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Monday, February 7, 2022

13 Best Valentines Gifts That Focus On Self-Care

 Looking for a gift to spoil your loved one with? Check out some gifts that have a focus on pampering, love, and self-care.

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 Say what you will about Valentine's Day, but who doesn't like to be spoiled with gifts by the ones they love? Whether it's baking a special treat, creating an adorable card, or buying that certain someone a cool new gift that they wouldn't splurge on themselves, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to buy the one you love a gift. This Valentine's day think beyond the traditional Valentine's Day gifts of flowers and candy and buy a special gift that has a focus on self-care. 

There is nothing wrong with the gift of flowers or candy but some ladies or guys may not like them for gifts, due to special diets or allergies. There is also the fact that flowers and candy gifts are not unique Valentine's gifts. So a gift of a self-care item simply earns you bonus points as you took the time to shop for a gift that was unique and special. 

 I made a list of gifts that I would love to give to my husband. These are also gifts that I would want to receive for Valentine's Day. Many of the gifts can be enjoyed together as a couple. The gifts can be wrapped up by themselves or combined together in a Valentine's Day gift basket. You could even pair the gifts from my Valentine's day roundup with other gifts like flowers or candy. 

Spread the love with these perfect Valentine's Gifts 

1. Photo Gifts

 Personalize your sweetheart’s gifts with a wide assortment of cute gifting options that you created using your favorite memories and photos. Mpix has a wide variety of photo gifts from personalized blankets to adorable key chains. My favorite photo gifts that are on my list of Valentine's Day gift ideas are coffee mugs, luggage tags, and soft throw blankets. Mpix also offers other photo gifts like photo books, Valentine's Day cards, coasters, wall art, and so much more. You have to look at their list of photo gifts as I am sure you will have that special photo or two that will make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

  I had fun creating a personalized photo blanket with a watermelon pattern. I also designed a photo mug with a picture of fireworks that I had from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta last year. These fun photo gift tags will be perfect for my many travel trips this year. I also created a mug with my grandbabies photos. Aren't they adorable?

 I was even able to personalize my blanket from Mpix. The watermelon print was many of several designs to select from. Mpix allows you to design your gift with your selected photos. You can use their templates or create your own. I was amazed at the huge selection of prints and designs. It was so simple to download my photos and create these fun gifts.

Check out Mpix.com for their huge selection of photo gifts

2. Cupid's Cup Tea, Love at First Sip

 Say I love you with a Valentine's Day Special Tea. Cupid's Cup is a heartwarming blend of hibiscus, strawberry, and vanilla. This delicious tea blend even has little hearts in the mix! This is the kind of tea for which sonnets are written. Tangy, sweet, and creamy, one sip of this herbal blend and you might think you've accidentally mixed up your tea with a love potion.

 Pair this love tea up with a cute pink tea set, some sweet honey, and a tea infuser basket to make the gift that she will love. Every time that she makes a pot of tea, she will remember that you love her. Back for a limited time, customers will enjoy a FREE pouch of this romantic tea with a spend of $49 or more. This offer begins February 2nd and ends February 14th. While supplies last.

Check out the Valentine Gift selection at Adagio Tea 

3. Crystal-Infused + Vegan Beauty

 Embrace self-love with age-defying beauty products. These vegan beauty products are infused with crystals with anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial properties to help firm, tone + regenerate skin. VIBERANCE beauty products are formulated with non-toxic + cruelty-free ingredients and paired with a unique crystal. Every crystal carries different energy, and by harmonizing them with our powerful vegan formulas we create innovative skincare products that raise vibrations, encourage self-love and help skin appear vibrant and healthy-looking.

My favorite products are CHERISH CHERRY + COLLAGEN EYE CRÈME and NU LUXE MATCHA GREEN TEA BODY CRÈME. The eye cream has a wonderful scent of cherry and is infused with Rose Quartz crystal. The pink cream helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, minimize dark circles, and gently plumps the skin. The matcha creme is infused with Fluorite crystal and antioxidant-rich ingredients. This luxuriously layered moisturizer helps feed the skin, exfoliate dead cells + revive the skin’s texture. The cream has a long-lasting fresh floral scent. Add a vegan scented candle for a spa day gift.

