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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide

 Looking for gift ideas for your Christmas shopping list? Check out my Christmas gift list of my favorite things.

 Every year Oprah puts out a list of her favorite holiday gifts and it is a spectacular list of holiday gift ideas. Then she broadcasts on the Oprah Winfrey Show a holiday show that includes all of her favorite Christmas gift ideas. Of course, the best part is for the lucky folks in the audience who get to take home an abundance of gifts.

Raise your hand if you ever watched the Oprah Winfrey Favorite Things show and wished that you had a ticket to attend the show. 

Oprah's holiday show is where I got the idea for my holiday gift guide. It is a Christmas gift idea post in which I share some of my favorite things. While I would love to be able to gift you items from my holiday gift list, I don't have the budget like Oprah to do so. So I will instead, share some discount codes so you can save money on these awesome Christmas gift suggestions. 

Let the holiday shopping begin!

1. Mamuye Classic Tote

 The Mamuye Classic Tote is the perfect everyday tote and it will bring a smile to the girl who receives this awesome 100% leather tote. This purse is handcrafted in Ethiopia and is made to stand the test of time. You will love how roomy this bag is! The tote measures 14" H x 16" W x 6" D so there is plenty of room for a laptop. 

 This is the perfect travel bag or one can use it to carry to the gym. The comfortable straps make carrying this bag a breeze. This is a stylish bag that complements whatever you are wearing. I love using the Mamuye Classic Tote as my everyday bag as it holds everything I need and then some. For days that I need to bring my computer with me, there is plenty of space in this bag. There is even an inside pocket which is the perfect place for my keys and wallet. This leather tote comes in 4 wonderful colors. 

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Use code MKBGIFT30 to save 30% off the Mamuye Classic 


2. YOSUDA Rowing Machine 

 I love my rowing machine! This exercise machine has helped me build muscles all over my body. Rowing machines engage 90% of your muscles as well as giving you a great cardio workout. Rowing engages your abdominals, back, arms, and legs. This girl has defined muscles thanks to the YOSUDA Rowing Machine.

What I love most about the YOSUDA Rower is how space-saving this exercise machine is. It takes up less space than a typical gym rower and it folds up to store in a closet. YOSUDA makes several different models of rowers but the one I have has 16 different resistant levels. So I can use the rower for cardio or strength. You will love how quiet this rower is and how your butt molds to the seat. My tip for rowing is to put on some fast music then row fast for a song and then row slower for the next song. Rowing burns more calories plus builds muscle in just 20 minutes!

Save 40% on the YOSUDA Rowing Machine 


3. Verb Caffeinate Bars

 Looking for a healthier alternative to that expensive morning caffeine fix? Want amazing energy for gym workouts? Check out a delicious snack bar that has the same amount of caffeine as an espresso!

 I discovered Verb vegan bars a couple months ago and I am obsessed with them! These delicious snack bars are my pre-workout snack before I head to the gym in the morning. I get my breakfast and energy fix in one tasty bar that is easy to digest. I eat a Verb bar as I am getting dressed so by the time I get to the gym 20 minutes later, the caffeine kicks it. My body has plenty of energy for my hour of exercise time.

Verb bars come in many delicious flavors and are also perfect for the afternoon energy slump. The bars are made with wholesome ingredients, contain fiber and are both gluten-free and dairy-free. Verb has an amazing starter kit deal that includes 16 free bars, with your choice of flavors, free shipping, and no hidden subscriptions.

Save 40% with code TARA77427


4. NIRA Pro Skincare Device

The NIRA Pro skincare device is a gift that you need to treat yourself to. This facial laser device is amazing! The NIRA Pro is a painless at-home laser treatment that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is a better than Botox device! This facial device is my beauty secret to amazing skin at 58. The best part is it only takes minutes a day to use and you will see results in 90 days or you can get your money back.

 The NIRA Pro Laser uses laser technology to gently heat the skin dermis to stimulate natural collagen production.  As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing collagen – causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. It is the production of collagen that helps our skin become firmer and the collagen then starts to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles to make them less noticeable. 

Shop NIRA Website  –

Use Code MOMKNOWSBEST10 for a 10% discount


5. Nuzest Plant-Based Protein

 Nuzest Clean Lean Plant-Based Protein Powder is my favorite protein for so many reasons. I have been using Nuzest protein for many years as the best way to add more protein to my diet. Protein is needed to build strong muscles and Nuzest has helped me build a lean muscular body. When I discovered that food allergies were the cause of my severe asthma symptoms, I loved that Nuzest was allergy-friendly. 

Facts about Nuzest Clean Lean Plant-Based Protein

~ Nuzest protein is allergy-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, lectin-free, and verified with The Non-GMO Project. 

~ Nuzest is low-carb with 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving

~ Nuzest is made from European golden peas and contains no fillers, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial flavors

~ Nuzest contains 3-4 simple ingredients ~ Pea protein isolate, Natural flavors, and Thaumatin in addition to Beet juice or Cocoa powder

~ Nuzest is easy to digest

~ Mixes well in water

~ Nuzest contains 20 grams of plant-based protein

~  Nuzest is regularly tested for safe microbial activity, heavy metals, pesticides, and common allergens. 

~ Nuzest uses Water-Based processing which means it is free from harmful chemicals

Save 30% on Nuzest with code MOMKNOWSBEST15 


6. Regular Girl Fiber

Regular Girl Fiber would be great for the stockings or included in a travel gift. This probiotic fiber supplement is amazing and unlike any other fiber supplement that you may have tried. This tasteless fiber powder has no nasty side effects like gas or bloating. It mixes into any liquid or soft food and makes going number 2 a breeze. 

