm the mind of anyone who wears it. However, investigations later revealed that this gemstone has a different composition than sapphires.

#2. Padparadscha Sapphire

 You’ve probably heard about blue sapphires. But did you know that these stones can have a unique orangy pink color? 

 Yes, the Padparadscha sapphire is one such specimen. It resembles the color of the Lotus flower and a gorgeous sunset. You can give your daughter this type of sapphire on her wedding day because it’s one of the rarest gemstones. 

 According to Leibish, Padparadscha sapphires cost approximately USD 33,000 for an 8.20-carat pear-shaped stone. That means it has a 40% lower price tag than pink diamonds. 

 It comes with metaphysical features that can bring peace and tranquility to the wearer’s life. Wearing this sapphire can help your daughter foster emotional balance while enhancing her intuition. Padparadscha sapphires can also have a calming and soothing effect on her mind and body. 

#3. Taaffeite

 In 1945, gemologist Richard Taaffe discovered this in a jeweler’s spinel gemstone collection. Upon analysis, he found that this gemstone didn’t belong with spinels. That’s because it had distinct compositions and properties. 

 Later named taaffeite, this stone became the only one to be identified as a new mineral species after being polished and cut. This gemstone is extremely rare and is only found in parts of China, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. Only 50 such gemstones are being circulated in the market, making it the rarest wedding gift for your daughter. 

 Usually, taaffeite comes in many colors, like violet, mauve, lavender, and pink. It has an average cost of USD 1,500 to USD 2,500 per carat. The saturation of the gemstone’s color and intensity influences its value.

 Taaffeite would be a perfect wedding gift because of its spiritual powers. These stones can bring emotional balance and compassion to the wearer. It can also facilitate spiritual growth and encourage chakra healing. For instance, the stone opens the wearer's heart chakra to attract self-love and acceptance. 

 Physically, this stone might help boost the immune system and support tissue growth. Hence, wearing it can promote wisdom and bring positivity to your daughter’s life. 

#4. Tanzanite

 Discovered in 1967, tanzanite is a blue-violet gem only found in Tanzania. This gemstone is highly valued and considered extremely rare among jewelry enthusiasts. One carat of tanzanite can cost you up to USD 800 or more, based on its quality.

 The most unique thing about this gemstone is its trichroic property, making it a unique wedding gift for your daughter. Trichroic gemstones appear in different colors based on the source of light. For example, it can look blueish in the morning and purple at night.

 Many believe that tanzanite speeds up physical recovery processes and might possibly heal the wearer’s injuries. It might also boost your daughter’s immune system. 

 Other than that, tanzanite has good spiritual properties. It heightens intuition and ensures spiritual growth by bringing serenity, or emotional healing, to the wearer. With this gemstone, your daughter can find balance in her life, become calm, and explore a path of personal evolution. It can also enhance self-expression and communication skills, which are essential in a marriage. 

 In conclusion, rare gemstones would be the perfect gift that would bring positivity to your daughter’s life. But before buying one, you should look for certain things to ensure the gem’s authenticity. 

 Check whether there are natural inclusions and scratches on the gem. Moreover, avoid looking for cheap alternatives. That’s because cheaper gemstones are usually produced in a lab and won’t have the same natural beauty or metaphysical properties. You should also check the gem’s color concentrations and opacity before buying.

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