Purchase VIBERANCE beauty products

4. Good Made Great Foods Power to the Coffee

 This collagen protein supplement comes in individual stick packs that you add to your coffee or tea. Each sweetened stick pack has 12g of collagen peptides, including 11g of protein, and is sugar-free with no extra calories! They use a blend of stevia and monk fruit for the perfect hint of sweetness without any aftertaste. All ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO, and packed with amino acids, containing 19 of the 20 amino acids and 8 of the 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids support your well-being and play a vital role in protein synthesis. Did you know collagen can also support great overall skin, hair, and nail health? 

Pair the collagen supplement with a bag of specialty heart-healthy coffee and you have a gift that will be perfect for healthy skin. Everyone loves coffee! 

Purchase Power to the Coffee on Amazon

5. Good Made Great Foods Elderberry Immune Support

 Socrates once referred to elderberries as "nature's medicine chest" and these powerful little berries sure do pack a punch! They contain compounds that stimulate the immune system and help you stay in top shape year-round.  Each stick pack contains the equivalent of 80 elderberries plus a high dose of antioxidant superstar Vitamin C for good measure.

 These immune support drink mixes are perfect for the month of February. They will help your loved one stay healthy during a time when germs are on the rise. The elderberry drinks are so delicious and can be enjoyed warm or cold. Include a heart-inspired ceramic travel mug filled with heart-shaped chocolates to make this a gift filled with love.  

Purchase Elderberry Drink mix on Amazon

6.  Indian cuisine Simmer Sauces

 The person you love will be surprised with a gift that includes a homemade Indian Cuisine dinner. Give the gift of delicious Indian cuisine Simmer Sauces from AlcoEats. These containers hold gourmet Indian spices, seasonings, and a variety of herbs so you can cook quick and tasty Indian food at home. Choose from Butter Paneer, Butter Chicken, and more. All you need is some meat and you can create a tasty dinner for your lover.

 AlcoEats also sells uniquely flavored cashews that pack a punch when it comes to taste! These cashews are farmed in the landscape of India and are peppered with natural flavors for a healthy and tasty source of energy.  The cashews are a nutritious great tasting snack for on the go? Make sure to include several of the delicious flavors of cashews in the Indian dinner gift basket along with a heart-shaped casserole dish with the promise of many more gourmet dinners together.

Purchase AlcoEats sauces and Cashews here

7. Festive Chickpeas 

Looking for a great protein-packed snack that’s easy to eat on the go? Meet Festive Chickpeas! Festive Chickpeas have ZERO preservatives, are non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, and are 100% vegan to accommodate every snacker’s lifestyle. Aside from being plentiful with protein and nutritious, they’re exploding with flavor. Each pocket-sized bag is abundant in fiber, iron, and potassium. Each nut-free snack pack has 10 grams of protein and no trans fats. The crispy chickpeas are dusted with delicious seasonings like Sour Cream and Onion, Sweet & Smoky BBQ, and Ranch.

 These crunchy chickpeas are so delicious and I love that they are dairy-free! My husband has a snack drawer at his office. So these will be perfect to include in a gift of other healthy snacks. Make sure to add some healthy zero-calorie soda for a healthy Valentine's snack basket.

Purchase Festive Chickpeas here

8. Crazy Aaron's I Heart You SCENTsory™ putty 

 Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is the perfect Valentine's Day gift! This stress-relieving, anxiety-reducing fun putty is full of Valentine's Day cheer. The I Heart You SCENTsory™ putty that actually smells like chocolate-covered strawberries!

So your loved one can have fun playing with the putty all while enjoying a calorie-free scent of chocolate. The putty is great for self-care to help relieve stress.

Purchase the I Heart You SCENTsory™ putty here

9. Churro Fiesta in a Box

With fresh churros, every party becomes a fiesta! Take your dessert experience to a whole new level with everything you need to make your own churro magic happen! The Churro Fiesta in a Box is a perfect gift for your Valentine. You can make the gift even more special with having a date night making the delicious churros together.

The San Diablo Churro box includes the mix to make the sweet dessert as well as a cool churro maker Along with a dulce de leche sauce and cinnamon sugar, these churros are so fun to make. My boys helped me make the churros and they were so delicious. The gift box even includes some fun extra surprises to make your churro date night special. See our churros at the top of this article.