 No longer will you suffer from constipation when you take Regular Girl daily. In fact, you will go number 2 like clockwork every morning. Flight attendants swear by Regular Girl as they don't have time to deal with pooping while on a flight. I love adding Regular Girl to my morning smoothie, so I can poop before I head to the gym. Regular Girl is all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free! 

Click HERE to Save 10% on Regular Girl with code MOMKNOBEST10


7. Nutr Milk Maker

 I stopped buying plant-based milk at the store for so many reasons. Most nut milk that you buy at the store is mostly water and contains preservatives and fillers. I now make creamy nut milk at home and I am saving so much money. I am also saving the environment as I no longer have to toss out empty containers. 

My favorite product that I use to make nut milk is the Nutr Milk Maker. This handy appliance makes the most delicious creamy nut milk and even oat milk. The Nutr milk machine is super easy to use and makes dairy-free milk in just 5 minutes. The best part is how easily I can clean up the machine. 

Purchase the Nutr Milk Maker 


8. BEAM Minerals

 We live in a world that can be toxic to our bodies. From plastic in our water sources to pesticides in our food and pollution in our air. We can do our best to control what we eat and what products we use in our homes. We can also use an air purifier to clean the air. The problem is this may not be enough and our bodies may need help detoxing all the toxins.

BEAM Minerals is a product that I discovered 2 years ago when I suffered my mold sickness after we discovered mold in our home. These minerals played an important part in my healing as they helped my cells detox all the stuff like mold. BEAM Minerals can benefit everyone by helping their cells detox. 

 This amazing mineral supplement contains humic. Humic is a concentrated mineral compound that occurs naturally in soil. Humic is a good general detoxifier—it binds to heavy metals and plasticizers like BPA and it also gently removes cellular waste. Humic is able to also detoxify glyphosate from our cells and is better than most standard detoxifiers. 

Use code MOMKNOWSBEST to save 20% on Any BEAM Minerals


9. Trace Minerals Magnesium

 I discovered the amazing benefits of magnesium and this is a mineral that most people need to take. Signs of needing more magnesium may be muscle pain, insomnia, gut problems, or even mental focus issues. The reason most people are deficient in magnesium is our food supply lacks this nutrient due to the simple fact that most produce travels up to a week before you buy it. We also need more magnesium if we are active or have chronic conditions.

 For me, personally, Trace Minerals magnesium helped me with my struggles of falling asleep. This mineral helped my body relax and I was finally able to fall asleep within 30 minutes. Magnesium has helped my active boys with their muscle cramps and it has helped my husband lower his blood pressure. 

Get 10% off any order at Trace Minerals


10. Palm Leaf Dishware

 I am all for saving the planet and my health from toxic plastic waste. So I love using nature-inspired compostable dishes for my holiday meals and parties. The Restaurant Palm Leaf collection is made from hand-collected areca palm leaves. 

These dishes are durable and recyclable. The palm leaf dishes look so amazing and come in many different styles, The dishes are microwave-safe and freezable. These dinnerware items are also leakproof and sturdy, so you won't have to worry about guests dropping their food or getting stains on their laps. My favorite item from the Palm Leaf collection is the Paw Print Plates. These plates have 5 serving compartments so they are great for a variety of dishes.

 Buy the Palm Leaf Dishware Here 


11. Nguyen Coffee Supply Vietnamese Coffee Essentials Set

 I do love my coffee time, I love experiencing different flavors and brews of coffee. I also love trying different methods of brewing coffee. My favorite way to brew the best cup of coffee is with the pour-over method. Last year I discovered Vietnamese coffee. This is an intensely strong and sweet coffee. Learn more about Vietnamese coffee.

This brand-new gift set from Nguyen Coffee Supply is perfect for the holidays! Coffee lovers can enjoy the ultimate Vietnamese coffee experience in 3 styles: craft roasted arabica and robusta coffee beans; a ready-to-drink Vietnamese coffee cold brew in 3 flavors (Classic Black, Condensed Milk, and Coconut); and a traditional brew tool with no paper waste, the Phin Filter. Travel to Vietnam with every sip!

The Set Includes:

3x bags of coffee beans (The Original Vietnamese Coffee Trio)

1x Coffee Scoop Set

1x 4oz Phin Filter

1x Stackable Glass Mug

1x Cold Brew: Condensed Milk

1x Cold Brew: Coconut

1x Cold Brew: Classic Black

Buy the Nguyen Coffee Supply Vietnamese Coffee Essentials Set 

 I hope my list of favorite Christmas gifts has inspired your Christmas shopping. These are items that I love and would be excited to receive as a present. So click on the links and check them out. Use my discount codes to save yourself some money. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Laura JL Books said...

These are amazing gift ideas for someone special for christmas thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing gift guide! I'm definitely saving!

Jess said...

I need to start taking magnesium more and didn't realize they have gummies. Thanks!

Karen said...

These are great ideas! Personally I would love one of those Mamuye totes!

Heather D said...

That tote looks sweet! Cute serveware too for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

These are all such fabulous gift ideas and I would totally love the row machine!

Lady In Read said...

just great ideas here.. i am tempted by the nutr milk maker as we use plant based milk at home everyday

Lavanda Michelle said...

The Mamuye Classic Tote is a must-have, and the discount code is a game-changer.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a spacious tote bag and The Mamuye Classic Tote looks great 😍. Thanks for the codes and gift ideas ❤️

Everything Enchanting 🙂

Christy G said...

I wish that I had room for a rowing machine much less the time to use it. I walk a ton at work though.

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