Purchase the Churro Fiesta in a Box here

10. Healthy Fruit bars wrapped in edible paper

 Don’t forget healthy Valentine’s treats for the kiddos. Dino Bars are all-natural fruit bars for kids. They are healthy, yummy, and mess-free! Wrapped in edible paper, all bars are non-GMO, USDA certified organic, and free from nuts, gluten, soy, and dairy. You won’t find artificial flavors, preservatives, or refined sugar either. Kids will love the edible paper wrapping (especially picky eaters) with different cute dinosaurs on each flavor. What’s in them? Just 10 healthy all-natural ingredients - fruits, oats, hemp hearts, coconut oil - and a mess-free coating that parents will love. It’s the ultimate snack for kids.

The Dino Bars were amazing. At first, I was not sure about eating the paper coating that was on the fruit bars. So I peeled the edible paper off the bar and tried it. The paper had a sweet taste but I could not get beyond that it was paper. So I was glad that I could peel the paper off the bar and eat it separately. The Dino fruit bars were so delicious and so sweet. I loved all the healthy ingredients in the bars.

Buy the Dino Bars on Amazon

11. Bamboo Penguin Suction Plate

 Here is another cute idea for a Valentine's Day gift for kids. This cute animal-shaped bamboo plate is perfect for little ones. Even grownups will love to eat a snack out of a penguin plate. Bamboo Bamboo makes super cute animal plates, they have a wide variety of animal shapes, that are environmentally friendly. The animal plate just might get your child to eat all their veggies. The plate has a suction cup on the bottom, so kids won't be able to toss the plate to the floor. 

 Looking for a cute alternative to an adult plate made of safe materials for your tot? This plate is the ideal size for a well-balanced meal and the curved edges along with the powerful suction base allow your toddler to scoop up food without a mess. This penguin plate would be perfect for making small charcuterie boards!

Purchase Bamboo Penguin Suction Plate  here

12. 100% Compostable Gourmet Coffee Bags

 Chances are you have someone in your life who’s a serious coffee drinker. Wouldn’t it be nice to make them happy this Valentine’s Day with gourmet coffee, instead of the same old box of chocolates? Buy that special person a gift box of 100% Compostable Gourmet Coffee Bags.

 Make someone's day with the best-tasting single-serve coffee that does not require a special coffee maker. Steeped Coffee is premium gourmet coffee that comes in eco-friendly bags that are ready to dunk into a hot cup of water. These unique coffee bags allow you to enjoy coffee anywhere, no coffee machine is required. I always pack these coffee "tea" bags in my suitcase when I travel so I don't have to spend a fortune on coffee. These individual coffee brewing bags make the best single-serve cold brew coffee.

 Best of all, each Steeped Pack contains hand-roasted, ethically sourced, Direct Trade coffee that’s precision ground to showcase the distinctive flavor profile of every crafted blend. Whether you’re looking for light, medium, dark, French roast, or even decaf, there’s something for everyone. 

Purchase Steeped Coffee here and on Amazon

13. Fresh Sourdough Bread Subscription

 There is something about the smell of sourdough bread baking in the oven that excites the tastebuds. Of course, the best part of baking bread is being able to enjoy a slice of bread fresh from the oven while it is still warm. Then spreading plenty of butter on the homemade baked bread from the oven is such a delicious treat. Do you love homemade bread with butter?

 So surprise the one you love with a Wildgrain Sourdough Bread Box. This is a gift that keeps giving long after Valentine's Day. That special person will love a bake-from-frozen sourdough membership. Every month they will get a huge box of delightful fresh baked bakery items. This bread box is filled with several loaves of sourdough bread, pasta, and even dessert. All the items are shipped frozen, so they have plenty of time to enjoy the delicious sourdough bread. The bread is ready to bake from the freezer to the oven and bakes in under 25 minutes. My family loves this bread and having fresh bread is a yummy treat. You can discover more about the bread subscription box here.

 With delicious healthy grains, pasta, and pastry goodies, Wildgrain's artisanal subscription box is the perfect subscription box to gift to someone you love for Valentine's day! Take advantage of their exclusive Affiliate offer, and use code MOMKNOWSBEST to get $10 off your first order

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